10 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Tools in 2022 + Editor’s Pick!

Top 10 Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Tools in 2022 + Editor’s Pick!
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Have you ever wanted to view your ex’s stories on Instagram but couldn’t because they’d blocked you?! Or have you wished to check out your competitors’ stories yet hesitated as you didn’t want them to know you’re following them? Then, using an Instagram story viewer is what must have crossed your mind!

Instagram Story has proven to be a unique spot where people interact with each other a lot. Some people share their life stories, while others, including Instagram Influencers and business people, use it to boost their Instagram engagement rate.

Whether you’re a professional or use Instagram for leisure, you might feel like viewing others’ IG stories anonymously. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the tools you can use.

Also, we will introduce you to the best anonymous Instagram story viewer: AiSchedul!

What Is an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Tool?

As mentioned earlier, Instagram stories are pretty popular these days. According to statistics, 500 million people use IG stories every day.

However, there are certain limitations when using this feature on Instagram. For instance, you can’t download other people’s stories or view them using the original app. 

So, how can you overcome these restrictions? 

An Instagram story viewer is a valuable tool that can help you overcome these limitations. Using a good one, you can quickly check out other people’s stories anonymously and even download their stories to save in your gallery.

Why Use an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

One could have various reasons to do this! Let’s imagine two scenarios; one personal and the other professional. 

Sometimes in life, we encounter situations where we’re not on speaking terms with our friends or, in some cases, our partners. Checking out their stories on Instagram could give them the impression we do not want to give. An anonymous Instagram story viewer helps you do the trick. 

It doesn’t end here, though. 

Getting ideas from your rivals and being inspired by them is expected in the business world. Yet, you might lose face if you constantly check out on them. They might think you’re stalking them and not giving you much credit. 

Using a private Instagram story viewer, you can set yourself up to maximize your growth on Instagram, which results in huge career success. 

But how can you identify the best tools for this end? 

10 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

You might have come across numerous tools claiming to offer you the best services to check out people’s stories anonymously. In this section, we have provided you with a list of the best Instagram story viewer tools you can use with ease of mind.

Let’s jump right in!  

#1: AiSchedul; The Overall Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

If you’re looking for a well-developed tool to view and download other users’ stories on Instagram without trouble, this is the right tool.

AiSchedul: The Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

AiSchedul allows you to view the stories and highlights of anyone you want anonymously. Using this free Instagram story viewer, you can also download stories and highlights on various IG pages

The fascinating point about this tool is that there’s no need to download and install any apps. It works in the cloud, and you can use it simply by going to their website. 

AiSchedul is an all-in-one IG tool. Not only does it allow you to view and download IG stories anonymously, but also it offers a free integrated story scheduler that enables you to schedule Instagram stories and highlights to be posted at the best time

All these features are for free! Yet, if you’d like to have immediate access to more features of this tool, including a content calendar, hashtag generator, latest Instagram trends, aesthetic captions, posts, stories and reels scheduler, reposter, and many more, you can sign up on AiSchedul right now!

Instagram Story Viewer #2: Storiesdown

Instagram Story Viewer Storiesdown
Storiesdown: Instagram Story Anonymous Viewer

Another tool you can view and download Instagram stories anonymously is Storiesdown. This IG tool allows you to download high-resolution Instagram videos and photos to your devices. 

One negative point about this tool, though, is its ads. Every time you want to use this Instagram story viewer for free, you’ll be overloaded with multiple ads that will block the content. 

Also, this tool has a ‘Posts’ feature that allows you to see and download posts. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work now. 

Instagram Story Viewer #3: Inflact

Inflact Instagram Story Viewer
Inflact Instagram Story Viewer

Another website that offers online Instagram story viewer services is Inflact. Using its services, you can view and download the IG stories of your friends without them having a clue. 

This website offers free services, yet there’s a daily limitation to them: you can only view stories three times a day. If you exceed that limit, you’ll have to pay $3 to be able to continue using the services. 

Instagram Story Viewer #4: InstaDP

InstaDP  Instagram Story Viewer

Using this story viewer on Instagram, you can see your friends’ account stories and download them. This tool can come in handy if you want to download profile pictures, reels, and videos on Instagram.

Like other tools we’ve introduced, you need to enter the username of the person you wish to see stories of. Then you’re good to go. 

InstaDP also provides TikTok tools with the help of which you can quickly download and save the TikTok videos you’re interested in.

Instagram Story Viewer #5: Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories: Instagram story viewer
Qoob Stories

This is probably the right tool for you if you want to view stories on both public and private accounts anonymously. Qoob Stories lets you download the stories, photos, and videos from the feed.

This tool also automates mass downloads and saves the captions below every post. To use these features, you will have to download an app.

This anonymous Instagram story viewer app offers three plans. Unfortunately, its free plan is limited as it only allows you to visit two Instagram profiles and have 200 downloads per day. 

Most of its features are offered in the premium plans that are very pricy. Its Personal plan costs $7 a month for 10 Instagram profiles, and its professional plan costs $25 per month for unlimited Instagram profiles. 

Instagram Story Viewer #6: Glassagram


Glassgram is yet another service you can use for this end. It claims to give you the chance to view and save stories on Instagram anonymously. It also sends you notifications whenever the targeted user posts anything on Instagram.

Remember that this is not a free app; you have to pay to use most of its services. Moreover, most users have reported that most of its features don’t work these days, and they keep facing glitches. 

Instagram Story Viewer #7: Storistalker 

Storistalker  Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Here’s another anonymous Instagram story viewer for Chrome and other web browsers. Storistalker is an online service that claims to provide you with the chance to view IG stories, profiles, users’ likes and comments, and many more, even if they’ve been removed from Instagram. 

We decided to test their services to see for ourselves whether they work or not. Much to our disappointment, we were stuck in the very first step of it and couldn’t proceed. After several attempts to register on the website, we still couldn’t make it. 

Instagram Story Viewer #8: Stories IG

Stories IG
Stories IG

Another Instagram private story viewer is Stories IG. Using this tool, you may allegedly see IG stories anonymously and download them to your gallery. It seems to have a simple,  user-friendly start. All you need to do is to type down the username and get started. 

We gave it a try to see how it works. The results were not as expected and per what they claim. Once you enter the username, you must wait 10 seconds for the tool to process your request. Well, that’s okay. 

However, you’ll get nowhere after the 10 seconds because the timer will restart. After several attempts, you’ll be left alone with an error saying ‘something went wrong fetching user story’. 

So, this IG tool doesn’t function anymore. 

Instagram Story Viewer #9: Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is not just an Instagram story viewer tool. It’s a phone tracker and you can track various social media apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, etc. 

This tool is not available on the web, and you need to download an app to get started. The app is available on Android, Windows, and Mac. 

And you should know that this is not a free app either. Its plans start from $6 a month to $25.

According to some reviews on Trustpilot and other websites, Hoverwatch has very poor customer service that’s not responsive at all.  

Instagram Story Viewer #10: Dumpor (Aka Smihub)

Dumpor (Smihub)
Dumpor (Smihub)

Still not satisfied with the list? Dumpor is an Instagram story viewer anonymously you can use to view profiles, reels, IG stories, etc. 

This website used to function under the name Smihub, yet has now changed its name to Dumper. 

It offers you features such as browsing anonymously, downloading images or videos from IG, and searching through hashtags, locations, and profiles. It also claims to provide an analyzer to assess Instagram likes, comments, and followers. 

It would have been great if these features worked, but they don’t. There are too many ads on the website, and the tool cannot even show you the stories, let alone other features it claims to offer. 

Editor’s Pick for the Top Instagram Story Viewer: AiSchedul 

After giving a shot at every one of the tools listed above and many more, we believe that AiSchedul is by far the best Instagram story viewer that presents you with numerous features necessary for your Instagram journey. 

It’s a user-friendly, all-in-one aid without any glitches and is safe to use!

Instagram Story Viewer FAQs

So far, we’ve discussed 10 tools you can use to view or download stories on IG anonymously, along with their positive and negative aspects. Now, let’s check out some of your most frequently asked questions regarding IG stories!

#1 How Is the Instagram Story Viewer Order Arranged?

Long ago, IG story views were arranged in chronological order. In other words, those who saw your story first would appear at the top of the story viewer list. However, with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, that is no longer the case. 

As of 2021, the Instagram story viewer order has changed. Today, the order is based on the interaction of your followers with you. The more these followers engage with you and your content, the higher they will appear in the list of your viewers. 

#2 Are Your Top Story Viewers Your Stalkers?

They could be, but that’s not necessarily always the case. 

As explained above, Instagram story viewer order 2022 is based on engagement. So, those at the top are not stalkers but rather those who like your posts and comment under them, visit your profile, and DM you the most. In other words, those are the ones who interact with you the most.

#3 What Does the Top Viewer on Instagram Story Mean?

If your IG story views are less than 50, the top viewer is probably the one that has seen your story first. However, if you have more than 50 viewers on your stories, the top viewer is the one that interacts with your page the most. 

#4 How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories?

There are certain Instagram story viewer hacks for increasing your views on this platform, including posting them at the best time, using interactive stickers, posting consistently, etc. 

Final Words on Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer 

IG stories are very popular among Instagrammers all around the world these days. Yet, similar to other features of Instagram, this feature is not complete either and has some limitations. 

To overcome restrictions such as being unable to view and download stories on IG without being identified, we prepared a list of 10 Instagram story viewer tools with their pros and cons in this article. 

We also introduced you to AiSchedul and elaborated on why we think it’s the best one out there! 

Now, it’s your turn to put your knowledge into practice!

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