How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story in 7 Easy Steps

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story in 7 Easy Steps
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Wondering how to add multiple photos to Instagram Story and attract your followers’ attention? Then this article is for you!

Instagram’s unique features are one of the reasons it is used by billions of people. A story feature is one of those that is a great choice for people who want to stay in touch with their friends. About half of all Instagram users create and view stories daily since the Instagram story feature was introduced in late 2016. 

Your Instagram story might benefit from multiple photos if you are on vacation or attending an exciting event. In such scenarios adding multiple photos to your Instagram story is perfect for letting your friends and family members become part of those amazing moments.

As you know, Instagram stories allow you to add photos or videos that only last 24 hours before disappearing permanently. As it is believed, Instagram stories increase engagement. That’s why we have provided you with step-by-step instructions for learning how to add multiple photos to one Instagram story to share content with your audience and also boost your account’s engagement rate. 

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story on Android

Unlike regular Instagram posts, Instagram stories are less permanent and more casual. You can create a unique collage with multiple images if you want to add more content to your Instagram stories. Adding multiple pictures to the Instagram story can boost engagement and help you get more Instagram followers.

To learn how to post multiple photos on an Instagram story, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram on your Android device by tapping on the app icon.
  1. Click the “Your Story” link in the upper-right corner to go to the story section.
  1. Choose between saved photos or uploading new ones.
    1. You can access all your saved photos by clicking the image icon on your phone’s camera roll.
    2. You can upload any pictures you like to your Instagram story by selecting it from your gallery and clicking the “select multiple” option.
How to add multiple photos to Instagram story - Step 1
  1. Choose a background color.
    1. In addition to choosing a background color, you can upload a photo or take one yourself. 
  1. Selecting extra photos
    1. Each image will have a number next to it when you select it. As your image is uploaded, this number will indicate its order. Navigate back, deselect the pictures, and select them again to change the order.
  1. Adding extra elements:
    1. Adding extra elements to your story can take it to the next level. Learning how to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story professionally depends on using the additional elements!
    2. The additional elements available on Instagram stories are optional. But it is recommended to take advantage of them to enhance your story. In this way, by adding Instagram multiple photos, you would attract your follower’s attention, and they do not miss them out!
    3. Your Instagram story can be made relevant and modern with stickers, text, location tags, and drawings. Adding a gif to your pictures will help you convey your message more effectively. Doing this can add movement and color to your static image.
    4. Additionally, you can use the “ask me a question” or the poll sticker to improve engagement with your brand by encouraging your followers to interact with you. Some people may like to add some links to their stories to show something great to their followers, you can follow the instructions to meet your needs.
  1. Click “Next” to end the process.

After clicking “next,” your Instagram story will publish multiple pictures visible to your followers. 

how to add multiple photos to Instagram story

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story on iPhone

To understand how to post multiple photos on an Instagram story on iPhone, you need to follow these simple and easy-to-use steps:

  1. Click on the “sticker.”
    1. First, you must click on the “sticker.” You can find it on the top menu.
  1. Select photos
    1. Now, you can access the “photo” feature by selecting the “photo” button on the pop-up menu. Here your gallery will show the last photo you uploaded.
  1. Add photos
    1. In this stage, you can add a picture by tapping on it.
    2. You can adjust the size and position with your fingers. By tapping on the photo, you can also change its shape. Circles, stars, squares, rectangles, and hearts are available.
  1. Choose the “photo” tool from the “sticker” icon
  2. Now it’s time to choose another photo and upload it.
    1. Every time you add a photo, follow the same steps.
  3. Tap the “your story” button
    1. After you have completed the editing process, tap “your story” in the bottom-left corner.  It is not possible to add more than one picture. You can add multiple photos to one story on Instagram as many as you wish.  
    2. Note: Make sure all the pictures are visible when positioning them.
  4. It’s time to publish it!

It is now time for you to learn how to add multiple photos to one Instagram story. It’s that simple.

How To Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story: The TL; DR Version

That’s all there was on how to add multiple photos to Instagram story. There is no limit to the number of photos you can add to a single story. All your photos’ shapes, positions, and dimensions can be customized. Instagram stories and posts featuring multiple images will save your time, increase your engagement, and create cohesive aesthetics for your account. By following the above steps, you will master how to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story well.

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