Flip the Script: An Intriguing New Approach to the Same Old Behavioral Targeting

Oct 6, 2021 20:26

What is it that we exactly do in advertising? We target people we want to sell our products to, and tell them about our products, don’t we? It sounds quite simple, but to get to where we are now, we have paved a rather long path. We have tested so many targeting methods, such as random targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, etc. Of these, we have reached the point in which we realize that random marketing is not an efficient practice. Behavioral targeting, however, has been proven to yield results.

What is behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting is a marketing method that uses users’ past activities and behaviors to tailor the advertisements to the customers.

Historical behavior is derived from large datasets that demonstrate how audiences act. Marketers may then employ this information to develop advertisements and campaigns that correspond to each consumer’s real behavior.

Behavioral targeting implements creating a comprehensive user profile and incorporating it to provide better messages at the right time. It reduces the likelihood of marketers providing irrelevant advertisements and aids in the improvement of advertising campaign key performance indicators (KPIs).

Does behavioral targeting have any benefits?

Well, yes! Behavioral targeting actually has a lot of benefits. It benefits everybody; advertisers and consumers, as well as publishers; they all get what they want.

How do advertisers benefit?

  1. Maximized engagement

Understanding customer behaviors enables marketers to discover consumers that have interacted with particular products. It also helps to discover audiences that are at the proper time or behavior for a specific campaign. Targeting consumers with no behavioral intent or brand awareness will decrease engagement. Using behavioral targeting will improve a variety of KPIs, such as clicks or conversion rates. You can also click here to learn more methods to maximize your website’s conversion rates.

  1. Matching consumer needs

Behavioral tracking allows you to find what your customers desire. This way, your viewers will not only convert but also be satisfied because you have met their needs. You will gain loyal, happy, and satisfied customers who know how much you care about them. They will repeat their sales more often, and you will go WOOHOO!

  1. Optimizing the conversion rates

As previously mentioned, delivering advertisements that correspond with viewers’ past behaviors is more likely to generate conversions than nonspecific ones. With behavioral targeting, businesses may notice an increase in revenue, consumers, engagement, and other important indicators. As a result, marketers will receive the greatest potential return on their investment in advertisements.

How do consumers benefit?

  1. Improved ad experience

Ah! Those irrelevant ads! They are all over the place and bug your mind anytime you are doing your work. We have all been there.

Behavioral targeting can get rid of them completely and give users an amazing experience. Users feel understood when you show them related ads. Personalization is absolutely the way to go. This way, you leave a better impression of your brand in their minds.

  1. Efficiency

Instead of searching for hours for the product they want, your viewers can efficiently and quickly find it when they see your ads. Ads are powerful tools that can lead up to sales in a pain-free way. Behavioral targeting makes it easier for your users to find what they need.

  1. Being informed of new products

Sometimes, as users, we do not feel the urge for a product when we do not know it exists. However, when we know it exists or get reminded of it, we understand how much we need it. Behavioral targeting can ensure that we never miss the products we need.

How do publishers benefit?


Many publishers complain about losing a lot of their viewers because of how their ads are irrelevant to their content. With behavioral marketing, they can be sure that all their ads are relevant. As a result, they can increase their revenue without worrying about losing their viewers.

How does behavioral targeting work today?

One of the best marketing practices is to use behavioral targeting alongside contextual targeting, which is described in Google Ads as, “The process that matches ads to relevant sites in the Display Network using your keywords or topics, among other factors.”

In the most foundational sense, behavior-based targeting is gathering information about a user or a person and then incorporating that information to offer advertisements that best fit that information.

Information may be gathered in a variety of methods and from a variety of sources. This information is often aggregated for marketers using website activity tracking. Using WatchThemLive’s website user tracking (which amazingly is free) can boost the accuracy of your targeting. You can have access to heatmaps, session replays, and deep analytics about your users’ behaviors.

After collecting your data, you will need to organize and segment it. Psychographic segmentation is one of the most efficient ways you can achieve this. You can then use this information to understand your users on a deeper level. Lastly, you will need to implement and apply what you have learned to your marketing strategies. Try, test, and adapt to find the best results.


If you are looking for a new way to enhance your marketing and sales, you should take behavioral targeting into consideration.

Knowing what your customers want and need can be a huge leap in your business. Your customers are the ones who generate cash flow and revenue into your business. Without knowing them inside and out, you will have a hard time knowing what they need and giving it to them. Also, the resources you have become more valuable each moment. Behavioral targeting is the way to go if you want to be efficient with your resources. There are many ways to do behavioral targeting. Not a lot of them are free. Also, not all of them have the best functionalities you are looking for. However, WatchThemLive provides you with the best services out there for behavioral targeting. Click here to sign up for free and boost your business revenue at a higher rate than you can imagine!

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