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New to the world of podcasts? Don’t know what podcast topics to use? No problem! We are here to increase your awareness and teach you some of the latest podcast topic ideas and how to choose a suitable one for broadcasting.

Before starting, you need to know that the podcast industry is exploding! It has had substantial growth in the past decades, making some of the best influencer marketing platforms suggest podcasts for collaborations. This uprise has been an excellent opportunity for content creators to begin their podcasting journey and increase their visibility and engagement.

However, it isn’t easy to have an entertaining podcast. You should consider certain factors ahead of starting. The most significant is the podcast ideas you select for your audio casts.

Great! You’re making a good process!

So, keep following this article to learn about some of the most popular podcast topics and how to choose them accurately.

33 Top Podcast Topics Ideas

In the broadcasting world, we have countless topics and ideas to choose a podcast subject. Picking interesting podcast topics is the essential key to having a loyal audience and enhancing your listener count. Somehow similar to growing Instagram followers organically. There are certain common factors to follow in both.

For this reason, you should carefully select topics to talk about on a podcast. No clue what to pick? Don’t worry! We have listed the 33 best podcast topics with a short explanation to keep you updated.

1. Product Reviews And Tests

One of the top podcast ideas is to review a product and examine its cost, quality, features, pros, cons, and uses, especially if it is recently released. This testing can help your audience learn about a new product and make future purchases easier.

In addition, you can compare it with other brands and recommend the better one to your listeners. One good method for product reviews is to make a listicle and start explaining from the bottom to the top. People often like when things are listed and will wait to reach the first one.

2. News

Numerous individuals like to stay up-to-date with the latest news and want to know what is happening worldwide or in their country. This podcasting depends if your followers are local or international.

However, providing local news would be much easier as there are fewer sequences of events in your country compared to the world. 

But global news is much more interesting, and more users are attracted to this. Also, you have a wide range of reports that you can choose to talk about. 

Therefore, analyze your fans and select the appropriate one for them. In general, it is a hot topic to pick!

3. Movies

We know everyone loves movies (who doesn’t?). Talking about all these films with different genres, such as action, horror, drama, comedy, thriller, science fiction, etc, is entertaining.

ReelQuick Podcast Episode 14

Therefore, selecting movies for discussion is one of the good podcast topics you can have. You can evaluate newly released films and discuss the genre, plot, cast, and ratings.

Remember, if you have loyal fans, they will listen to your movie recommendations and watch it. Make a listicle of your favorite ones and begin your podcast to impress your audience.

4. Music

We’ve mentioned movies, but we didn’t forget the music! Music is a perfect point to talk about and an ideal choice for podcasts. Countless users like music and prefer to listen to this topic.

You can list songs (depending on your audience) and present them to your listeners. Talk about what the music wants to tell, the artist, why it has gone viral, and the official video.

Therefore, it is one of the best picks for podcasts.

5. Life Hacks

Finding simple solutions for our everyday life can help us have a better life. There are numerous helpful hacks and pro trips that could make everything easier and save some time for us.

Be More Productive With Mel Robbins

So, life hacks are useful podcast topic ideas for your followers. You are entertaining them and teaching them painless smart tricks and handy techniques.

6. Gaming

The gaming universe, with countless video games, is a massive community that has many fans. These enthusiasts and gamers are passionate about digital games and love to hear more from them.

You can drop podcast topics like this into your broadcast series and satisfy your audience. Explore the games and discuss the gameplay, style, difficulty, features, graphics, etc.

Keep in mind that when it comes to video games, everyone likes it!

7. Sports

When we talk about sports, we mean every type of sports activity on this planet. You can use a popular one or gain insight through your audience and use the one they prefer to hear.

All The Smoke Podcast

Discuss famous sporting events like Fifa World Cup, Super Bowl, Wimbledon, Olympic Games, and many more! People love to hear about these well-known events. You can also talk about pre-game preparation, post-game interviews, and highlights.

Remember, when sports fans miss a game or event, they listen to a podcast channel or watch a video on YouTube. So, it is one of the finest topics for a podcast.

8. Crime Documentary

Hearing the word crime makes us get goosebumps. When we know a true crime has happened and someone has lost their life, it becomes an intriguing story we want to hear.

Crime documentaries are one of the most interesting podcast topics. There is lots of intention when it is actual events. You can use criminal events and give your audience some chills.

Although it is sad, people love the exciting stories.

9. Conspiracy Theory

Many people believe influential organizations or anonymous groups are controlling the world. These global controllers could be anyone, including government leaders, elites, and other prominent figures.

But the problem is they are unknown. Some believe the Illuminati group is ruling over this world anonymously, while others think there are alternate secret societies. You can use this exciting podcast idea and entertain your fans.

However, it is not just this. We have other unconventional explanations, like the signs on the dollar or The Simpsons’ (animated sitcom) predictions. We have numerous theories and hot topics that you can use. Without a doubt, conspiracy theory is one of the most interesting podcast ideas.

10. Comedy

What a great feeling to change someone’s mood and make them laugh. I mean, who doesn’t want to laugh? Using funny podcast topics like comedy can at least make your audience smile and help you gain many other fans.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Use different types of comedy, have a funny tone, tell jokes, and continue to be amusing while putting humor into your podcast.

Moreover, you can make 18+ dirty jokes and naughty things to subject it to podcast topics for adults (be careful not to have kids on board!).

11. Travel

What an amazing podcast idea! We all love to travel around the world, visit every country, and be an explorer like Marco Polo ourselves. Our beautiful planet has countless breathtaking places we have only seen pictures of.

Drop travel into your podcast and entertain your listeners with magnificent and stunning sites. Explore the location! Talk about where it is, how it looks, how the climate is, how you can reach that area, etc.

Trust me! We have infinite jaw-dropping places in the world that you can discuss with your fans.

Also, you can make it a Q&A podcast. Ask about their adventures or mention some of yours and take your followers on a delightful journey!

12. Modern Technology

Nowadays, everything is becoming digital, and technology is dominating our world. It can be one of the top podcast topics to discuss. You can take advantage of this idea and enhance your listeners’ engagement.

Mention some of the most-used, efficient, and innovative technologies. Talk about how it has helped humanity, kept our environment sustainable, assisted in scientific advancements, and how it can affect our future.

For instance, you can present Chat GPT, one of the most clever AI chatbots currently available. It is one of the hottest topics and trending podcast ideas everyone talks about.

13. Fun Facts

Did you know that there are many facts that we are unaware of, and we get amazed when we find out about them? These fun facts are perfect topics to talk about on a podcast.

Truth About Antarctica

You can tell these random truths, increase your listeners’ knowledge, and entertain them. Start with a ‘Did you know that…’ and astonish everyone. We will provide you with some ideas here, and you might also get astounded when hearing these.

For instance, did you know that honey never spoils? Honey found in ancient Egypt tombs with over 3000 years passed is still edible (Wow, right?), or did you know that the shortest war lasted only 45 minutes, which was between Zanzibar and Britain? (True and funny)

14. Celebrities

It is always exciting to talk about famous people and discuss their life. These individuals could be actors, actresses, singers, musicians, writers, athletes, and much more!

The world of celebrities is different compared to ours. Fame and wealth are the first things that pop into our minds when speaking of celebs. You can talk about their biography, background, career, family, nationality, achievements, and many other things.

Moreover, people like listening to these celebrities’ words coming directly from them. So, you can interview some of these popular stars and create a memorable moment for your followers. Add a little spice to your podcast with some games and challenges to make it more entertaining.

Therefore, it is among the good podcast topics to speak about.

15. Art

You know how attractive, lovely, and massive the realm of art is. From paintings and sculptures to conceptual and digital art, you can dig deep and learn a lot from this exciting subject.

These creative human expressions exhibited in various ways are beautiful to appreciate and enjoy. You can mention different types of art and explain their meanings, values, themes, and emotions they express.

However, different art forms have several things to say, but in general, it is one of the most popular podcast topics.

16. History

Human history dates back millions of years ago, with no exact evidence of when it began. Every source claims an approximate time for its genesis with their research, but who knows the truth?

Attila The Hun – History Podcast

Each part of this world has a rich history and background that you can mention to increase the audience’s knowledge. You can speak about different human classifications, diverse categories of people, various eras, distinct religions, and other aspects of history.

Things people might be interested in include great kingdoms and monarchies, wars, inventions, developments, and countless significant events that took place centuries ago. Invite a historian to your talk show and gain more credit using its presence.

17. Food

Eating and drinking are substantial aspects of our everyday life. Without them, we cannot survive. So, it is clearly one of the best podcast topics to have. Be aware not to continue if you’re on a diet!

Tom Hank’s Last Meal

We, humans, love to eat and taste every delicious food in the world. From various delectable dishes and fast food to snacks, desserts, appetizers, beverages, and many more! The more sugar and fat, the more we crave it.

Start exploring different cultures with traditional foods they have and explain the recipes. Talk about mouth-watering desserts, drinks, and snacks available worldwide. Have a tempting tone to increase your listeners’ appetite.

For example, when you are speaking of a chocolate and vanilla cake. Dive into the creamy layers and textures, then jump to the toppings and vanilla scent, and at last mention the chocolate syrup flowing down on the cake like the lava on the volcano.

Remember, it is important to create that hunger feeling for your audience and act as an appetite pill!

18. Business

Whether it’s a small enterprise or a large corporation, with business people can grow and become successful. It is a vast subject to cover for your followers and fans.

You can talk about strategies, methods, and techniques, financial management software, marketing and advertising, technology and innovation, business news, and success stories. If your listeners are business enthusiasts, they will love the podcast idea and engage with you.

However, you should also consider that business is boring for many. Be careful not to lose your supporters!

A perfect example can be cryptocurrency. Drop this as a subcategory subject for your business topic. Explain things in detail and track the metrics and statistics.

19. Do It Yourself (DIY)

Many people like to do things by themselves without any assistance. ‘Do it yourself’ is a well-known category that helps listeners do specific actions independently.

Some excellent ideas you can use are home improvement tips, crafting items, upcycling objects, fashion, beauty and skin care, cooking, photography, etc.

However, it could be difficult to explain how to do these through a podcast, but fans do love this idea.

20. Motivational

Countless individuals go through hard times and sometimes stop improving because of despair. These people require to hear motivational thoughts and inspirational speeches to encourage themselves.

Your job is to uplift these people suffering from depression symptoms with your empowering words. Inspire them with blessings, motivate them with positive talks, and give them hope as much as possible.

Use inspiring stories and explain how people have experienced setbacks but started again from the bottom and never gave up. Tell your audience to set goals and stay resilient until they achieve them.

In addition, speak about having a positive mindset and being optimistic. Teach how to overcome challenges. Plant the hope in their heart and brain to change their lifestyle.

Also, share your personal experiences. Many of your followers trust you, and hearing about actual experiences motivates them even more.

21. Relationships

One of the most crucial things in life for us is to find our partner, the one we love or better as the one who completes us, and have a successful relationship. This bonding creates a better life and makes us much happier.

Statistics show that having a good relationship can help individuals with physical health, emotional well-being, reduced stress, and personal growth.

Therefore, you can use relationships as one of the most helpful topics to talk about on a podcast. Give relationship advice and dating tips, teach them love languages and commitments, and inform them about self-discovery and self-love. Your listeners should learn how to create strong bonds and have harmonious partnerships.

Furthermore, you can have guest interviews with relationship coaches and therapists to increase everyone’s awareness and romantic insights. This idea is one of the best podcast topics for young adults.

22. Paranormal

We all like to hear spooky stories and frightening paranormal activities that give us the creeps with goosebumps. Imagine objects moved or thrown, weird noises, dark shadow movements, or witnessing something unusual like ghosts.

Scary Stories

The excitement, stress, and horror that this podcast topic has is unbelievable. You should begin with haunted places that include unexplainable activities. Explain the background story of that location and find the reason why it is possessed. Share some of the supernatural things that occur in that area.

In addition, add spooky background audio to increase the horror and tension. Have a serious tone while explaining a story or an event.

Furthermore, you can ask others about their ghost or paranormal experience and discuss more!

23. Books

Aside from music and movies, books also have many fans. Jump into the vast world of writing and experience beautiful moments with various books. These books range from fiction and non-fiction to science, romance, poetry, etc.

Speak about new publishments, explain different genres, mention some of the best-selling books, and name the most-rated ones and underrated writings. Book enthusiasts love to hear recommendations. Introduce some of the top you have read.

Moreover, you can mention or interview the author to ask more about the published book. Step into the life of the writers and ask about their careers.

Books are known among the podcast topics for adults and have a super high demand.

24. Quote of The Day

Every day we wake up, we like to have a quote for the day. This quote is motivational, spirited, inspirational, and mindful. It helps us begin the day with positivity and increases our emotional well-being.

Provide a quote for your podcast and start breaking it down. Explain its reflection and how it can engage their life. You can have a significant impact on your followers’ daily life with your expressions.

25. Behind The Scenes

Most of the time, we watch entertaining shows and videos without knowing what is happening behind the scenes. The part we observe is just half of the production, and the other half is off-camera.

Break down what occurs backstage and make your supporters familiar with everything behind the scenes. Discuss the process of filming and how intense it is.

Also, you can start guest interviews with directors, cameramen, producers, actors, actresses, and other individuals available in the background. Ask about their experiences and dig deep to involve every scene on the podcast.

26. Storytelling

It’s not always adults and middle ages. Sometimes you should refer to children and their preferences, such as cartoons, stories, science and nature, comedy, songs, arts, sports, and fantasies.

A Storytelling Podcast For Kids

Children have a beautiful mentality and perspective. Their mind is open to learning, and they rapidly learn anything they hear or view. Entertain the little ones with astonishing stories and take them on an adventure!

Their imagination engages with what they hear, and they start creating visual settings and characters to imagine the story. Storytelling can be an excellent podcast topic for children.

27. Pets

What is better than having a pet to spend time with and love in a way you have never loved anything else? As said, pets are the blessings of a house, and if you feed an animal, you will receive much more in your life.

So, Pets is one of the top podcast topics ideas with an unbelievable demand. You can mention various types of different breads and explain each one.

For instance, mention a domestic short-haired (DSH) cat and describe its appearance, personality, lifespan, and intelligence. Try comparing it with another bread and state the similarities and differences.

Keep in mind that most people like pets and enjoy hearing about these adorable ones. As a result, don’t worry about dropping this subject to your podcast.

28. Restaurants

We mentioned earlier that people love the variety of food available globally. Now, it is time to name some of the top restaurants worldwide with delicious servings. Each of these places has special dishes and traditional servings with distinctive recipes.

Therefore, it can be an ideal podcast subject to select for broadcasting. List 5 to 10 restaurants with high ratings and describe each by their service, food, facilities, locations, and cost.

Also, along with the examination, you can rate them or run a Q and A trivia to encourage your audience to get involved. Ask if they have been there or experienced a similar one.

29. Q & A Trivia

One of the most engaging and interesting podcast topics is playing games with your followers. Q & A Trivia is an easy and excellent game you can play with the audience.

Come up with 10 to 15 questions, giveaway prizes to winners, and start your trivia. Ask these questions one by one, providing a way to respond. Through this, everyone will get engaged and try their chance.

For example, imagine Apple Company running a question-and-answer competition with big prizes, including Apple products. For each question you answer, you get an iPhone or MacBook. You will surely join it and respond to each question to get one right.

Therefore, this is the power of a Q & A Trivia. Now, you do not want to give away Apple products, but you can provide valuable and reasonable prizes to attract your supporters’ attention.

30. Health

Some of us deeply care about our health status and condition. We follow a healthy diet and exercise daily to keep our physical and mental well-being.

Selecting health for discussion is a perfect pick as a podcast topic idea. You can consider food that can help maintain good health, mention fitness and meditation tips, and provide relaxation moves to reduce stress.

Also, create a peaceful atmosphere in your podcast with stress-relief relaxing music in the background.

31. Space

Our universe is enormous and boundless, with millions of stars, galaxies, planets, and unlimited dark matter. By selecting space as your podcast idea, you can speak of countless things available there.

Mention each galaxy and how vast it is, speak about the planets and the stars, talk about the black hole, and discuss asteroids and comets. It is a fascinating topic that everyone loves.

Moreover, you can speak of the extraterrestrials making it more intriguing. People love to hear about supernatural living things that might exist in space.

32. Religions

As humans, we have specific beliefs and faith in a person or a thing we find our God or divine energy in. These beliefs create different religions with various perspectives on life and worship methods.

You can start with well-known religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. These are the most popular, with more than 95% of believers globally. It might not be one of the top podcast topics, but it does have particular fans.

However, you should also consider that there are many atheists and nonbelievers. So, have research about your listeners and then push toward this topic.

33. Fashion

The fashion universe is tremendous, with various modes and designs. Numerous people are fans of this fashion and style. They like to know what is trending and what clothing style they should wear.

You can take advantage of this and begin speaking of the latest fashion. This trendy vogue could be anything from blue jeans and louse trousers to short skirts and sleeveless shirts. It all depends on what the world of fashion picks!

Therefore, fashion is one of the most popular podcast topics to drop on your broadcasting and entertain your fans and supporters.

Podcast Topics: How Can I Choose The Right One?

There is no exact evidence of what podcast topic ideas are the most suitable ones to select, as podcast lovers like to listen to countless different subjects. Everything depends on who your audience is and what they favor.

However, consider that there might be an age combination in your listeners with different podcast tastes, or you have fans with the same age but diverse preferences.

But, generally speaking, you should pick topics that the majority of your supporters adore and like.

Furthermore, to provide the best podcast series, you should use subjects you love and are your favorite. Using your interests helps you be a better host, increase listeners’ engagement, and enhance your broadcast.

Despite these, another factor that turns you into a successful podcaster is choosing unique podcast ideas. Aside from all the mentioned topics above, you should act intelligent and find a special one to grab users’ attention.

If you research the most successful and popular podcast topics, you can determine that they use distinctive subjects or pick similar ideas but present them uniquely. So, it relies on yourself to become effective.

As a result, we learned that analyzing your audience, selecting a subject you adore, and making a unique show can create a prosperous podcast for you.

Remember! With a successful podcast, you can monetize it and get sponsored content from brands for promotions to increase your revenue.

Pick the topic now, grab your microphone, and enter the studio to explode the audio cast show!


So far, we have provided some of the top podcast topics and explained how to select the right ones but there are always questions that occur. Here, we’re going to answer some of these frequent questions.

1. How Long Should The Length of My Podcast Be?

It depends on your subject or genre and how much your audience prefers to hear. But generally, around 15-20 minutes is enough. In some cases, your topic is informative, and it may require approximately 45-50 minutes, but that is totally fine.

2. Are Podcasts Topics Limited?

No, podcast ideas are not limited. In fact, we have countless topics to speak about. Sometimes you can break down one genre and get hundreds more ideas from it.

3. How Do I Start My Own Podcast?

To start your podcast, you should first purchase the necessary equipment, such as microphones, headphones, a computer or laptop, and a recording device. Then, plan the content (podcast topic) for each episode and schedule it. After that, record your podcast and edit it if required. At last, find a podcast hosting platform to promote and publish your work.

4. How Do Podcasters Monetize Their Podcasts?

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their podcasts. They can begin advertising throughout their podcasts, collaborate with brands for sponsorships, start crowdfunding, promote products for sales, and launch affiliate marketing. Podcast influencers can make a considerable amount of money monetizing their podcasts.

5. Are Podcasters Famous?

Podcasters are indeed well-known and popular. We have countless individuals who are huge fans of podcasts and live broadcasting. So, many of these hosts who create entertaining content increase their fame.

For example, look at Joe Rogan, a famous commentator, comedian, podcaster, actor, and former TV presenter. He is successful in podcast content and is well-known for his ‘The Joe Rogan Experience Show.’


Until this point, we learned how to choose the right topic for our podcast using several factors, became familiar with the best podcast genres and how to use them, and knew the benefits of having a successful podcast. Use these methods and select one of the podcast topics in this article to become a thriving podcaster. Start your podcasting journey now!

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