10 Best Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement in 2022

In this blog you're going to learn 10 tested ways to boost Instagram engagement.
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Want to boost Instagram engagement but don’t know how? Well, you are not the only person struggling with this issue. The Instagram algorithm can help you grow on Instagram if you have a good engagement rate. So, if you want to learn the best ways to boost your Instagram engagement, keep reading this article.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 10 Ways

Sometimes, it can get frustrating that you spend time and effort but do not get what you expect in return. Instagram marketing is one of those things that you require to do exactly what you should to get the desired results. 

Let’s now discover the best Instagram marketing strategies that can help you increase Instagram engagement and improve the stats on your Instagram dashboard

Instagram Engagement Tip #1: Post at the Right Time

Posting at the wrong time when your audience is offline or posting infrequently can restrict your Instagram engagement. While there are some strategies to boost Instagram engagement, publishing when your followers are most active is a surefire approach to do so.

Instagram’s algorithm favors posts that create a lot of engagement in a short time, and it will frequently promote those posts to the top of your followers’ feeds. So, time matters a lot in your engagement. Accordingly, you should find the best time to post by checking when most of your followers are online.

Instagram Engagement Tip #2: Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Taking a brief look at the statistics, we can come to know that over 500 million Instagram users use Instagram stories every day. Most people engage very well with Instagram stories.

Using Instagram stories stickers is a great way to make your Instagram stories engaging and interesting. Instagram Stories can get your followers to interact with you and share their thoughts and experiences, which will help you build a loyal following that feels connected to your company.

You can use a question box, quiz sticker, countdown sticker, etc., to get your followers to talk to you and engage with your stories. 

Instagram Engagement Tip #3: Encourage Saving Your Posts

Comments, shares, and saves on Instagram are specifically important for Instagram. Creating more content that encourages your audience to hit the save button is one of the best strategies to enhance engagement.

If you are a fashion blogger, you can share educational posts. For instance, what tall people should wear, what shoes go well with jeans, etc. Then, create a multiple-slide album and share it as a post. Interested people would likely save your post later when they want to buy clothes or shoes. The more information you give in your post, the more likely your followers will save your post. The reason is that they may feel that they may forget all the points you’ve made in your post.

Instagram Engagement Tip #4: Share Interest-based Content

Posting tailored and data-driven content is an effective strategy, and it will help drive engagement as well. Begin by examining your own data. Can you tell when customers like to buy from you the most, for example? 

Share the data with your followers in a post or story to gain more trust for your brand. In addition, use all the data when creating your Instagram content calendar and consider your followers’ interests in your posts. While creating data-driven content requires more work and planning, the effort will be well worth it because it helps you boost your Instagram engagement rate.

Instagram Engagement Tip #5: Spend Time on Writing Captions

The length of your Instagram caption is limited to 2,200 characters. This means that you can provide a lot of information to your audience. The time spent on the post is one of the parameters influencing how well your Instagram post performs in the algorithm. Writing longer captions is one of the simplest strategies to increase your Instagram engagement. So, the more time you spend writing Instagram captions, the more likely your followers spend more time on your posts.

Instagram Engagement Tip #6: Show Authenticity

Authenticity on Instagram is another important thing you should pay attention to. We see many brands present a more real and vulnerable side of themselves. A high level of authenticity can go a long way toward strengthening your connection with your audience, which leads to increased engagement.

Brands are now using their Instagram feeds, IGTV, and Instagram Reels to offer more information about their company’s mission, challenges, and why they do what they do. More business owners may begin to use Instagram this year to expose the inner workings of their companies, organize live Q&As, etc.

Instagram Engagement Tip #7: Entertain Your Followers

It takes time, work, and planning to create the perfect Instagram post. By incorporating memes and hot topics into their content, we see an increasing number of brands include bits of humor and pop culture references into their posts. 

Keeping your Instagram feed serious and strict can lead to dissatisfaction and boredom for your followers. If you want your followers to engage with you, you should add fun to some of your posts and stories. 

Instagram Engagement Tip #8: Use Relevant Hashtags

Understanding which hashtags bring more people to your posts is critical to increasing your Instagram engagement. The point about using hashtags that you should pay attention to is that they should be relevant to your post. You should not share a makeup tips post and add sports-related hashtags. 

Moreover, you should avoid using too-popular hashtags and get your post lost among the many upcoming posts with the same hashtag.

Look at the example of relevant hashtags by @pullandbear:

It's also critical to use hashtags properly since using them will positively impact Instagram engagement.
See how @pullandbear uses relevant tags in their post.

Instagram Engagement Tip #9: Encourage Post Sharing 

Users can now share feed posts to their Instagram Stories or Direct Messages, a useful feature that will help you reach even more people. Note that you should create content that your audience will want to share. Shareable content, like saveable content, must be closely related to your audience’s wants and needs. Consider infographics, quotes, or data that is worth sharing.

Plus, you can track and measure how often your grid post has been shared to stories, making it even easier to see which post performs best.

Instagram Engagement Tip #10: Make Videos

You can enhance interaction on your Instagram page by including more video content in your content plan. However, making video content does not have to be difficult; it may be rather simple.

You don’t have to hire a video-making team to create video content. Using a smartphone and an online video editor, and of course, a good idea, you can create a cool video that can get a lot of good feedback. In addition, Instagram Reels is a fun way to try out bite-sized content, learn about a new video feature, and interact with your followers.

Final Words on Boosting Instagram Engagement

While there’s no disputing that Instagram is a competitive environment, many inventive strategies still boost your Instagram engagement. So try using these techniques the next time you plan and structure your Instagram post and see how your audience reacts. Good luck with your efforts!

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