+220 Creative Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for All Niches

+220 Creative Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for All Niches
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Are you looking for creative Ask Me a Question Instagram ideas for your next Instagram story? Then this post is all you need to read. We’ve covered a comprehensive compilation of Instagram story questions for users of all stripes.

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+220 Questions to Ask on Instagram Story for Different Niches

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms primarily because it is always innovating new ways for users to communicate with one another.

Instagram story questions, coupled with an Instagram content calendar that fully outlines posts you need to schedule and publish, can greatly impact your Instagram marketing and help you generate more followers and turn them into loyal audiences, in addition to contributing to a better engagement rate.

In the following sections, you’ll see more than 220 questions to ask on Instagram story for the most popular active niches.

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Business Accounts

If you run a business Instagram account, you can use these questions to drive engagement:

1. What problem does your business solve?

2. How does your business generate income?

3. Which parts of your business are not profitable?

4. Is your cash flow positive each month?

5. What is your pricing strategy and why?

6. How effectively do employees generate revenue?

7. What is your customer retention rate?

8. Will your customers make referrals?

9. Who are your most valuable customers?

10.  Is your social media strategy effective?

11.  How do you manage your time?

12.  How do you come up with business ideas?

13.  What are you passionate about in your business?

14.  What’s your 10-year goal?

15.  If you weren’t running your business, what would you do?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Food Accounts

Here are some of the best questions to ask in your Instagram stories if you run a food account, which is one of the best ways to create contact with your followers:

1. What country food do you love?

2. What kinds of food can you cook? 

3. How would you describe your country’s food?

4. What’s your favorite kind of meat?

5. What’s your favorite kind of ethnic food?

6. What’s your favorite snack?

7. What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant?

8. Do you ever go to expensive restaurants?

9. What do you look for in a restaurant?

10.  What do you usually order when you go to a restaurant?

11.  What is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten?

12.  What is the most expensive restaurant that you have ever been to?

13.  Do you like going to fried-chicken restaurants?

14.  Do you make hamburgers and French Fries at home?

15.  What do you like to drink with your hamburger or pizza?

16.  What do you think about diets?

17.  How many calories do you eat per day?

18.  Do you have any plans to gain weight?

19.  Do you have any plans to lose weight?

20.  What do you usually have for lunch?

21.  What lunch can you prepare?

22.  Which one is better? A picnic in the park or a meal in a restaurant?

23.  Which one do you prefer? Cake or ice cream?

24.  Do you ever eat leftover food?

25.  Do you have any food allergies?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Fashion Accounts

If you run a fashion Instagram account and want to increase interaction with your followers, consider asking the following questions:

1. What would you wear to a formal dinner?

2. Do you prefer brand-name clothes?

3. What style of hats would you wear?

4. What accessories do men wear/carry?

5. What style would a trendy young woman wear?

6. What fashion groups are there in your culture?

7. What would you never wear to a wedding?

8. What material is uncomfortable in summer?

9. What’s the most expensive thing you own?

10.  What item of clothing is uncomfortable in summer?

11.  What items of clothing are uncomfortable?

12.  What is a major fashion faux pas?

13.  Who is the best-dressed person?

14.  What clothes or hairstyles are from the 70s or 80s?

15.  What items of clothing do people not wear anymore?

16.  What clothing do only children wear?

17.  In your country, do you have to wear a school uniform? 

18.  What would you wear to meet royalty?

19.  Would you go to a fancy-dress party?

20.  What would you wear to a disco?

21.  What wouldn’t you wear to a wedding?

22.  What is your favorite article of clothing?

23.  What’s your favorite color for clothes?

24.  What two things you wouldn’t wear together?

25.  What fabrics do you like?

26.  What is the longest you’ve ever worn your hair?

27.  Do you like to wear a school uniform?

28.  What fabrics do you think are beautiful?

29.  What color would you wear on a first date?

30.  What clothes would you wear on a first date?

31.  What would you wear to a romantic meal?

32.  What is a relaxing color?

33.  Where is a fashionable city in your country?

34.  Is your friend fashionable?

35.  Why do some people ignore fashion?

36.  Who is the most fashionable teacher?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Movies Accounts

If you have a movie account, you can make it much more interesting by using these questions:

1. How long should a movie be?

2. Are sequels ever as good as the original?

3. How do you choose which movie to watch?

4. What have you learned from foreign films?

5. Which one do you prefer, dubbed or with subtitles?

6. Does violence in films and on television inspire violence in real life?

7. Do you think age restrictions for films are effective?

8. What genres of movies do you like?

9. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

10.  What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?

11.  Is going to the movies too expensive?

12.  Who is the most beautiful actress?

13.  Who is the most handsome actor?

14.  Who do you think is a talented actor?

15.  Do you like animated movies?

16.  What’s the best snack to eat during a movie?

17.  What’s the best horror film?

18.  What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

19.  Do you cry during movies?

20.  Netflix or Hulu?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Beauty Accounts

The most engaging Instagram questions for a beauty account to ask their followers:

1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup product?

2. What is your earliest makeup memory?

3. What is your favorite place to shop for makeup?

4. Where do you go for makeup inspirations?

5. Do you wear makeup every day?

6. What’s your favorite color of makeup?

7. What’s your favorite makeup item?

8. Do you remove your makeup before you sleep?

9. Why do you wear makeup?

10.  How often do you wear makeup?

11.  Do you use a facial mask?

12.  How often do you exfoliate your skin?

13.  What types of lotions do you use?

14.  Do you buy makeup online?

15.  What brands of makeup do you use?

16.  What is the best color of lipstick for your lips?

17.  Do you wear colored contact lenses?

18.  What kind of soap do you use?

19.  How often do you exfoliate your skin?

20.  How much makeup is too much?

21.  Is it ok for men to wear makeup?

22.  Would you ever get your eyebrows tattooed?

23.  Do you go out without makeup?

24.  Do you wear sunscreen?

25.  Have you had freckles, or dots, removed?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Travel Accounts

In case you have a travel-themed Instagram account, here are some great Instagram Story questions to consider asking:

1. What is your favorite city?

2. How many countries have you been to?

3. What is your favorite travel song?

4. Beach or mountains?

5. Have you fallen in love while traveling?

6. Have you ever been on a safari?

7. Describe a dream travel experience.

8. What’s your most valuable travel possession?

9. Have you ever flown first class?

10.  Have you ever been on a cruise?

11.  Have you ever been camping?

12.  What’s your drink of choice on a plane?

13.  What is your remedy for jet lag?

14.  What’s the best gift to give a traveler?

15.  Have you ever been abroad?

16.  Are you afraid of going abroad alone?

17.  Do you like to travel with children?

18.  Active or relaxing holidays?

19.  What are some benefits of travel?

20.  Did you ever travel with your school?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Lifestyle Accounts

Here are some of the best questions you can ask on Instagram to get more engagement from your lifestyle-oriented audience:

1. Do you drink alcohol?

2. Do you smoke?

3. How do you manage stress?

4. Do you meditate?

5. Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?

6. Do you think diets are useful?

7. Do you pay attention to what you eat?

8. What do you think about smoking?

9. How much do you sleep?

10.  When do you sleep and wake up?

11.  What makes you feel accomplished?

12.  Do you journal daily?

13.  What is your stress level like?

14.   How well are you sleeping?

15.  How do you feel when you wake up?

16.  What were your eating habits like as a kid?

17.  What are your eating habits like now?

18.  What (if anything) are you unwilling to give up?

19.  What kind of exercise are you doing right now?

20.  What food or movement restrictions do you have?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Health & Wellness Accounts

In case you run a health and wellness Instagram account, here are some of the most engaging questions you can pose to your followers:

1. How often do you exercise?

2. What’s your healthiest habit?

3. Is obesity a great problem where you live?

4. Is nutrition important to you?

5. Are you a calorie counter?

6. Best diet meal ever?

7. Do you take health supplements?

8. Stairs or lift?

9. Best tip for everyday fitness?

10.  What’s your morning routine?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Music Accounts

Best ask me a question Instagram story idea for your music account: 

1. How often do you listen to music?

2. What genres of music do you like?

3. Can you sing well?

4. Do you enjoy dancing?

5. Do you do karaoke?

6. Do you like musicals?

7. Can you play a musical instrument?

8. What’s your favorite music video?

9. What is your favorite song?

10.  Do videos help you enjoy the music more?

11.  Who is your favorite musician?

12.  Where do you get your music from?

13.  Spotify or Apple music?

14.  Can you read music?

15.  Do you like jazz?

16.  Do you sing while taking a bath?

17.  Can you sing?

18.  Does music affect unborn children?

19.  Do you prefer rock or classical music?

20.  Do you mind singing to other people?

21.  What was the last CD that you bought?

22.  Do you listen to music while you work?

23.  Have you ever been to a concert?

24.  Who is your favorite composer?

25.  If you could be a musician, who would you be?

26.   Can you play the drums?

27.  Can you play the guitar?

28.  Do you like country music?

29.  Do you like old-school music?

30.  Do you listen to rap?

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas for Photography Accounts

Below are some great inquiries to put in your Instagram story if you’re a photographer or you run a photography account: 

1. Are you good at photography?

2. What gear do you use?

3. Which lens is your favorite?

4. What is your favorite gear?

5. What are your favorite settings?

6. What’s your workflow like?

7. What are your favorite photos?

8. Whose work has influenced you the most?

9. Who’s your favorite photographer?

10.  What is the best photo that you took?

11.  How many photos do you shoot a year?

12.  Do you shoot in color or black and white?

13.  What makes a good photographer?

14.  How would you fix a soft image in photoshop?

15.  What is a polarizer filter?

16.  What do you have in your camera bag?

17.  When would you use a macro lens?

18.  What’s your struggle as a photographer?

19.  What inspires your photos?

20.  Why do you take photos?

Wrapping Up All There is to Instagram Story Questions

You’ve just finished reading perhaps the most comprehensive post on the web about Ask Me a Question Instagram ideas.

Instagram storiesAsk Me a Question feature is one great option that contributes to better communication between the platform’s users. To interact with their audience and followers, this feature can be very helpful.

Aside from everything discussed, you may also want to consider learning how to use Instagram filters and get familiar with the best Instagram filters available and combine them with the Instagram story questions you discovered in this post and grow your account better than before.