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You may have heard of session replay, but what is it exactly?

We, in today’s world, are faced with a tremendously fast pace. This pace has resulted in the publishing of tons of new pieces of content and products. Moreover, every moment, we are being bombarded with data.

Things were different in the past. There were not as many businesses, brands, and companies. There was not much of a competition. 

The competition was between the top 3, over who could dominate the whole world with their product. Yes, the lack of progress in technology (compared with today) made things hard. In general, though, things were easier. 

However, things are not so simple today. The diversity and the number of products produced every single moment is much higher now. We do not have the privilege to use the same old marketing strategies they used and hope to succeed. This is where session replay comes into play.

Session replay? What is that?

To have better marketing prospects today, we can use the technology of website visitor tracking. One of the critical components in tracking your website’s visitors is session replay (also known as screen recording). Session replay is the practice of recording the screen of your website’s visitors. Afterward, you can analyze every move they made, such as clicks, mouse movements, frustrations, etc. After, you can use the power of behavioral marketing to escalate your business revenue.

This way, you will access your users’ behaviors and analyze what holds them from converting. As a result, you can adapt to your users’ needs and grow your conversion rates.

So, how does session replay work? Is it even free? ‘Cuz I ain’t got money!

For your first question, you will need session recording software to start recording users’ screens. For your second question, there are tons of services that provide you with session replays. Not all of them are free. However, one of the best websites that does this professionally and gives you access to a lot more than just session replays is WatchThemLive. You can register for a FREE package and use all the power they put in your hands! Notable isn’t it?!

You said tips ‘n tricks! The hell is that?

You can use screen recordings without going into too much detail about them. However, it is best if you study some tips beforehand to get you ready and going. After all, you have paid a lot of time, energy, and money for your business. Why not maximize the functionality of tools you have at hand to make your business fully productive and efficient?

So, here I present to you five tricks you can use to obtain the best results when using user session replay:

1. SOS! There are too many videos! Too many!

So, how do we do this? You have a fantastic website, and a significant number of visitors check it. How can we handle all those session replays? First off, you have a team, right? Distribute them between your team members. 

Second, do not randomly go through all videos without knowing what you are looking for. Get yourself something to search for, and go through critical timestamps and sessions. 

Also, try not to neglect user behaviors that are related to digital body language. These behaviors include multi-clicks, bird’s nests, and device rotation. They reveal more about your users than you can imagine.

  • 2. Y’all like Sherlock Holmes? Be him!
  • Remember what he did all the time? He gathered facts, evidence, and leads before diving into an investigation. You should do so as well before starting to investigate your session replays. Gathering facts and evidence is what makes the basis for reasonable analysis. Without them, you will be lost in a loop of doing useless procedures of inquiry. Use your web analytics and VoC (Voice of Customer) data to generate some context for yourself.

  • 3. I’m so tired! Still too many videos!
  • Watching thousands of videos (even if split between team members) can make you all weary. You can take a measure to avoid burning out. Just give yourself some rest, and go check the website’s heatmaps. 

    Use WatchThemLive’s heatmaps to check the bigger picture to detect areas in your website where many users run into trouble. It is best practice to mix and match heatmaps with web session replays to gain the best results.

  • 4. Ya callin’ me a psycho? How dare ya?
  • Psychographic segmentation of your website’s users can come in handy when it comes to session replays. Figuring out how each group of people do certain things on your website and how they interact with it is useful. This allows for hyper-targeted investigations. 

    Focus on some specific things, such as reducing your bounce rates or the friction of your checkout, and then narrow down the sessions. You will have access to many filters; therefore, you can work way faster and with greater detail. This way, you can optimize your website and conversion rates at an enterprise level.

  • 5. Two captains sink the ship, or do they?!
  • Give your team members the same user session replay footage to watch. Make sure they do not watch the same video while they are in the same room. Now, tell them to analyze the sessions and hypothesize the different user behaviors. They will surely come up with different ideas. This results in generating different perspectives around the same subject. Then, you need to look for both differences and similarities. Similarities form the consistency of the matter. You can then come up with ideas around that matter. Also, you must have debates over the differences and find the reasons. Then and only then will you be able to address all the issues fully.


    Session replay technology is an excellent opportunity to optimize your business, conversion rates, and UX. If you use these tips and tricks, you will get tons of valuable data. Then, you can analyze them and act on them to improve your website. As a result, you will see tremendous growth in your business. WatchThemLive offers the best services in terms of price, functionality, and maintainability. You can sign up for free and start using their exceptional services.

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