5 Best Practices Before Choosing a Digital Marketing Career in 2022

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Competition in the job market is one of the most important challenges for any candidate today. Digitization increases job opportunities globally, which also means larger traffic of potential employees.

Digital marketing is one of the industries with promising prospects in the coming years. Statista projections showed marketing services spending would increase by more than $250 billion by 2021.

Digital Marketing Career: Five Key Aspects

Each company invests in its projects, offering vacancies available for new talent. However, not all jobs are created equal. Our goal in this article is to identify which digital marketing occupation is the most suitable for you based on current data and trends. Read the paragraphs below and discover the five fundamental aspects before choosing a career in this field.


Before accepting a job offer, pay attention to earnings per year. According to Indeed, a digital marketer earns approximately $61,400 annually

Remember that profits in a job depend on many factors, including the company, the assigned role, working hours, status, experience, years of service, among others. Indeed’s report also shows that about 51 percent of workers in this field are satisfied with their earnings.

It is critical to note that digital marketing is available in both physical and online companies. However, salary ranges may differ depending on location, as companies outside the United States work with different salaries and projects.

The best way to determine if a salary is right for you is to make a list of personal expenses monthly, including rents, mortgages, taxes, food, clothing, among others. Then, compare the job offer’s monthly earnings and determine whether the figures cover your needs and savings plans.

Working Hours & Conditions

Your availability is vital for any job. Work hours should be convenient for the rest of your activities. Typically, the digital marketing field provides eight or fewer hours per day. Many jobs offer part-time hours, which are ideal for any changes in your professional schedule.

It is interesting to know your skills with remote work platforms in this era. The home office is a growing trend that reaches more companies each year. A hybrid schedule is an option for saving money, working comfortably, and producing better results.

Personal Goals & Projections

Your goal is the essential motivation when choosing a career. During your job interview, ask the HR manager about possibilities of promotion within the company, the duration of the projects, the stability of each job, and internal services to improve professional performance.

Usually, the companies with the best reputations work for big brands and famous advertising campaigns. The client base is also a reflection of the company’s reputation.

Professional Training

This is not a constant in all companies globally, but it is a factor that determines the commitment and credibility of any business. 

Today, many people leave their jobs searching for new jobs that offer training programs, paid courses, certifications, and more. Learning and updating skills motivate workers to maintain their performance.

A digital marketing job with training programs will always be tempting for any professional. This option can improve your resume and reputation for future projects. In addition, you will be able to reach higher positions and be a qualified candidate in the job market.

Company References

References help you understand the effectiveness of the corporate culture and company values. In addition, you will have a real perspective of salaries, bonuses, projects, work teams, and work environments.

Check out platforms with Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, or PayScale to review feedback from former and current employees, experiences within the company, employment relationships, and product management tools used.


Digital marketing has big plans for the coming years. Each job offer offers different benefits depending on the project and the company. Follow our tips above and choose the best alternative for your career path.

Author: David Torrealba
From Zulia, Venezuela, David started working with Career Karma in October 2020. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication and Print Journalism from Universidad del Zulia. He works as a journalist at Noticia Al Minuto alongside his content writing duties with Career Karma. He previously worked as a content writer with AKB Fintech. His interests include journalism and marketing.

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