AiGrow Review: The Best Instagram Growth Service

A complete AiGrow review.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to get more followers on Instagram is to use an Instagram growth service. Since numerous platforms claim they’re the best growth service for Instagram, it’s difficult to choose the right one. Based on our research on the subject, AiGrow is one of the tens and maybe hundreds of Instagram management and growth services users can rely on to generate high-quality followers. And in this blog, we’ll discuss all there is to this growth tool and provide you with a detailed AiGrow review.

So let’s jump in find out what AiGrow has to offer.

What is AiGrow?

AiGrow is a service for anyone who is looking for targeted followers on Instagram. And as it’s plain from its name, it is a growth service. It also provides you with tools that help you increase your engagement with your followers. And boost your business objectives on Instagram. Besides, AiGrow is not only an Instagram tool. It also offers management services. You Can get a management growth assistant on AiGrow to help you grow your account organically. Moreover, AiGrow offers a 1000 Instagram followers trial which is absolutely free. However, is it safe to use AiGrow? It is common knowledge that Instagram is against using bots and automated systems. How can we ensure that we won’t get banned while using AiGrow? In the following, we will explain about AiGrow’s functions and safety precautions.

How Does AiGrow Work?

To understand how AiGrow works, one needs to know its features and services. We are going to dedicate a whole section to that. But for now, let’s focus on AiGrow’s growth service. How does AiGrow attract followers? AiGrow gives you completely organic followers. The followers are real and not found through bots. AiGrow’s dedicated growth team does this manually based on the information you give them. 

You define your purpose for AiGrow, and the growth team will find the most relevant as soon as possible through advanced Ai software. However, the Ai technology must not get mistaken with Instagram’s cheap bots. They use automated systems to find and locate the best options for their users. The growth process is indeed organic. In fact, a virtual assistant on AiGrow will take control of your account growth. The manager is a real and professional specialist familiar with Instagram algorithms and policies. So, that’s exactly how AiGrow prevents you from getting banned by Instagram.

How to Sign Up on AiGrow

Now that we explained the functionality of the AiGrow. It’s time to get in more detail on how to use the app. The first step is obviously to sign-up. However, before signing up, make sure you read the terms of use precisely. Reading the terms and services may be dull. However, it is necessary as it avoids future inconveniences. After you got familiar with the policies, take the following steps to sign up on AiGrow

  1. Go to the AiGrow website and read the front page carefully.
  2. On the top right of your browser, click on the Start Free button as in the picture below.
AiGrow homepage
AiGrow homepage
  1. On the appeared window, fill the required fields. Then click on the Register now.
  1. After verifying your Email address, you can log in to your account. 
  2. On your AiGrow dashboard, you can as add many accounts as you want. As in the picture below. (Make sure you notice the videos about how to use the features)
AiGrow review
AiGrow dashboard
  1. Search for the Instagram account user name, click on the Next button. And then follow the instructions to confirm the account. 
Connect your Instagram account to AiGrow
  1. Finally, by clicking on the Manage button related to each account on your dashboard, you can manage that account.

Please make sure that you don’t forget to connect your Instagram account fully. Otherwise, you will not have permission to access the account from AiGrow.

AiGrow’s Features and Services

In the previous section, we explained the login process to the AiGrow. Now, it’s time to talk about AiGrow’s different features. Unfortunately, AiGrow’s user interface is not very comprehensive. In the sense that users may miss several great features. So make sure you keep reading carefully. 

#1 Targeted Followers on Instagram

As we mentioned above, AiGrow helps you find your targeted followers in your niche. AiGrow’s growth feature is probably the most important of all. In the following, we explain step-by-step how to use the growth feature to grow your Instagram followers organically. AiGrow has certain filters that help users to find the targeted followers faster. So be careful to take the steps precisely as it affects the quality of your growth.

  1. Sign up to AiGrow(If you have an account, log in to your account).
  2. After connecting your IG account(s), go to the AiGrow dashboard.
  3. Hit the Manage button related to your targetted IG account. 
  4. On the GROWTH tab, you will be able to see your managed growth program.
AiGrow growth tab
AiGrow’s growth tab
  1.  Scroll down to the program, where you will find several fields. Each box is related to a filter. Please fill the required boxes accurately. This will help your personal manager to understand your goals better.
AiGrow hashtag finder
AiGrow hashtag finder
AiGrow's activities section
AiGrow’s activities section
  1. After filling all required fields, select your activity’s category. Do not escape any part. Fill in all of the information. And pay attention to the Activities. By turning each switch on, you permit the managers to take action on your behalf.
  1. Hit Start Growth

After taking all of the steps, AiGrow will provide you with a list of your potential followers. That’s where AiGrow’s Ai system shows itself. The growth process is guaranteed to be manual. Check the list, make modifications if you feel it’s necessary, and click on the Next button and start your journey. You need to upgrade your account to have access to the growth feature. We are going to dedicate a full section to AiGrow’s pricing and different packages. But for now, let’s get to the other AiGrow features.

AiGrow targeted followers

#2 All-in-One Bio Link

Now let’s go to the next tab. Bio links are important on Instagram as they are unique. AiGrow has seen to that. You don’t have to choose between your different social media and website accounts to put in your bio. You can have it all together! AiGrow provides you with an elegant landing page via myurls. You can use different widgets and buttons to represent each of your social media accounts. After you built your all-in-one link, you can add your myurls link to your Instagram bio. This is a completely safe and risk-free way to add all of your social media links to your IG bio. Take the following steps on AiGrow to create your all-in-one bio link.

  1. Sign up to AiGrow(If you have an account, log in to your account).
  2. After connecting your IG account(s), go to the AiGrow dashboard.
  3. Hit the Manage button related to your targetted IG account. 
  4. Go to the BIO LINK tab.
  5. Choose a personal URL and type it in the required field as in the picture below.
AiGrow's activities section
AiGrow’s All-in-one bio link
  1. Add as many widgets, icons, and buttons as you want from the list on the right side of your screen. You can choose your theme and link aesthetic as well. 
 AiGrow's bio link features
AiGrow’s bio link features
  1. Add links to your widgets in the box at the center. You can add buttons for external links and CTAs as well.
  2. Add music, and story highlights if you want.
  3. When you finished modifying, just copy your URL, and paste it to your IG Bio.

You can edit your landing page anytime in the same place on AiGrow.

#3 Direct Messages Management and Outreach

AiGrow also provides you with a complete Instagram direct management tool. You can send DMs from your desktop, send mass DMs on Instagram, and even more, you can connect your Instagram DM to your email using AiGrow and set up auto-replies to your followers. However, you must make sure you don’t reach Instagram’s daily limits while using the latter. To have access to all these incredible features, take the following steps.

  1. Sign up to AiGrow(Login to your Account if you have already one). 
  2. Connect your IG account(s) to your AiGrow.
  3. On your dashboard, click on the Manage button related to your targetted account.
  4. Go to the Direct Messages tab. 

There you can find different DM management features in different tabs. Moreover, you can scroll down to reach detailed video guides on how to use each feature. 

 #4 Post Scheduler

One of the most important factors in account management is organization. Due to recent changes in Instagram algorithms, users who post on a schedule are more likely to get more followers. Consistency and regularity are the most important factors. However, it is hard for many influencers and business owners to keep to a plan. It is not usually practically possible to update our feed every day at a specific timing. AiGrow has provided users with scheduling services to avoid inconsistency.

Using AiGrow, you can schedule your Instagram posts, IGTV, and stories from your desktop. Moreover, you can share YouTube videos on Instagram using AiGrow. Something which is not possible on the native app. We are going to explain a bit about AiGrow’s scheduler feature and social calendar.

#AiGrow Scheduler

As we stated before, you can make arrangements so that your IG posts follow a tight schedule. In AiGrow, It is possible to set separate scheduling plans for your Instagram posts, IGTV and stories. To have access to this feature on AiGrow, take the following steps:

  1. Sign up on AiGrow(Login to your Account if you have already one). 
  2. Connect your IG account(s) to your AiGrow.
  3. On Your dashboard, click on the Manage button related to your targeted account.
  4. Go to the POSTS AND SCHEDULING tab. 
  5. Click on the SCHEDULER tab below.
  6. Hit the green Schedule button.
  7. You will be given three options: Feed, Story, IGTV. Choose any of them.
  8. On the appeared window, You can upload your file, write captions and add hashtags to your post. 
  9. Scroll down to reach the Schedule Dates box. 
  10. You can check the Post in Future option.
Instagram Scheduler
Register on AiGrow
  1. Mark your targetted date on the calendar and hit Save.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

And that’s it. Your post will be updated to your Instagram account directly without any further actions needed.

#Social Calendar

Social Calendar is one of the most important AiGrow features. What is a social calendar, and why is it so important? A social calendar is a basically a content calendar for Instagram marked with special social events on it with an explanation. People celebrate many special dates online. That’s why we have to take these days seriously. It is one of the most essentials in social media marketings to take special holidays and dates into account. Imagine you own an online shop, and you forget black Friday. Well, that’s not likely as everyone is so accosted to black Friday.

However, not every event is so popular and obvious. We can easily take advantage of important dates for our business. For instance, we may want to post a relatable photo or caption. We may want to offer discount codes. AiGrow has made it easier for Instagram marketers to track special dates and make a plan for them. To access one of the most beneficial features of AiGrow, take the following steps. 

How to Use Social Calendar
  1. Sign up on AiGrow (or log in to your account if you already have one). 
  2. Connect your IG account(s) to your AiGrow.
  3. On Your dashboard, click on the Manage button related to your targeted account.
  4. Go to the POSTS AND SCHEDULING tab.
  5. Go to the SOCIAL CALANDER tab under the posts and scheduling.
  6.  There you can see the following month and its special social events. As in the image below.
AiGrow's social calendar
AiGrow’s social calendar
  1. Scroll down to see the whole month’s plan and read the explanations carefully. 
  2. On each box related to the day’s event, there is a Schedule Post button.
  3. Use the Schedule Post button to schedule a post related to the event. 
  4. On the Scheduler window, you can search related hashtags and repost any posts to Instagram.

You also recommend that you schedule a post related to each event on your scheduler tab after learning about the event. But make sure to take a look at the trending posts that AiGrow suggests for those events. Researching trending events is important as it can bring sudden follower growth to your account if you do it wisely.

#4 Bulk Delete Posts

You can mass delete your Instagram posts using AiGrow. This feature is handy if you want to save time. To access this feature, you can take the following steps:

  1. Sign up to AiGrow(Login to your Account if you have already one). 
  2. Connect your IG account(s) to your AiGrow.
  3. On your dashboard, click on the Manage button related to your targetted account.
  4. Go to the Bulk Posts Delete tab.
  5. Select as many as your posts you want.
  6. Click the Delete Selected Photos button to start the bulk delete process.

Pricing and Packages

AiGrow has many of its features available for free. However, you need to update your account to benefit from some of its most important features. There are different growth packages on AiGrow which you can get according to your budget. The packages may seem a bit costly at first glance. However, you must remember that AiGrow is an organic service, and compared to other services, the pricing is, after all, fair. As you log in to your AiGrow account, there is an upgrade bar at the top of your browser. Click on the orange Upgrade button to see the plans.

You can see that there are five different types of  AiGrow plans. Make sure you get familiar with all of them. You can charge per month, per three months, six months, and finally, per year. There is also a chatbox on the update section. Besides, you can always consult the members of AiGrow’s support team using the chatbox about which package to get. Moreover, you can also try a 7 day trial for $10. However, before making any payments, please make sure that you know about the terms of use and refund and unsubscription policies. Taking these easy precautions can prevent further inconveniences. However, AiGrows’ dedicated support team is always available to answer your questions and fix your issues. There are many ways to contact AiGrow specialists on their website’s homepage. So there is no need to worry.

AiGrow's growth plans
AiGrow’s growth plans

Final Words on AiGrow

AiGrow is one of the most professional Instagram growth services out there. Like any other service, it has its pros and cons. For one thing, it may be difficult for users to find their way once they logged in to their accounts. However, in this review, we explained AiGrow’s various features and services, hopefully making it easier for everyone to benefit AiGrow’s incredible features. AiGrow is an all-in-one tool. No one can manage an IG account single-handed. So it can be useful to almost everyone wishing to grow their Instagram account fast and organic. Despite many growth tools are using Instagram bots, AiGrow guarantees its organic functions. This will extremely lower your chances of getting banned by Instagram up to zero while growing your account.

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