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How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

Do you want to be seen more on Instagram? Are you looking for a strategy to increase your followers organically on Instagram? This article can be your answer. Stay with us to know some practical hints to get 1000 followers on Instagram.

When can you have your 1000 followers on Instagram?

Gaining your first 1,000 followers on Instagram can sound like a huge hurdle when you only have 5. There is also the problem of not knowing where to start. If you’re talented enough to go viral all at once, congrats, but this is not for you.

Organic Instagram growth happens when you start interacting with accounts that have similar content and their followers. This strategy is one of the most practical Seo tactics, as well. Why should you do this? Well, if 30,000 people like the content of this type and yours, they will probably like yours too. This strategy can make you move forward and grow your business on Instagram.

Why Should These Recommendations Be Followed?

Many times, we’ve seen consumers and clients complain that they aren’t gaining followers on Instagram. That’s because they don’t know how to get more followers on Instagram. They believe that simply registering an account will result in favorable outcomes. What they don’t realize is that every successful Instagram account has a fantastic team behind it. But don’t worry; you can attain positive results, as well.

As a result, keep reading this article and implementing the suggestions we provide. We have verified that they work in any account of any niche. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Gaining followers is a long, very frustrating, and very time-consuming process.

There are so many expensive YouTube videos, articles, and courses online claiming to give people success on Instagram. Maybe all these “going viral overnight” strategies are proper, but I doubt it. If they knew the new YouTube algorithm, they wouldn’t expect this.

All the big accounts I’ve studied on Instagram took a while to grow unless they bought followers, went viral with a post, or even had a follower-to-follower relationship.

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

It might look a little difficult to get 1000 free Instagram followers. We are going to tell you some hints to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram. Stay with us and get your answer.

1. Optimize Your Profile

This step is significant if we want to attract new followers. Let’s clarify it with a tangible example. Imagine a new branch of the clothing brand that you like the most has opened a store somewhere. Hence, you propose to visit it. When you arrive, you see that their main advertising banner is all scratched and in bad condition. In addition, once you enter, everything is messy, and there are very few clothes. What a wrong impression! If that were not enough, the customer service would be terrible. They do not welcome you or take care of you. What would you do? Most likely, you will run out of there, not wanting to stay a second longer.

The same happens with your Instagram profile. If we take it to the analogy, your “store” and your target audience are coming to meet you. How is your “shop”? For that reason, you must optimize it. It can impress your followers and increase the rate of your Instagram engagement. Hence, your account would move forward in search and explorer. 

How to Optimize Your Profile?

We all know that an excellent profile can absorb attention. Your profile feature is in the vanguard of increasing followers.

– Select Your Profile Image Well

If you are a company, then the idea is to use your logo. If you are developing your brand, it is best to use a photo of yourself where you can see your face well. That builds trust in personal brands because people feel closer to you.

– Optimize Your Bio

When someone first enters your profile, the first thing they see is the bio. As a result, you only have 3 to 5 seconds to fall in love and inform your audience that you are present or have what they are looking for. Having a perfect and professional bio can be one of the practical Seo tactics which generate leads for your account. Don’t underestimate it. 

– Explore the Highlights

The idea is that you have relevant information ready for the people who enter your profile. You can put your contact information, your products or services, and testimonials. These are the first three things you should put in to attract attention. Moreover, it should provide important information about yourself to hook people.

– Design a Good Feed

Another key point to getting people to follow your account is to have an attractive and organized feed. There are different types of feed, and you have the logical feed, horizontal feed, vertical feed, dominant color feed, etc. At the end of this post, we leave you examples of real accounts so that you have a graphic idea. The important thing is that you plan what your feed will be like and keep it.

2. Attract Interested People

No matter how much you optimize your profile to 100%, if you do not attract people when you start, no one will see your content, your account, and therefore, you will not get followers. It would help if you made noise.

Think of a party, you arrive well-dressed, but there is so much music that nobody notices that you are standing there, what would you do? Similarly, on Instagram, many people offer the same as you. If you are already inside, you have to start making noise so that they see you, and of course, follow you.

What Can You Do to Make Noise?

Ask them to spread the word. When starting, it is not wrong that you use those who are already your clients, your family members, your friends as a strategy. They can help you, support your venture or your business by following your account and, of course, spreading the word to others that you are on Instagram and that they should follow you. Don’t be embarrassed by this, and you are not begging. You are tapping into a potential tool to gain more followers right from the start.

Target Audience is Crucial

Find your target audience. It would help if you investigated the followers of your competition and took note of 3 to 5 accounts that you have as a reference of your business’s competitors. Then, enter their profiles, specifically their followers, the likes of their publications, and comments. Why do this? Because if those people are interested in their content, then they will also be interested in yours. Please enter the account of these people and interact with their publications. You can follow them too. BE CAREFUL! We are not saying use the “follow/ unfollow.” You have to be thoughtful about who your potential customer can be and follow them. Thus, they realize you exist and can help them with whatever they need. Do not forget to comment on the posts of your competition, meaningful comments that you contribute to the community. These people not only help your match, but they help you too. Others will see that you know about the subject. Besides, they know that you are active, and they will surely follow your account.

Take advantage of Instagram or Facebook Ads. If it is within your means, use the paid tools to get a greater reach in your publications. You can attract hundreds of new followers with a small investment. Of course, you have to segment your target audience well. We will talk about segmentation soon in another post.

3. Content Plan

If you want to get off to a good start on your Instagram account and have the potential to grow, you need to have a good Instagram content plan. It is not advisable to always publish commercial content. What do we mean? You should not always post photos of your products inciting a purchase.

The idea is that you can mix entertainment content, educational content, and commercial content. Why? Imagine that you are in front of a TV and on the channel you are watching, advertising for the sale of products is always shown, just like the commercial channel, what would you do? You certainly change the channel. The same thing happens with your account and your content, and if you mix it, it will be attractive to your target audience.

Of course, you have to take into account this mixing content. Try to create content that solves problems for your customers. Do not think that you will provide solutions, and your potential customers will not buy from you. This problem-solving content can tell those potentials that you consider them. It may interest them to follow you.

4. Interact with Your Followers on Instagram

It would be beneficial if you kept in mind that Instagram is a Social Network. As a result, Instagram is searching for its users to socialize and participate. However, specific guidelines should govern this Instagram subscription. Therefore, you are not the exception, and you must interact with your followers, comment on their photos, their stories, and share their pictures in your stories whenever it is relevant to your followers. In other words, you need to have an exact customer journey map to interact with your followers efficiently. 

Do not assume that since 100 people follow you, those 100 see your content. The Instagram algorithm only shows your posts to people who interact with you or with whom you interact. Thus, the more interaction you have, the more engagement you get.

5. Use Stories

Without a doubt, Instagram boomed with stories. Most people on Instagram consume more content in stories than in the feed. In addition, reports are content that does not last over time unless you highlight it. It allows you to place instant and current content. Besides, you can use Instagram Live to open new doors for you, as well.

There are some tactics that you can use to optimize your stories. What are these tactics?

  • Survey sticker
  • Geolocation sticker
  • Hashtag sticker
  • Question sticker
  • Mention sticker
  • Local business support sticker
  • Countdown sticker
  • Sticker of a Challenge
  • Quiz sticker
  • Slider sticker
  • Music sticker
  • DM sticker
  • Time sticker
  • Gifts

These hints can help you get your 1000 followers on Instagram easily.

6. Use Hashtags Correctly

One way to get organic (unpaid) followers on Instagram is by using a good mix of hashtags in your posts. Instagram allows you to use up to a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. In the beginning, you can place 30, but the idea is to decrease as you get organic reach. The important thing is to use Instagram hashtags relevant to the topic of the post. Additionally, hashtags are the SEO of Instagram. When someone makes a hashtag query through the search engine, the posts with that hashtag will appear.

How to Find Effective Hashtags for Your Posts?

You can use some websites to search for hashtags on an All Hashtags topic.

We also recommend using Top Hashtags. This website tells you the number of posts the hashtags have.

Another website that can help is Display Purposes to find hashtags on a topic. Moreover, it is a web application that can help you get banned hashtags that you should not use.

Why avoid banned hashtags? They are only mentioned because if you use them, your post will not be displayed on Instagram. On the other hand, you should use small hashtags if you are just starting. By small, we refer to hashtags of 50k – 100k. In this way, your publication will be longer in the recent posts of these hashtags. Hence, you will have more opportunities to be seen.

Do not forget the same Instagram search engine. It is also a powerful tool to search your hashtags.

7. Use Reels in Your Strategy

This tool is the newest thing that Instagram makes available to all its users. Being the most recent, Instagram gives it much more boom than stories and publications in the feed. Eye! With this, we are not saying that you do not make stories. On the contrary, that in addition to everything we have already mentioned, also use the Reels.

By having a lot of possible reaching, you have a better chance of reaching more people interested in your account, but it is not worth doing reels if you do not have their profile optimized. These posts are Tik-Tok-style videos, they can last between 15 and 30 seconds, and you can use them to share different content.

There are some ideas to publish in a Reel that we mention upcoming. 

  • Tricks of your niche. Tricks to make striking stories
  • Advice on a topic that interests your audience
  • Educational information for your niche
  • Show the behind the camera of your business
  • Step by step of an activity

Additionally, When you make Reels, do it in 1080 × 1920 size. Besides, put a cover on it, as the application allows it. If it does not affect you, also publish it on your feed.

Getting 1000 Followers on Instagram by an Organized Feed

Another strategy to improve your account is working on your feeds. To keep your feed organized, we recommend that you archive all posts that are no longer in line with your image. You can also archive those posts that are out of date and publish a more recent one. The idea is to keep your feed clean. Besides, you should schedule Instagram posts to optimize the process of feeding. 

Something that will help you to be consistent in your publications is to create a publication calendar. Plan your posts. In other words, it can be on paper, excel, wherever you want but plan them by day and time. And to be realistic, you can start with three posts a week, then increase as you can to 5 or 7 a week. We do not recommend more than one daily post since you can cannibalize whoever you post first (cannibalize = kill scope).

Do not pay for advertising without having a content plan. Thus, people will be left wanting more, and by not having more content to consume from you, you can look inappropriate.

Types of content that you can publish:

  • Memes
  • Promotional photo
  • Image with a question to ask for feedback
  • Post expectation about an event or contest
  • Survey post
  • Checklist
  • Testimonials
  • Discounts
  • Offers
  • Services
  • Thanks
  • Behind the scenes
  • Complete the sentence

Final Notes on Getting Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram

It has been clear that Instagram is the most booming platform nowadays. We tried to provide a complete guide for anyone eager to get his first 1000 followers on Instagram. Besides, we talked about seven tactics for improving your presence on this social media.

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