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Have you ever heard of Amazon influencers? Did you know they have personal storefronts? Maybe you have, but if you haven’t,  don’t worry! We are here to break down their business structure and solve the puzzle from the beginning to learn every marketing aspect of these social media influencers.

Before starting, let’s see what Amazon is. Amazon is a global online business platform (the largest in the world) with e-commerce services, cloud computing systems, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

In simple terms, you can find any product (I mean anything!) in its online shop, receive computing services such as storage, servers, database, software, networking, and analytics, and have live streams.

In addition, you can start your Amazon influencer program and become an Amazon influencer, having your curated page and storefront. This program allows you to promote the products and services you want for your audience and get commissions on each purchase.

Alright, now we will jump into the big Amazon world and analyze everything for you. Stay and scroll down!

How To Become An Amazon Influencer

Before heading to the best Amazon influencers and storefronts, allow us to explain how to become an Amazon influencer.

Similar to other social media platforms, Amazon has various types of influencers and requires you to have at least 1000 followers to become an influencer for the company.

It offers an Amazon influencer program that helps content creators start influencing the e-commerce service. With this program, you have assistant tools to find out about Amazon services and suitable products and recommend them to your audience.

Furthermore, you can customize your focused page with photos, videos, and live streams to enhance your marketing strategy.

And you get the chance to get promoted on the Amazon website and have a higher customer engagement rate. Visit the Ainfluencer website to learn more about how the Amazon influencer program works.

Therefore, it is easy to become an Amazon storefront influencer. Follow simple steps and use Amazon’s influencing features to become one of the company’s top sellers.

Also, we recommend visiting Ainfluencer to learn more about how to become an Amazon influencer.

Now, the question “How much do Amazon influencers make?” might pop up in your mind. Here is the answer. There is no specific amount on how much you make as an Amazon influencer because it depends on your activity and engagement rate. Besides this, the social media platform you use significantly affects this income.

You’ve been reading enough now! Let us move to some of the best Amazon influencers in the world:

1. Brad Kowitz: An Amazon Influencer and Well-known YouTuber

Amazon: TrailRecon

YouTube: TrailRecon

Instagram: Brad_Kowitz

Amazon Influencer
UnlimitedRecon Storefront Page

Brad Kowitz is a YouTuber and Amazon influencer with a vast experience in camping and racing. Due to his immense skills and great content, Kowitz’s YouTube channel became viral. After this popularity, Amazon changed its status from an affiliate to an Amazon storefront influencer called TrailRecon.

He posts about off-road cars and adventures, and camping gear. These types of content have turned him to be a successful Amazon influencer.

In addition, this American content creator is an executive medical director and military veteran who has served in the United States Navy. A true soldier and influencer!

2. Kev Blackburn: One of The Best Amazon Influencers

Amazon: Kev Blackburn

YouTube: Kevblackburn

Instagram: Kev.Blackburn

Kev Blackburn: Amazon Influencer's Page
Kev Blackburn Published Book

He isn’t the ordinary influencer you see every day! Kevin Blackburn is an online entrepreneur, a success coach, a systemization strategist, a philanthropist, and the founder of Systemise Fulfilment (What’s left to mention?).

This successful businessman has a well-known YouTube channel where he posts videos about how to grow your business, teaches how to make money with fulfillment by the Amazon (FBA) program, and explains systemization principles to manage your business.

He used to work as an engineer but quit his job to become an Amazon influencer which was an absolute success. Blackburn has also written a book named ‘Tribes of Arbitragers.’ All this guy talks about is business. Want to know about marketing? You can trust Kev!

3. Ashley Marquez: One of The Best Amazon Storefront Influencers

Amazon: Teach Create Motivate

Instagram: TeachCreateMotivate

Website: TeachCreateMotivate.com

Amazon Influencers
Teach Create Motivate Amazon Page

From education to marketing and blogging, Ashley Marquez has finessed it. Born in 1989 in the United States, the sophisticated teacher has a deep passion for teaching. She likes collaborating with brands working in the field of education.

Otto Storage and Sphero are the two brands she has partnered with. Marquez is motivated and concerned about kids’ learning and future, where she established her TeachCreateMotivate website.

In addition to education, she promotes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The Amazon storefront influencer is successful in her field.

4. Jalissa Queen: An Amazon Influencer and Product Reviewer

Amazon: Jalissa_Queen

Instagram: JalissaQueen

YouTube: JalissaQueen

Website: https://www.jalissaqueen.com/

Jalissa Queen Amazon Page
Queen’s Storefront

Jalissa Queen is a professional personal reviewer and marketer with over five years of experience. Born in the United States, the American content creator is also an expert photographer and live streamer.

Her Amazon storefront is filled with products she has reviewed and thinks it is perfect to promote. She mainly advertises fashion, beauty, and technology and accurately examines everything before promotion.

Queen began her journey five years ago by analyzing products as a hobby. She created review content for any goods she bought. This evaluation has made her a full-time product reviewer and marketer.

5. Infantino

Amazon: Infantino

Instagram: InfantinoBaby

YouTube: InfantinoBaby

Website: https://infantino.com/

Infantino Amazon Page
Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

When it comes to baby products, Infantino is an ideal brand to talk about. This American-based company specializes in toys and baby products of the best quality.

The brand is famous for its 4-in-1 convertible carriers, which have won the Best Structured Baby Carrieraward and have a high demand worldwide. Infantino has numerous branches across the world.

Despite having international branches, they sell their products through Amazon and are known as one of the popular Amazon influencers.

6. Brennen Bailey: Photographer and Amazon Influencer

Amazon: Brennen.Bailey

Brennen Bailey Storefront
Brennen Bailey Essentials Storefront

We couldn’t find her other social media accounts to share, but we have enough information to evaluate her work. She is a professional photographer and content creator to influence products across Amazon.

Bailey has photographs of her collaborations with Discount Glasses and Wildwood Eyewear on Instagram. She does not have many fans and followers, but her skills are pretty good to make her an Amazon influencer.

Despite being a micro-influencer, Bailey can be an ideal choice for companies and brands that want to promote and enhance their ads through visual content marketing.

7. InteriorDesignsJunkie: One of The Best Amazon Home Decor Influencers

Amazon: Interiordesignsjunkie

Instagram: Interiordesignsjunkie

Website: https://interiordesignsjunkie.com/

Interiordesignsjunkie: Amazon Home Decor Influencer
Homeware Designs Storefront

Once you buy your house, you want to appealingly design the interior with the finest home appliances and furniture. Interiordesignsjunkie is here to help you decorate a beautiful and unique place.

This Amazon storefront influencer has inspiring and stylish interior designs by top interior designers. They precisely pick various items and furniture from different Amazon brands and shops to create a stylish and modern decor.

So, through this selection, the top Amazon home decor influencer promotes and sells products on its storefront from various brands while making its unique inspirational designs. Smart move, right?

Therefore, Interiordesignsjunkie can be a perfect choice for home decor, furniture, and home appliance brands to cooperate with and promote their goods.

8. Shea Whitney: Among The Best Amazon Fashion Influencers

Amazon: Sheawhitney

Instagram: Shea.Whitney

YouTube: SheaWhitney

Shea Whitney: An Amazon Fashion Influencer
Shea Whitney Storefront

Want to learn every aspect of fashion and trending styles? Shea Whitney can guide you through this process with her Amazon influencer’s fashion style. She is a successful social media influencer with countless followers on various platforms.

Born in 1987, Shea Whitney is a content creator and one of the most famous Amazon fashion influencers. She began her career with Youtube in 2016 and then switched to other social platforms. Her deep passion for style, fashion, beauty, life hacks, tips & tricks, etc, made her well-known among users.

Whitney constantly posts and promotes video content of products on her YouTube channel, which has approximately 1.54M subscribers. In this way, she attracts massive leads to her Amazon storefront and increases sales for brands.

In addition, she also uses her Instagram and TikTok for marketing purposes. Shea Whitney is among the top Amazon influencers to collaborate with.

9. Interiordesignerella: One of The Top Amazon Fashion Influencers

Amazon: Jen Adams (influencer-beae7f30)

Instagram: Interiordesignerella

YouTube: Jenadams7543

Website: https://www.interiordesignerella.com/

Interiordesignerella: The Amazon Fashion Influencer
Jen Adams Storefront

Despite her Amazon name, she is not an interior designer or an Amazon home decor influencer. All she promotes on her storefront is about fashion and style for women.

Jen Adams, better known as Interiordesignerella, is a content creator and Amazon fashion influencer passionate about style and look. She influences her storefront on YouTube, Instagram, and her website to increase sales for brands.

The Amazon storefront influencer is perfect to collaborate with to grow your brands and boost marketing.

So, dive deep into the world of fashion and beauty with Jen Adams to get familiar with the latest trends for women.

10. Jamye Hunter

Amazon: Jamyecakes29

Instagram: Jamye_hunter

Jamye Hunter Curated Storefront
Jamye’s “Just Gotta Have Its” Storefront

From a first lieutenant army reservist of the United States Army to a full-time Amazon influencer, she is a strong and motivated woman moving forward to fulfill her goals. That’s not all! Jamye Hunter is also studying to become a therapist in the future.

Although she aims to be a physician, Hunter does not want to quit Amazon influencing. Her storefront shows the items and products she likes to promote. You can find various functional goods there to purchase.

However, most of the products are related to fitness and health. Jamye Hunter is a martial art and self-defense specialist. Be careful not to mess with this Amazon influencer.

11. Chelsey Sweets: An Amazon Influencer and Professional Cake Maker

Amazon: Chelsweets

Instagram: Chelsweets

YouTube: Chelsweetsbakery

Website: https://chelsweets.com/

All About Cake With Chelsweets
Chelsweets Baking Products

This Amazon influencer is a combination of art and food. She is a professional baker and cakemaker with lots of passion.

Chelsey Sweets started her career in 2018 when she left her day job in corporate finance. She began making cakes, decorating them, and posting photos or videos on her social media platforms. 

As a result, Chelsey went viral and gained lots of followers. Now, she has an Instagram page with 1M followers, a YouTube channel with over 300k subscribers, and a personal website.

In addition, the baker and content creator has an Amazon storefront where she promotes products she likes or uses. If you are looking for a unique cakemaker and Amazon influencer, you can link with Chelsey Sweets.

12. Makoccino: An Amazon Influencer and An Artist

Amazon: Makoccino

Instagram: Makoccinos

YouTube: Makoccino

Makoccino: An Amazon Influencer
Makoccino’s Product Promotions

Are you a big fan of art and paintings? You’ve come to the right spot! Makoccino is a watercolor artist with numerous astonishing works.

Born in 1989, Makoccino is a Russian artist and one of the most popular YouTubers with over 2M subscribers. She began her career in 2011 when she posted DIY video content on her YouTube channel until she became famous. The rich content creator now has a net worth of around $5 million.

Besides art, she claims to be an author and a teacher. Pretty good for content creators. The Russian Amazon influencer promotes art supplies and equipment related to her filming and editing.

Also, she attracts countless leads to her Amazon storefront using her YouTube videos and links.

13. Marlene: One of The Best Amazon Fashion Influencers

Amazon: Marlene | Life with Mar

Instagram: Lifewithmarblog

YouTube: Lifewithmar

Website: https://www.lifewithmar.com/

Marlene: Life With Mar
Marlene’s Curated Storefront

Marlene is an Amazon fashion influencer with a different perspective on style and look. She fills her storefront with feminine fashion, home decor, beauty, and lifestyle content.

The content creator is a former magazine editor who altered into a successful blogger. Marlene allures clients from her YouTube channel with her entertaining videos and from her Instagram page.

Also, she has a website all about fashion. To learn about current and classic styles, follow Marlene.

14. 72Hrs: Top Amazon Influencer and Twitch Streamer

Twitch: 72Hrs

Instagram: Tom72hrs

YouTube: 72hrs

72Hrs: A Gamer and Amazon Influencer
Thomas ‘72Hrs’ Mulligan’s Twitch Channel

As we all know, Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform. This social media platform is mostly for video game streaming. Gamers across the world connect on this application to live stream their gameplays. 72hrs is one of those professional gamers and Twitch streamers.

Born in 1994, Thomas Mulligan, famous for 72hrs, is a content creator, gamer, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and Amazon influencer. He is well-known for his Fortnite gameplays.

This social media influencer promotes gaming gear, clothing, and esports products in his live streams and drives numerous users to Amazon. Due to this, he is known as an effective Amazon influencer.

15. TbonesTech

Amazon: TbonesTech

YouTube: TbonesTech

TbonesTech Amazon Storefront Page
TbonesTech Storefront

TbonesTech is a professional videographer, content creator, and certified Amazon influencer with a vast experience in technology, particularly photography and photography equipment.

The YouTube star uploads tutorial videos on his channel and promotes links to direct his followers and prospects to his Amazon storefront.

In addition, he provides Amazon-exclusive promotion codes to gain more attention. TbonesTech acts smart in influencing his Amazon program.

Furthermore, you can also find out about top Amazon influencers to boost your sales on Ainfluencer.

How To Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts

Till now, you are probably thinking about how to find Amazon influencer storefronts. You might expect finding these content creators on Amazon to be complicated and intense.

However, it is effortless! You can find influencers on Amazon in specific ways. You’ve maybe used these ways before if you are already an Amazon user but not for searching for influencers.

Here are some of the easiest ways to find Amazon storefront influencers:

1. Influencer Marketing Platforms Like Ainfluencer

The first and simplest method is to visit an influencer marketing platform,  or app like Ainfluencer and find the most proper Amazon influencer. Influencer marketing platforms categorize each influencer according to their niche (fashion, travel, celebrity, fitness, food, gaming, etc), and you can easily spot the right content creator.

To connect with your favorite influencer, you must first sign up on the website using the button below. After that, you can directly link with the social media influencer.

2. Use Amazon Live To Spot Amazon Influencers

The second way to find influencers in this e-commerce internet community is to use Amazon Live and catch up with the top Amazon storefront influencers worldwide. These content creators have live streams to promote products and engage with prospects.

3. Amazon Hashtags For Finding Amazon Influencers

Thirdly, you can use popular Amazon hashtags, especially #FoundItOnAmazon, the most common among Amazon influencers, and connect with these content creators. Other helpful hashtags include #Amazon, #AmazonPrime, #AmazonDeals, #AmazonFinds, etc.

Note that popular hashtags might differ on various social media platforms. So, find the most relevant hashtags for your social platform.

4. Use Your Audience To Find Amazon Storefront Influencers

Finally, we’ve reached the last option to discover Amazon Influencers. In this one, you have to act intelligent and analyze your audience. You have to go through your followers’ engagements and check their followers.

So, you can understand what they like and follow. This analysis helps you find numerous influencers and reach out to them.

Despite these, you can find influencers in your niche by reading the blog on Ainfluencer.


Up to now, we’ve discussed all you need to know about Amazon influencers and their storefronts. Now, it’s time to answer some of your frequently asked questions.

1. How to Follow Influencers on Amazon?

First, you open the Amazon website. Then you use the search bar to search for an influencer’s page. After that, look through the search results for the influencer’s storefront you are seeking. Select the page, and you will see a follow button. Lastly, follow the Amazon influencer (this may require you to log in).

2. How to Follow Influencers on the Amazon App?

Following influencers on the Amazon app is simple, just like the website. First, you open the Amazon application. Then look for the search bar at the top of the app’s interface and search for an influencer’s storefront or page. After the results appear, find the specific influencer you seek and tap on its page. The Amazon storefront for influencers will open, and you can see the ‘follow’ button. Simply tap on it to follow.

3. Do Amazon Influencers Get Free Stuff?

Yes, Amazon influencers do get free products and goods. This free giveaway depends on the brand they are promoting or collaborating with. Through these cooperations, brands send goods to these influencers for content creation, advertisement, promotions, reviews, and tests. Another reason is the affiliate links the influencers promote. If their followers or subscribers purchase through the following link, they receive free products.

4. How Much Do Amazon Influencers Make?

Amazon influencers’ earning varies depending on many factors. Some can make thousands of dollars, while others can make less than a hundred. They receive between a 1-10% rate on each sale. This income depends on the influencer’s engagement, follower counts, and brand partnership.

5. What Is the Difference Between the Amazon Influencers Program and the Amazon Affiliates Program?

The Amazon influencer program provides social media influencers and content creators, with at least 1000 followers, a storefront to promote their favorite goods and items to enhance their exclusive brand and increase sales on their curated page. On the other hand, the Amazon affiliates program (or Amazon associates program) allows content creators, website owners, and bloggers to promote affiliate links on social media platforms, blogs, content, and websites to earn commissions with each successful purchase made through the following link.


We know that Amazon is the leading global online marketplace with the highest sales rate. Each year its revenue is increasing at an unbelievably fast pace compared to the previous year. This e-commerce platform has become a golden opportunity for brands to promote their products and boost their sales through influencers.

Therefore, countless influencers start the marketing process using features that Amazon provides, like the Amazon influencer program, and manage their curated page. In this article, we have named some of the top Amazon influencers with different niches to get familiar with. Also, we have mentioned how to find these influencers and their storefronts.