10 Best FAQ WordPress Themes (Q/A Website Theme)

FAQ WordPress Themes

Answering the same query, again and again, is simply a waste of time and resources. Are you procrastinating on creating an FAQ section for your business website because it seems tough? Well, put an end to that right now. HooThemes has made it easier than ever. Here are the 10 best “FAQ WordPress Themes”.

Generally, business WP themes do not have the FAQ feature, and not all knowledge base themes have it too. Therefore, brands like Instagram and Starbucks choose to have a separate portal or FAQs. So get ready to create your FAQ website right away.

What is an FAQ Website Theme?

An FAQ Website Theme is a WordPress theme that features an FAQ section/FAQ system. These themes let you display questions and answers on your customer service site without touching even a line of code.

How Do You Add an FAQ Section on WordPress?

There are two ways to add an FAQ section on WordPress

  • By adding a WordPress FAQ plugin
    Adding a WP FAQs plugin, you can add Frequently asked questions to your existing WP website without changing much of the code. This is generally used to create a quick and easy FAQs section.
  • By using a WordPress FAQ theme
    This method is for creating an ultimate FAQ WP website. There are plenty of FAQ/knowledge base themes explicitly designed for the purpose. These themes give you more functionalities and room for customization.

As we already have discussed the former in another blog, let’s dive deep into today’s topic— FAQ WP themes.

Best FAQ WordPress Themes Comparison



  • Active Installations: 2,200+
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Unique Features:

    Visual Composer, Live Search Widget, Breadcrumbs, Search Analytics, Voting

TechDesk FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 530+
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Unique Features:

    9 Custom Widgets, 5 Widgetized Areas, AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild, Support RTL Languages, Unlimited Home Page Layouts

Lore WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 690+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Unique Features:

    Gutenberg Optimized, KB Articles Management, Elementor, Modular Post Types, Demo Content Included


DW Helpdesk

  • Active Installations: 160+
  • Rating: 2.6/5
  • Unique Features:

    DW Question & Answer Pro Plugin, DW Knowledge Base Pro Plugin, DW Glossary Plugin, DW FAQs plugin, Anvato API Support

Altera FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 200+
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Unique Features:

    Social Sharing Integrated, Live Search, Custom Logo & Icons, 500+ Google Fonts, Schema Microdata

Helper FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 300+
  • Rating: 3.7/5
  • Unique Features:

    Custom Background Image, Redux Framework, Facebook Open Graph, 3 Homepage Templates, Custom Page Templates

InfoCenter FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 180+
  • Rating: 4.7/5N/A
  • Unique Features:

    Best Answer Choosing, Related Posts/Questions, Test Account Login, Unbranded Theme Options, Video Option Integrated

Docly FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 280+
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Unique Features:

    Accordion Style, Dark Mode Switcher, Font Size Switcher, Table Of Contents, Sticky Header

Knowledge Base FAQ WP Theme

Knowledge Base

  • Active Installations: 870
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Unique Features:

    WP Live Chat Plugin, bbPress Plugin Support, 3 Home Page Templates, Multiple Post Formats, FAQs Template

Disputo FAQ WP Theme


  • Active Installations: 830+
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Unique Features:

    FAQ system, Live Customizer, User Profiles, User Directories, Verified Users


Do you want to geek out on these themes? Let’s go all nerdy over them.

10 Best FAQ WordPress Themes to Choose From


Source: Themeforest

KNOWLEDGEPRESS is an all-in-one FAQ theme to work with. Other than FAQ pages, it helps you create a knowledge base, wiki page, or helpdesk websites too. This FAQ WordPress theme comes with the most intuitive page builder —Visual Composer. It assists you with a live preview of all the customization you do.


This theme goes the extra mile and provides you with the search analytics complementary to the search function. These search reports help you to point out the content gaps and many other crucial data, such as the most searched question, least searched question, and empty searches.

Core Features:

  • Visual Composer
  • Live Search Widget
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Search Analytics
  • Voting
  • Post Type Layouts
  • Single Page
  • Social Icons

Pros & Cons:



  • Intuitive Interface
  • Regular Product Updates
  • No ChatBot

#2 TechDesk

TechDesk FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

TechDesk is a fully responsive Knowledge base/FAQ WordPress theme. One of its features that makes it distinct from the rest of the FAQ themes is the AJAX thumbnail rebuild. It lets you customize the thumbnail to make your knowledge base article more effective.

Download TechDesk Theme

Other than that, this WP theme for FAQs comes with unlimited homepage layouts. You can change and customize various site elements and faq items to come up with a unique design every time. Moreover, the TechDesk WordPress FAQ theme supports child themes too.



Core Features:

  • 9 Custom Widgets
  • 5 Widgetized Areas
  • AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild
  • Support RTL Languages
  • Unlimited Home Page Layouts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Child Theme Support

Pros & Cons:



  • Fully Customizable
  • Fast Page Loading
  • No WooCommerce Support

#3 Lore

Lore WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

When talking about elegant knowledge base WordPress themes, Lore is the first one to make the list. It is a straight-to-the-point FAQ theme. To save your time, it comes with responsive demo content in custom color options with a color picker, which you can customize within a few minutes.

Download Lore Theme

Speaking of customization, the Lore FAQ theme offers support to all the three best drag and drop page builders —Gutenberg, Elementor, and WPBakery too. You can use any of the page builders you are familiar with and display frequently asked questions the way you like in no time. These website builders group it with the easiest WP themes to customize.



Core Features:

  • Gutenberg Optimized
  • KB Articles Management
  • Elementor
  • Modular Post Types
  • Animation Effects
  • Demo Content Included
  • Blog Section
  • Custom Color Options
  • Slovak Translation Included
  • bbPress

Pros & Cons:



  • Page Builder Options
  • Quick And EAsy FAQs Design
  • No Related Post Widget

#4 DW Helpdesk

DW FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

DW Helpdesk is a WordPress theme exclusively crafted for creating a knowledge base and FAQ WP site. This theme lets your customer service website visitors easily access your frequently asked questions on any device they prefer, such as smartphone, laptop, pc, or even tablet. On top of that, the cross-browser compatibility makes it a 100% mobile-friendly WP theme.

Download DW Helpdesk Theme

The DW Helpdesk WordPress theme comes with Anvato API support and hence it gives your customers a premium user experience. And to take things to the next level, it supports four premium plugins that will ensure your FAQ section is the best amongst the competition.

Core Features:

  • DW Question & Answer Pro Plugin
  • DW Knowledge Base Pro Plugin
  • DW Glossary Plugin
  • DW FAQ
  • Anvato API Support

Pros & Cons:



  • Responsive & Retina-ready
  • Fully Customizable
  • No Affiliate Links

#5 Altera

Altera FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

Altera is a top-notch knowledge base WordPress theme with an array of niche-specific features. This FAQ WP theme offers you 10 custom widgets, which you can use to display FAQs on the sidebar. It also brings the sticky menu along. Therefore, our customers do not have to scroll up to the top.

Download Altera Theme

Moreover, the Altera FAQ WordPress theme supports more than five hundred Google fonts so that you can create a unique FAQ section. Other than that, this theme also supports the WPML plugin with which your site can be easily translated into any major language of the world.



Core Features:

  • Social Sharing Integrated
  • Live Search Box
  • Custom Logo & Icon Sets
  • 500+ Google Fonts
  • Schema Microdata
  • 10 Custom Widgets
  • Sticky Menu
  • WPML

Pros & Cons:



  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • No Banner Ads

#6 Helper

Helper FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

If you want to build a responsive customer support and FAQ section without learning any coding language, Helper is the go-to WP theme for you. It is built on the open-source Redux framework and hence, you can easily customize it without asking an expert for help.

Download Helper Theme

The Helper FAQ WordPress theme offers three homepage templates and custom page templates with an unlimited number of faqs to make your job easy. Moreover, it lets you put a custom background image to make the FAQ section an integral part of your brand. Therefore, experts consider it an excellent WP theme for newbies.

Core Features:

  • Custom Background Image
  • Redux Framework
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • 3 Homepage Templates
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Custom Logo & Favicon
  • Live Chat
  • Google Analytics Integration

Pros & Cons:



  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Multiple Shortcodes
  • No LearnPress Plugin Included

#7 InfoCenter

InfoCenter FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

With the InfoCenter WordPress FAQ theme, creating an FAQ section is now as easy as a stroll in a garden. It offers the Gutenberg support by which you can disintegrate a web page into multiple content blocks. This way it gets easy to handle and customize at the same time.

Download InfoCenter Theme

This WP theme makes your FAQ section more engaging with features like related questions, video integration, and report abuse. On top of that, it lets you choose the best answer to make your FAQs and Forums accurate. Moreover, this theme offers you a demo account login to check before committing to purchase.



Core Features:

  • Best Answer Choosing
  • Related Posts/Questions
  • Test Account Login
  • Unbranded Theme Options
  • Video Option Integrated
  • Pre-Built Page Layouts
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • Report Abuse

Pros & Cons:



  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Fast and LightWeight
  • No BuddyPress Included

#8 Docly

Docly FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

Docly is a high-performance and powerful WP theme for knowledge bases. This theme meets all the coding standards and uses semantic coding (last updated on 25th February 2021). It is the best for creating a comprehensive FAQ section. As it comes with a table of contents, it can provide your users the FAQ lists for better navigation.

Download Docly Theme

Furthermore, this FAQ WordPress theme lets you set up footnotes for reference and stick header for lengthy documentation. And one of the best features is that it provides the opportunity to display accordion FAQ.



Core Features:

  • Accordion Style
  • Dark Mode Switcher
  • Font Size Switcher
  • Table Of Contents
  • Sticky Header
  • Dynamic Pre-loader
  • Footnotes For Reference
  • Page Preview Tooltip
  • Lightbox

Pros & Cons:



  • High-Performance Theme
  • 100% Valid & Semantic Coding
  • No Animation Effects

#9 Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

Knowledge Base is a WordPress wiki theme with the best documentation. This WP FAQ theme is here on the list because of its WP live chat plugin support. This live chat enhances the user experience of your FAQ website and boosts customer satisfaction.

Download Knowledge Base Theme

This WordPress FAQ theme supports multiple post formats including standard, photos, videos, and certainly FAQ posts. And to make a quick and easy FAQ section, it brings FAQ templates. Other than that, it allows you to build custom contact forms with AJAX contact forms.



Core Features:

  • WP Live Chat Plugin
  • bbPress Plugin Support
  • 3 Home Page Templates
  • Multiple Post Formats
  • FAQs Template
  • AJAX Based Contact Form
  • XML Import File Included
  • 6 Custom Widgets

Pros & Cons:



  • Clean & Modern Design
  • Left & Right Sidebar Support
  • No Layer Slider

#10 Disputo

Disputo FAQ WordPress Theme
Source: Themeforest

Disputo is a WordPress FAQ theme with WooCommerce support. This is the apt theme for the FAQ section for online shops. It also helps you sell support tickets. This theme lets the users comment and quote in a support forum which keeps your users engaged and share more ideas.

Download Disputo Theme

Moreover, this WP theme comes with a FAQ system where you can create FAQ sections with FAQ groups and FAQ search to make it even easier for the customers to find the answers.



Core Features:

  • FAQ system
  • Live Customizer
  • User Profiles
  • User Directories
  • Verified Users
  • Built-in Facebook Comments
  • Forum signatures

Pros & Cons:



  • User Blogs
  • Ranking System
  • No One-page Layouts

Have you already put a finger on your favorite FAQs theme? Wait, before you start working with the theme let’s make sure the theme has got all the necessary features for creating an effective FAQ layout.

Must-Have Features of FAQ WordPress Theme

  • Search Function: Finding a piece of information from a large collection of questions and answers could be hectic and if it is done manually, it could take hours. Thus, providing a search form makes it work the best for you and your users.
  • FAQ Categories: Call it FAQs categories or FAQ groups, your FAQ page must have customization options to create categories. It helps in organizing all the frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Translation Ready: To reach a wider customer base, translation plugins for all the major languages of the world. This adds to customer satisfaction and boosts customer loyalty.
  • Styling Options: The right theme should allow you to display your FAQs in many styles, such as standard list style, accordion layout style. Also, it should let you set the number of FAQs per page.
  • Simple FAQ Editor: As you know, maintaining FAQs is an iterative task. You might want to add new FAQs, add new FAQ plugins, or even add a new FAQ tab to your help desk website. Keeping all these factors in mind, it should feature a quick and easy FAQs editor that you can work with without spending much time.


1. Is paying for FAQ WP themes worth it?

Yes, it indeed is. The premium WP themes give you a wide range of customization settings with which support website owners can create a unique FAQ site for their business. Other than that, they come with many perks like dedicated support and future updates. You will not get these advantages in a free version. Therefore we recommend you to go for the one-time investment.

2. Why should you have an FAQ page on your site?

The FAQ page works as a self-service portal for your WordPress site. The questions and answers format helps users to quickly understand the concept and it is great for SEO too.

3. How can FAQs help your support team?

An FAQ helps your customer care team by saving their time answering the same questions over and over. It also reduces the helpdesk tickets and hence lowers the workload of your customer care executives.

4. How can FAQs help your support team?

The top 5 WP FAQ themes based on popularity are:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Disputo
  • Lore
  • TechDesk


Alright! We hope we have led you to the best FAQ WP theme for your business. However, you should check out the top FAQ software too.

If you have used any of the themes mentioned above, you can share your experience, and feel free to contact us for guidance related to WordPress themes.

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