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Do you try to find valuable influencers to promote your brand? Well, you need an influencer marketing platform to find them easily. Buzzsumo is a marketing tool that claims to help you out. But how can you trust it without knowing all its hidden aspects? Well, read our comprehensive Buzzsumo review to know the reality!

Buzzsumo dubs itself as one of the best influencer marketing platforms that help you connect with hundreds of thousands of influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and the web. But how true is it? Is it as helpful as it describes? Well, go ahead and read this article to find the answer and the best Buzzsumo alternative.

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Now, Let’s get started!

What Is Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a cloud-based platform that claims to help you find popular content and identify possible outreach opportunities. You can look up articles and posts with many shares, links, and comments. It also promises to let you locate key influencers in your area for influencer partnerships, track when your brand is mentioned, and check links to your website. Moreover, It offers various features to explore and utilize regularly.

Buzzsumo homepage
Buzzsumo Homepage

What Are Buzzsumo Features

According to their claims, it offers various services like content discovery, content research, and finding influencers! Now, let’s dive deep into Buzzsumo features:

#1 Content Discovery

BuzzSumo provides a range of tools for brainstorming and creating content. The Content Ideas Generator gives you many suggestions in one place, eliminating the need for a blank page. You can explore trending and evergreen ideas, from recent trends to those lasting five years. There are sections under the Discover dashboard, including:

a) Keywords

For SEO insights, BuzzSumo helps you explore popular keywords and analyze top-ranking headlines’ structure and content. Real questions from forums inspire new content ideas.

Additionally, BuzzSumo offers distribution tips for engagement and lets you focus on specific regions. 

The Keyword Tool generates relevant keywords, helping you find what your audience searches for. It shows monthly search volumes, keyword popularity, and cost-per-click data, aiding your PPC strategy and trend analysis.

b) Trending

BuzzSumo provides real-time viral trend access, helping you predict hits. It offers real-time data for new content’s performance. Buzzsumo helps predict what content might become popular by sorting stories based on their trending scores. 

BuzzSumo’s Trending Feeds lets you make feeds about any topic using specific guidelines. For instance, when you make a feed, you can:

  • Add or remove certain websites,
  • Choose countries and states,
  • Pick languages.

As you adjust these criteria, you’ll instantly see a preview of your feed.

c) Questions

The Questions feature is useful for understanding audience concerns. BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer tool was created to let content marketers gather questions their audience asks. It does this by searching through e-commerce sites, Quora, Yahoo!, Amazon queries, Reddit, and Q&A sites to fill knowledge gaps.

#2 Content Research

This feature lets you explore a wide range of content and find the most popular ones. Just enter a topic or domain, and you’ll see a list of top-shared content from the past year. You can refine your search using filters, focusing on formats like infographics, guest posts, videos, and even specific countries or timeframes. After your search, you’ll see share counts on different social media platforms and discover backlinks and who shared them.

The ‘Content Research‘ section goes further, helping you find backlinks for a specific URL or domain, spotting emerging trends, and analyzing content on a topic. In addition, its ‘Content Analysis’ tool uses graphs to show content length, sharing channels, and daily shares. You can save important content in lists for easy access later.

These tools are vital for understanding what content your audience likes and finding gaps. This insight helps you create engaging content where there’s demand.

#3 Find Influencers

Buzzsumo offers an influencer tool that helps you find Twitter influencers within your industry. By searching for topics, domains, or usernames, you can discover relevant influencers. Filters are available to refine your results, showing those who engage with content. 

You can narrow down your search by type (companies, bloggers, journalists, etc.), location, and active users. Influencers are ranked by followers, retweet and reply ratio, average retweets, and authority. You can save influencers to an outreach list for easy access, making it simpler to share content with those who are likely to engage.

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#4 Monitoring

A notable tool within the monitoring section is Alerts. BuzzSumo allows you to set up monitoring for different things like brand mentions, keyword references, website backlinks, and specific content or authors. 

You can customize each alert by choosing what’s included or excluded, setting a minimum engagement level, and picking how often you get alerts. This tool is in BuzzSumo’s Monitoring section. It gives you a summary report with three data boxes and a line graph.

The data boxes show mentions for today, the past week, and the last month. You can filter results for real-time or past data, even up to 5 years. The line graph shows the total mentions in the last month.

Now, let’s jump right into its cost!

Buzzsumo Pricing

As you can see in the following screenshot, Buzzsumo offers 4 plans including:

  • Content Creation: $199 per month,
  • PR & Comms:$299 Per month,
  • Suite: $499 per month,
  • Enterprise: $999 per month.
Buzzsumo Pricing
Buzzsumo Pricing

If you want to pay annually, you can save %20. Moreover, each plan offers 30 days free trial. Now, let’s evaluate Buzzsumo and see its pros and cons.

Buzzsumo Pros & Cons

By now, you all know what Buzzsumo is and all its features. Now, Here’s a list of its pros and cons:

Buzzsumo Pros

  • Comprehensive insights from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Useful for social media analysis and content research.
  • Easily come up with fresh content ideas. 
  • Uncover and build connections with influencers.

Buzzsumo Cons

  • Incomplete data coverage, lacking insights from Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.
  • Backlink metrics are limited, lacking authority metrics compared to specialized tools like Semrush.
  • High pricing.
  • The interface becomes confusing as more features are added.
  • Lack of SEO information that’s usually used for creating content. 
  • No analysis for YouTube or Instagram influencers.

As mentioned before, Buzzsumo provides various features from content research to finding influencers. But can it really do well in all these areas together? Let’s take a look at its features to figure that out. Ready?

Buzzsumo Review: What Real Clients Say

Now let’s jump into what Buzzsumo’s real users have experienced, shall we?!

1. “It Has Too Many Applications And Tools”

The client’s comments show they’re worried about how complicated BuzzSumo is. There are so many tools and things to use that it’s easy to get confused and not know where to go. 

Buzzsumo's Client Review
Buzzsumo’s Client Review

Even though having lots of choices can be good for research, right now, it’s not well organized. This might slow down the marketing team. Though We’re exaggerating? Nope! let’s see another comment!

Buzzsumo's Client Feedback
Buzzsumo’s Client Feedback

So, if you want something easier to use, you should think about looking at other options instead of BuzzSumo. Let’s take a look at other users’ feedback.

2. “ Buzzsumo Pricing Is Very High”

Considering the following feedback from clients, it’s important to note that BuzzSumo has some drawbacks that might make you reconsider purchasing it. 

Buzzsumo's Client Comment
Buzzsumo’s Client Comment

According to this comment, the cost is quite high, and people are worried about the mentions it gives. Some mentions appear on websites that might not be trustworthy. This makes BuzzSumo seem like a questionable choice if you want trustworthy and exact insights.

let’s read similar feedback!

Buzzsumo's User Comment
Buzzsumo’s User Comment

3. “It’s Not Good For Influencer Marketing”

If your goal involves working with influencers across various platforms, it’s worth considering alternatives. Why? Let’s see a user’s feedback!

Buzzsumo's User review
Buzzsumo’s User Review

Considering the client’s feedback, it’s important to note that BuzzSumo might not be the ideal choice for everyone. The influencer tool seems to have limitations, focusing primarily on Facebook and Twitter, which may not align with the current trend of influencers being more active on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

here’s another comment in this regard!

Buzzsumo's User Feedback
Buzzsumo’s User Feedback

Well, Can you trust your money with this limited and expensive tool? If not, check out an ideal alternative to Buzzsumo.

Ainfluencer: The Best Buzzsumo Alternative for Influencer Marketing

Ainfluencer is a DIY influencer marketplace. Unlike BuzzSumo, Ainfluencer understands the changing ways influencers connect and offers a more complete solution. How? Well, it helps you with insights and connections on favorite social media platforms like Instagram. This makes it really good for the various types of influencers out there.

Ainfluencer focuses on where influencers are most active, so you won’t miss out on teaming up with them. With coverage across lots of platforms, you have a better chance of finding the right influencers for your projects. 

This is important because Instagram and YouTube are huge for influencers these days, rather than Twitter. So, if you need an influencer tool that’s up to date with the latest trends and platforms, Ainfluencer is a great choice instead of BuzzSumo.

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If you’re looking for a good Buzzsumo alternative for content marketing, you may think Ahrefs is a great choice. In the following section, we’ll give you a comparison between Buzzsumo and Ahrefs. Read on!

Buzzsumo vs. Ahrefs: Which One Is Better?

Choosing between BuzzSumo and Ahrefs depends on your specific needs. Both tools are SEO toolkits designed to help digital marketers with content discovery, keyword research, influencer engagement, and more.

BuzzSumo has features like influencer marketing, digital PR, and video marketing. Compared to Ahrefs, it’s more affordable at higher plan levels and is great for content exploration and influencer engagement. It’s suitable for broader activities like content discovery and social media outreach.

On the other hand, Ahrefs is a powerful platform favored by experienced SEO professionals. It excels in technical SEO analysis, with tools like Site Audit and Content Explorer offering customized SEO metrics and in-depth research capabilities. Ahrefs is particularly focused on SEO, offering features for content exploration, rank tracking, keyword research, and site auditing.

While both tools offer content and backlink analysis, Ahrefs has the largest index of backlinks globally, making it superior for data analysis. Its content explorer, keyword research, rank tracking, and site auditing tools are among the best in the industry.

Ultimately, if you prioritize deep technical analysis, sophistication, and versatility, Ahrefs is the preferred choice due to its comprehensive features and capabilities that go beyond what BuzzSumo offers.

In this comparison, Ahrefs emerged as the winner over BuzzSumo!


Now, it’s time to take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding Buzzsumo. Ready? Let’s go!

1. What Is Buzzsumo Used For?

BuzzSumo is an online tool that helps you find popular topics, content ideas, and ways to connect with your audience on social media and search engines. You can explore keywords, popular stories, and questions from customers, and see what’s working well for your brand.

2. Is Buzzsumo Extension Free?

BuzzSumo gives new users a free trial lasting for 30 days. This allows you to try out the BuzzSumo platform and its extension on Chrome without cost.

During the trial period, you can use the Chrome Extension for 30 days without charge. After that, your access depends on the plan you choose. Visit the pricing and plans page for further details.

To Wrap Things Up

Buzzsumo describes itself as an excellent solution for content marketing, content analysis, and influencer marketing, but this is not true! Based on its real clients’ experiences, there are shortcomings that make every user reconsider and replace it with a Buzzsumo alternative.


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