33 Clever Instagram Hacks to Maximize Growth in 2023

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Instagram has become the favored global platform where over 1.3 billion users share their photos and videos. Consequently, the prevalence of Instagram hacks has been increasing over time.

It has also become undeniably crucial for businesses to make a name for their brands and introduce their products in the shortest and most effective way among more interested people.

One of the most critical metrics in social media marketing is the number of your followers, and a lot of time and effort is needed to grow the number of your followers. In this article, you learn more than thirty Instagram hacks to get more followers on Instagram and take your account to the next level of marketing on Instagram.

What Is Instagram Growth Hacking?

Gaining the largest possible number of followers in the shortest time is growth hacking. Instagram growth hacks are a set of multiple techniques to find the most efficient content that has the chance of going viral. You need to know your audience, be targeted and have clear plans to succeed.

In the following, we’ll go over some of the most effective Instagram hacks:

Top 33 Instagram Hacks to Get More Followers and Maximize Growth

Getting more Instagram followers is no easy job; to increase the number of your followers, you should make use of different parts and features of Instagram. 

The very first things that can convince a person to follow you are your aesthetic profile and your bio; next is using the features in the right way; we’ll discuss them in detail.

Growing your followers is not something that can be done overnight. You need to know how to make the best use of the app and take advantage of some strategies. By following these Instagram hacks, you can reach a wider audience. So keep reading to find out more!

Instagram Hack #1: Leverage an Instagram Follower Booster

Utilizing a follower booster is one of the best Instagram hacks, allowing you to maximize your reach and engagement. When it comes to the ultimate tool, the V-User follower booster stands out.

With V-User, you’re not just purchasing a tool; you’re investing in a lifetime of Instagram excellence. And with a 7-Day money-back guarantee, the potential rewards far outweigh any risks.

Now let’s take a look at some of the top features of V-User:

  • Bulk following
  • Effortless unfollowing and unrequest
  • Leverage hashtags and comments
  • Username extraction at your fingertips
  • Human-like behavior with mouse simulation
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Detect and delete fake followers
  • Secure and password-free interaction
  • Task reports in Excel format

Take the leap, empower your Instagram journey, and unlock a new level of success with V-User today!

Instagram Hack #2: Switch to a Business Account 

A business account gives you access to analytics and insights, so you can see who your followers are, what days and times they are more active, what content they like best, and to make it short, it provides you with detailed statistics of every individual post.

Instagram Hack #3: Give People a Reason to Follow You 

People see your username, profile picture, post feeds, and bio to decide whether they want to follow you or not.

It’s smart to choose a relevant and appropriate username and profile picture; it helps people find you more straightforwardly, and the chance of remembering your account’s info increases.

And don’t just put your slogan and credentials in your bio; you want to make a clear picture of what your potential followers can learn or see on your page.

Instagram Hack #4: Understand Your Niche and Content-Type

To help your account’s growth, you should understand your niche and know what content you want to post. The next step is to create the content, and by observing your audience’s behavior and the “insight,” you can find out which content is more appealing to your audience.

Instagram Hack #5: Use All the Instagram Formats 

You have different formats to use on Instagram, and by utilizing all, you can make a broader territory to draw people’s attention.

  • Feed posts: best quality photos and videos, and they are permanently on your page. You can also make carousel posts.
  • Stories: content with a 24-hour life span, primarily used for less severe posts. You can use the highlight feature to have your stories permanently on your account.

Instagram Hack #6: Instagram Story Hacks 

You can consider using some story hacks to have more beautiful stories and increase the engagement rate of your account.

You can beautify your posts using the available editing tools, resize your images, customize with color, and apply different fonts. 

Another feature is the Instagram story stickers and options like music, hashtags, gifs, countdown, location, etc.

And the last one is being able to repost your feed story and as a result, you can increase the reach and engagement.

  • Reels: short videos specially made for entertainment and fun
  • Lives: real-time videos, perfect for tutorials and interviews.

Instagram Hack #7: Engage with Audiences

After finding your niche, the next step to Instagram hacks and keeping your followers is engaging with them. Reply to their comments, answer questions in DM, and every now and then, like and comment on their posts. Creating a friendship with your followers can boost the interaction and gradually increase the chance of getting more followers.

It is, of course, a time-consuming task to do, but it is also a proven way of maximizing growth.

Instagram Hack #8: Give All Your Followers a Follow Back 

People will engage more if you value them. You can simply follow them back and like or comment on a few of their posts and sound like a friendly person to them. By doing so, you can encourage them to share your posts and tag you, which gradually brings about UGC.

Instagram Hack #9: Take Advantage of UGC 

Creating relevant and high-quality content is crucial, but sharing user-generated content is another essential factor.

Sharing UGCs is one of the best ways to build trust with customers. A business’s promotional content can never beat the content that users generate; It helps lift your credibility; and by reposting users’ content, they probably share your post again, and you can expand your outreach and get a high engagement.

To encourage more UGC, you can make fun-to-use branded hashtags and run contests where entrants post a picture of your brand and engage and repost that content.

Instagram Hack #10: Create an Aesthetic Feed Theme

Now that you have the perfect content by following these Instagram hacks, you need to create an Instagram feed theme. It is vital to have a consistent style based on your content and relevant to your niche. For example, if you have a cafe, your feed theme should have beautiful and unique images of your place, the food, and the coffee you serve.

In this case, you can help visitors recognize your niche immediately and follow you if your content is in line with their interests.

It makes your account more eye-catching and noticeable. In addition to that, if you own a business page on Instagram, make sure your invoice template matches your theme. For that, you can use free invoice generators such as Luzenta.

Instagram Hack #11: Leverage Creative Videos 

Videos are more popular among audiences as compared to images. They are more engaging, but the ones with more creativity and fun ideas get more engagement and will be shared more.

Post-high-quality videos that are related, fun, and shareable.

Instagram Hack #12: Use Instagram Metrics 

With the help of Instagram metrics, you can monitor your business performance and keep track of all the progress you are making.

Checking “insights” and analytics will help you to have a better understanding of your social engagement, and some management tools can be used for a more professional and detailed report. By following these Instagram hacks, you’ll likely experience a significant boost in your engagement!

Instagram Hack #13: Write Engaging Captions 

Instagram is a race where the coolest caption and image wins first place. That’s also one of the many reasons users are looking for Instagram hacks to help them stand out from the competition.

You need to choose captions and ideas that are incredibly catchy to almost everyone so that you can get a better engagement rank and, as a result, get more followers.

Instagram Hack #14: Use Specific Hashtags Branded Hashtags

Instagram hashtags play the same role as Google keywords, and they are of different types.

Using a mix of hashtag types correctly can enormously boost your followers’ engagement. What is the point of a fantastic post that is not in the public eye? 

There are a lot of hashtags available on Instagram, but be creative and create a follower-friendly branded hashtag that your followers are able to use in the future.

Tip: You can add 30 hashtags for each feed post and 10 for your story, but adding a few related and trendy hashtags is good enough.

Instagram Hack #15: Be Transparent 

Transparency means being open and honest about your products and services, pricing, values, and generally your business.

Transparency makes trust, which is essential for a long-lasting relationship. So, whether you are a marketer or the brand marketer, keep everything crystal clear to help your followers believe you. 

Instagram Hack #16: Avoid Fake Followers 

Instagram marketing is such a dead-heat competition that many users are tempted to buy followers to get ahead of other competitors. However, remember that the number of followers will not bring you any engagement.

Organic followers are loyal to you and your brand and are more likely to support you; on the contrary, fake followers will significantly decrease your engagement rate, and since buying followers is against Instagram terms of use to buy followers, your account may be banned, and it will harm your reputation.

Instagram Hack #17: Use Trendy Content

Posting relevant content is vital, but you need to be dealing with up-to-date data as well. 

You can start by including the most recent Instagram trends, like posting about the pandemic and its effect on your business, or run a cause marketing campaign.

With the help of the trendiest content, your post gets a better chance to reach the Explore tab and increase its engagement rate.

Instagram Hack #18: Add Call-To-Actions 

A call to action is a prompt on a website or social media app asking users to take some specified steps like “double tab if….” or “tag a person who….” 

A CTA can be within the post itself, written in the caption, or a sticker posted on the story, and since people are sharing them with interested users, the chances are high to get a noticeable reach and followers. 

Instagram Hack #19: Interact with Influencers 

Influencer marketing is a well-known method of increasing brand awareness and popularity. Influencers have a vast following number and gained trust among users, and their power in social media is undeniable.

To start your journey, you need to find the influencer(s) with whom you share the same niche and collaborate with them. 

Instagram Hack #20: Post at the Right Time 

Posting at the right time exposes your content to more users, and you get more interaction sooner; it can indicate to the algorithm that your post is interesting. You can use analytics and Instagram Insights to schedule your post and understand when is the best time to share posts.

Instagram Hack #21: Post Consistently 

Posting consistently means posting regularly, and it enables the Instagram algorithm to land your posts on people’s feeds, stories, Explore tab, and Reels more.

This is one of the Instagram hacks to expose your posts to more users and help get more followers.

Instagram Hack #22: Run giveaways 

Some believe that running an Instagram giveaway is the most popular and fastest way of increasing your followers. 

A giveaway is an exchange for free likes, comments, or reposting, and in return, you offer them a prize that is appealing to almost everyone.

An Instagram giveaway will attract more potential followers, help to build a strong relationship, and encourages UGC.

Instagram Hack #23: Run A/B Tests

It is a fun and exciting way to run an A/B test in your Instagram story and ask users questions like which profile picture they like better, what color is best for the feed theme, etc. 

It can increase interaction and user engagement, and you will build a friendship. Since the users have chosen how new changes should be, it is more appealing to them. 

Instagram Hack #24: Use Stories Stickers

Stories stickers are new features of Instagram story posts, and they include things like question stickers, emoji sliders, and polls. They are easy and fun to use and can encourage engagement.

Over and above that, it is a direct way of interaction that always brings more followers, and more importantly, you get feedback and have a chance to respond to any comment.

Instagram Hack #25: Do Instagram SEO

Instagram and other social media platforms are search engines too, and it means not only you can search accounts and hashtags, but also they support keyword searches. 

You need to make sure to target keywords with your caption and bio, add your location, and add alt text to your images.

Instagram Hack #26: Instagram Growth & Management Tools 

An Instagram management tool enables you to:

  • analyze your followers’ behavioral patterns, 
  • schedule your posts to take action at the right time, 
  • observe your competitors, 
  • give an aesthetic look to your posts and videos, 

So that you will stay on top and get maximum visibility and growth. I-Famous, for instance, is a smart tool that uses AI to analyze your profile and find the right audience for you. It takes a few days to bring in followers, ensuring a steady, natural growth. With five pricing plans to choose from, including a starter package for testing, you can find the right fit for your needs.

Another Instagram growth tool you can use is Zamupa. It’s a service suitable for both beginners and seasoned social media users. With its smart technology, including artificial intelligence, it brings real followers to your Instagram profile. Offering Lite and Pro plans, Zamupa ensures natural growth for your profile, analyzing your content and target audience to bring the most suitable followers.

Instagram Hack #27: Instagram Advertising

We’ve said earlier in this Instagram hacks guide that growing your followers organically and not buying followers is vital, and you get the most loyal followers through organic growth. 

But there is a lot of difference between gaining followers through advertising and buying followers.

With Instagram paid advertisements, you have the opportunity to expand your targeted audience and expose your posts to more users, increase engagement, and beat the algorithm, which is critical among Instagram hacks for getting more followers in 2023.

Instagram Hack #28: Cross-Promote Different Platforms 

You can cross-promote your content between different Instagram channels; for example, you can share your feed post on the story to give them a better chance to be seen and increase engagement.  Another way of cross-promoting is between different platforms.

Almost all Instagram users use other social media platforms, and cross-promoting different platforms and linking them is a great strategy to engage prospective customers and have a better reach.

Knowing this is an Instagram hack for growing your engagement.

Instagram Hack #29: Tag Other Users 

Instagram allows tagging up to 20 users in a post, and this is a valuable feature to move your content in front of more eyes.

You can tag other people or businesses that you share the same niche and are likely to share your post.

Instagram Hack #30: Encourage commenting 

Commenting helps increase your account’s engagement, you’d better start by replying to your followers’ comments, and you can smartly encourage commenting through a giveaway. 

And as we mentioned before, the comments will increase your engagement, a higher engagement rank affects the algorithm, and finally, you have a better growth diagram.

Instagram Hack #31: Instagram Algorithm 

The Instagram algorithm is made of a set of rules to help the platform decide which content is more related and seems attractive to which user and prioritize them on Instagram Feeds.

Knowing how the algorithm works is one of the critical Instagram hacks to maximize your account growth in 2023.

Some essential variables to know are understanding your niche, creating engaging content, consistency, and some basics like having a strong friendship with your followers can help you beat the Instagram algorithm.

The better your account’s algorithm rank is, the more it grows.

Instagram Hack #32: Focus on entertainment 

People always follow what entertains them; knowing this, you can start creating entertaining content to draw their attention. Another thing is, by sharing such things, people will enjoy and share your posts more often, the algorithm displays your posts to more audiences, and eventually, you can grow your account.

Instagram Hack #33: Create Memes 

A meme is defined as an idea, picture, behavior, or style that becomes famous through social media and can vary in different countries.

Memes and jokes are usually fun and relevant to recent events and can spread quickly, and you can add a pinch of humor to your content to increase engagement. 

Instagram Hacks: The TL;DR Version

Instagram has been the most significant app for businesses and brands, with over one billion active users. So developing compelling and engaging data along with the Instagram hacks mentioned earlier can ease your growth process.

Begin implementing these ingenious Instagram hacks today and unlock your ultimate potential on the platform!