WatchThemLive Review: All Secrets Behind the Curtain in 2022

WatchThemLive Review: All Secrets Behind the Curtain
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Are you running a business and thinking, “why haven’t I progressed during the last few months although I’ve put more time and energy into growing my brand and spent more money to improve my website?” If you’re stuck and do not know what obstacles are blocking your way to getting the desired results, WatchThemLive, one of the best conversion rate optimization tools, is here to tell you what factors require quick action. 

Ready to learn more about WatchThemLive? Let’s dive in!

What Is WatchThemLive

You may have noticed that some websites ask users to leave comments and try to get user feedback to measure the amount of satisfaction with their services and content. However, a lot of people do not tend to fill out any forms, and the possible problems they face are not addressed in any of the questionnaires.

WatchThemLive is a helpful behavior and eCommerce marketing analytics tool that provides valuable data about your website visitors by offering customer journey maps and recording their sessions. In other words, WatchThemLive helps you track and optimize the user experience by allowing you to see how they act when they enter your website.

Using this tool, you get to see where the bugs of your website are, when visitors face a problem, and why they close your website window(s). 

Besides, you can see what operating systems (OS) your visitors use and find any possible issues with different OS. 

WatchThemLive, the best conversion rate optimization platform on the market, is specifically designed for website owners who tend to watch users’ behavior, find their own deficiencies, and finally fix the bugs to reach the desired CRO goal.

How to Use WatchThemLive

To use WatchThemLive, you need to sign up on their website and create an account. Then, you need to add the tracking code [that WatchThemLive provides you] to your website. And finally, you are required to complete the installation process.

Now, let’s have a review on WatchThemLive features and see how this platform fulfills its promises. Shall we?

WatchThemLive Features

As the best behavioral analytics tool, WatchThemLive provides users with many useful features that make watching visitors easier than ever. Wanna know what the features are? Keep reading. You’re about to figure it out. 🙂


As a website owner or someone who wants to create a website in near future, you need to take care of some common issues to convert your users to permanent customers/visitors.

Using WatchThemLive dashboard, you get to have access to the following information in either PDF or CSV format:

  • The visitors, the device, the browser, and the operating system visitors use to enter your website, 
  • The blogs or pages they read and the landing and exit pages,
  • The language(s) they use to search and the location in which they’re living,
  • Screen resolution and bounce rate on your website.
WatchThemLive Dashboard
WTL Dashboard


As a web session replay tool, this platform records any move a visitor makes on your website to give you an overall look at where a visitor clicks or where they give up and exit your website. [As soon as a client creates their account on WatchThemLive, this feature gets activated and users’ actions start being recorded.]

Knowing what your customers are interested in makes it much easier for you to target them and convert them into your customers. So, you can watch visitors’ recorded sessions and analyze their behavior and see if any bugs or glitches are preventing them to purchase your services or if they’ve faced an error when visiting your website.

By learning how to use session replays, you can:

  • Watch every visitor’s behavior and decide what to change or improve.
  • Fix errors and check how every feature works for users on different browsers and devices.
  • Share users’ videos with the ones working with you and ask for their ideas
WatchThemLive  Replay Sessions
WTL Replay Sessions

WatchThemLive Active Filters

One of the handiest options of WatchThemLive in the session replay section is the multiple filters they have inserted on their dashboard. This way, you can choose the type of data you want to see by prioritizing the filters. The filters include:

  • Session duration
  • Name
  • Email
  • Screen resolution
  • Page
  • Operating system (OS)
  • Event type
  • Device
  • Browser language
  • Country code
  • Date range
WatchThemLive Active Filters
WTL Active Filters

So, for example, if you need to watch videos based on the session duration of users and their country code, you may activate the ‘Session duration’ and ‘Country code’ filters and gain the information you need.

You may also exclude a group of users’ sessions from being recorded and focus on a specific number of users instead.


Have you ever thought, “Which part of my website mostly attracts the attention of my customers?”

Website Heatmaps are designed to tell you where your clients click when they reach your website and which part of your website they interact with most.

Therefore, if you’re running a campaign, have added a banner, or added a new button, you can see whether they get any attention from your web visitors using heatmaps. How would you know? Those parts which get the most clicks are shown with a warmer color like the image below.

WatchThemLive Heatmap
WTL Heatmap

To set up heatmaps, you need to tap on the ‘Create Heatmap’ at the top right of your screen and add your target page URL.

When you apply some changes to your website and want to see how it improves your performance, you can reset your heatmaps and check them over time to see to what extent those changes could affect and optimize your conversion rate.


In this section, you can gain all the information you need about every user who’s visited your website. For instance, you can see what browser and device they used and what their location was. Also, you can see how long any user spent searching and reading, how many times they scrolled up and down, and where they decided to close windows related to your website.

Another positive point is that WatchThemLive gathers all the data about the history of every user and all you need to do is to tap on the sessions to see the full history. This feature could also be beneficial when you want to target users based on their behaviors.

WatchThemLive Visitors Feature
WTL Visitors Feature


This feature is used when you want to check online users. Here, you can see if there are any online visitors from different countries and see what devices they use or what pages they are active on.

WatchThemLive Realtime Feature
WTL Realtime Feature


Set up goals and let WatchThemLive track your website visitors and see the results. For instance, imagine your goal is to generate leads in eCommerce and want to measure the conversion rate after you’ve added a new feature or service to your website. Using this option on WatchThemLive, you can easily follow your progress. 

Remember that you can set goals for different custom events like users’ scrollings or button clicks and see how many users reach the goal you have set.

WatchThemLive Goals Feature
WTL Goals Feature


ِDo you have multiple websites and want to manage them altogether? Here, you can add them all and check every website’s pageviews, session replays, etc.

Websites section on WatchThemLive
Websites section on WTL


One of the practical sections on WatchThemLive is the ‘Teams’ section. In this section, you can create a team for your company members, just by adding their emails and giving them access to your WatchThemLive account.

WatchThemLive Pricing

WatchThemLive comes with 5 packages and the good news is that the first package is actually a free one including all the features, yet with limited access. Look at the picture below to see the packages and monthly prices.

WatchThemLive Pricing
WatchThemLive Pricing

WatchThemLive Pros & Cons

All platforms come with their pros and cons and WatchThemLive is not an exception in this regard. But, what anyone should take into account is that the positive points should always exceed the deficiencies. In the following we’ll cover both, so you can decide whether it is logical to use WatchThemLive or it is just a waste of money. Let’s go. 🙂


Here are some of the most important features you can benefit from on WatchThemLive:

  • You don’t need to worry about losing your money since you can find a free plan on WatchThemLive and you can decide whether it is reasonable to purchase other packages. WatchThemLive demo version is also appropriate for those who have recently launched their website and do not require a paid version.
  • There’s a responsible team behind WatchThemLive who answers your questions ASAP. The live chat feature on this platform also allows you to send messages and get replies during active business hours.
  • Compared to Google Analytics, WatchThemLive offers a much easier-to-use dashboard. Not only does it provide you with numerical data, but also, as a session replay tool, it gives you a chance to see where the bugs are, what makes users leave your website, etc.
  • The ability to watch visitors and analyze their behavior, and the heatmaps that can clarify what visitors mostly pay attention to are positive points you can count on for your business growth.
  • You can set goals on WatchThemLive to see how a new strategy works, check online visitors, and collect data on how you can create a better atmosphere for them.
  • You may also create teams and notify your colleagues about new events and give them tasks or ask for their opinions.
  • In comparison with its rivals, WatchThemLive offers affordable packages for any website owner.


Fortunately, there are no serious issues with this platform. However, WatchThemLive could do better by having an A/B testing option.

WatchThem.Live Reviews

Now that we covered all the important points about this platform, it’s time to have a thorough WatchThem.Live review and see what customers’ evaluations are in this regard. So, let’s go.

WatchThemLive Customer Review on Trustpilot

As I was looking for WatchThemLive reviews on Trustpilot, I was amazed by the fact that WatchThem.Live website had scored 4.8 out of 5 by clients. Here are some of the customers’ comments on WatchThemLive.

WatchThemLive Review on Trustpilot
WatchThemLive Review on Trustpilot

As you can see, this user is satisfied with the WatchThemLive free plan and thinks it’s a more reasonable option than Hotjar’s or FullStory’s.

User's Comment on WatchThemLive
User’s Comment on WatchThemLive

Here, another user seems to be happy with two of the most important features of this platform and that is session recordings and heatmaps.

If you just check other comments and reviews on this website, you’ll figure out to what extent WatchThemLive has done well and has been able to buy users’ contentment. 

WatchThem.Live FAQs

To illustrate some remaining points on WatchThem.Live review, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.

#1 Who Can Use WatchThem.Live?

It can be used by influencer marketing platforms, freelancers, agencies, enterprises, startups, or anyone running a personal website and tends to keep an eye on their own progress.

#2 Is WatchThemLive a Mobile App?

No. It is a web-based app and this makes it usable on all devices.

#3 Does WatchThemLive Send You Any Reports?

Yes. Every week, you’re going to receive a report. However, you can turn this feature off if you’re not interested.

#4 Is There a Way to Change Your Plan on WatchThemLive?

Yes. You just need to use a redemption code to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Last Words on WatchThemLive Review

In summary, WatchThemLive is useful for all those who want to promote and monetize their website(s), start growing their business, or simply increase the number of their audience as influencers. Using this platform, you can identify the possible problems and bugs on your platform and come up with new ideas for improving your website. So, what are you waiting for? 

Sign up on WatchThemLive RIGHT NOW and enjoy developing your website.