11 Critical Reasons to Not Buying or Renting a Condo at 70 Temperance St., Toronto

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70 Temperance St is the large iconic condominium that in this article we delve into a collection of important first-hand reviews for.

We are going to highlight eleven compelling reasons why purchasing or even renting a condo in this building may not be the best choice.

Investing in a condominium requires careful consideration and research, especially when there is a collection of critical feedback from residents and visitors.

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#1 Unprofessional Security Staff, Involved in Harassments:

The security of the building at 70 Temperance St. is provided by “Elite Condo Concierge,” which initially appears to be a reputable security service. However, upon closer observation and interaction with their staff, it becomes evident that the team consists of individuals who, in many cases, seem to be experiencing various degrees of mental and emotional distress, potentially stemming from underlying issues moved into Canada from other third world countries without training about laws and rights of Canadian. This poses numerous challenges for Canadian residents who value their freedom, respect, honesty, trustworthiness, and being treated with dignity. You could all of these go out of the window when it comes to any interaction with the majority of staff in this building especially those who have immigrated to Canada recently and received little to nothing training with regard to the Residential Tenancy Act, 2006, Canadian Human right Charter, and constitutional rights of Canadian citizens.

Regrettably, a significant number of reports from residents of 70 Temperance St. indicate that the security team, including the current supervisor named Sergey, and other employees like Tarum, lack proper training and professionalism. Moreover, they as more senior staff have displayed unwelcoming behavior towards their colleagues and handle various situations in an offensive and intrusive manner with them.

Concerns regarding the security team at 70 Temperance St. are echoed in several 1-star reviews. Reviewers report instances of sexual assaults, insults, stalking, threats, and abusive behavior towards friends, visitors, delivery personnel, and even mishandling of packages.

Unfortunately, the security team of this condominium fails to take responsibility in critical situations. For example, there have been cases where pregnant women were locked out of their condos, and the security team did not offer any assistance or allow them access to their units, despite being verified and verifiable residents. Such instances demonstrate the heartlessness and lack of common sense exhibited by the security team. It creates an environment that gives residents the impression of living in a military base, devoid of compassion and understanding.

This extreme downside of the building raises concerns, as it leaves residents vulnerable to various scenarios. For instance, if one accidentally leaves their key at work, in an Uber, or if their partner takes it with them, they may find themselves locked out of their unit at 2 am, waiting for a locksmith. Unfortunately, the only locksmith company authorized to work with this building is often unavailable during evenings and weekends. The list of shocking behaviors exhibited by the front desk and security team at 70 Temperance St. only adds to the overall distressing experience.

In light of these issues, it is imperative for potential buyers to carefully consider the security concerns raised by numerous residents in their 1-star reviews. The well-being and safety of residents should be a top priority, and the current state of the security team at 70 Temperance St. raises serious doubts about their ability to provide a secure and comfortable living environment.

1- Violation of Residents’ Privacy

There have been many occasions when residents have seen some members of security team eves dropping some units or they were tracking certain residents through cameras to see their day-to-day activities. For example, one of the residents on the 32nd floor has reported he has been pinpointed at the underground parking and at the time of power washing the parking the security staff were completely aware of the resident who owns the car and the unit he is staying.

Some of the false reports even tried to send screenshots of the camera in the elevators for showing the resident helping other residents to move a couch downstairs to a buyer’s car and blaming a none existent scratch in the elevator on him.

There are incidents that even they reported a very detailed verbal argument of a married couple to the management.

One of the most intrusive ways the security staff bar short-term rentals (Airbnb) is to knock on the doors of certain units past midnight and scrutinize them by asking them who they are and why they are staying there.

2- Violation of Residents’ Basic Constitutional Rights to Have Visitors

One visitor of the building publicly mentioned: ”

Regrettable Experience. This place did not reflect the welcoming spirit of Canada. My female friend and I encountered a highly distressing incident involving one of the security staff members named Tarun (a larger Indian-looking gentleman with an Indian accent). While we were upstairs heading to our condo, we experienced not only sexual assault but also significant emotional and mental distress on a Saturday afternoon. This incident occurred during Pride weekend when we were guests of our boss, who generously allowed us to use his place while he was in the Dominican Republic.

The security personnel involved subjected us to continuous scrutiny, following us to our floor. He first groped us and then proceeded to insult and threaten us for a period of three hours. He unjustly accused us of trespassing, threatened forcible removal, mentioned dragging us on the floor to the main level, and even threatened to involve the police. It is disheartening to have encountered such horrifying behavior in Toronto, Canada, rather than in a chaotic third-world country. The extent of authority given to a security staff member to engage in such horrendous acts against residents and their guests is beyond comprehension.

I hope that this review brings attention to the serious concerns surrounding the incident we experienced and prompts appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of future guests. “

3- Scrupulous Stalking of Residents

One of the security staffers names Tarum is very persistent to follow people to different floors and stalk them in different places to find out who they are and why they are staying at a given unit. He shows no respect to people’s privacy and in many occasions, he has been caught eves dropping on people.

4- Frequent Abuse of Power over Helpless Residents

In many cases, the security of the 70 Temperance St., or Indx condo under the supervision of Duka property management, extorts residents or their guests by telling them falsely that they trespass if they don’t have a fob or own a fob. According to the laws in Canada any owner, owner of the leasehold, or guest of them can enter a unit and it is not trespassing. But despite numerous times, residents reminded them of the laws, the staff (specially Tarum) don’t care and he resorts to these dirty tactics to bestow fear upon helpless people.

5- Scrutinizing Residents and their Visitors at Amenities


6- Lack of Sympathy for Disabled Residents


7- Lack of Responsibility in Helping Locked-out Residents


8- False Reports on Residents during Moving in or out, Garbage Disposal, and Walking Dogs


9- Extreme Hatred towards Dogs


10- Racism at 70 Temperance St


11- Mishandling Deposit Cheques


12- Frequent False reports to Management out of Personal Hatred


13- Extortion of Honorable Seniors with Police Calls for Sitting in Lobby


14- Molesting Intoxicated Female Visitors


15- Breaching Privacy when Given Access to Units


16- Potential Robbery when Evacuating Lockers


#2 Poor Management:

Effective management is crucial for well-functioning medium-sized or large condominiums. Unfortunately, several reviewers point out deficiencies in the management of 70 Temperance St. Complaints range from unresponsive staff to inefficient handling of resident concerns, leading to a lack of trust within the community.

A dissatisfied reviewer states, “Management is unprofessional and unresponsive. Important issues are often overlooked, and there is a lack of transparency in decision-making.”

Another resident of the building says: ” Wonderful location but the worst ever management team. Elevators are always broken. Management is always rude in all of their communications and never apologizes for their mistakes. Too many unreasonable rules in terms of booking requests for elaborators and facilities.”

and Celina says: ” The management office in the building is rude and awful. Do not rent or buy from this property!!! I couldn’t even get my account set up properly and it’s been a week. One of the ladies named Taniya has the worst attitude and not very responsive even during work hours.”

Hearing from horse’s mouth living at 70 Temperance St it has been extremely disheartening to see the management that is supposed to be the most trusted go-to place in the building is also involved in corruption with board of directors in shady businesses such as protecting their long term short-term rentals and cracking down on other residents occasional sublease or short term rentals. The management has not been shy of protecting their own business profits in this regard in the past few years.

#3 Violation of the Residential Tenancy Act 2006

The so-called Indx management run by ” Duka Property management” in this building has been reported in numerous violation of the building bylaws as well as the Residential Tenancy act, 2006 in many harsh ways. Here are examples:

1- Deactivation of fobs without any explanations or heads-up: to the residents. Fobs are residents’ keys to their homes and personal and emergency essentials. We have no recollection of such act in any other buildings in Canada.

2- Not reactivating fobs unless owners travel back from far-off places: If you are about to rent a place at 70 Temperance street, be aware that there have been many reports that management asked a leasing tenant to only being given new fobs or access if the owner of the unit who lives in another country flies back and being physically present. This is one of kind shocking abuse of power and exercise of harsh imprisoning3- residents of the 70 Temperance st., residents by the Duka Property management.

3- Frequently Unreasonable Charges on Residents: If you signed a lease contract 3 years ago and at the time the building allowed you to dump your old furniture in the dumpster don’t be surprised if now Duka charges you $150 for placing your second hand night stand at the dumpster area, let alone other bulky items such as mattresses. Many reviews show that management also

#4 High Maintenance Fees:

Reviewers express dissatisfaction with the high maintenance fees at 70 Temperance St., considering the services provided. Some residents feel that the fees do not justify the value received, creating a financial burden for homeowners.

One reviewer remarks, “The maintenance fees are exorbitant, and there is a lack of transparency in how they are allocated. It feels like an unnecessary drain on finances.”

#5 Maintenance Issues:

Multiple 1-star reviews highlight inadequate building maintenance at 70 Temperance St. Residents express frustration with broken elevators, malfunctioning amenities, baring residents’ families or visitors to use amenities and in many incidents being offensively kicked out of gym by very unprofessional and volant security staff and getting locked out in the lobby till their primary resident shows up and take them back to their units. In many public reviews people reported delays in addressing repair requests. The lack of upkeep can significantly impact residents’ quality of life.

One reviewer of 70 Temperance St., expresses disappointment, stating, “The building has numerous maintenance issues, and the management is slow to respond. It affects the overall livability of the condo and even if the building had no management it would have been in better shape.”

#6 Noise Pollution

A prevalent concern among reviewers is the persistent noise pollution at 70 Temperance St by the building staff and management itself. Fire alarms consistently are tested and given no prior notice given Residents lament the constant street noise, disruptive construction activity, and even sometimes noise from neighboring units. The tranquility of the living environment may be compromised.

One reviewer writes, “The noise from traffic and construction is unbearable, making it difficult to relax or concentrate within the unit.”

#7 Parking Constraints:

Limited parking availability is a common complaint among residents of 70 Temperance St. Reviewers express frustration with the scarcity of parking spots and the high cost of parking at 70 Temperance St. This situation can cause inconvenience and additional expenses for residents with vehicles.

A reviewer shares, “Finding parking is a nightmare, and the monthly rates are exorbitant. It is an ongoing struggle for residents and their guests.”

One reviewer voices their concern, stating, “Security is lax, and there have been reports of unauthorized individuals entering the building. It is unsettling and jeopardizes the safety of residents.”

#8 Unresolved Disputes:

Reviewers highlight a lack of effective dispute resolution at 70 Temperance St. Complaints regarding unresolved conflicts between residents and management are recurrent. Inadequate conflict resolution processes can lead to strained relationships within the community.

A dissatisfied reviewer shares, “Disputes among residents are mishandled, leading to ongoing tensions and a lack of community harmony. It is disheartening to witness the unresolved conflicts.”

#9 Construction Quality:

Concerns about subpar construction quality are raised in multiple reviews for 70 Temperance St. Reviewers of 70 Temperance St mention issues with plumbing, electrical systems, and overall structural integrity. Poor construction can lead to costly repairs and ongoing frustrations for homeowners.

One reviewer expresses disappointment, stating, “The construction quality is below par. There have been plumbing issues and frequent repairs needed. It feels like the building was poorly constructed.”

#10 Insufficient Storage Space:

Limited storage options at 70 Temperance St. is another grievance mentioned by reviewers. The lack of adequate storage can create challenges in maintaining a clutter-free living environment and impact convenience and functionality.

One reviewer voices their frustration, stating, “Storage space is severely lacking. It is difficult to find enough room for belongings, making it challenging to keep the condo organized.”

#11 Inadequate and Limited Amenities:

Dissatisfaction with amenities is a recurring theme among the 1-star reviews for 70 Temperance St. Some reviewers mention the absence of essential amenities or note that existing amenities are poorly maintained. Inadequate amenities can detract from the overall living experience within the building.

One reviewer expresses their disappointment, stating, “The promised amenities are either nonexistent or poorly maintained. It is disheartening to pay high fees for amenities that are not up to par.”


The collection of 1-star reviews for 70 Temperance St. in Toronto highlights ten critical reasons to reconsider purchasing a condo in this building. Concerns over noise pollution, inadequate maintenance, poor management, high maintenance fees, limited parking, security issues, unresolved disputes, construction quality, insufficient storage space, and inadequate amenities are widespread among reviewers. It is crucial for prospective buyers to carefully evaluate these aspects before making a significant investment.

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