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How to Repost on Instagram: 5 Simple Ways

Want to repost on Instagram but not quite sure how you can do so? Then let’s find how to repost on Instagram in less than 7 minutes!

Instagram marketing strategies are heavily dependant on the Instagram content that you post. Feeding your followers with great content that both educates and entertains them can make them interested in your account and still engaged with your content. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who uses Instagram for your various goals and purposes, it is crucial to create worthwhile content.

It is quite normal that you sometimes run out of ideas for your content plan. Or, it may happen that you want to share a piece of important news or announcement that a high authority account has already shared. In both cases, you need to be familiar with various reposting methods and share the others’ content on your feed. But how do you repost on Instagram?

Now it’s time to jump in and see how to repost an Instagram post in 5 simple ways. 

Is It Legitimate to Repost Content on Instagram?

To repost another person’s Instagram post, you must first receive that person’s permission to do so, or else it will not be legitimate to repost content on Instagram. You must contact the Instagram user whose content you wish to repost according to Instagram’s Terms of Service. You can do this by leaving a comment on the image or reaching out to them for permission by sending them an Instagram Direct Message.

How to Repost on Instagram

You can use online tools to repost on Instagram or do it without any tools. Let’s see how you can repost on Instagram in 4 simple ways:

1. Use AiSchedul’s Instagram Repost Feature

AiSchedul’s repost feature explained.

AiSchedul is the greatest tool for reposting on Instagram. AiSchedul is an Instagram manager tool that uses a variety of tactics to organically grow your account. You can also use this tool to:

  • Repost on Instagram
  • Schedule Instagram posts
  • Connect your Instagram account to all of your other social media accounts
  • Run Instagram giveaway contests and pick the contest winner
  • Upload content on Instagram from PC
  • Choose multiple hashtags for your post
  • Benefit from an Instagram content calendar

To repost an Instagram post using AiSchedul, you first need to create an account for FREE. Then, you should add your IG account to AiSchedul and click on ‘Dashboard’ to access the repost feature.

AiSchedul account dashboard.

At this stage, choose ‘Repost’ and decide whether you want to repost on your feed or story. 

AiSchedul’s repost feature.

Finally, you should decide how you want to find the post you want to repost. You can choose by hashtag, location, post URL, and username.

You can add hashtags before reposting content using AiSchedul.

Easy, right? The good thing about reposting via AiSchedul is that it leaves no watermark on your post. It only gives the credit to the post owner in the caption of the post. 

2. Take Screenshots

While screenshotting will not automatically repost an Instagram post for you, it is the simplest way to preserve an Instagram post for reposting. Simply pick a post you’d like to repost, take a screenshot of it, crop the extra parts, and publish it!

Though screenshotting gives you the option of removing the name of the owner, it is more ethical and moral to add the name of the owner in the caption of your post. 

3. Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

If you are a business owner, you can share user-generated content. Whenever you organize a contest or a hashtag campaign on Instagram, you can get a lot of content from your followers depending on how popular your account is on Instagram. 

4. Share Influencers’ Posts

Yet another reposting way for you if you are a business owner is to repost the content that the influencers share about your brand. Whenever you collaborate with an influencer, you can ask them to repost their content on your feed or story. It gives your account great credit. Don’t forget to tag or mention the influencer in your caption. 

5. Use Instagram Stories

Another easy way for you to repost content on Instagram is to through IG stories.

How to Repost a Story on Instagram

Now let’s see how to repost an Instagram story. First, you should choose the post and then tap on the paper airplane icon.

Hit the paper airplane icon.

Then, tap on ‘Add Post to Your Story’.

Tap on ‘Add post to your story’.

The next thing you see is the post on your story. There is the name of the post owner under the post as well. Your story viewers can see the post by simply tapping on it.

Choose ‘Your Story’ to repost the content.

Recapping How to Repost on IG

Regardless of what purpose you have for reposting content, you can either use a tool to repost content through it or use other easy methods. In this post, we have introduced 5 ways you can repost content on Instagram. So, choose the one that really fits your needs. Wish you the best of luck!

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