8 Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Apps & Tools in 2022

8 Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Apps & Tools in 2022
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With the boom of the digital world and social media networks, especially Instagram, users of this platform are looking for innovative ways to make their IG pages bigger and more popular than before. Running contests using a reliable Instagram giveaway picker has proven to be an effective way to do so.

Whether you’re an influencer, a business owner, or an Instagrammer looking for a way to increase your followers on Instagram and gain popularity, you can run these competitions to achieve your goals in no time. 

This article will discuss these giveaway contests, why you should use them, where you should start, and show you how to do a giveaway on Instagram. 

We have also provided a list of useful apps you can use to run your contests smoothly and without much trouble and have given you our final verdict on the best Instagram giveaway picker at the end of the article. 

So, fasten your belts, and let’s jump right in!

What Is An Instagram Giveaway Picker?

With our hectic lifestyles, handling an Instagram page successfully is a tough act to follow. However, there are numerous tools you can use to ensure your growth on Instagram. An Instagram giveaway winner picker is one of them. In fact, a very efficient one. 

Now, you don’t need to worry about your contests on Instagram. Using a reliable Instagram contest picker, you can easily hold fair competitions in which a random winner will be picked according to the IG contest rules you’ve set out. 

Many companies and developers have tried to provide users with these services, each with distinct features. For instance, some may require you to enter your IG username and password, while others only need the posts’ URL to run an Instagram giveaway. 

Additionally, you can define whether you want your Instagram giveaway winner to be selected based on the comments, mentions, likes, etc. and whether you’d like substitute winners. 

Yet, ‘why should I use an Instagram giveaway picker and run these contests anyway?’ you might ask. Well, read the section to find out!

Why Should I Use an Instagram Giveaway Picker?

For one thing, these contests help you maximize your growth on Instagram without a doubt. According to statistics, IG accounts that hold such competitions grow 70% faster than those that don’t! Isn’t that just amazing?!

Moreover, to enter the competition, the contestants have to like or comment on your posts. Therefore, it’ll automatically increase the engagement rate of your Instagram page. 91% of the Instagram posts with the most engagement are IG giveaway posts. 

Holding fair contests using the best Instagram giveaway pickers is also extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and those who wish to expand their business and do Instagram marketing. Think about it. Would you like to purchase products from a brand that only sells stuff or the one that actually adds value and care about you?

A giveaway on Instagram will show your clients that you don’t just care about making money out of them. You are also into offering them free stuff. And this will create a positive atmosphere between you and your followers. 

6 Best Instagram Giveaway Ideas

If you’re thinking about how to set up the rules of your contest, here are some ideas for you:

  1. Like and comment: In this type of contest, users must like and comment on your post resulting in a higher engagement rate. Then, you can use an Instagram comment picker to get the contest going. 
  2. Photo caption: Share a post, and ask your followers to write a caption for it. Then, you can select the best caption as the winner and get user-generated content.
  3. Mention a friend: This is a simple one. Ask your contestants to tag 3-4 IG pals to enter the competition.
  4. Trivia: Have you ever been to trivia nights? Aren’t they fun? Well, why not have that fun on your Instagram page? Prepare some questions, then ask your followers to comment on the correct answer. Then, use a giveaway winner picker to find the winner. 
  5. Save and share the post: Easily reach out to a larger audience and boost the impression and reach of your IG posts. 
  6. Hashtag contest: Ask your followers to use certain hashtags under your posts. 

Indeed, these are only some ideas for an Instagram giveaway contest. You can get as creative as you can with them and come up with new ideas. You can also take a hand from Instagram giveaway template examples that are already out there.

After setting up your strategy, go for a trustworthy app to help you run the contest. In the next section, we have provided a list of the giveaway pickers out in the market with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. 

8 Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Apps and Tools

Are you confused about what app you should use to hold your contests on Instagram? Then, read this list to make up your mind more easily. 

#1 AiGrow: The Best Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool

AiGrow's Giveaway Picker Feature
AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Feature

The first Instagram giveaway picker we’re going to introduce is AiGrow. This is a fabulous tool with the help of which you can automate your contests and giveaways on Instagram without spending much time on it.

All you need to do to get the contest going is to sign up on Aigrow first. Then, you must paste your Instagram contest URL and set your rules. For instance, you can specify whether you’d like to select the winner from the tags or the hashtags used in your post.

How AiGrow's Giveaway Picker Works
How AiGrow’s Giveaway Picker Works

This Instagram giveaway generator also enables you to specify a contest end date and have the list generated on demand. Also, you can specify the number of winners you wish to pick for your giveaway contest and substitute winners!

What’s more, is that you can eliminate duplicate comments or users that are mentioned! With this incredible feature, you have every facility to hold a completely fair contest for your followers. 

AiGrow also allows you to schedule your Instagram giveaways for the future and get reminded of them! This way, you won’t ever get disorganized. Isn’t that fantastic?!

Learn more about AiGrow’s Instagram Giveaway Picker Feature

#2 Gleam


Here’s yet another Instagram comment picker you can use. Gleam offers giveaway and sweepstakes services on social networking sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. 

Gleam also offers pre-made online templates you can use for your contests. However, you should be aware that most of these templates are available in the pro accounts, for which the pricing starts from $49 a month. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a free Instagram giveaway picker, this tool is not for you since you don’t get much using the free plan. 

#3 Wishpond


Similar to Gleam, Wishpond also offers services for IG giveaways. Although Wishpond is mainly a growth service, you can use its ‘Social Promotions’ feature to hold your contests. Then, you can choose your Instagram giveaway template and specify your hashtags and giveaway rules. 

You need to know that Wishpond is not a free Instagram giveaway picker. Quite the opposite! It has very high-priced packages. 

#4 Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a random comment picker tool designed to help you out with your IG contests. With this tool, you can pick out random winners for your Instagram and Facebook competitions. 

Unlike Gleam and Wishpond, Iconosquare is completely free to use. However, there’s something about this tool that raises eyebrows. And that’s the fact that to use its services, you need to log in with your Facebook or Instagram account first!

This means informing Instagram that you’re using third-party apps, which is against its terms of use. And, of course, you’ll be punished for it! You will either lose your account permanently or get shadowbanned or restricted from doing certain actions. 

As you see, it is a huge risk to use Iconosquare for the reasons mentioned above, and you should try to avoid such services for the sake of your account’s safety. Instead, try using the best free Instagram giveaway picker: AiGrow. It’s safe and risk-free!

#5 Instagram Comment Picker

As the name suggests, this is another Instagram comment picker that gives you a chance to hold your IG giveaways and choose a random winner from the participants who leave comments under your post. 

It’s worth mentioning that Comment Picker only works for Business and Creator accounts. Moreover, you are required to connect your Facebook account to the app to get started. We have already explained why this could endanger your IG account. 

Another downside of this platform is that it contains too many ads. And if you wish to get rid of them, you’ll have to purchase a premium account! 

#6 Woobox

ig comment picker

Woobox is an Instagram competition picker that promises to help you create and run successful giveaways, polls, forms, etc., on this platform. It allows you to download the comments under your posts and randomly select a winner.

This tool offers a giveaway picker for other social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The problem with Woobox is that its free plan is extremely limited regarding its features. For example, you can hold contests with only 100 participants a month! That’s not helpful, and you’ll have to purchase the premium plans to get things done.

#7 Wask

You have probably heard a lot about this one before. Some people consider Wask the best Instagram giveaway picker, free of risks. Yet, is that so? 

Wask is mainly focused on advertising campaigns on various digital platforms. So, it’s fair to say that it is an advertisement management tool rather than an Instagram tool. Maybe it’s better to use a service that is all about Instagram, don’t you think?

Anyways, the services it offers for Instagram include a free Instagram giveaway picker and an Influencer finder tool. According to the reviews and our personal experience, the influencer finder has many bugs and doesn’t function anymore. 

Speaking of the IG giveaway tool, it only gives you 2 free tries and requires you to pay to keep going. Also, many users have complained about something wrong with Woobox’s automated features.  

#8 App Sorteos

App Sorteos is not only an Instagram contest picker. It also provides its users other features, such as a trivia maker, a font generator, and a coin flipper.

 An Interesting feature of this platform is its ‘Multi-Network Giveaway’ that allows you to select winners from posts on various social media apps. It also has a YouTube and TikTok giveaway. 

We decided to test this service as well. App Sorteos claims to get your Instagram giveaway done by the URL of your contest post. However, it required us to install the AppSorteos extension on the Chrome browser when we pasted the URL of a post. 

The Best Instagram Giveaway Picker; Editor’s Pick

Due to several reasons mentioned earlier, Hoothemes believes that AiGrow is the best Instagram giveaway picker you can use for your IG competitions. It’s super safe and offers many great features compared to other giveaway apps on the market.

Instagram Giveaway Picker FAQs

So far, we’ve discussed all there is to IG giveaways and have introduced the best Instagram giveaway picker to make your experience as delightful as ever. Now, it’s time for some of your most frequently asked questions!

Do Giveaways Help Gain Followers?

In short, yes! All you need to do is to define a strategy for yourself first and find a well-developed Instagram giveaway app. Now, you can sit back and watch your followers, likes, and comments grow drastically and organically.

How Long Should an Instagram Giveaway Last?

It depends on many factors, such as the number of followers and the goal you’d like to achieve. However, 3 to 7 days is a good time span to consider since it gives your followers the time to see and interact with your post. Notice that if you make it too long, your followers are most probably going to forget about the contest altogether. 

Instagram Giveaway Picker; The Wrap

Instagram giveaways are fabulous ways to boost your engagement rate, create a positive atmosphere between you and your audience, and eventually lead to an increase in your sales. 

However, running giveaways on Instagram would be a time-consuming and daunting task if you had to do it manually and all by yourself.

In this article, we introduced 8 tools you can use to get your contests going on Instagram. Now, it’s your turn to make up your mind and put your knowledge into practice to skyrocket your business on Instagram!