What is the Best Website Visitor Tracking? [+How to Use in 2023]

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Way more than half of your website’s visitors will not convert! You may think this is a bold claim but let us tell you why. You work so hard and smart and put so much time, energy, and money into your website, yet less than 3 percent of the users convert. Website visitor tracking is here to help you with that. How? Keep reading to find out!

It is no secret that digitally active businesses win the race in today’s world. On another note, digital resources are as valuable as other resources now.

That’s why we should do our best to be as efficient and functional as possible with them. Tracking your website’s visitors is the first step toward having a productive website.

What is Website Visitor Tracking?

Getting to know someone on a deeper level unlocks some access points to them that you can use (or maybe abuse! I am not here to judge!). The same applies to the audience of your website. Get to know them from a deeper standpoint, and you will see the results you have been missing. A website visitor tracking software opens the doors to these not-so-shallow details, mostly in real-time. They can tell you a lot about the person behind the browser. 

For example, the reason they are checking your website, what excites them, frustrates them, or even the things that they don’t care about. Moreover, you can track the behaviors of your users and see what they are doing. By examining their behavior on your website, you gain access to the key to their minds.

Website visitor tracking with WatchThemLive gives you real-time access to users’ behaviors, insightful analytics, session recordings and replays, and website heatmaps. Using these incredible features, you will be able to escalate your business to a level you have never seen before!

Below, I present to you 13 things you should know about website visitor tracking.

Your Marketing Approaches Are Getting Old and Frail

Use the information that website activity tracking generates wisely. Track and analyze the users’ demographics, geolocations, click rates, bounce rates, and traffic sources. This way, you can provide them with better UX, market your product in a way that fits them, and boost engagement and conversion rates.

There is a Time and Place for Everything, Right?

Analyze your sources of traffic to choose your niche better. Go figure out which websites and search engines are driving traffic towards your website the most. Simply by being more present where your users are, you can have a more significant online presence.

The Universe Does Not Revolve Around You

This will make many flat-earthers mad (!), but we sometimes forget that what we feel is good might not always be the best choice. By listing your top 10 high-converting landing pages, you will get a better taste of what your customers like. You can then go ahead and similarly design your other landing pages. Furthermore, through customer journey maps you can better envision what your customers desire.

Today’s World is Fast-paced. Can You Adapt?

Back in the day, when the Internet was still new, anything on it would fascinate people, no matter what. However, nowadays, bugs, defects, and slow loadings of websites are big turn-offs for people. Online website activity tracking can show you where your site might not work as intended. You can kindly debug the problems.

Say Hush to Google!

Bounce rates represent the times that users visit your site and leave immediately. Also, they have become a deciding ranking factor for Google. You should try to identify why they increase (or why they are already high) and do your best to keep them low.

This way, you can stop Google from giving you bad rankings.

The Exit Door is Right There. Just Kidding!

Figure out how many times customers visit your site, how much they stay on each page, and where they leave. It is an excellent practice to learn the journey they have on your website. This way, you can design your site in a way that gives them the best UX they could ever find.

Put Your Hands in the Air and Give me All Your Money!

You must become aware of your conversion stats in excruciating detail and consistently develop conversion rate optimization strategies. You should have a list of customers who respond well to social media, and users who convert better via newsletters, email, or even affiliate marketing. Furthermore, you can also check if your pay-per-click (PPC) works out well for you. By using this approach, you will better realize how to target each niche better.

Keywords Here, Keywords There, Keywords Everywhere!

Once you recognize your customers and find out what they are searching for, you can meet their needs on your landing pages. Make sure to use keywords that have a good volume and also have buying intentions. This tactic will help you generate more leads and eventually sales.

B2C? Permission Denied!

B2C businesses need raw data. They put less emphasis on who exactly their customers are, what they do, and what they like unless some specific situations arise. On the other hand, B2B businesses benefit from website visitor tracking to work on each lead individually. Activity tracking, campaign tracking, and lead tracking are instances of data they need.

Oh No, My Privacy!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not permit website visitor tracking without the users’ consent in the EU. However, the US does not have such laws. Since some online activity tracking applications comply with those regulations, the penalty can be backbreaking if you don’t ask for their consent or approval. 

Suppose you do not have the proper policies in action. In that case, they can violate your visitors’ privacy and eventually cause problems for you.

First Time?

Converting first-time visitors is not the easiest thing in the world. Between ‘awareness’ and ‘Decision’ comes another step called ‘consideration.’ Website activity tracking can be of immense help here. When you know where the drop-offs have happened in previous stages of your sales funnel, you have a chance to fix it. This will help more customers move through the funnel.

Idealism Pays Off! Finally!

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal buyer based on data, interviews, and educated guesses. Creating accurate buyer personas can escalate your business’s efficiency and productivity by 2-5 times. Website visitor tracking can even come in handy when we want to check your buyer personas accurately, not based on guesswork.

Oh, You Know Me So Well!

Personalized messages can grow the number of deals you close with leads because of the trust they build. The more trust they have in you, the more purchase they make. Visitor tracking can help you find the data you need to create personalized messages.


How can I track website visitors?

Well, you can start by hiring a private investigator to follow each and every visitor around. Or, you can use a tool like Watchthem.live to track visitor behavior on your website. It’s like having your own little stalker squad, but without the legal repercussions!

Can you track someone who visits your website?

Absolutely! Just like how your ex tracks your every move on social media, you can track visitors on your website with tools like Watchthem.live. You can see where they’re coming from, what pages they’re visiting, and even how long they’re sticking around. Just try not to become too obsessed with your website stalkers!

How can I check website visitors anonymously?

If you’re feeling a bit shy and don’t want to reveal your identity to your website visitors, there are a few options. You can use a tool like Watchthem.live to track visitors without them knowing, or you can wear a disguise and browse your own website incognito. Just don’t forget to take off the fake mustache before your next Zoom call!

How can I track traffic to someone else’s website?

Well, you can always try hacking into their website and stealing their traffic data. But since we don’t condone illegal activities here, we recommend using tools like Watchthem.live to track traffic to someone else’s website. You can see how much traffic they’re getting, where it’s coming from, and even what pages are most popular. It’s like playing detective, but without the handcuffs!

Is visitor analytics free?

Unfortunately, stalking your website visitors does come with a cost. While there are some free visitor analytics tools out there, the good ones usually come with a price tag. But if you’re serious about keeping tabs on your website visitors, it’s worth the investment.

Can website owners see who visits incognito?

Nope, website owners can’t see who visits incognito. It’s like trying to catch a ninja – they’re too sneaky for you to see. But with tools like Watchthem.live, you can still track visitor behavior incognito or not.

Is Google Analytics free to use?

Yep, Google Analytics is free to use! It’s like getting a free slice of pizza – except it’s data about your website visitors. But if you want to unlock some of the more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

How can someone track my web activity?

Well, they could try hacking into your computer and installing spyware. But again, we don’t condone illegal activities. If you’re worried about someone tracking your web activity, make sure to use a VPN and avoid visiting shady websites. And if you really want to be safe, just browse the internet while wearing a tinfoil hat.

Is there a free alternative to Google Analytics?

There are definitely some free alternatives to Google Analytics out there. But just like with anything free, you might not get all the bells and whistles that come with a paid tool. So if you’re serious about tracking your website visitors, it’s worth considering investing in a paid tool like Watchthem.live.

Which version of Google Analytics is free?

The standard version of Google Analytics is free! It’s like getting a free puppy – except instead of cuddles, you get data about your website visitors. But if you want to unlock some of the more advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Can Google Analytics track website visits?

Absolutely! Google Analytics is like a private investigator for your website. It can track visitor behavior, pageviews, bounce rates, and more. Just be sure to give your

Final Notes on Website Visitor Tracking

We, as users, are being bombarded with marketing strategies and messages daily. We smell the marketing strategies and tend to run away as soon as possible.

So, how should we proceed? Well, as a wise man once said, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Whether as a marketer or a sales team, website visitor tracking can make your business flourish and thrive and gain you a crucial perspective on the visitors’ needs.

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