YouTube Hacks in 2022: 15 Tricks and Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

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In this post, we will take a closer look at YouTube hacks that can help you bring more subscribers to your channel. YouTube is an excellent marketing platform, but for successful Youtube monetization, you first need subscribers to join your channel.

The good news is that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform on social media, with 2.3 billion visitors each month — a number expected to grow in the future. According to the latest Youtube statistics, 79 percent of internet users have a YouTube account. Moreover, YouTube viewers watch over one billion hours of videos every day, with 720,000 hours of videos uploaded daily. 

The bad news is that getting more subscribers to your channel is not always easy but challenging, unfortunately. Nevertheless, this article will hopefully provide you with practical YouTube tricks and tips on how to get more YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Hacks: 15 Tricks and Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

There are many YouTube hacks and tricks that you can use to make your channel more attractive to viewers and subscribers. Let’s find out how to get views on YouTube using these hacks.

YouTube Hack #1: Provide Consistent and Regular Content-Uploading

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you should have a consistent and constant content strategy. Stability is an essential YouTube hack. Successful YouTubers upload videos regularly, and they often stick to the same style or genre of videos. Even the most well-known brands have to upload multiple videos. The more videos you make, the more visitors you will have for your channel, and views are required to get subscribers on YouTube.

Besides posting videos regularly, most importantly, be consistent in your choice of topic. It is a crucial YouTube Subscribers hack that you had better follow. If you jump from topic to topic in your videos, you will never build awareness of yourself and what you potentially do on YouTube. Thus, it is better to focus on one topic you are most passionate about and tell the best stories. You can take advantage of some YouTube content calendar templates available online.  Once you’ve streamlined content publishing, you can start cross-sharing content to your social accounts. For example, you can share videos from YouTube to Instagram to create more engagement with your audience.

YouTube Hack #2: Produce Outstanding Content

With over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, your videos must be distinguishable and unique enough for viewers to click. For the YouTube Video hack, here are some tips:

  • Add captivating video titles, trailers, and thumbnails. For instance, create a title that raises curiosity or interest. 
  • Deliver the content that explains your best-kept secrets and most effective strategies. Share useful and valuable information. Ensure your content is designed so that when your audience runs into a problem that they cannot solve, they will come to your channel for help. When making an educational video, provide your audience with step-by-step instructions.
  • Remember that users find channels that speak directly to them more interesting on YouTube.
  • Adding closed captions or subtitles makes your content available to a larger audience. Doing so also improves the search engine optimization (SEO) ranking for your video.
YouTube hacks: Closed Caption Helps Video’s SEO to Increase Viewership
Closed Caption Helps Video’s SEO to Increase Viewership
  • Also, including a memorable ending or a question at the end of your videos is one of the most useful YouTube hacks. If you do so, you leave the viewer with something to think about. This tactic encourages comments as well. 
  • Finally, focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity approach. In other words, concentrate on uploading pretty amazing videos consistently. 

YouTube Hack #3: Ask Viewers to Subscribe

YouTube views are useless if you don’t have any subscribers in the long run. In your videos, ask viewers to give a like, subscribe and leave a comment. 

  • At the end of a video, simply thank viewers and ask them to subscribe to the channel. Provide instructions on how to do it, i.e., by clicking the bell and subscribe button below. Tell them if they subscribe, what opportunities will be available to them. Give them a guided tour, so they know where everything is. Furthermore, you can search for “subscribe animation green screen,” and you will find plenty of free options on the Internet to stimulate your audience with calls to action.  
  • Give your viewers a reason to subscribe to the channel. Giveaways or doing something intriguing when you reach a specific subscriber count is one of the most well-known YouTube hacks to get more subscribers.

YouTube Hack #4: Link Viewers to Other Similar Videos on Your Channel

Suggested videos are YouTube tricks that appear in the corner of a video as it is playing. One or two well-placed suggestions can help viewers discover your other videos with similar topics and eventually encourage some to take action and subscribe. Besides making your videos easier to navigate, this YouTube hack will reveal your expertise in specific topics. If someone discovers that your channel has many videos they like, they will subscribe and even share it with others — which is why suggested linked videos are considered good YouTube subscribers hack. Recommends videos are often placed within the last 20% of a video when viewers are likely looking for what to watch next.

YouTube hacks: The linked video is a YouTube trick allowing viewers to discover related videos on a channel. 
The linked video is a YouTube trick allowing viewers to discover related videos on a channel. 

YouTube Hack #5: Interact with YouTube Community 

Like any other social media, such as Instagram or TikTok, you will achieve better results when interacting with the YouTube community. There are some YouTube hacks for building engaging interactions:

  • Ask questions about what they want to see covered in the upcoming video. Try to give specific answers to specific questions that users have. 
  • Engage with comments on your videos. Use YouTube’s comment management dashboard to make things simpler.
  • Learn how to post a message to your YouTube subscribers using the feed update feature.
  • Last but not least, try to establish a relationship with your audience and build up a certain level of trust. Try to respond to every single comment you can because doing so will foster relationships and trust with your audience. By the way, it is always a great feeling for users to know that the video creator is paying attention to what they say and replying to their comments. If you leave a positive impression on your audience, you are much more likely to gain their support.
  • Consider viewers as your guests, and welcome them warmly into your videos.

YouTube Hack #6: Retain YouTube Subscribers

More than 50 million content creators on the platform strive to engage their subscribers, making them stay and stick around. Getting new subscribers isn’t everything, but maintaining them is also necessary. And one of the YouTube hacks to accomplish this is to send them messages. For more information on how to post messages to YouTube subscribers, click here.

YouTube Hack #7: YouTube Hacks for Analyzing Data 

Analyze the data on your YouTube channel to see which videos are most effective for creating subscribers. For this purpose, you can use the VidIQ tool. This tool is free to download and will help you better research YouTube, analyze videos, audit your channel, and take appropriate steps to help grow your channel. You can also go to YouTube analytics, click on subscribers, then go to the YouTube watch page. There you can see which videos have generated more subscribers for your channel. 

YouTube Hack #8: Add Music from YouTube’s Audio Library 

Discover some best practices for adding music to your content. For instance, YouTube creator Mystery Guitar Man (aka Joe Penna) teaches some music addition techniques to get views on YouTube hack. Furthermore, take a look at YouTube’s Audio Library. The music library contains songs in just every genre and mood. In the library, you’ll find everything from laugh tracks to an old engine sputter. To access the Youtube Audio Library, follow these steps: 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. On the left, select Audio library.
  3. You can choose Free music or Sound effects from the upper tabs.
  4. Preview audio files by clicking the Play icon.
  5. Click the arrow to download the track you want.

YouTube Hack #9: Use artistic effects As YouTube Hacks 

YouTube’s feature lets you blur objects or faces in your videos. Additionally, many tutorial videos on Youtube teach you how to add artistic effects and edit or add tags to your content. Then do not worry. You only have to learn these techniques and apply them in your videos step by step. 

YouTube Hack #10: Organize Your YouTube Channel’s Content 

YouTube playlists allow you to organize your page for fans and viewers conveniently. With the help of playlists, there is a list of videos organized by a particular subject, category, topic, theme, product, etc. Each video plays automatically after another without pressing the play button repeatedly as each video ends. Here’s how to make a YouTube playlist:

  1.  Find a video you want to add to the playlist.
  2. Under the video, click Save.
  3. Click + Create new playlist
  4. Give it a name.
  5. Click Create.

YouTube Hack #11: Add Blocked Words to the YouTube Hacks List. 

Another YouTube hack to ensure inappropriate language does not appear on your feed is a blocked words list. Add words or phrases you do not want in your comments, whether vulgar, controversial, inappropriate —or simply unrelated. Comments that include blocked words or phrases will be held for review before they are shown publicly. How to create a blocked words list for YouTube comments: 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Choose Settings from the left menu, then select Community.
  3. Go to the Blocked Words field. Add the words or phrases you would like blocked, separated by commas.

YouTube Hack #12: Use Google Trends for Youtube Content Inspiration

 If you want to make video content on YouTube but don’t know where to begin, try Google trends to get some inspiration. Go to Google Trends and add your intended search word. Once you have your results, click the below menu that says Web Search and then select YouTube Search. You can filter results by time, geography, or region. Look at related topics and queries to see what searches people are making. This way, you can find relevant keywords to improve organic search results and rank with YouTube’s algorithm.

YouTube Hacks: use Google trends
YouTube Hacks for Content Inspiration and SEO 

For example, you may run a food business on Youtube. In Google trends, search topics such as: how to bake. Under related shown queries, you’ll find what people are searching for. These results will give you good clues for starting your way. 

YouTube Hack #13: Create a Stunning YouTube Channel Trailer

On YouTube, the first impression is a crucial factor. One of the most effective YouTube hacks to win the hearts of new viewers on your channel is to create a captivating trailer. A trailer is a video designed to help viewers discover your channel quickly. When enabled, the trailer is displayed at the top of your YouTube channel page and plays automatically for your unsubscribed visitors. For more information about YouTube trailers and how they work, visit this page

YouTube Hack #14: Make YouTube Channel Look Professional

Here are some YouTube tricks and tips: 

  • Improving the “About page” on your channel will help you get more subscribers. It helps viewers exactly understand who you are and what your channel is about. So try to write well-thought descriptions about yourself and the kind of content you will produce on your channel. 
  • Create and add channel art. YouTube banners will draw more attention to your channel. 
  • Also, in the YouTube channel banner, add links to your other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. It is important because YouTube subscribers might want to visit you on other sites. 

YouTube Hack #15: Use Social Media to Promote YouTube Channel

Go to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on to find a new audience for your content. Once you gain followers, then you can post links to your YouTube channel and invite them to watch your content over there. Therefore, take advantage of other social media platforms to grow your YouTube channel. For more information, check out this blog

Final words on Popular YouTube Hacks and Tricks

First, remember that the YouTube views hack is not an overnight success. It takes hard work day and night for every single view and every single subscriber. It would be best to implement particular YouTube hacks and tricks that encourage users to subscribe to your channel and stick with you. 

We discussed some of the YouTube tricks and tips, and I hope that this article will help you with that and ultimately assist you in getting more subscribers. If you want your YouTube channel to be successful and gain many subscribers, you must educate yourself in the various ways to achieve that goal. By applying everything we have talked about in this article, updating your information, and doing some hard work day by day, you will be well on your way to improving your YouTube subscriber count soon. Take action, be a doer, not a dreamer!

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