Is Growthoid‌ Legit? [Growthoid Review]

Oct 1, 2021 01:07

Are you going to use Growthoid‌ to help you in your business on Instagram? Do you want to subscribe to this app? Don’t miss this Growthoid‌ review before making any decision.

What Is Growthoid‌?

According to their claim, Growthoid‌ can help build your organic follower count. Growthoid‌ provides you with some services to help you build up your Instagram account. It tries to know about you, your profile, and your niche targets, then develop your targeting plan. They have different services to grow your business on Instagram.

Is Growthoid‌ Legit?

It might be a difficult question to answer. Regarding all aspects, you can trust it. On the other hand, you can see that some clients are not satisfied with their services. They say that this app hasn’t returned their money or their services couldn’t progress their business. By the way, they say that the dashboard is relatively easy to use, and they could do their business quickly. 

Although, you can find their opening page prevalent type without creativity. They don’t show any sign of their success on their front page. Besides, you can’t connect with other clients who use it to get information about their services and quality.

The Best Alternative to Growthoid‌

There are many alternatives to Growthoid‌ in the market. We can tell you that one of the best alternatives could be Aigrow. This specific and number one Instagram management service can help your eCommerce business be seen on Instagram as well as possible.

What Services Does AiGrow Offer?

AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool to help you get the highest engagement with various members of your target audience; several issues remain about the service. Besides, they apply some professional SEO tactics to move your business forward, whether on Google or Instagram.

According to Aigrow review, the bot can generate automatic engagements to specific accounts, including following/unfollow, likes, and DMs. However, the company claims they also offer more expensive subscriptions to specialized managers. How does that work exactly?

However, it appears as though the higher-priced subscriptions are only there to trick customers into paying more money without actually giving any more value. Regardless, they employ bots.

Unfortunately, the service does not comply with Instagram’s terms of service. Thus users were upset by the lack of results, and some accounts were suspended or banned as a result.

How to Get Started AiGrow?

Start-up is simple with AiGrow, making it a popular choice. To sign up, do this:

  • Join for free
  • Connect your account Instagram
  • Hit Account Settings Customize your targeted
  • Analyze your target audience
  • Continue if you agree
  • Hit Begin Growth

Automated Engagement

AiGrowth’s automatic engagement is the central selling point for the service. Also, it’s the most beneficial one. It’s more than ground-breaking service bots that follow/unfollow, like, and DM.

The same goes for Instagram, which has been cracking down on these bots for some time now. If you use bots on your Instagram page, you risk having your account suspended or banned entirely.

To keep an eye out for bots, Instagram has hidden daily engagement caps on each account. Breaking these limitations will restrict or disable your ability to perform specific tasks for some time, and for persistent offenders, may terminate your account. Don’t put your hard work in danger.

1- All-In-One Bio Linking

In addition, they provide link-in-bio services to establish a link that leads to an in-profile directory for anyone who clicks on it. We can say that it is a Linktree alternative in some aspects. AiGrow isn’t the only company that offers this service; there are many others as well.

2- Post and Reward

With this feature, you may send different offers and rewards to your followers via DM, making it a little distinct from the rest. AiGrow will reward your followers who tag two additional individuals in comments by DM if they do so on your post.

Even while it appears to be a helpful tool, it’s disorganized and sounds spammy and generic, which can alert Instagram and lead your reputation to suffer.

3- Targeting

Selecting targets and finding the correct accounts to engage with is critical for any Instagram growth service. You don’t want a large following that won’t interact with your posts (or even read them) when it comes to social media.

When using AiGrow, you can narrow your search by using hashtags, location, or the username of a specific account. If you don’t like the usernames to engage with, you can alter the targeting. It will provide a list for you to review. If the bot doesn’t get it correctly, this can be a time-consuming operation.

4- Social Monitoring

One of the valuable tools that AiGrow provides is examining hashtags, accounts, profile mentions, and other things. It appears to be a very secure tool, but you can also monitor it using Instagram analytics, so it doesn’t provide anything groundbreaking. This feature can be very helpful especially in social selling.

5- Manager of Accounts

The account manager option is only available on subscription plans and provides you with an account manager who will assist you for 10 hours per week and make 2-3 weekly Instagram posts for your profile.

6- Multiple Accounts

AiGrow allows you to add an unlimited number of Instagram accounts, but the amount you can add is determined by the membership package you choose. These free services ensnare users by promising to receive even a sliver of value. The AiGrow pricing will examine to see what it is.

Is AiGrow Legit?

After reviewing all of their service options, it is evident that AiGrow is a legitimate service that can assist you in gaining more genuine Instagram followers. Besides, their pricing plans are reasonable. The tool is very effective and does a lot for your account.

What Services Does Growthoid‌ Offer?

This growth App can bring you some different opportunities to move up in the Instagram business. These services cover some of the aspects of a perfect growth app. 

1- Dedicated Account Manager

Growthoid‌ gives you a dedicated manager. He can handle all your needs. This person contacts and discusses what you need to improve your account. These managers would listen to you and provide you with what you need. Another app with the same ability is Aigrow. This app can help you comprehensively manage your account without any concern.

2- Money-Back Guarantee

Growthoid‌ tries to acquire organic followers. However, they say that they would return your money in case of dissatisfaction. 

It might be a little tricky. Checking websites like Trustpilot would tell you some clients weren’t satisfied with their refund services. They mentioned that this app couldn’t satisfy their needs, and they couldn’t get their money back after 14 days. It makes it a little hard to trust them a hundred percent. You would need to think again before investing in this app. 

3- Multiple Account Support

This app has the facility to support different accounts of a client by a good discount offering. 

4- Flexible Pricing Strategy

Growthoid‌ has two main pricing strategies. It can be acceptable to start dealing with this app. The weak point is that you can’t have an actual FREE trial. Once you enter their website, they will ask you for money, although you have clicked on a free trial. It might not look appropriate as you are just checking their app.

There are some other apps with similar functions, which are free trials. Aigrow is one of these growing apps that can be reliable.

5- Full Managed Service

This service can cover all categories of your growth on Instagram. This service can help you have a fully supported account.

Growthoid‌ Reviews Reddit

By a simple search, you can find different people who commented about the Growthoid‌ review on Reddit. Reading them would clarify this app more, and you can get familiar with the positive and negative points. The point they mention is that they don’t have good feedback on this website. Some customers expressed their concerns about the quality of their services and the money they charge their clients with. They say that the money they spent didn’t return in the shape of organic followers. Some people blame them for using bots to add the number of followers.

Final Words on Growthoid Legit

We tried to observe the Growthoid‌ app from different aspects. In other words, we talked about all their services and the positive and negative points. Besides, we considered some other websites such as Reddit about the comments on this app. Moreover, we introduced some other alternatives such as Aigrow to help you make the right decision.

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