Shopify Collabs Review: The Complete Guide in 2023

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Are you tired of the same old online shopping experience? If you’re one of those who are looking for something special in marketing strategy? Shopify Collabs claims to help you out! 

Shopify Collabs is an amazing platform that combines the advantages of online shopping and brand collaborations to encourage new ideas. 

In today’s day and age, Shopify Collabs is a game-changer that connects shoppers with their favorite brands in unique ways. While it offers exciting opportunities for shoppers, it’s important to consider some of the negative aspects of this platform to make an informed decision about its offerings. 

Before diving deep into the Shopify Collabs review, let’s get started with some basics, shall we?!

What Is Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs is a brand collaboration app that lets you apply to, and manage collaborations with brands. You can apply to different community programs, and partner with brands to promote products and brands to your audiences. Using Shopify Collabs, you can review your brand partners (or ‘collabs’), accept gifts or discount codes from brands, track your affiliate sales, and receive payments from brands.

Its purpose is to assist sellers in expanding their eCommerce businesses by leveraging influencer marketing.

Through Shopify Collabs, sellers have the ability to seek out influencers based on their category, location, or size of their audience. This platform essentially provides a collection of influencers in areas such as fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle. The platform is designed to help brands find the perfect influencer to promote their products, based on their needs and budget.

These influencers can be discovered within Shopify’s extensive database, which includes important metrics like the number of followers and rates of engagement.

Amazing, isn’t it? Now, let’s find out how it works?! 

How Does Shopify Collabs App Work

This brand collaboration app helps merchants and creators connect using a marketplace-style app. Merchants can connect with creators by sending direct invites, sharing instant commission offers in the Collabs Network, or setting up an online store page that collects affiliate applications. 

Merchants can also send gifts or discount codes, track affiliate sales, and send payments to their affiliates. Creators can also search for products to create instance commission links or apply to a specific merchant’s affiliate program.

How to Set Up Shopify Collabs for Shopify Store Owners

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and make the most of this amazing platform:

Step 1: Get Started & Install Shopify Collabs App

Go to the Shopify App Store and find the Shopify Collabs app. Install it to access a wide range of collaboration options!

Shopify App Store
Shopify App store

 Step 2: Create Your Account

Now it’s time to create your own personal space within Shopify Collabs. Simply navigate to the Settings panel in your Shopify app, click on Apps and sales channels, and select Shopify Collabs.

search shopify collabs
Search Shopify Collabs

From there, click on ‘Open app’ and accept all the terms and conditions. Voila! Your account is good to go!

accept terms and conditions
Accept Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Customize and Connect

Customize your app page and form to express yourself.

Merchants, get ready to show off your brand’s personality.

Creators, discover incredible brands waiting to collaborate with you! Search for the ideal partners, submit your applications, and let the magic begin.

How to Set Up Shopify Collabs for Creators

Here are the steps you can follow to connect with brands that align with your content and interests:

Creator page
Shopify Collabs Creator Page
  • Choose your preferred email provider (e.g., Gmail) to create an account.
  • Create a password for your account and click ‘Create Shopify account’.
  • Check your email for a verification link and click on ‘Yes, it’s me’ to verify your email. If you didn’t receive the link, click ‘Resend’ to get another email.
  • On the ‘Tell us about yourself’ page, link your social media accounts and answer questions about your content and product interests.
  • Click ‘Submit’ after answering all the questions.
  • Your account for Shopify Collabs is now created, and you will be placed on the waitlist for early access.

How to Set Up Shopify Collabs for Merchants

To set up Shopify Collabs in your store:

  1. Install Shopify Collabs from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Create an account:
    • Go to your Shopify admin.
    • Click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Apps and sales channels.’
    • Find ‘Shopify Collabs’ in the list of apps.
    • Click on ‘Open app.’
    • Review and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Setup application page:
Application Page on Shopify Collabs
Application Page on Shopify Collabs
  • Access your Dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Edit your application page’ in the Get Started section.
  • Customize the page design, including the logo and overall design.
  • Add a page title, brand description, and collab benefits.
  1. Share your application page:
    • On the ‘Your application page is complete!’ page, copy the link to share.
    • Customize a widget to add to your store (optional).
  2. Set up PayPal Payouts (optional).

Collaborating with others can bring unique experiences and create something greater for your brand.

What Are the Shopify Collabs Benefits 

Are you ready to take your brand collaborations to the next level? Shopify Collabs claims that will help you find the perfect creators, measure success, and boost your brand exposure. Check out these benefits :

1. Access to Shopify MarketPlace

Accessing the Shopify creator marketplace allows you to collaborate with other creators, expand your reach, enhance your products, and build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

With Shopify Collabs, you can connect with creators across different niches who have been carefully selected by Shopify staff or endorsed by their own followers. This means you can easily find collaborators by browsing their profiles and requesting to work together on projects. 

Shopify Collabs provides access to exceptional content creators who will assist you in building your brand, increasing sales, and expanding your business.

2. Product Seeding

Actions speak louder than words. Send creators samples and exclusive discounts, empowering them to bring your products to life and share authentic stories with their followers.

One of the most thrilling features of Shopify Collabs is the ability to send gifts to influential individuals. By sending gifts or samples to creators, brands hope to garner promotion on their platforms. Additionally, brands can provide discounts on specific items or even send full-sized products on a monthly basis.

3. Affiliate Links & Discount Codes

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based advertising where an advertiser (you) pays commissions to salespeople (affiliates) or publishers (partners) to advertise or promote its products or services in return for a portion of the sales generated.

With the help of Shopify Collabs, anyone can easily create a successful affiliate marketing program.

The biggest benefit of using Shopify Collabs is that it allows you to recruit affiliates who promote your store on their own sites, social media channels, and email campaigns. This means that you can get more sales without needing to manage a big team of affiliates.

Another benefit is that you can set up a commission structure for your affiliates based on how much they sell, which means that you can reward those who do the most with higher commissions than those who don’t perform as well.

4. Analytics Data

Shopify Collabs presents a wide assortment of analytics data to keep track of how your creator partnerships are performing. You can monitor progress as well as affiliate data all from within your Shopify store. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and watch your brand flourish with Shopify Collabs.

However, it’s essential to remember that just like everything else in life, Shopify Collabs has its own downsides too. These drawbacks may prompt us to consider exploring alternative options.

By understanding the limitations and drawbacks of Shopify Collabs, we can make informed decisions that lead to more efficient and effective solutions.

Why We Need Shopify Collabs Alternative

In this section, we will delve into the Shopify Collabs review, exploring the importance of considering the downsides of switching to alternative options. Let’s embark on this journey to discover the hidden facets of it!

1. Complex Set-Up Process

Registering for a Collabs account can be quite complex, even for users who are already familiar with it. When you visit the Collabs website, you will be presented with the choice of either installing the app as a merchant or signing up as a creator. However, things become challenging from this point onward.

If you are a merchant, you must first install the app and then make some adjustments to your Shopify account to complete the setup process. On the other hand, if you are a creator, you need to go through the sign-up process, which has been a major concern according to early reviews. 

Signing up for a new platform can be inconvenient, especially due to Collabs’ lengthy sign-up procedure. Initially, you must create a separate Shopify account and then sign up specifically as a creator.

2. Limited Functionality

Shopify Collabs offers a range of exciting features for both merchants and creators. However, it is important to note that there are still several drawbacks to the platform. These include:

  • The absence of options for customizing emails, 
  • Lack of multi-language support, 
  • Complicated sign-up process, 
  • And unnecessary glitches.

Ainfluencer: The Best Shopify Collabs Alternative

Ainfluencer is an influencer marketing platform that serves as a bridge between brands and influencers, facilitating collaboration and helping businesses leverage the power of influencer marketing.

It provides a range of tools and features designed to streamline the influencer marketing process and maximize its effectiveness.

Why are you waiting then?! Sign up today and take your influencer game to the next level with Ainfluencer’s game-changing features

FAQs on Shopify Collabs Review

Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding Shopify Collabs. Ready?! Let’s go!

1. Why Do Shopify Brands Need Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs offers a simple solution to enhance your brand’s visibility. By teaming up with creators who have similar audiences and products, you can expand your reach and attract more customers.

In addition, Shopify has recently announced a convenient payment update for affiliate links. Now, payments will be directly transferred through PayPal which is the easiest payment.

Moreover, Shopify Collabs introduces a fresh approach to connecting with influencers who are already discussing your brand, products, and industry. It significantly reduces the time it takes to build a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

2. How to Check the Effectiveness of Your Creator Relationships in Shopify Collabs?

To check the effectiveness of your creator relationships in Shopify Collabs, follow these steps:

  1. Dashboard overview:
    • Track applicant counts over time.
    • Monitor affiliate sales.
    • Keep an eye on the total members.
  2. Applicants area:
    • Check applicant statuses.
  3. Members page:
    • Review member numbers.
  4. Affiliates panel:
    • Analyze affiliate metrics such as earnings and top performers.
  5. Gifts page:
    • Evaluate gift performance.
  6. Payments page:
    • View outstanding and paid commissions.

To Wrap Things Up

You know what? Shopify Collabs is an awesome app that helps creators connect with Shopify store owners and make influencer marketing easier. If you’re a creator, you can join the platform and pick from tons of brands to team up with the ones you love. And if you’re a store owner, you can effortlessly partner with niche creators and attract more attention to your brand.

 But let’s be real here: it still falls short in many ways when compared to a tool like Ainfluencer. Start monetizing your social media influence with Ainfluencer’s innovative platform. Sign up now and start earning!


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