30 Best eCommerce Live Chat Apps for Customer Service in 2023

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Using live chat apps and tools is an effective approach to handling all your customers’ inquiries and issues. That’s because live chat produces one of the highest satisfaction rates compared to any other communication channel and is also an affordable tool to add to your existing technology stack. 

In fact, selecting the proper live chat tool will allow you to build a better relationship with your potential clients, resolve issues faster, and provide a much better customer service. In some cases, a decent service can work as a reliable CRO tool, making you look more trustworthy and boosting your conversions!

There are so many choices for live chat apps for different business needs; therefore, it is important to choose the right one for your platform. 

This post will provide a quick overview of the top 30 live chat services. Sit back, relax, and read on to get a more in-depth look at how to select the finest online chat software. 

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Why Offer Live Chat to Customers

Communication is key; regardless of what business you run, analyzing how well you communicate with your users and clients will lead to funnel optimization. Knowing the 7 Cs of customer service and combining them with the right communication platform are the two key elements of establishing an effective customer support strategy. 

Customer Live Chat

There are several live chat services provided by various companies, each coming with a unique set of features. Depending on your needs and expectations, you can go for different tools.

Many businesses and brands pride themselves on their live chat option. One is Printify, a platform with which you can sell customized products such as custom rugs, mugs, t-shirts, and many more. The company is proud of its 24/7 professional live chat support, which is loved by its customers.

Do you know why businesses are proud to admit that they’ve been using the best live chat apps?! It’s all about customer satisfaction; pretty simple, right?! With the best service implemented, your clients are able to contact you right away if they have concerns or issues. 

Live chat assistance can be offered 24/7 with proper planning. Even if you don’t have an all-time available staff, you can always use your self-service support choices. Make sure it’s quick and simple for customers to access your help documentation if chat isn’t an option.

30 Best Customer Support Live Chat Apps

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To improve ecommerce conversion rate, live chat is a fantastic technique for getting website visitors to interact with sales representatives. There is no need for lengthy email outreach or phone scheduling. According to statistics, live chat can actually lead to around a 40% increase in conversion rates

Now, let’s get to the top 30 live chat apps & tools and study how each can help you!

1- WatchThemLive: The Best All-in-One Live Chat App

Primarily a conversion rate optimization tool, WatchThemLive is an amazing option for any business owner or webmaster who would like to optimize their product or content for their target audience. It provides all the necessary tools for success! Now, let’s see what sets WatchThemLive apart from all live chat apps in this list!

There’s much more to WatchThemLive than just a live chat tool for your website, it also enables you to record your visitors’ sessions! So, when your support team receives a vague message from a client, they won’t have to continue chatting or wonder what’s wrong! They will just watch recordings of that specific user’s session. 

This way, you won’t have to ask questions or look for the issues, you can just see the website through their eyes and resolve the issues ASAP! Imagine a client types hi, and that’s all your support team has to see to notice the problem and get it fixed. Can you imagine the look on their face when they see the problem is gone before they even had the chance to express it?! Isn’t that great?

Now, let’s see what other features and tools WatchThemLive provides:

  • Session replays to watch how your users interact with your content and site,
  • Heat maps to get visualized data of what section on a webpage appeals to your audience,
  • Goal tracking to check how your website visitors are converting to your specific goals, 
  • Quantitative data to check your page views, sessions, and active visitors, 
  • Video testimonials tool to get video feedback from your happy customers with preset questions,

And much more!

To gain instant access to the best all-in-one live chat service, sign up on WatchThemLive right now! 

The best part is that it comes with a free plan. Enjoy; you can thank us later!

2- Thankful AI: One of the Live Chat Apps

A big part of ecommerce sales funnel optimization is ensuring that your customers are satisfied after they receive the products. Thankful is an AI platform designed to address consumers’ post-purchase requirements. To provide superior end-customer service, the AI is pre-trained and suited to retail and eCommerce firms. Thankful AI’s agent acts much like a human agent within your helpdesk, routing, labeling, and resolving issues. 

3- Zendesk

Everything you need to manage customer care tasks is included in the Zendesk service suite, including talk, chat social, and a help center. 

With Zendesk, you may add specialized abilities to each of your support agents and define chat restrictions for certain agents using chat and email routing.

4- HubSpot Live Chat Tools

Integration with HubSpot’s other premium “hubs,” such as marketing, sales, and operations, is made simpler by the membership. You can personalize the chat widget with images, greetings, and away messages that reflect your brand. 

You can send those contacts to the other apps in your IT stack using Zapier connectors. Moreover, you can create chat messages using the Chatflows functionality to engage various categories of visitors.

5- MobileMonkey: Live Chat Apps for Website & Social Media

Mobile Monkey is a chatbot platform that allows users to create chatbots for use on websites,  Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. It is one of Neil Patel’s favorite Facebook Marketing tools, and it is among the top 20 most searched chatbot companies. 

6- LiveHelpNow

When using the LiveHelpNow chat program, you can get client feedbacks. It provides sentiment analysis to keep track of chat interactions, both good and negative. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can do, and you can use either the 5-star style or the 10-point Net Promoter Score (Enterprise account only). 

If the LiveHelpNow service notices a bad discussion, it will instantly contact the admin, so they can get in touch with the agent, the client, or both to address a disappointing encounter.

7- LiveAgent

Agents can track important support metrics using LiveAgent’s gamification features, earn badges, and advance through 12 support levels from Novice to King. 

Based on factors like conversations per hour or responses per hour, missed chats, and more than a dozen more, you can modify each support level. Once these components have been established, you can begin monitoring performance on the LiveAgent dashboard.

8- Re: amaze 

This platform offers Cues, which are push messages provided to visitors in order to engage them in a certain issue. You may immediately add three sample Cues to your site.

However, Re: amaze cannot assist you if you are hunting for a chat app with built-in ticketing. You’ll need a help desk app and an automation platform like Zapier to track and handle tickets. 

9- Tawk.to 

Tawk.To’s chat widget can be fully customized, enabling one to pick when and where it would appear on their website. A permission form is also available, as well as a calendar for automatically enabling and disabling the chat widget online. You have the option of hiring a live agent to handle your chats ($1/hour) or removing the branding ($19/month).

10- LiveChat App

LiveChat provides chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as the office phone system, email, and chat support, as well as a vast knowledge library.

LiveChat has the functionality to assist your growing business in the form of an independent but easy-to-integrate chatbot, help center, and knowledge base solutions. 

11- Chaport

Chaport is a multichannel live chat platform with chatbots, a knowledge library, and other features. It enables businesses to grow and prosper by making it simple for them to communicate with website visitors, generate more quality leads, increase sales, and enhance customer service experience.

12- Olark 

Olark provides a robust feature set that includes automation rules, triggered messages, connectivity with major applications like Zoom, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Slack, and Mailchimp, chat transcripts, customization, PowerUps, Security, automation, and team management tools, among others. 

You can organize your Olark chat agents into groups, restrict the number of conversations per agent, monitor all of their activity, route talks among team members, and see agent performance statistics.

13- Kayako 

Live chat, email integration, and help desk ticketing allow chat agents to communicate with customers. This online chat platform offers more individualized customer service and relevant client data. Kayako chat agents may examine all the customers’ activity, every engagement, and the success of their teams in one location.

14- Purechat 

Teams in sales and marketing are best served by Pure Chat. To provide a fantastic client experience, you can utilize its contact history and user analytics to the fullest. 

You may learn from these metrics about user experience, traffic, marketing campaign performance, etc. Use the visitor alert function and triggered conversation to turn great leads into paying customers after you’ve identified them.

15- Tidio 

Tidio offers both PC and mobile apps. You can track visits, conduct tailored chats, and observe a real-time support summary of all visitors or clients with our free live chat software. You may view your visitors’ messages as they type in real-time, allowing you to answer faster and give better customer service.

16- Intercom: One of the Live Chat Apps for Engagement

Intercom is one of the most adaptable and scalable live chat systems for increasing user engagement. Personalized support, pre-defined responses to self-help articles, FAQs, follow-ups, and many more features are available. Intercom allows you to deliver immediate service, engage clients, and turn them into paying customers.

17- Crisp

Crisp is an eCommerce live chat tool that facilitates client communication for businesses. With Crisp, you can pick where to have a live chat with a customer by creating a custom widget of a sales live chat for your website or app. Besides, you can design a live chat option, especially for your sales procedure, using Crisp’s API.

18- Podium

Podium’s Webchat tool appears to be a typical chat widget at first glance, but when you click on it, you’ll notice the difference. Instead of initiating a conversation in a chat bubble, your visitor’s message is delivered through SMS message, allowing them to continue the conversation on their phone. You may get all of your messages in one location and react to them at your leisure and from a single phone number.

19- Chatra

Chatra is an all-in-one live chat solution for websites and eCommerce enterprises. It combines interactions from the most frequently utilized channels to provide better-structured and quicker customer care. Chatra interacts with the majority of major eCommerce systems and allows you to view what the visitor has put in their shopping basket.

 This way, you can assist them with selecting the correct size and the best delivery choice and answering any other checkout-related queries.

20- FreshChat: One of the Well-Known Live Chat Tools

A customer support tool called Freshchat is designed for large teams and intricate companies. It provides a chatbot that can comprehend a question’s intent and provide prepared responses, keeping website visitors interested for as long as feasible. On the pages of your choice, you may activate a help widget to provide resources or provide proactive support.

21- Sendinblue Live Chat Software

For live chat software, Sendinblue Conversations is a fantastic option. Because of Conversations’ simple interface, businesses of all sizes may utilize it. 

The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple and quick to construct chatbot processes. Sendinblue Conversations not only support live chat on your website, but also lets you manage messages from Facebook and Instagram accounts.

22- SmartsUpp

Live chat, chatbots, and video recordings are all combined by Smartsupp to help you save time and successfully turn visitors into devoted patrons. With more than 50,000 active online stores and websites, Smartsupp is among the most well-liked e-commerce systems worldwide. 

By fusing live chat, chatbots, and video recordings, Smartsupp enables businesses to provide a customized online purchasing experience that increases sales. The company’s goal is to assist businesses in converting internet visitors into happy, loyal customers.

23- Drift Live Chat Tools

Drift is a live chat for sales that is designed to turn a visitor into a committed buyer. Rather than forcing website users to engage in ongoing communication, Drift allows you to create “playbooks” that customize encounters. 

You may easily incorporate the service into your website using WordPress, and you’ll be ready to contact your leads in a matter of minutes.

24- HelpCrunch

For your website, Helpcrunch offers a complete range of live chat tools. It offers a variety of support tools, including email automation, pop-ups, and a knowledge base. You might also enjoy its typing insight, which lets you see what users are typing just before they send a message.

25- Freshdesk Messaging

Freshdesk Messaging is a Freshworks customer messaging platform. This software, like many others on our list of the finest software, provides its users with the option of multichannel assistance. 

This service is available in over ten different languages, and if English isn’t your first language, Freshdesk will make the process much easier.

26- Callbell Live Chat

Callbell is a web-based live chat service that enables organizations to manage team collaboration across several communication platforms, including Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. 

Users may design unique chat widgets based on their own needs and integrate them into their current websites. Canned replies, proactive chat, autoresponders, customizable branding, reporting, transcripts, and chat history are some of Callbell’s key features.

27- Getbutton

The GetButton widget directs website visitors to a messaging service, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, where they may begin a chat with you. Thereafter, you and your consumer may continue the chat whenever and wherever you like.

28- Help Scout

Support Scout, also known as Help Scout PBC, is a global remote firm that provides help desk software. For customer care professionals, the firm offers an email-based customer assistance platform, a knowledge base tool, and an embeddable search/contact widget. 

29- ProProfs 

ProProfs chat is quick and responsive online chat software that allows various company websites to provide rapid service to their valued consumers and web visitors. With ProProfs, your support personnel can address queries more quickly, offer real-time responses to a variety of issues, and interact with several clients without disrupting their browsing flow. 

The live support chat platform also allows support staff to immediately reduce tickets while improving customer response and satisfaction levels.

30- JivoChat

JivoChat is a free live chat service that allows internet companies to communicate with their consumers in real time. 

It allows you to create a 360° customer support system by connecting message channels, offering calls, and flexibly configuring and customizing. Simply click the Join Chat button to swiftly send messages to clients at any time.

Parting Notes on Live Chat Apps

We have discussed multiple live chat apps and their main strengths. Now you know which are the top 30 tools you can implement for your website and improve your customer engagement as well as the quality of your brand

Of course, having multiple other channels through which your customers can learn and have their questions answered is important. This includes email, a dedicated help center, a blog, and other useful resources (for example, a calendar of festivities as a useful seasonal resource or a step-by-step video tutorial on how to achieve something technical). 

Nevertheless, if you truly care about customer satisfaction, then a live chat app is a must-have for your business as well!

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