Instagram Insights Explained in 2022 [Views, Reach, Impressions]

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Instagram Insights is where you can understand if your Instagram content calendar and the entire investment on paid ads and influencer marketing collaborations are going in the right direction. If you want to understand the metrics on Instagram Insights and learn how to see post insights on Instagram, this article is all you need.

Why Use Instagram for Your Marketing Strategies?

Instagram is the ideal place for showcasing a wide range of photo and video content while also interacting with your followers in new ways. As there are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, you can make sure that many leads generate for your business. Moreover, according to statistics, Instagram is used by nearly two out of every three adults between 18 and 29. Taking a look at these numbers can encourage every marketer to consider using Instagram for their business.

Using Instagram, just like any other platform, without checking your performance can not be effective. Reviewing your performance allows you to understand your audience’s preferences and interests. So, you can put your Instagram activities in alignment with your audience’s interests.

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How to See Post Insights on Instagram

The first thing you must know is how to view insights on Instagram. To check your Instagram performance using Instagram Insights, you should see the meaning each metric signifies. Here is an explanation of Instagram Insights metrics:

How to See Post Insights on Instagram

1. Instagram Insights: Reach

What is Instagram Reach

What does reach mean on Instagram? Instagram Reach is the number of unique users that saw your Instagram post or story on any given day. Unless you invest a lot of time and energy into your Instagram posts, your content is unlikely to reach every single one of your followers. Getting more Instagram followers is crucial because the more followers you have, the more your reach becomes. Every day, reach tells you how many unique users your content is presented to. To raise brand recognition, try to maximize this measure.

2. Instagram Insights: Impressions

What are impressions on Instagram?

What are impressions on Instagram? The number of times your content was shown to users, whether it was a post or a story, is shown by Instagram Impressions. Impressions, which are sometimes confused with reach, are the total number of times your content might have been seen. If your Instagram impressions outnumber your reach, it means your followers are seeing your content numerous times. For a good indication of what’s working, look for posts with a high impressions-to-reach ratio.

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3. Instagram Insights: Interactions

Instagram Interactions

Instagram Interactions is the sum of your post engagement and post impressions. Social marketers believe engagement rate or interactions with posts and stories is a crucial measure to monitor. Instagram Interactions is a measure of how engaged users were when they saw your posts. Determine whether your audience is more inclined to engage with photo posts, video posts, or carousel posts by breaking down your Instagram engagement rate by media type.

Over time, Instagram Interactions can reveal how well one campaign or messaging strategy performs in comparison to another. It’s an excellent measure to keep track of as you try out different ideas for boosting Instagram engagement.

4. Instagram Saved Posts

The total number of people who have saved your content is shown as Instagram Saved Posts.

Saved posts, as the name suggests, allow users to save a post to refer to later in the Saved area of their profile. Users return saved content months after you initially posted it, making saves a terrific way to extend the life of your Instagram posts.

Instagram Saved Posts

In addition to these data, you can also check the data specifically relevant to your posts. You can see the reach, impression, interactions, likes, comments, saves, and other information by tapping on the Insights button below each post:

Instagram Insights Explained

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Instagram Story Insights Explained

One great thing about Instagram is that it provides insights for your posts and it also gives you access to Instagram Stories Insights. Here, we will explain the meaning of Instagram Stories Insights:

Instagram Story Insights Explained

1. Taps Backward

Taps Backward show the number of times your audience went back to a previous story by tapping back. This could indicate that the user found your information interesting enough to wish to see it again. It could also suggest that any content you’ve included in your story is too long to read in the allotted period. 

2. Taps Forward

Taps Forward show the number of times your viewers used the forward tap to get to the next story. If you’re sharing a video, Taps Forward data could indicate that your story isn’t resonating with your viewers or that it’s too long. Examine the stories with the most forward taps to find common themes, such as length, content, etc.

3. Replies

Replies show the number of times a person responds to you by swiping up on a story. Responses can be precious. Users who respond to stories may be enthusiastic about your product or service and have valuable comments to share. It’s a fantastic moment to engage with your audience because replies will start a DM conversation between you and the person.

4. Exits

Exits show how many times a user swipes down to return to the previous screen after exiting story mode. An exit indicates that a person has decided not to continue watching your Stories. You should keep this number as low as possible.

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Final Notes on Instagram Insights

Now that you know the meaning of each Instagram Insights metric, you can better understand your audience’s behavior. Remember to include the results of Instagram insights in your Instagram content plan and future Instagram marketing strategies. I wish you the best of luck!

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