10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools to Use in 2023

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Are you posting frequently on several social platforms? Do you want to know how you are performing? Use social media analytics tools to figure it out! Here, we will mention the best social media analytics software tools available.

Nowadays, social media is the perfect marketplace for every brand or business out there. With a successful social media marketing strategy, you can surpass your opponents in your niche and achieve your business goals.

Now, how can we know if our strategy is working? Here is where social media analytics tools come in handy!

Alright! Let’s deeply examine these social media reporting tools, their functions, benefits and drawbacks, and some of the top analysis tools in the market.

What Are Social Media Analytics Tools

Whether you’re TikToker, Instagramer, YouTuber, or any other social platform user, you should create engaging content, know your audience, and keep posting consistently for perfect social media campaigns.

But you might not achieve the excellent outcomes expected! You should keep track of your performance and analyze your work to figure out the issue. Social media analytics tools are here to help you record your data and understand what the problem is.

Social media analytics software programs gain insights into your content performances and provide in-depth data on engagement rates to tell you what works and what doesn’t.

So, you can monitor your engagements, including likes, comments, shares, saves, clicks, impressions, etc. Through these metrics, you can understand your audience and which content type is better for publishment.

Moreover, you can learn when is the best time to post your content for the highest interactions.

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With social media analytics tools, you can reach your peak performance and have a successful digital marketing career.

Alright! Now that you know its function, it is time to mention some of the best social media analytics tools.

1. Sprout Social: The Best Social Media Analytics Tool

Control and optimize multiple accounts using Sprout Social, one of the top social media analysis tools. As they claim, you can save time and energy and precisely track your performance using this program.

Sprout Social: Tool Webpage
Sprout Social Social Media Analytics Tool

Sprout Social is a social media reporting tool covering every aspect of social platforms, from demographics and engagements to campaign performances.

With their monitoring, they believe you can get more followers on Instagram, enhance your Facebook page, and make your TikTok videos go viral.

So, start working with Sprout Social and keep track of all your content and profiles for a better social media presence.

However, you should know that the prices are high. It offers four plans for you to select from starting from:

  • $249/per month – Standard Plan (annual billing)
  • $399/per month – Professional Plan (annual billing)
  • $499/per month – Advanced Plan (annual billing)
  • Contact For Enterprise Plan Pricing

2. Google Analytics: One of The Finest Social Media Reporting Tools

We know that Google is a search engine, not a social platform, but it provides accurate insights into your social media function.

Google Analytics Tool
GA4 Dashboard

Google Analytics is an analytical service that provides data for search engine optimization. Simply, it surveys your statistics and shows how well your website ranks on the search engine results page (SERP).

In October 2020, Google released a new service called Google Analytics 4. This version is a free social media analytics software that allows you to trace your social media metrics and manage your campaigns.

So, you can understand how much traffic comes to your websites from your social networking accounts.

Despite being practical, you should know that Google Analytics does not primarily focus on social platforms.

3. HubSpot: Software For Social Media Analytics

Discover how many people visit your profile and engage with it or figure out how your content is performing with HubSpot social media analysis tool.

HubSpot: Social Media Management and Analytics Tool
HubSpot Software

HubSpot claims to be a comprehensive tool for analyzing social media efficiency with precise data and provides reports on your ROI. You can monitor and optimize many accounts on several social platforms to know how you are progressing.

From Instagram follower growth and LinkedIn engagement to YouTube subscriber growth and TikTok virality, HubSpot can be an ideal choice. It is one of the top social media analytics tools.

For pricing, this software offers you to choose your business type first. An option for individuals and small teams is available, and another for large businesses.

For small businesses and individuals:

  • Free Tools Plan is available
  • Starter Plan
    • Starts at €18/month per 1000 contacts (annual billing – save 10%)
    • Starts at €20/month per 1000 contacts (monthly billing)
  • Professional Plan
    • Starts at €792/month = €225/month per 5000 contacts (annual billing – save 10%)
    • Starts at €880/month = €250/month per 5000 contacts (monthly billing)

For large organizations and businesses:

  • Professional Plan
    • Starts at €792/month = €225/month per 5000 contacts (annual billing – save 10%)
    • Starts at €880/month = €250/month per 5000 contacts (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise Plan
    • Starts at €3300/month = €92/month per 10000 contacts (annual billing only)

4. Hootsuite: Among The Top Social Media Analytics Tools

Want to analyze the whole process of your social media activity? Use Hootsuite, one of the most helpful social media analytics software tools.

Hootsuite Analytics Tool Page
Hootsuite Social Media Reporting Tool

Hootsuite is an integrated analytic tool that claims to provide performance reports of numerous accounts on social networks. You can examine how engaging each post is, when it will have the most engagement rate, and how your profile is growing.

With Hootsuite, you can develop your business, have a prosperous marketing career, and monetize social media.

However, you should consider the costly pricing. Hootsuite offers various plans for you to pick from, including:

  • Professional Plan $99/per month
  • Team Plan $249/per month
  • Business Plan Starting From $739/per month
  • Enterprise Plan (Contact for pricing)

5. Buffer: One of The Most Popular Social Media Analytics Tools

Find out your content and profile statistics in detail and plan effective strategies to change your social media path to a thriving one with Buffer.

Buffer Social Media Analysis Tool
Buffer Landing Page

Buffer is an all-inclusive social media analytics software program that claims to provide in-depth information on your metrics and performance.

Using this social media analytics tool, You can discover errors and upload the most suitable content at the perfect time.

Before approaching, you require a sufficient budget for purchasing the packages.

For starters, there is a free plan, but the premium plans are as follows:

  • Essentials Plan
    • $6/per month for one channel (monthly billing)
    • $5/per month for one channel (annual billing)
  • Team Plan
    • $12/per month for one channel (monthly billing)
    • $10/per month for one channel (annual billing)
  • Agency Plan
    • $120/per month for ten channels (monthly billing)
    • $100/per month for ten channels (annual billing)

For each plan above, there is a 14-day free trial, and you can save two months of payment by choosing annual billing.

6. Rival IQ: A Professional Social Media Analytics Tool

Track numerous accounts, including their content, potential reach, engagement, and growth, with one of the top social media analytics tools, Rival IQ.

A Powerful Social Media Analytics Software
Rival IQ Website

Rival IQ is a full-service analysis tool that gives exact performance details and insights into your social media accounts.

In addition, you can use this social media analysis tool to check your advertisements, such as Instagram and Facebook ads.

Or compare the engagement rates and metrics between your profiles.

Although, the prices are big-budget starting from:

  • Drive Plan
    • Starts from $239/per month (monthly billing)
    • Starts from $199/per month (annual billing – save 15%)
  • Engage Plan
    • Starts from $349/per month (monthly billing)
    • Starts from $299/per month (annual billing – save 15%)
  • Engage Pro Plan
    • Starts from $559/per month (monthly billing)
    • Starts from $469/per month (annual billing – save 15%)

7. Keyhole: Social Media Analytics Software

Don’t know how well your social profiles are progressing? Use Keyhole, one of the most popular social media analytics tools, to discover your performance.

Keyhole: Social Media Performance Reporting Tool
Keyhole Tool Page

Keyhole is a real-time social media reporting tool that allows you to control multiple accounts, campaigns, and influencers. You can effortlessly manage and develop your social media marketing career.

Furthermore, you can monitor brand mentions, track hashtags, analyze your competitors, and do market research.

Despite its services, Keyhole offers expensive plans, including:

  • SMB & Freelancers Plan
    • $99/per month (monthly billing)
    • $79/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Corporate Plan
    • $299/per month (monthly billing)
    • $239/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Agency Plan
    • $599/per month (monthly billing)
    • $479/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Enterprise Plan
    • Custom Pricing

Before purchasing each plan, you can use a free trial to get familiar with the tool.

8. Talkwalker: A Social Media Monitoring Tool

Count your metrics and analyze every step you take in social media with Talkwalker to arrange a better strategy for your marketing.

Talkwalker: One of The Best Social Media Analytics Tools
Talkwalker Homepage

Talkwalker is one of the most professional social media analytics tools that claim to monitor everything. You can keep track of your content statistics, engagement rates, brand mentions, and campaigns.

Moreover, you can compare your social profiles with your rivals and enhance your techniques to surpass them.

For pricing, you should select a package on their website and fill out a form to contact them for inquiries.

Also, you can book a free demo if you want to.

9. BuzzSumo: An Integrated Social Media Reporting Tool

Change your social media tactics using BuzzSumo and level up your performance. As they declare, you can precisely examine every action your profiles have.

BuzzSumo: Social Media Tool
BuzzSumo Professional Tool

BuzzSumo is among the most powerful social media analytics tools with numerous features. You can research and discover content, monitor several accounts, and find suitable influencers.

In addition, this social media analytic software offers use cases like competitor intelligence, content strategy, digital PR, crisis alerting, video marketing, and influencer marketing.

Despite its perfect services, you require an excessive budget to use the program. It offers many plans, including:

  • Basic Plan
    • $119/per month (monthly billing)
    • $95/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Content Creation Plan
    • $249/per month (monthly billing)
    • $199/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • PR & Comms Plan
    • $249/per month (monthly billing)
    • $199/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Suite Plan
    • $499/per month (monthly billing)
    • $399/per month (annual billing – save 20%)
  • Enterprise Plan
    • $999/per month (annual billing only)

You can start a 30-day free trial before approaching its packages.

10. Brandwatch: The Best Social Media Tracker Tool

Track every step you take on social platforms and build a powerful profile to increase your reach, engagement, clicks, and conversions.

Brandwatch: Among The Top Social Media Analytics Tools
Brandwatch Social Media Service

Brandwatch is one of the top social media analytics tools that claim to analyze and manage every aspect of social accounts. It lets you keep track of your interactions and metrics to evaluate your profile’s growth.

Also, you can use this software program to reach a wider audience, understand them, and engage with the customers.

Brandwatch has several use cases where you can learn about your audience’s needs, maximize efficiency and ROI, monitor and protect your brand, link with stakeholders, and build client loyalty.

But the prices are high, and a considerable budget is required. For pricing, you should choose your service and book a meeting on the Brandwatch website.

Social Media Analytics Tools: Pros and Cons

Using social media analytics software can have several benefits and drawbacks. Before working with such a tool, you will ask yourself: Why should I use a social media analytic tool?

Well! You should use social media analytics tools for various purposes, including:

  • Learn your audience,
  • Track accurate performance,
  • Maximize content engagement,
  • Analyze your rivals,
  • Understand the best timing,
  • Manage successful campaigns,
  • Enhance follower growth,
  • Increase ROI results,
  • Discover trends,
  • Learn each platform’s growth strategies,
  • Receive real-time data and reports,
  • Boost conversions,
  • Plan new techniques.

However, there are also disadvantages you should consider before using these social media analytics tools, such as:

  • Understanding the use and function of tools is time-consuming,
  • Social media analytics tools provide excessive data, which is not required,
  • Prices are high and costly,
  • Your profiles do not have privacy,
  • Social media analytics software tools are not always accurate,
  • The data-driven insights are complex to understand,
  • Dependency issues,
  • Third-party tool limitations on social platforms.

Also, note that it is not limited to these, and there might be more pros and cons due to various factors not mentioned here.

Therefore, we recommend considering all the advantages and disadvantages before using social media reporting tools. This recommendation is for your concerns to achieve the top results.


Now that you learned social media analytics tools, it is time to answer some of your most frequent questions.

1. How To Use Social Media Analytics Tools?

First, you should select an appropriate social media analytics software. Each tool has different features and uses. So, it is significant which one you pick.

After selecting your tool, you link your accounts to the program. Then you define goals and objectives and choose the performance metrics you want to track.

Next, you keep monitoring and analyzing your social profiles. After that, you review the content and examine the engagement rate. Also, you can inspect your competitors here to compare your work.

Finally, analyze the data and manage reports. Then, with the existing data you have, plan a new strategy to develop and enhance your accounts’ performance.

2. What Metrics Can I Track with Social Media Analytics Tools?

You can trace primary measures like social media metrics and profile metrics.

For social media, you can keep track of comments, shares, likes, clicks, potential reach, impressions, saves, videos views, etc.

For profile, you can monitor profile visits, reactions, engagements, follower growth, etc.

3. How Can I Boost Marketing with Social Media Analytics Tools?

By monitoring your work, you can manage and optimize new strategies for your marketing growth. These social media analytics tools can help you:

  • Plan successful campaigns,
  • Set specific goals,
  • Understand your audience’s needs,
  • Use metrics to enhance content creation,
  • Plan a posting schedule,
  • Target appropriate consumers,
  • Manage and optimize advertisements,
  • Analyze competitors,
  • Discover trends,
  • Run A/B testing,
  • Decide with existing data,
  • Track ROI.

These factors can assist you in having a thriving marketing career.

4. Are Social Media Analytics Tools Similar to Social Media Management Tools?

Although both work on social media platforms, they have slight similarities in common and many differences. 

Social media analytics tools focus on analyzing and monitoring your performance, while management tools center on scheduling, publishing, and managing your whole process.

You use social media analytics tools to track your work and optimize new strategies but use social platform management software to maintain plans.

It is best to use both social media tools to use the features of each for excellent outcomes.

5. What Are Some Free Social Media Analytics Tools?

We have countless paid and free social media analytics tools that you can use and track your social media performance. Some of the best in the market are:

  • Followermonk,
  • SumAll,
  • Klout,
  • ViralWoot,
  • Addictomatic.


If you’re active on the internet and post consistently on multiple social platforms accounts, you won’t be able to track each.

So, you use social media analytics tools to monitor each profile, content engagement, metrics, mentions, campaigns, etc. These software tools help you gain deep insights into your accounts and use the data for better performance.

You can plan new strategies, increase reach, expand your audience, boost engagement and interactions, surpass your competitors, and enhance your marketing plan.

Start using social media analytics tools, manage and optimize your online presence, and become a professional social media user.

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