How to Get Followers On Instagram Without Following?

Oct 1, 2021 13:04

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays, even though there are many others. The majority of the community has focused on collecting followers to brag about having many followers on their profiles. Here, we are going to tell how to get Instagram followers without following. Don’t hesitate to read this blog to get the most practical hints.

Why Is It Important to Get Instagram Followers Without Following?

We know that it is essential to make your business well-known on Instagram by gathering more followers. It might be possible by following back. However, you may face the problem that your page is overcrowded. Besides, having followers equal to followings shows that your page is not magnificent to make the others follow you. Moreover, it is not the typical style of famous accounts.

Therefore, you need to find a way to be more similar to business styles on Instagram. If you want to get followers on Instagram without following, you will do a relatively simple mission. There is a method for making fans come alone in exchange for a chore. It entails climbing to the top of a famous person’s followers list—those who have already attempted the trick.

How to get IG Followers Without Following: 8 Practical Solutions

Can you get a lot of Instagram followers without following anyone? The key is to dedicate enough time to it and to have good content. Here are some pointers:

1- Rely on a Safe Instagram Followers App

One of the best ways to add followers without following could be a safe Instagram followers app. One of these apps is Aigrow which can provide you with the best quality followers. This app gives you a variety of services to help you get Instagram followers without following.

2- Get Help from a Robust Instagram Growth Service

Gaining followers on Instagram has become hard. Without help, getting organic followers for Instagram is a time-consuming and challenging process. Doing it alone means a hectic schedule to cover.

That’s why we can so many Instagram growth services in the market. They would help you improve your business on Instagram. One of their Seo tactics is to get Instagram followers without following.

Besides, with so many options out there, trying to determine the best Instagram growth service for your brand can be overwhelming. One of these Instagram growth services that we suggest is kicksta and Aigrow.

3- Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche

Today’s influencers, regardless of niche, are a dime a dozen. However, not all may be fit for collaboration. To discover the ideal influencer to cooperate with, keep an eye out for:

1. Common Values

Is there a set of ideas or ideals in which your company believes? It might be anything that distinguishes your brand from others in your niche.
Assume your company believes that travel should be accessible to all. As a result, the value that should prioritize is affordability. You will not reach the correct audience if you collaborate with a luxury-focused travel influencer.
Instead, you should seek out a niche influencer whose ideals are similar to yours. Such an affiliation appears to be more honest and genuine.

2. Commitment
Many brands new to influencer marketing base their decisions only on the number of followers influencers have.
However, maybe readily purchased followers for a few hundred dollars. If you want to weed out false influencers, look at their engagement rate. It will provide you with a better picture of the type of customers you may expect from your marketing effort.

4- DM Outreach Campaigns

The Instagram outreach campaign is the process of using Instagram Direct Messaging opportunity to raise awareness for your brand, content or to build new relationships. Unfortunately, some marketers use Instagram outreach as an opportunity to spam influencers. It is not the right way to do it. You can use this opportunity to be connected with several followers and increase your engagement.

5- Use a Variety of Content Formats

One of the main tactics to get Instagram followers without following is having quality content. It would make others follow your account to get some helpful information and to learn something. They wouldn’t mind you to be observed. Here we mention different types of content you can work on.

1. Featured Stories

There are two types of stories: ephemeral and featured. The highlighted ones are the ones that are permanently displayed in your profile, just below the biography. Although many consumers do not value them, you can get tremendous outcomes with highlights if you employ a practical strategy.

As a portfolio, use highlighted tales to provide more information about your brand. Categorize it as if it were a website with different sections. Each featured story would assign to a category.
With testimonials from existing customers, you can sell more things. Take screenshots of their comments and paste them in.

2. IGTV video

Long Instagram videos came to compete with YouTube. As you know, they have not succeeded, and it is not their most-used content, mainly due to the lack of a search engine such as YouTube has. Despite less use, IGTVs can serve a professional or personal brand a lot.

You can use long Instagram videos to:

  • Teach in-depth with more minutes of content.
  • Build trust with long videos and more explained than ephemeral content.
  • Use the tutorial format to announce new products or services.

3. Instagram Live

Instagram’s direction is excellent for learning about a person or a brand’s employees. The most vital aspect of a live act is to answer questions of your audience. Otherwise, uploading a video on IGTV is preferable. This specific facility of Instagram can be unbelievably practical to get Instagram followers without following.

6- Include Hashtags in Your Content

Instagram has gone through many changes since 2010, but through it all, one thing has remained constant: the importance of Instagram hashtags.

Even in 2021, using relevant and specific hashtags in your posts and stories is one of the best ways to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram. And this can translate to more engagement, more followers, and more customers for your business.

Instagram hashtags work by organizing and categorizing photos and videos. Suppose you have a public Instagram account, and you add a hashtag to a post. In that case, that post will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page (it’s a directory of all the photos and videos that are tagged with that hashtag).

Since hashtags are used to discover content, the right hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before. One of the best choices to create proper hashtags is using the Hashtag generator services of AIGrow.

7- Schedule Instagram Posts

From freeing up time in your workday to driving traffic to your website and increasing productivity, scheduling Instagram posts and stories is a sure-fire way to boost your Instagram engagement and grow your following. You should consider this point that timing is an essential factor to improve your business on Instagram. If you use the right time to post, it will help your account to be seen.

8- Set up a Giveaway and Reward Your Audience

The most valuable comment you can get on Instagram is a comment where one user tags a friend. These comments help your post’s engagement and bring you a new audience member who arrived through a recommendation and who you could potentially win over as a follower. Therefore, you can help you get Instagram followers without following.

Running a giveaway and reward process encourages your audience to tag a friend and follow your account. Could do this rewarding for ordering a friend or doing a challenge and sending it to you. Don’t forget the powers of rewarding.

The 3 Best Applications to Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

As you may know, there are some apps you can use to get more followers. These apps are designed to help you improve your account by offering different services in this category.

1. Follower Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram is one of the most excellent Android apps for getting followers on Instagram without following. It is the most acceptable program to get Instagram followers without following. This app has an overall rating of 4.5 and millions of downloads. This tool allows you to manage several Instagram accounts. As a multi-functional tool, you can use it to find out how many followers you’ve acquired and lost, who has banned you, and who has abandoned you. Furthermore, it is an Instagram analysis software that will show you the optimal posting hours and the most pleasing photographs and hashtags to help you gain more followers and likes.


  • A powerful Instagram app with many features.
  • With this app, you may get Instagram followers without following anyone.
  • It makes it simple to track and manage several Instagram accounts.


The app is only available for Android.

The application has a lot of advertising.

If you require several premium features, you will have to pay for them.

2. GetInsta

If you want to get Instagram followers without following for free, use the GetInsta app, which provides a safe platform for users to get real and active followers and likes. After signing up and downloading GetInsta, you can buy coins to acquire Instagram followers or likes. If you want to earn additional cash, tap “Like” on the posts that interest you. After a period, you can use these coins to purchase more followers. Share the app with your pals if you don’t like others and want to earn more money. After someone downloads GetInsta, they will add more coins to your account. Of course, if you don’t want to buy followers using coins, you may buy Instagram followers with cash.

3. Aigrow

AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool. It helps you get the highest engagement rate. Besides, they apply some professional SEO tactics to move your business forward, whether on Google or Instagram.

The Aigrow bot can generate automatic engagements to specific accounts, including following/unfollow, likes, and DMs. Aigrow brings the most valuable services you need to improve your business on Instagram. Services like;

  • Scheduling
  • Bio link
  • Content managing
  • Hashtag generating
  • Direct Massaging

Final Words on getting Followers on Instagram Without Following

Increasing your following by following others may be the first strategy that generally comes to mind. You can gain a few followers in return, but they won’t commit to you, which is pretty pointless. With some applications we mentioned and the hints we brought in this blog, you can get followers on Instagram without following anyone in 2021.

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