8 Quality Lead Generation Landing Page Examples to Help Grow Your List

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Why is it important to learn from successful landing page examples? Well, let’s start from the beginning. Every website aims to provide information and/or services to clients or prospective clients. 

To achieve this, the website needs to be easily accessible and easy to find. However, in today’s day and age of extraordinary technology, that can be a bit harder than before to accomplish. 

The idea that a website will be easily found online is a thought from the past. Nowadays, the goal should be to discover how a website can stand out from the rest and what makes new visitors attracted to a website.

Thankfully, you can implement an innovative strategy on your website that is certain to attract more leads and grow your potential clientele: engaging landing page designs. If you are surprised by that information, don’t be. Studies show that websites with 40 or more landing pages generate 12x more leads.

In this article, you will look at quality lead-generation landing page examples to inspire you as you start creating your own. 

What Is a Landing Page?

Before jumping into landing page examples, let’s define a landing page. A landing page is a standalone marketing or advertising campaign webpage. It is a bit different from a typical webpage because its goal has a single focus or call to action, whereas a webpage can have several other goals. 

Studies show that 1 in 10 who make it to a landing page will become potential customers or leads. So, there is a 10% chance that capturing the website navigator’s attention through a landing page will convert them into customers. 

Say, for example, that your website offers a great digital marketing course. To attract readers to your website, you can create a campaign with several different landing pages that offer readers a free course in return. Implementing a personalized marketing campaign is sure to have a high return on leads and optimize your conversion rate

8 Quality Landing Page Examples

For your inspiration, you will see 8 websites that have successfully implemented excellent and effective landing pages below.

#1 Poptin

The website Poptin offers free popup creation for your website in under 2 minutes. All that is necessary for the user to do is create an account with their email. This landing page technique is effective as it offers something to the user for free.

A landing page for the website Poptin which offers free popups in 2 minutes

This method also benefits Poptin as it has successfully captured the user’s email and will be able to upsell subscribed users on one of their paid plans. 

#2 Allen Law Firm

Allen Law Firm is an accident and injury lawyer. This website effectively uses its landing page to capture emails by offering a free case review to reach new clientele. Interested website visitors fill out a form in exchange for a free case review.

A landing page for Allen Law Firm which offers a free case review 

Even if the visitor decides not to follow through with their case, the law firm’s website has effectively captured their information to send follow-up emails or offer different services that the potential client might be interested in. 

#3 Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a food subscription service with different tiered packages and prices. Its landing pages compel the user every step of the way to subscribe to its service.

 A landing page for Hello Fresh which compels users to Get Started with their subscription service

In the picture above, for example, the How It Works page invites the user to subscribe with a Get Started button every couple of sentences. 

This method is effective as the website visitor receives several opportunities to sign up for Hello Fresh’s subscription.

#4 Winters & Yonker, P.A.

Winters & Yonker, P.A. is a personal injury law firm. This firm implemented a personalized chatbot that connects visitors to a live representative. An exciting twist on this feature is that it automatically pops up when the user goes to exit the page.

A landing page for Winters & Yonker, P.A. that has a personalized chatbot

This landing page is an excellent strategy as it catches the navigator’s attention when they go to leave the website. If the website navigator was even slightly considering asking for information, this feature would undoubtedly reel them into answering.

#5 The Stamp Market 

The Stamp Market is a stamp shop that also offers classes in different stamping and crafting methods.

A landing page for The Stamp Market which invites users to join its Makers Market 

In order to reach its intended clientele, this website implemented a landing page that invites navigators to start their learning journey by creating an account. Once a user creates an account, they can view courses available and be a part of their Makers Market. 

#6 Uniqode

uniqode landing page

Uniqode is a company that helps with QR codes and digital business cards.

Their landing page not only give you a CTA for a free trial but also allows you to test out their services on that page itself.

As the marketing world has started making customers jump through plenty of hoops when they offer ‘free trials or services’ (such as a credit card or an email sign-up needed), Uniqode wins over customers by simply offering a simpler process to trial their product.

#7 The Patel Firm

patel firm landing page

The Patel Firm has multiple aspects to their landing page that work or client acquisition.

It includes a live chat feature, a simple CTA for new clients, a clearly displayed phone number, and the option to switch between languages.

If you scroll down further, you find a video in which the owner of the firm walks through the type of cases they handle and how they have helped previous clients.

#8 Business Insurance Save

landing page examples: Business Insurance Save

Business Insurance Save has multiple features on its landing page that make reaching out to them easier. The most important being the ability to get a rough quote by going through their step-by-step process starting with selecting the kind of insurance you are interested in.

This allows busy clients to get a quote without even having to contact the company.

Must-Haves When Creating a Landing Page

Whenever you create a landing page as part of your marketing strategy, there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure you implement the most effective approach. We mentioned some of them in our landing page examples, but in the following, we’re going to take a closer look.

#1 Use a Concise Call to Action (CTA)

When choosing the wording on your CTA, short and simple is best. 

Choose short yet compelling phrases such as Get Started, Don’t Miss Out, or other short phrases that will compel website navigators to sign up for their email. 

#2 Have a Mobile-Friendly Page

Studies show that in November 2022, over 60% of website views were made on mobile devices. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign. 

recruitee landing page

Recruitee is an excellent example of this in action. By providing an informational article for website visitors and having a high-quality mobile-friendly page, the brand ensures they will not miss out on prospective clients. 

When creating your landing pages for your marketing campaign, ensure you offer the same quality of websites for mobile devices as well. 

Final Thoughts on Landing Page Examples

Undoubtedly, an exceptional landing page will convert into leads. Implementing the strategies above and using the landing page examples of guidelines, you will be able to create visually attractive and compelling landing pages. 

A way to take this a step further is to use Market Tailor to have landing pages personalized to your target audience. If you have several different target audiences, then you can reach them by having several other personalized landing pages, one for each target audience. 

By implementing these landing pages, you are sure to have success in your marketing campaign.


Q1. Why Are Landing Page Examples Important to Learn From?

Studying successful landing page examples provides valuable insights into effective design and strategies that capture and convert leads. By analyzing what works well for others, you can adapt proven techniques to improve your own landing pages, ultimately driving better results for your business.

Q2. How Can I Create an Effective Landing Page?

To create an effective landing page, focus on a clear call to action (CTA), concise messaging, compelling visuals, and a user-friendly layout. Ensure the page is optimized for mobile devices, as a significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile users.

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