UseViral Reviews 2023: Is UseViral a Scam? + Best Alternatives

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Nowadays, many social media users rapidly grow on social platforms and gain massive followers with high engagement rates. They usually stumble upon social media growth services. Here, we will discuss one of these services, known as UseViral.

Each day, social media marketing is developing at a significantly fast pace. Users across all platforms try to enhance their profiles to align with others and maintain their performance. It’s not surprising if they use social media services to boost followers and engagements.

Among these services, we have UseViral. UseViral claims to be the best in the market and promises to enhance your social media account.

However, numerous negative reviews have reduced the rank of this service.

So, is UseViral legit and trustworthy? NO! It is a total scam. Let’s see why!

What is UseViral

In today’s world of social media, gaining popularity with many followers and engagements has become a challenge among users. They use various methods and trust different growth services to boost their account status and monetize social media.

However, some of these tools are not honest and reliable. UseViral is one of those! It claims to be one of the top social media growth services with fast delivery, low prices, and organic followers.

As they bear out, you can use this service to buy followers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Also, you can boost engagement rates by increasing the number of likes, comments, shares, views, and more!

On the contrary, UseViral reviews and people’s opinions show that it is nothing, but a scam.

Now, let’s break down the UseViral review and see why the majority of users dislike the service.

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UseViral Reviews

UseViral is a social media service that helps profiles enhance their social ranking by increasing interactions and the number of subscribers and followers. In easier words, they help you grow your account.

According to their claim, they are the best in the social media growth service industry. It asserts to increase your followers organically, boost your business, enhance your online presence, and reach a wider audience on various social platforms.

One of its popular services is the Instagram bot UseViral.

UseViral Features and Prices

This growth tool covers numerous platforms and offers many services with a range of prices, including:

  • Buy Instagram engagements and Instagram followers UseViral,
    • Starts from $1
  • Buy YouTube subscribers UseViral,
    • Starts from $0.08
  • Buy video views and TikTok followers UseViral,
    • Starts from $0.25
  • Buy likes, mentions, and Twitter followers UseViral,
    • Starts from $2.75
  • Buy Facebook followers and engagements,
    • Starts from $1.99
  • Buy Reviews,
    • Starts from $7.5
  • Buy LinkedIn connections,
    • Starts from $4
  • Buy Spotify listeners,
    • Starts from $2.99
  • Buy Twitch live viewers,
    • Starts from $3
  • Buy OnlyFans subscribers,
    • Starts from $8
  • Buy Discord members,
    • Starts from $63
  • Buy Instagram Threads engagements,
    • Starts from $2.49
  • Buy Snapchat followers,
    • Starts from $11
  • Buy Pinterest interactions,
    • Starts from $3
  • Buy Soundcloud listeners,
    • Starts from $2
  • Buy Kick followers,
    • Starts from $6.97
  • Buy Fansly followers and likes,
    • Starts from $8
  • Buy Tumblr followers,
    • Starts from $6
  • Buy Likee engagements and followers,
    • Starts from $4
  • Buy Quora followers,
    • Starts from $3
  • Buy Audiomack plays, followers, and likes,
    • Starts from $3
  • Buy Android promotion service,
    • Starts from $49
  • Buy Telegram promotion service,
    • Starts from $2
  • Buy Vimeo views,
    • Starts from $5
  • Buy iOS promotion service,
    • Starts from $79
  • Buy Accounts promotion service,
    • Starts from $1.5
  • Buy Deezer plays and followers,
    • Starts from $7
  • Buy Clubhouse promotion service,
    • Starts from $5
  • Buy Website Traffic,
    • Starts from $2.99
  • Buy Reddit followers,
    • Starts from $3
  • Buy Tidal streams and plays,
    • Starts from $10
  • Buy OpenSea engagements.
    • Starts from $39

UseViral Pros and Cons

According to user reviews, this social media tool has slight advantages and many disadvantages. This significant difference is due to the service’s dishonesty and fraudulence.


  • Affordable prices,
  • Fast delivery,
  • Customize package.


  • Inorganic and untargeted followers,
  • Scam,
  • Fake bots,
  • Money waste,
  • Time-consuming,
  • Disabled and banned results,
  • Unreliable,
  • Bad experience,
  • Poor customer service,
  • No guarantee,
  • No refund.

Now, you know why individuals are unhappy with this service. Speaking of individuals, let’s see what they have said about UseViral and mention some of their opinions.

UseViral Reddit Reviews

Many people discuss UseViral on Reddit. Here are some of their thoughts:

Frequent-Possible-35 says:

He bought 100 followers, and nothing happened. He even contacted customer support, but they give unclear responses. So, this user believes that this service is a scam!

Reddit UseViral Review
Screenshot of Frequent-Possible-35 Comment

Intrepid-613 says:

He was first disappointed with the service timing. Then, 6k of his followers dropped. After contacting customer support, he was told that they do not guarantee followers more than 30 days. This user says he is extremely disappointed.

Reddit User's Idea About UseViral
Intrepid-613’s Opinion

Slow_Royal447 says:

He had the worst experience and thinks it is a 100% scam!

Screenshot of Reddit Comment
Slow_Royal447’s UseViral Experience

CharacterAssistant49 says:

He says he only got six views and 500 YouTubes shares. He also says he tried for 1000 plays on one song, and they put it on his oldest one. This user believes that it is a bot company run by bots!

Reddit User's Comment About UseViral
CharacterAssistant49 UseViral Opinion

As you can see, everyone is unsatisfied with this social media growth tool. They have shared their experiences with the company’s services and offerings.

So, with these Reddit reviews, you are probably convinced that it’s a total scam. If you’re still not believing, let us mention some Trustpilot reviews.

UseViral Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot reviews about UseViral are similar to Reddit reviews and comments. Most users, better say all users, are dissatisfied with this social media service. You can feel that some of them are so irritated by reading their ideas about it.

Here are people’s thoughts about UseViral on Trustpilot:

John White says:

He paid for 375 custom comments but received none. They promised him a refund but there was no refund either. After all, his emails kept getting ignored. He suggests not using this social media growth agency.

UseViral Review on Trustpilot
John White’s Opinion on Trustpilot

Kevin S says:

He wishes he could rate zero for this growth service. He stated that all the followers and likes are obviously fake.

Trustpilot User's Review on UseViral
UseViral Trustpilot Review Screenshot

Mari says:

She paid for 2500 followers, but they delivered it to the wrong user. She also states that she requested refunds within the seven days refund policy, but they did not respond until the week passed.

User's Opinion About UseViral on Trustpilot
Mari’s Worst Experience With UseViral

MA says:

She bought 500 followers that came all together within 30 minutes with the same profile pictures and upload dates, which looked like spam. She also stated that her TikTok account was permanently banned. This user states that it is a total scam!

Trustpilot User's Review of UseViral
MA’s Comment on Trustpilot

According to these UseViral reviews and comments on Trustpilot, you can understand its terrible service. The date of experience shows that users have recently experienced dissatisfaction with this social media tool.

So, by now, you have completely understood that the UseViral scam is a fact! It is not an agency to trust and pay.

But, if you think we are wrong and still have the question of whether is Instagram Bot UseViral legit? You can feel free and give it a try. Test it yourself and experience what the service offers.

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Best Alternatives For UseViral

Now, if you believe us or you have had an unpleasant experience with UseViral, you can try other services that are trustworthy and legit. Below, we will mention some of the best alternatives you can use.

However, we suggest not using third-party tools for social media growth, as you might get banned and lose your accounts.

1. AiGrow

Are you looking for real Instagram followers? Do you want to grow your Instagram organically? AiGrow promises to do so!

AiGrow is an Instagram growth service with several features, including an all-in-one growth service, a mass unfollow option, an Instagram giveaway picker, etc.

Although social media growth services might seem dangerous, we recommend using AiGrow, which offers excellent Instagram options.

So, instead of wasting your time and money with other services, give AiGrow a chance and see the results.

2. Social Sensei

You might have heard of Social Sensei for its social media management services. It is allegedly the top management and growth tool to build your social profile.

With Social Sensei’s claims, you can gain followers, increase engagements, and have massive leads.

Well! Whatever Social Sensei is, it is much better than UseViral, with countless negative reviews.

3. Flock Social

If you’re a large organization or business that wants to accelerate your Instagram growth, you can work with Flock Social.

Flock Social is an Instagram growth service that claims to boost your profile, including followers, engagements, and more.

We do not assure you of its service, but Flock Social can be a good choice, according to reviews.

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Up till now, we’ve given you a full review of UseViral, its features and prices, pros and cons, and most importantly, the reason they are known as scams. We also know you’ve got lots of questions. So, scroll down to get answers to some of the most frequent questions.

1. What Is a Social Media Growth Service?

If you have an active account on any social platform, you surely know difficult it is to gain followers, increase engagements, and expand your reach.

But with a social media growth service, it is much simpler! A social media growth service or tool helps your accounts grow and boost your social presence.

2. Is UseViral Safe?

Basically, using a third-party tool or service to grow your social media profile and enhance your account’s overall status is against the policies of all social platforms.

So, whether it is UseViral or any other growth service, they are unsafe. We suggest avoiding these services as much as you can.

3. Does UseViral Work?

According to people who have used UseViral, there are different opinions about its function and service. Some say; it does work, but all the followers are bots with similar profile pictures, comments, etc., which could lead to a permanent ban.

Others state that they have gained followers but lost them after a week or month. Also, a few people mention they haven’t received any promotions.

Generally, most users are unhappy with the service and believe it’s a scam!

4. Is UseViral Legit?

Is UseViral a scam or legit? A frequent question for most social media users willing to grow on social networks.

Well! According to the UseViral reviews, people’s opinions, and its ranking on forums, this service is a total fraud and scams its customers. We recommend reading this article before approaching it.

5. What Is UseViral Coupon Code?

UseViral gives promo codes to various websites as a marketing strategy to enhance its visibility and increase its leads. People who want to use a social media growth service surely love discounts.

So, they pick the UseViral coupon code and visit their website for further purchases.

This intelligent social media service drives numerous conversions to its website with this marketing technique.

6. What Is Instagram Bot UseViral?

As Instagram is one of the most well-known social platforms, growing on it is intense. So, most users who use social media growth tools and services are Instagram users.

And most of these users refer to it as Instagram Bot UseViral. Generally, social media growth services are known as Instagram growth services. This reference is due to Instagram’s popularity.

7. Does UseViral Use Bots?

According to the reviews and individuals’ experiences, UseViral does use bots and is known as a dangerous growth service. Users might get banned from using this growth service.


In general, using a social media growth service is against the rules and regulations of all social platforms. So growing and developing your account organically can be a better choice.

However, it is your social profile, and it is up to you to choose. You can select any social media growth service to boost your follower and engagement counts. Among these services, you might come across UseViral.

UseViral believes they are the top social media growth agency and claim to offer the best services.

Although, UseViral reviews show a different fact. Almost all individuals declare it is a scam and suggests not using the tool.

Therefore, you should not approach this service for your social media development.

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