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WordPress has indulged its patrons with a prolific array of portfolio website themes, suited to a generous variety of fields and niches, but some are specifically crafted for artists, pun intended. If you are a cartoonist, painter, illustrator, sculptor, music band, or photographer, we will have a few art themes either particularly made for you, like drawing themes, or website examples having used those art themes, you can be inspired by.

So, stay with us while we explore 25+ WordPress Themes for Artists [+Art Website Templates]

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Top 10 Artist Portfolio Website Themes For WordPress

You hear “artist” you picture a showcase of their work, so a portfolio theme is definitely in order for their website, right? But there are quite a number of styles one can go with, each with its own unique set of arrangements, features, and distinctive edge.

There are a ton of such WordPress themes for artists available, but here we take a glimpse into a few of the better ones. So, tune in while we tell you why these are the top 10 portfolio WordPress themes for artists.


Far from being just a marketing attempt, Creatista is named after what it’s aims at giving you as an artist: to show off your creative flair. With its unique hand-crafted design, it is a perfect art theme to showcase fan art, polygraphy, and cartooning.

And its wide-screen layouts would do a great job of flaunting an architect’s quirky style, a fashion/interior designer’s unique ensembles, or an illustrator’s edgy hand sketches. It’s also streamlined to display cinema design, motion graphics, and 3D characters in their full glory. Some of its useful features are:

ü  Jetpack portfolio plugin

ü  Responsive and Mobile ready

ü  SEO-optimized and quick set-up/customization


Claiming to be the best photography theme in WordPress, the designers back their bold self-proclamation with an amazingly huge library of themes specifically designed for a niche brand of photography.

From pixel-perfect styles for landscapes to a collapsible floating menu for adventure photography to a variety of different styles for wedding photographs ranging from chic classic to feminine modern, and color-rich playful to monochromatic ethereal, Imagely team shows intelligence in recognizing sub-brands of photography portfolio and persona creation, making it one of best WordPress themes for artists. It also has:

ü  100s of Google fonts

ü  Image protection

ü  Mobile first optimization

Red Art

With a choice of dark or light backgrounds and your own style of frame type, Red art does a great job of showcasing your photos, fashion designs, or arts and crafts. With 8 header variations, a visual composer, a revolution slider, and an image parallax, it gives you a vast range of artistic self-expression tools. With a long list of short codes for adding any functionality you see fit, it make a very apt art theme. It also comes with:

ü  A mega menu

ü  600 Google fonts

ü  WooComerce integration


If you’re an illustrator, concept artist, or animator, looking for a drawing theme that is designed with your creative, and story-telling set of needs in mind, Illustrator stays true to its name in that regard.

With 10 whimsical templates that are aimed to accommodate animation, exhibition, game apps, and 3d studio; and 15 homepage designs to match your brand of artistic vision, illustrator proves it’s there for you. Adding parallax scrolling to the mix, it gives you even more options to add technological glitter to the substance of your art. It also has:

ü  3 header types

ü  Mobile responsive optimization

ü  One-click demo

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Imagine what ambiance the combination of a monochrome single page with parallax scrolling can create to give your audience the first impression any artist would aspire to.

The single color makes the details of your work shine through, while the parallax gives it a flowing feel, creating a rich artistic experience for the viewer, rendering it an inspired theme for art. With more than 60  pre-designed templates with slider backgrounds, video backgrounds, and animations, it gives you a host of creative options to add to your artistic persona. It also has :

ü  Drag and drop page builder

ü  10 header styles

ü  Portfolio post type


Named after what it’s meant to be, Portfolio is a perfect combination of modernity, minimalism, and professionalism when it comes to showcasing creative artwork, and one of the most accomplished WordPress themes for artists. With a black and white color scheme and only one contrast color, you can customize into expressing your latest artistic mode, it also provides tons of features to facilitate your customization efforts and your user’s experience alike.

ü  Ajax image upload

ü  Smooth Hover effect

ü  Google font and cross-browser support


Minimalist, modern, and quirky, Pixel welcomes you with a seemingly simple, but artistically conceptual image, whose objects and elements are meant to double as functions of your site, for example, a paper bag contains your favorite works, while the letterhead acts as the menu. If sophistication, intrigue, and ingenuity are a priority when showing your work, then you’ll just love Pixel as your art theme of choice. It is also:

ü  Fast loading

ü  Fully mobile responsive

ü  Live Demo


Using a full-width parallax header and a grayscale background image, Radiate will help you radiate with an artistic feel the moment you enter the site. Delightfully combining white space with colorful images, giving off the vibe of tastefully-arranged framed photos on a gallery wall, this theme gives your audience a feeling they are visiting your living room, giving them a glimpse into who you are as an artist. Definitely glowing with the warmth you expect from an art theme, It also provides

ü  Mobile-first optimization

ü  Custom background

ü  Free support, and translation plug-ins

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Mai Studio

Picture a modern, minimalist, super creative artist with a strong business savvy persona, leading you into their studio, saying:” This is my studio”. Now picture them saying that about their website, they would say: ” This is Mai Studio“, as with the dominant use of white space, and a flat design this is just what an art dealer or a businessperson with a strong sense of art, like marketing agencies, want in an art theme. It is also easy to make and use because it has:

ü  Several header options

ü  Block-based customization

ü  AMP friendly features


With a slider for a header, a shaded background mixed with equal amounts of white space, stylish typography, and a boxed layout, Filtered gives your visual radar a bit more color to process compared to its more minimalistic fellow art themes. So, you can work what is special about you into the slider before sending our audience scrolling down to your grid portfolio, to see more of you through your artwork. Filtered also has:

ü  Video embedding support

ü  Speed optimization

ü  Artistic jQuery effects

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5 Artist Website Templates for WordPress Sites

There are a variety of ultra-popular multi-purpose themes, owing their mega popularity to their dedication to creating templates for smaller, more esoteric communities like artists, and their subgroups and sub-styles. Here are five of their artist-specific templates listed as part of a list of WordPress themes for artists, as they can definitely be sued as such.

Painter by Astra 

You know your theme builders are real pros when they show you that they know you, by designing themes to work for your niche demographic, factoring in all their tendencies, subtleties, and idiosyncrasies.

Well, Astra has proved itself a pro yet again, by designing a template, especially for painters, with a quirky non-clear background, an actual palette for a hint at what’s to come, a large irregular grid layout, and super eccentric fonts. Then it makes it even more of an artistically smooth experience to customize and use by :

ü  An extensive array of customization options

ü  Drag and drop page builder integration

ü  SEO optimization, built-in

Photography Studio By Divi

Divi, a prominent theme builder, has obliged all the communities of artists by developing template packs for every one of their subgroups, one of the most diverse and eye-catching ones being its photography studio packs.

The templates are clutter-free, sophisticated, and with a lively yet tasteful interplay of colors, which you can keep, or customize according to your artistic style. It is certainly a contender for many fully targeted art themes, and it is also:

ü  Speed optimized

ü  WordPress plug-in importable

ü  9 templates, all one of a kind

Architecture By Neve

Used by a great number of fortune five hundred architecture studios, the Architect template by Neve uses a dark-themed, full-width header with an image of a skyscraper, before providing several dark backgrounds featuring grayscale photos of buildings with unique architectural styles.

A minimalistic grid layout flaunts monochromatic pictures of constructs with different materials, like glass, metal, and brick, and thus establishes itself as a valid competition for an art theme aimed at this community. If you are an architect with an inclination towards artistic design, this template can work as the perfect digital portfolio of your work. It is also:

ü  Lightweight

ü  Easy to use

ü  With custom headers and fosters

Statue By Ocean WP

Ocean WP, one of the big players in the WordPress theme scene, with over 5 million downloads so far, has spoiled sculptors with templates specifically designed to give their work a stylish showcase. Grayscale and colored alternating, cascading image gallery, with a portfolio and blog section customizable with a sea of options, Statue comes with a sticky header and a WooComerce pop-up, for an easier call to action to sell your statues and sculpture. It is also:

ü  Fully responsive

ü  SEO optimized

ü  Gutenberg ready and Woocommerec compatible

Music Band By Neve

WordPress themes for artists mostly being sought mostly by visual artists, doesn’t mean musical artists should be left out. Neve, a super successful multi-purpose theme brand, has a trendy yet polished template designed specifically for musical bands, solo vocalists, and music players to present themselves along with their work.

With a full-width black and white image as a header, different galleries for introducing persons, albums, tours, discography, music discovery and sharing apps like Spotify and YouTube music, set on a dark background, that alternates with bold-colored sections, Neve knows what musical artist audiences are looking for. It also helps you with :

ü  WooCommerce compatibility

ü  Reliable updates

ü  Easy setup and speedy loading  

5 Best Artist Websites In The World

The list of 5 best artists in the world may very well have no entries in common with the list of 5 best artist websites in the world. This gives you a lot to think about when it comes to the art of choosing a website art theme, template, or developer and how to go about making a website that reflects an artistic persona, and your individual brand of artistic edge and signature.

Below, we only list five artists and how they built unique artistic websites. You can also check out 10 of the best artist websites in the world for more to learn from, about arts, artists, and the art of picking an art theme.

Carmen Hunter Made With Shopify

The world-famous portrait photographer Carmen Hunter uses her Shopify-powered website to show her highly-praised portrait and landscape photography style through a combo of full-width, and half-width portfolio grid formats. Using a monochromatic blue to hint at nature being the underlying motif, her website is proof positive that those with substance and real-world renown stay away from showiness and overdone designs on their website.

Sophi Kahn Made With Squarespace

Sophi Kahn showcases her Anatomically-inspired sculptures made by digital techniques and 3d image laser, in both images and video formats, in a vertically arranged album-like ultra-minimalistic website made with an art theme powered by Squarespace.

A simple sidebar menu tells you all you can find on her web page, which is all the viewing styles including installation view, her “about ” page detailing her style, and her social media access icons. She doesn’t clutter your artistic observation with distractive elements, giving you only all she is about, in artistic terms.

Creature And Creature Made With Format

Creature And Creature is the name given by mural painter duo Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek’s to their website which works as their online gallery. A unique, moving-belt-style viewing of their animal-themed murals, with the one in the center backtracking into the page, getting smaller by the second, to give you a long-shot perspective of it as well, this website is one of the best ways to showcase an artist’s work, regardless of the type or the nature of it.

Dan Frantz Made With Wis

Dan Frantz, a successful commercial music video artist, chose Wis as his art theme developer to create a site putting a number of his sample work on display.  He leads with a large video header showing an hour-and-a-half reel of his cinematography compilations, and once he’s impressed you with a gist of his best work, he guides you down to 3 more video windows, one half-width, and one full-width. This website gives you an idea of how you would go about an artistic portfolio website if you have video content to summarize your artistic career, experience, and caliber.

Steven Kozar Made With Go Daddy

Steven Kozar is known among American art lovers for his somewhat unique artwork. See, he takes pictures of culture-through-geography photos, and he paints them, you look at the painting and think it is the photo, which shows how skilled he is at the technique of naturalistic painting.

The page opens with a large full-width, picture-looking painting that represents his style. A portfolio follows showing his work and the descriptions before an “about” part describes his unique artistic panache. His website is a simple, minimalist, and clean-coded website powered by a Go Daddy art theme, meant to keep you focused on the content.

5 Examples of Artist Websites for Inspiration

The following artists will have plenty to intrigue and inspire you with, both in terms of artistic style, and how they have chosen to introduce themselves as artists using the design and features of an art theme. Pay close attention to details of the top 5 Examples of Artist Websites for Inspiration listed below, all powered by art theme developing studios you can check out as options.

Redd Walistzki Made With Pixpa

a Contemporary surrealist artist with ethereal femininity-themed paintings, Redd Walistzki‘s website opens with two slightly overlapping, half-width, nature-symbolism-themed, and Vlog-style phonographs. They which move slightly with a scroll or touch, as a header, giving an idea of what she is about. A 3-piece portfolio, a small scroll down, divides her artwork into three categories on her website; fine arts, travel photography, and moth and myth, a butterfly collection group. Her website is clean, sleek, and colorful at all the right dosages.

Elizabeth Chapman Made With Pixpa

An American expressionist painter with color-rich mortality-themed paintings, Elizabeth Chapman has gone to Pixpa to design her website, making ample use of white space to create enough contrast for her elaborately themed painting to get focus. She only chooses a half-image header on top and a small image grid in the middle to put herself on the online map. She also dedicates a part at the bottom to show a number of her work she has also shared on Instagram, a great call-to-action technique to lure audiences into her Instagram account. Clever use of space, color, and functionalities for an artist.

Natalie Lete Made With Wix

You get on Natalie Lete‘s site and you see the heavily-criss crossed lines of a children’s sketchbook as the background, and small flowers hand-painted by her scattered evenly throughout the page in the form of a frameless grid, pretty clever right? Clever enough to get your inspiration engine going. Her navigation menu is even more clever, as the icons are her hand-sketched work too, talk about personalizing your website design, and showing off your creativity at the same time

Alef Made With Wix

Alef, a street artist based in Tela Viv, Israel, starts his website with his famous signature, looking like a stick figure, and keeps showing it repeatedly as you scroll down on the page, introducing himself through his fame, and intriguing you into finding out more about him. But then only provides you with two full-width black and white pictures, each representative of his two showcases: his street art and his studio. He then gives his audience a forum to talk about him through a live chat box, gives them a call to action part in the form of Google Map widget, and entertains them with behind-the-scenes photo part, definitely all inspiring material.

Olivia Truong Made With Webflow

In a minimalistically-colorful and innovatively-original website, Olivia Truong, plays with the concept of photography scales, aka sizes, in naturalist photos, where she puts something small in the real world in a supersized way next to a big-in-the-real-world object in miniaturized size, creating amusing and whimsical unconventionality, which elicits a smile, an intrigue, and food for thought.

She uses monochrome conservative colors as the background and gives you a section jump when you scroll down. She also introduces the content of every section with a frequently asked question. You can get a few ideas to play with, and use on your site.

Wrap Up

As an artist, whether you need to pick an art theme for your website, or you have already picked an art theme, but you are looking to be inspired on how to use its features and customization options to create a unique and stylish website for showcasing your work, this article is going to be a big help for you.

Including WordPress themes for artists, and websites created by other art theme providers, it can prove pretty helpful in providing suggestions for picking your art theme and getting inspiration on how to customize that art theme. So, go back up, and read through carefully, make sure you click on the WordPress themes for artists, the templates, and the artists’ website to see for yourself why we know what we are talking about.

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