10 Best Fake Follower Checker Ways in 2023

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In the world of social media, you need a mass of followers to be an influencer, and some influencers choose to buy fake followers in order to reach success overnight. But do you know that there are some tools that you can check whether the followers are fake or not? This is where fake followers checker tools come to help you.

With the rise of Instagram marketing in social media platforms, especially Instagram, fake follower checkers are a very good way for you to check somebody’s followers if they sound weird to you. In this article, we will show you the ways to check other people’s followers.

What Is a Fake Followers Checker

Before diving deep into the topic, it may initially seem like buying fake followers is a quick way to improve your account. However, it is important to understand that Instagram’s algorithm is always aware when you start purchasing fake followers. 

 A fake follower checker is a tool or service that helps determine if someone’s followers on social media platforms are genuine or fake. It analyzes various factors, such as engagement rates, follower growth patterns, and account activity, to identify any suspicious or inactive followers. The goal is to provide users with insights into the authenticity and quality of their followers, helping them assess the credibility and effectiveness of their social media presence.

Additionally, it is crucial to recognize that buying fake followers can have severe consequences for your account, such as being blocked or restricted by Instagram.

Why Do People Buy Followers

Improving your Instagram account overnight has become a major issue for influencers. The main reason behind this is impatience, leading some influencers to consider purchasing fake followers. 

But you need to know that, buying fake followers results in an unbalanced account and lack of engagement. As influencers, their role is to influence real people, not imaginary ones.

7 Ways To Check the Instagram Fake Followers

Needless to say, to have a verified account on Instagram, you should have real followers. If you want to spot fake followers in different accounts, we’re going to explain 7 ways to recognize them.

1. Unusual Numbers of  Followers

Sometimes, when you visit an account, the number of followers they have is often the initial factor that catches your attention. Subsequently, the next thing you instinctively check is the number of following. If the number of people a user is following is higher than the number of their followers, it is likely that the account could be fake. Please pay attention! This fact has not been verified by all accounts.

Additionally, these fake accounts usually have zero posts. To make it more clear,  look at this anonymous account below:

unusual Instagram handles
Unusual Instagram Handles

2. Unusual Instagram Handle

Remember the previous example? The handle of each account is typically the identity of the person who owns it. Instagram’s fake accounts with an unusual number of followings and followers usually have weird usernames. They usually use weird numbers in a row, and they also use letters with no meanings or words with no connection. Look at the example below:

usual number of followers
Unusual Number of Followers

3. Empty Bio

When you want to know more about the account you’re following, you typically check the bio. Bios usually include details like nationality, place of birth, date of birth, career, and current field of study. These types of information help followers feel connected to the person they’re following. 

Therefore, you expect a bio that is informative and engaging. On the other hand, an empty bio can be a clear sign of fake Instagram followers (This is not true for all accounts). These fake accounts do not provide any personal information about themselves.

4. Non-Active Account

What is the main reason a person enters the world of social media? Typically, it is for communication. When you sign in to any social media platform, it is because you want to share information with the world and the community. 

Some people even join these platforms as their digital marketing career. In order to have successful business marketing you need to be super active and productive in your account. 

Sharing posts, and stories are the way you communicate with other people existing in your account. Many fake followers have just a couple of posts (often not at all) and don’t appear to be very active

5. Blank or Fake  Profile

Many of us are extremely cautious about our driver’s license pictures. Why? Because they reveal our appearance and identity, and people will recognize us based on that picture. Choosing our Instagram profile picture is just as important as selecting our driver’s license photo for many of us. Fake followers typically avoid using pictures of real people in their profiles or posts because they don’t have any personal info. i want to share.

6. Instagram Fake Follower Checker Tools

As we mentioned before, you can’t always recognize a fake account even by trying every single way that we have mentioned. One of the best and easy ways you can check fake followers on Instagram is to use fake follower checker tools. In the following, we’re going to introduce some of them. Keep reading!

1. Modash

Similar to other fake follower checker tools, Modash can assist you in verifying the authenticity of Instagram accounts. By using Modash, you can track any account on Instagram and determine whether there is a real person behind it.


This tool is beneficial for discovering creators on Instagram, as well as on other platforms, allowing you to monitor their posts and evaluate their overall effectiveness.

To determine if an influencer has fake followers, Modash looks for various signs and employs specific criteria. Some of these indicators include missing or limited profile information, irrelevant or spammy comments, and unusual engagement patterns.

The platform’s fake follower tool assigns scores to profiles based on these criteria. If a profile’s score falls below a certain threshold, it is considered to have fake followers. This helps brands and marketers ensure they are collaborating with genuine influencers who have a real and engaged audience.

Modash Pros
  • Excellent customer service,
  • Having a lot of filters to target the exact audience, 
Modash cons
  • Modash is unavailable for use in certain countries with low populations.
  • Not affordable for everyone.

2. InBeat

Like every other platform, InBeat is a very useful platform not just to check fake followers, but you can also collaborate with influencers and bloggers.


InBeat is a platform that offers an audience audit for influencers, allowing brands and marketers to assess the quality of an influencer’s audience. The platform helps identify fake, dormant, or suspect followers among an influencer’s audience. 

By analyzing the authenticity and engagement of an influencer’s followers, InBeat helps businesses make informed decisions when collaborating with influencers. This way, brands can ensure that they partner with influencers who have a genuine and active audience, maximizing the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns.

InBeat Pros
  • Easy way to connect with other brands,
  • Detailed content expectations, guidelines, and deadlines,
  • Well-paid opportunities they offered,
  • Seamless collaboration process by ensuring transparency and communication.
InBeat Cons
  • We can’t guarantee a perfect match with every brand.
  • Poor customer service. 

7. Spammy And Irrelevant Comments

Have you ever wondered who writes the comments under your posts and stories? It may seem like a strange question, but the reality is that there’s a person behind those accounts who typically engage by writing comments, sharing, and liking your posts, as well as watching your stories.

 Fake or ghost accounts lack the ability to exhibit any form of interaction with your content. Therefore, if you come across peculiar comments on your posts, especially ones that appear to be written in an abnormal manner, there’s a high probability that they originated from a fake account.


Up to now, we’ve covered everything you need to know about fake follower checkers. Now, let us answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

1. Can You Check Fake Followers?

To evaluate an account, start by checking their pages, profile pictures, and posts. Fake followers usually have few posts and very few people they follow. These signs can help you identify a potential fake account.

2. How Do You See Who Has Fake Followers?

Fake followers often avoid sharing any pictures on their profiles, and they tend to choose an empty bio section as well. These are common characteristics that can help you identify potential fake accounts.

3. What Is The Tool to Find Fake Followers on Instagram?

Simply relying on visual inspection alone may not always be sufficient to identify a fake follower account. Additionally, manually checking a large number of accounts can be impractical and time-consuming. This is precisely when fake follower checker tools come into play. These tools provide an efficient solution for detecting and analyzing fake followers, allowing you to streamline the process.


As we previously discussed, purchasing fake followers is the least effective method for improving your account. However, there are individuals who are always seeking quick results and are willing to take shortcuts. If you’re looking to check the authenticity of an account, We’ve mentioned a few quick methods you can employ.