20 Best Education WordPress Themes Available in 2024

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If you’re on a quest for the most effective and visually appealing tools for your educational website, then you must have already heard of education WordPress themes

It’s no secret that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available today. Its user-friendly interface and extensive library of plugins make it an excellent choice for building and managing educational websites, and knowing how to choose the perfect theme can make a huge difference.

But how exactly do education WordPress themes work and what are the free ones you can use? We focus on debunking these questions throughout this article to give you a better perspective and ensure your journey becomes easy.

Top 20 Best Education WordPress Themes Available in 2023

Interested in free education WordPress themes? We understand the struggle that may come when it comes to settling on a choice. However, we have made it easy for you. 

Our list of top education WordPress themes highlights some of the options you can consider in your next WordPress website design.

#1 Eikra theme

Education WordPress themes are packed with loads of academic features. As a developer, this theme can be a great addition to your toolkit as you seek to deliver the best website for your academic clients. The features allow institutions to manage their activities with ease, leading to higher success rates.

#2 Theme of WPLMS

Switch to this theme if you need to include download features on your website. It has been developed with the user in mind and will ensure your students have a good experience.

#3 Educational academia

As a developer, consider this theme when you need to incorporate writing features. The plugin allows you to include diverse functionalities that would contribute to a robust education site.

#4 Clever course

This is one of the best options among education WordPress themes for academic institutions with the option to administer online exams. It allows you to conduct polls, run quizzes, and administer time-bound assessments. You can work with this theme if you need something that is aligned toward exam administration.

#5 Mastery study

If you want an all-rounded WordPress theme then this is the best option for you. It has all the features you need for your educational institution and will enable you to stand out among other entities.

#6 Fleming Pro

The theme is a good choice for huge projects. It gets unlimited usage, one-click updates, and priority support when they download it.

#7 Smarty

Among education WordPress themes, this one has different homepage layouts and event management with popular plugins.

#8 EduPro

If you’re looking to create a robust learning platform you can consider working with this plugin It offers a variety of demos and layouts, features like quiz management,  and student dashboards.

#9 ThimPress educational WP

You can consider this option if you’re looking for versatility. It’s easily customizable and can be instrumental in developing a great teaching platform.

#10 Capital theme

If you’re looking to incorporate event management options in your institution you can use this theme. It has been developed with great management features and can be useful for your development ventures.

#11 Theme of guru

The theme is useful for experienced developers. It stands as one of the best education WordPress themes due to its sleek and professional design.

#12 Kingster theme

The theme comes with demos and allows you to take control of the major activities in the institution, including the management of galleries.

#13 Buntington

The theme has been developed with a great user interface. It can be good for beginner developers and ensures the final product is usable by students of all levels.

#14 Edu mag 

A multipurpose theme that can be used by educational and news/magazine institutions. Its ease of customization makes it a great choice for many.

#15 Education pack

This theme is responsible for ensuring that your site looks beautiful on all devices. It has a custom framework that can make your site look as neat as you need including slides.

#16 Zakra

By using this skills template, you will quickly create a very professional website. Lectures can also use this lightweight theme with a custom page builder to create a custom site for their school.

#17 Educational zone

This theme is perfect for training centers. It consists of a great teaching design including all the features you may need to create a successful platform.

#18 Eduma

It deals with the experience of the user coming with design along with an easy-to-understand interface. In addition, you can offer over 30 demos with Elementor and WPML. Their platform is widget-ready and provides higher resolution.

#19 Astra

It is very flexible and easy to use as it supports various plugins and integrations to make things easier for students. It allows you to post on social media without any code.

#20 Ocean WP

These free education WordPress themes offer many demo sites for college students to help them make their own websites. Customizable menu and header choices make it very easy to give it the look you need. You don’t need any knowledge of coding to get started.

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Benefits of WordPress Education Themes to Students

Education WordPress themes offer immense benefits. As a student, this is one technology that can allow you to start your career in tech without having to learn some of the core details of programming. 

In addition, when you advocate for the adoption of the technology in your college you’ll get the chance to interact with a system that is specially developed to make your learning experience memorable. 

Here are some of the benefits you can reap from WordPress themes:

  • A chance to start a career with a low learning curve. All educational institutions require websites. Further, the increase in online learning advocacy has contributed to major technological migrations, making it easy for you to land a job in developing a learning management system. 

You can use the education WordPress themes to reap these opportunities and develop a fulfilling professional life.

  • Low learning curve. Education themes have a low learning curve. You can get some good resources online to help you master the details of the plugins. 

Alternatively, you can contact a professional paper writing service e.g. CustomWritings to get essay help from top academic writers in the sector.

  • User-friendly interface. WordPress education themes have intuitively developed user interfaces. The themes are easy to navigate and make your experience as a learner memorable. 

When used on an education platform, the premium education themes can enable you to perform various functions, leading to higher chances of academic success.

Why You Should Use Top Education WordPress Themes

WordPress offers excellent themes for teachers and students alike. While students might use the technology to jumpstart their careers in web development, teachers can benefit by using the themes to customize e-learning platforms. 

As an educator, here are some of the reasons you should choose the best WordPress blog themes:

  • The themes are easily customized. WordPress has plugins that enable you to create a unique website. It’s like a “Do It Yourself” project that will save you from having to learn the technicalities of coding while you get to have a site that reflects the look and feel that you crave.
  • Best education themes are specially customized for education. WordPress understands the needs of academia. There are special themes and plugins that have the schedules, courses, events, and faculty profiles. As an educator, you can leverage these functionalities to create a learning platform that reflects your objectives.
  • Responsive themes. With the increased adoption of technology, you want to ensure that learners access highly responsive sites. Best WordPress themes have been created with the user in mind and are very responsive when it comes to mobile access. 

As an instructor, choosing to work with any of the best themes will mean that your students can access the learning site on the go, leading to higher success rates.

  • The themes have special learning features. Best WordPress education plugins integrate well with learning management systems. This means that you can customize the theme to your liking and use it to advance online learning at your institution. 

Hence, knowing what to choose comes out as an important consideration and can be key to your success.


WordPress gives you the chance to use technology even when you aren’t too geeky. Its custom themes make it an ideal consideration since there are multiple uses. Therefore, education WordPress themes with fully responsive layouts can be a great choice to ensure your learning systems or website has that unique and creative feel.


Q1. Are Free Education WordPress Themes as Effective as Premium Ones?

Yes, free education WordPress themes can be effective, but the choice depends on your specific needs. Free themes often provide essential features for a basic educational website. 
Consider your budget and the specific requirements of your educational institution. If you need additional features and premium support, investing in a premium theme might be a worthwhile decision. Evaluate the features offered by both free and premium themes to determine which aligns better with your goals and resources.

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