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Contributor Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Please make sure you provide us with unique content.
  • Your article must contain at least 1200 words.
  • Keep the tone conversational and prioritize the 2nd person tense (you should do this instead of “people should do this”)
  • Don’t be overly promotional (We have no problems with naturally including links to your site where it makes sense)
  • You can include a maximum of 2 links back to your site, and we only accept links to resource pages.
  • Link to authoritative sources when making claims.
  • Break your article using sub-headings (avoid writing clumpy paragraphs – ease of reading is of paramount importance to us)
  • Search the site to make sure the topics you pitch haven’t been covered before..

SEO Guidelines

You should provide at least one primary KW for a guest post (we prefer if you target long-tail KWs)
Please do not force-fit any KWs in any section of the blog.

Acceptable Topics

Final Note

When successfully submitted, your article in its entirety belongs to HooThemes, and it shouldn’t be published elsewhere. We also maintain the right to edit your article as we deem fit.