16 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps to Remove Inactive Followers

Top 7, Safe Instagram Unfollow Apps for Bulk Unfollowing
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Instagram is a super famous app, with numerous brands and businesses relying on it for marketing their products or services. Perhaps it’s more reasonable to say that individuals AND businesses resort to Instagram marketing to achieve their goals better. And while you’re busy marketing your business on Instagram, you need to be aware of installing and setting up an Instagram unfollow app to ensure you’re following to follower ratio is not getting out of balance.

Typically, if your page has a higher following number or a ratio below 1, it signals that your content is not qualified enough to be followed by at least the same people you have followed.

Also, if there is a balance between your follower and the following number, but your audience’s engagement is still weak, it is not considered a strong account. So, it is time to unfollow some people to benefit your account.

To speed up the process of unfollowing inactive followers, you can use an Instagram unfollow app; meanwhile, you have to be very careful with people you want to unfollow; You don’t want to lose your loyal and active followers.

There are plenty of reasons to unfollow an Instagram account; maybe the content they post is not consistent with you, or you are not interested in it. Perhaps you find the content offensive or abusive, or the user simply posts too often.

Sometimes you need to unfollow users because they haven’t followed you back, unfollowed you, or you realize they are inactive followers or fake accounts. For instance, if your Instagram likes and comments are decreasing, even though your followers are increasing, you should know that you will likely be dealing with fake, inactive, or ghost followers.

Who Should Be Unfollowed

When it comes to unfollowing people, you should act wisely and know who to unfollow. Good or bad, Instagram is a numbers game; by unfollowing the right accounts, you will improve your account’s ratio. The opposite happens if you unfollow a mutual follower who is active and constantly likes your posts; unfollowing them will probably result in being unfollowed, and consequently, your engagement rate will drop. Accounts you should consider unfollowing are:

Over Posters

People who post too often overcrowd your Instagram feed with their content, causing you to miss posts of people that you care about. The fewer accounts you interact with, the lower your engagement rate. You can always mute over posters if you don’t want to block or unfollow them.

Ghost Followers

Keeping it simple, ghost followers are people with zero interaction, no likes, and no comments; ghost followers dramatically lower your engagement rate.

Fake or Spam Accounts

Fake or spam accounts won’t interact with your posts; they just decrease your engagement rate and harm your account.

The good news is that identifying these accounts is not hard; most spam or fake accounts haven’t set a profile picture, they have a random username, and you can see little or no posts on their Instagram page.


First of all, you don’t need to keep people who have decided not to see your posts anymore; second of all, unfollowing people who unfollowed you can improve your ratio.

Instagram is a numbers game, and you will be judged by your followers/following number, so enhance the numbers when you have the chance.

Inactive Followers

Inactive people don’t use Instagram anymore but might have liked your posts before. To find inactive followers manually, you can sort your following list as “least interacted with” and check who appears on the list. The next step is to open their account and select “Unfollow” to get rid of them.

Without a doubt, finding and unfollowing all the undesired accounts is a challenging and time-consuming, and if you have to bulk unfollow, it goes beyond a person’s ability. So what is the solution?

The most effortless solution is using Instagram unfollow apps to find inactive Instagram followers and remove them.

16 Best Instagram Unfollow Apps to Detect and Remove Inactive Followers

As we mentioned earlier, inactive followers have either deleted their accounts or haven’t logged in for a long time. To maintain a high level of user engagement, you need to find and unfollow inactive Instagram followers.

What are some unfollow apps to help us eliminate inactive (or ghost) followers?

1. AiGrow: The Best Instagram Unfollowers App

Another highly effective Instagram unfollow app is AiGrow,  which provides users with a safe bulk unfollowing process through a personalized Instagram account manager. Hiring a professional manager is essential to ensure you respect Instagram limits and do not violate Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Using AiGrow, you can schedule your posts, send automated messages, and ask for their email support whenever you need it.

2. Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG is a perfect tool for finding and unfollowing inactive or ghost followers. You can use cleaner for IG to mass delete posts, unlike previously liked posts, and unfollow users in bulk.

This app can provide a list of users with no profile picture. There is also a “whitelist” to which you can add genuine profiles to avoid accidental removal.

3. Spamguard

One of the best apps to find inactive and ghost followers and remove bots from your Instagram profile is Spamguard. 

With the help of this app, you can suppress any unwanted activity and ensure that spammy activities and unwelcome comments can’t get through the filter.

4. PhantomBuster

As the app name says, this app busts all the phantoms; with this tool, you can bust all the ghost and inactive followers off with a simple finger tap.

4. Followers Insight

Followers Insight is another excellent unfollow app you can use to monitor multiple Instagram accounts and get detailed analytics like the best time to post on Instagram or the time users unfollowed you.

Followers Insight can detect new unfollowers and unfollow people who are not following you back, manage your account(s) to enable you to see your likes and comments and rank your account’s most popular posts.

6. Followers Track 

This app is only available for IOS, giving iPhone users access to a list of newer followers, people who don’t follow you back, people who blocked you, and even the likes that got deleted.

7. Unfollow Users

This app is only available for Android, and it works best for people who are not interested in knowing who unfollowed them; With a quick tap, you can unfollow up to ten people simultaneously. You can make a “white list” for accounts you never want to unfollow.

7. Followers-Unfollowers

Followers-Unfollowers can provide an instant overview of ghost followers, inactive followers, or undesired visitors. It gives you the option to unfollow or block these users,

You have the option to be notified when you are unfollowed, and you can unfollow unwanted profiles in bulk.

9. Mass Unfollow For Instagram

Mass Unfollow for Instagram is another excellent tool that you can use for multiple accounts to get rid of unwanted followings. It helps you bulk block/unblock, mass delete, and unlike posts in bulk. However, users reported too many bugs on this app.

10. Unfollowers For Instagram

Unfollowers for Instagram helps you track new unfollowers and those who don’t follow you back and perform a mass unfollow; this app also provides insight lists.

It is good to mention that there is a slight possibility of getting shadowbanned.

11. Follow Cop

Follow cop functions as an Instagram unfollow app and an Instagram management tool. It can track new unfollowers and give you more chances of visibility by managing your account. Besides all the advantages, you must be careful with the app to avoid getting shadowbanned.

12. IG Analyzer  

This unfollow app gives you information about your followers and unfollowers and enables you to mass follow and unfollow. IG Analyzer also tracks the followers who deleted their likes and comments on your posts. Many users reported bugs.

13. FollowMeter For Instagram

This Instagram unfollow app shows you the number of gained and lost followers and those who haven’t followed you back. Another advantage of FollowMeter is that you have access to details such as your most viewed post, its likes and comments, and the total and the average number of your posts’ likes and comments.

But all the features are not available on the free trial, and it seems it crashes too often.

14. Unfollow Pro

Unfollow Pro is another user-friendly application that detects your ghost and inactive followers and gives you the chance to remove them. This unfollow app also lists your active likers and helps you recognize those you need to interact with more. 

15. Inflact 

Inflact is another Unfollow app and growth service. It can help you unfollow unwanted followers and assist you in promoting your account by targeting the right audience and scheduling posts in advance.

16. Growthoid 

Last on our list is Growthoid, a growth service and an Instagram management tool that helps you unfollow in bulk but grow your Instagram account simultaneously. Growthoid can target users interested in your content, add them to a safelist, and mass unfollows other Instagram accounts.

However, Growthoid is more of an Instagram followers bot, and not using it carefully may shadowban you.

Instagram Unfollow Apps: Final Words

  • It is crucial to unfollow the right people on Instagram to improve your account engagement and your followers/following ratio.
  • While you unfollow people, you should be careful with mutual and active friends, as they improve your account engagement rate.
  • Facing more and more ghost and inactive accounts pushes us towards unfollow tools to save us some time and energy.
  • Take every unfollowing step under consideration to keep your account safe.

Pro Tip: Consider Instagram’s Limitations

As the platform doesn’t allow bulk unfollowing, you need an unfollow tool that can help you mass unfollow. Typically, you can unfollow up to 200 accounts per day, but unfollowing people continuously can cause you trouble. 

Other factors, such as account activity, number of followers, account age, and your account type, can affect the Instagram limitation number. Keep Instagram limitations in mind to avoid getting banned or blocked.