How to Tell If You Need an Instagram Manager? [+How to Hire One]

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Today, Instagram is one of the most popular and essential marketing tools, with 800 million followers and over 25 million business accounts. It has also become the fastest growing social media platform and has attracted many professional marketers’ attention. And perhaps that’s why you’re considering hiring a seasoned Instagram manager to thrive in these conditions.

Approximately 40% of accounts with +15.000 followers on Instagram belong to influencers; so, to be a winner in such a huge competition, you have to know what and when to post, you should post high-quality content, and you also need to track your account’s performance 24/7.

To achieve this goal, you have to ask for some specialists’ help like an effective Instagram account manager or IG consultant.

Who Is an Instagram Manager?

An Instagram manager is a professional who can maintain and build your account on your behalf. He is in charge of developing marketing strategies, ensuring the safe growth of your account, creating content, engaging in non-spammy conversions with other users, and in general, handling all your Instagram marketing efforts.

Who Is an Instagram Consultant?

An Instagram consultant is a person who helps you optimize your online presence through the platform, perfecting your brand and achieving your goals. They can bring forth valuable data to help you with the best type of content and the most profitable way of delivering it.

Why a Manager or Consultant?

Using Instagram professionally requires some actions to take, which are experiencedly and time-consuming. To mention some, you’d better Interact with other users, create content, post regularly, follow and unfollow users, and like users’ posts. Although all these actions seem to be easy, too much time should be spent on Instagram, and not being aware of Instagram limits can cause your account to get banned or shadowbanned, and even blocked in the worst-case scenario.

So, in order to grow your account in the shortest time, you can hire a trusted manager or consultant who can extend your followers organically and safely.

Can You Trust an Instagram Account Manager with Your Login Info?

Actually, it’s better not to share your strong password with other people, even with your IG manager. You can use a third-party social media management tool to give the social media manager access to your accounts without your login info.

Instagram Account Management Tools or Human Managers?

Besides people who work as IG managers, there are some Instagram management apps.

These Instagram management apps can help design and edit images, create collages and Instagram Grids, track user engagements, and monitor account health, even more precisely than people, since they commit no human error.

How to find an Instagram Manager?

You have to decide if you want a person as a manager or an Instagram management app. 

Here you can find some reviews of each.

Human Instagram Manager

1. An IG manager should know how Instagram works.

He should fully understand all the features (content, stories, bio, tags, DMs, timing, CTAs, etc.)  and utilize his knowledge.

 2. An IG Manager Should Be Organized

Instagram has many features, and your manager should consider them all for a perfect result, which is hard to achieve without being organized. IG managers should have routines, categorize priorities, manage tasks, be more productive, and work smart, not hard. 

3. An IG Manager Should Be Brand-Oriented

Since most IG managers work on multiple accounts, they need to distinguish different accounts’ demands and not stick to a one-size-fits-all approach. Before hiring an IG manager, you should make sure that they can think about things from your perspective.

Tool Management

Fortunately, there is a variety of Instagram management tools available. In fact, the options can be enough to make you feel overwhelmed.

5 Top Instagram Management Apps:

1. Iconsquare 

This app helps analyze your followers’ behavioral patterns and enables you to take action at the right time, and you will get maximum visibility. 

2. Agorapulse

Use this app to manage and monitor your account and schedule posts in advance for the perfect time. At the same time, you can manage other social media profiles.

3. SocialInsider

socialInsider is another analytic tool that would allow you to keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing on the platform; as a result, it will enable you to take appropriate corrective action.

4. Instaquote 

To give an aesthetic look to your posts and videos, you can use the Instaquote managing tool with its different templates that suit almost every kind of post.

5. Have2have It

This app is most suitable for those who need help in marketing. Your followers could tap into what you have to offer and then engage with you directly and effectively, converting them to potential clients.

Final words

If you find a manager, whether a person or an app, with all the mentioned masterships, you can be sure that you have hired the best Instagram manager.

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