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If you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform, you may have heard something about Klear. But before you dive in, it’s only fair to get a comprehensive understanding of what Klear truly offers.

Klear is an influencer marketing tool that claims to simplify influencer discovery, content management, and campaign success. It dubs itself as a solution to streamline your influencer marketing efforts. But does it truly deliver on its promises? Is it the go-to platform for influencer collaborations, or are there aspects that may leave you wanting more?

As you read on, we’ll delve into Klear’s features and how they measure up to the lofty claims. Let’s uncover the truth behind Klear’s promises and explore a compelling alternative that could redefine your influencer marketing journey. 

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What Is Klear

Klear is an influencer marketing platform that assists in influencer discovery and content approval. It offers a range of features for marketers to manage their campaigns effectively. Klear can be used independently or as part of Meltwater, aiding brands and agencies in their influencer marketing efforts by providing valuable insights and a full-cycle experience, from discovery to campaign impact measurement.

Klear Homepage
Klear Homepage

Now, let’s dive into its capabilities!

What Are Klear’s Key Features?

This platform offers a range of influencer marketing features to help you find, analyze, and increase your brand awareness on social media. Here are some of Klear’s functionalities:

#1 Find Influencers

Klear claims to offer some influencer discovery features to find influencer profiles from some social platforms. They assert that this lets you delve into the Creator Economy to identify influencers that somewhat match your brand, target audience, and campaign goals.

Klear lets you seek out influencers on common social networks like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, supposedly helping you connect with influencers who may somewhat relate to your audience. According to their claims, you can also find micro-influencers. They say this might give you more specific results compared to other tools.

However, users found the platform’s search feature limited, as it required searching within specific platforms, making the process more tedious than necessary. Moreover, Klear’s discovery function was described as borderline useless. Users faced issues with yielding no results, even when using suggested keywords. Additionally, there was no option to sort results by audience size.

#2 Influencer Analytics

Klear offers tools and insights that are required for influencer marketing needs. This platform provides real-time influencer analytics, encompassing True Reach, engagement metrics, and audience demographics. 

Unfortunately, users were unable to export lists of influencers with direct links to their profiles, resulting in a time-consuming manual linking process. Alternatively, purchasing another Klear license was suggested, which added to the cost.

 #3 Manage Relationships

Klear asserts its capability to facilitate the management of influencer relationships throughout your campaign journey. 

It’s worth noting that, the CRM system within Klear is not as user-friendly as initially described during the sales pitch, which can lead to frustration and inefficiencies in its use.

#4 Activate Influencers

Klear claims to offer a comprehensive suite of features for managing influencer collaborations. They assert that you can initiate interactions, communicate, and establish agreements all within their platform. The tool simplifies influencer onboarding through customizable campaign briefs, giving you control over campaign details and content guidance. 

Klear further asserts that their in-app messaging tool centralizes all communication, eliminating the need for messy email threads. They also claim to provide content verification before publication, allowing for feedback and ongoing communication throughout the collaboration. 

Additionally, the platform boasts real-time metrics and auto-generated coupon codes for tracking. It supports various payment methods, offering what they describe as an easy payment process with global currency support.

#5 Measure Campaigns

Klear boasts a suite of features that assert their ability to measure campaign performance effectively. They claim to provide a defined ROI by tracking and attributing sales, revenue, and costs, allowing users to understand their campaign ROI on both a macro and micro level. 

Furthermore, Klear asserts seamless campaign tracking with the ability to monitor unlimited brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords in real-time. But there’s a bad news! The reporting feature was considered super basic, as it only calculated impressions and lacked the ability to measure video views. Users also couldn’t customize the EMV calculation to align with their brand’s measurement standards.

It is crucial to gather all relevant information before making an informed decision on whether to invest in this tool or explore other options.

You may consider how much Klear costs. Let’s see!

Klear Pricing

There is no visible pricing information on the website. You need to request a demo or custom plan. So, it’s challenging to evaluate the affordability of Klear’s services upfront. It’s important to carefully assess your specific needs and budget before considering Klear, as a solution for your influencer marketing strategy.

Klear Pricing
Klear Pricing

Additionally, Klear pricing structure may not be the most budget-friendly option for small and mid-size businesses. The Professional plan, while offering some essential tools, allows only one user. The eCommerce plan, which adds more users and features, might not be cost-effective for small businesses. Moreover, the Enterprise plan, designed for larger teams, offers even more features but at a higher cost. 

Worst of all, this approach primarily targets medium to large-sized brands or agencies. Smaller businesses might find Klear’s pricing to be less suitable for their requirements. 

Klear Pros & Cons

In the world of influencer marketing, Klear claims to offer a set of advantages, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Klear to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your needs.

Klear Pros

  • Basic project management tools for organizing projects and measuring program success.
  • Unlimited searches and reports for influencer discovery.
  • Editable documents when downloading reports for analysis.
  • An easy-to-use influencer marketing tool.
  • Simplified content review and campaign management.
  • Detailed analytics for tracking influencer performance.

Klear Cons

  • No clear pricing,  and customized cost based on customer size and needs.
  • May not be cost-effective for smaller businesses.
  • Limited and often inaccurate discovery results.
  • Inability to export influencer lists with direct links.
  • Lengthy response time for issue resolution.
  • Teething issues with social platform connections.
  • The CRM system is not as user-friendly as described.
  • Inability to apply multiple filters in discovery.
  • Inaccuracy in influencer ratings due to fake followers.
  • Inconsistent country percentage breakdown.

Let’s discover what real clients said about their experiences with Klear, as we dive into the world of Klear reviews.

Klear Reviews: What Real Clients Say

The effectiveness and trustworthiness of Klear’s features should be assessed based on a comprehensive evaluation that includes all hidden aspects according to its clients’ experiences. 

#1 Less Reliable and Productive Platform

Users have encountered multiple problems connecting to social platforms throughout the years, indicating a less reliable performance than expected. Moreover, according to the following user, the inability to apply multiple filters in the discovery process makes it more time-consuming than necessary, impacting productivity and effectiveness.

Here’s a real client’s experience in this regard:

Klear User's Review
Klear User’s Review

#2 Inaccuracy of Influencers

Klear’s credibility took a hit in the eyes of some users due to the inaccuracy of the influencers it provided. One user reported that it mistakenly labeled Joe Biden, the U.S. President, as a Baton Rouge influencer. 😂

Klear User's Feedback
Klear User’s Feedback

Here’s another comment in this regard:

Klear User's Experience
Klear User’s Experience

#3 Offering Very Basic Capabilities

According to the following user, the main problem is that Klear’s search engine is very basic. When you try to find specific people or influencers, you can only use simple filters, and even then, the results are often wrong.

Klear Client's Experience
Klear Client’s Experience

In addition, the user also mentioned the inaccuracy of search results. according to him, Klear also struggles to get the city location correct, and it may display people who don’t match your search criteria at all. The age information it provides is also often inaccurate.

Because of these issues, the users don’t trust the statistics and information that Klear generates. They assume that the data is incorrect because Klear frequently gets it wrong. 

In response to these user concerns, we are excited to introduce the best alternative to Klear. Our alternative solution offers advanced features, a more intuitive user interface, and, most importantly, highly accurate data. 

Ainfluencer: Free Alternative to Klear

Ainfluencer is a fantastic influencer marketing platform for both brands and influencers. It’s an all-in-one AI-powered marketplace designed for Instagram and TikTok. Here are some key features and advantages:

Ainfluencer Features For Brands

  • Extensive Influencer List: With over 500,000 influencers on TikTok and Instagram, ranging from 5,000 to 10 million followers, you have a wide selection of influencers to choose from.
  • Simple Campaign Setup: Creating campaigns is straightforward. You can specify the type of influencers you’re looking for, and the platform matches you with the right ones.
  • Content Creation Options: You can collaborate with influencers for content creation, utilize their platforms for content publishing, boost your existing content, or engage in barter collaborations.
  • No Limits: There are no restrictions on creating campaigns, sending invitations to influencers, and other platform features.
  • Smart Filters: You can filter influencers by various criteria such as size, platform, gender, and country.
  • End-to-End Communication: The built-in chat inbox allows seamless communication between brands and influencers, from receiving offers to making payments and leaving reviews.
  • Escrow System: A robust escrow system ensures secure transactions, safeguarding both brands and influencers from potential fraud.
  • Resolution Center: This feature helps resolve any disputes that may arise during collaborations, promoting open communication and transparency.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Users can leave honest reviews and ratings, fostering trust, accountability, and professionalism.
  • Past Collaborations Track Record: Brands can access influencers’ past collaborations, providing valuable insights for decision-making and promoting transparency.

Ainfluencer Features For Creators and Influencers

  • Free-to-Use: The platform is entirely free for influencers, regardless of their follower count.
  • Unlimited Campaigns: You can reach out to as many paying campaigns as you wish without incurring fees.
  • End-to-End Functionality: You can make unlimited offers, negotiate with brands, close deals, deliver content, and get rated, all within the platform.
  • Security: You don’t need to share sensitive information like social media account passwords.
  • Real-time Updates: You’ll be informed about your negotiations and new deals via the platform.
  • AI-Driven Analytics: AI helps categorize campaigns based on your preferences, making it easier to find suitable opportunities.
  • Fast Payouts: You can expect timely and regular payouts, thanks to the platform’s escrow system.
  • Convenient Inbox: The built-in inbox streamlines your collaboration process with brands, from start to finish.
  • Various Collaboration Types: You can choose the type of collaborations you’d like to do with brands, whether it’s content creation, publishing, promotion, bartering, or all of the above.

In summary, Ainfluencer is a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers brands and influencers to connect, collaborate, and achieve their marketing goals efficiently. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to harness the power of influencer marketing on Instagram and TikTok.

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Before summing up Klear reviews, let’s address some common questions and concerns you might have about this influencer marketing platform.

1. What Is Klear Used for?

Klear is a complete platform with a big influencer database. It uses data from different sources to give clients useful insights for their influencer campaigns. With Klear, you can do everything in one place – like finding influencers, checking them out, working together, paying them, and seeing how well your campaigns are doing.

2. What Is Klear Meltwater?

Klear Meltwater is a prominent influencer marketing platform under the Meltwater umbrella. It specializes in assisting brands and agencies in creating, expanding, and evaluating effective influencer marketing initiatives.

3. What Does True Reach Mean on Klear?

True Reach stands out as a crucial performance metric on Klear. This metric gauges an influencer’s potential exposure by determining the average number of users who see the content. Engagement, a related metric, focuses on the number of interactions that a post receives rather than just the number of views.

To Wrap Things Up

In conclusion, Klear, despite its potential, has faced challenges with reliability, accuracy, and limited capabilities, as highlighted in user reviews. However, an exciting alternative, such as Ainfluencer, emerges as a free and feature-rich influencer marketing platform, offering a seamless experience for brands and influencers.


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