10 Hottest Microsite Trends for 2022

10 Hottest Microsite Trends for 2022

In today’s busy, fast-paced world of ours, a microsite is one of the very few marketing strategies that stand out. Due to their simplicity, microsites have turned into the ultimate way to represent customer-centric businesses.

What the Hell is a Microsite Anyway?

Microsites are single-function websites, usually consisting of only one landing page. They are promotional, distraction-free pages that convince visitors to do a specific task. Therefore, they are an essential tool for your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies.

They are not part of a larger sales funnel. Mostly, they have their own domain names or use a subdomain of a bigger site.

Furthermore, they maximize engagement, build energy up, and form conversations (usually by account registrations, e-mail subscriptions, or surveys).

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What a Microsite Might Look Like in 2022!

Alright! So, many trend elements will possibly pop up in 2022, including the ones I will talk about right now.

Be careful! Trends are always important to consider because of the philosophy that is behind them. Trends take place due to people’s needs and desires. You can see them in everything, whether it is in music, fashion, or business. If you refuse to follow them, you will become the ugly duckling, but one that does not turn into a swan in the end.

Microsite Trends #1: Gamification

We all play video games from time to time. Let’s accept it. We love games. They are entertaining and educating. One trend that has started some time ago and will most likely stick with us even longer is gamification. Gamification is a technique that designers use to insert gameplay elements in non-gaming settings, so they enhance user engagement with a product or service.

This process brings up so much curiosity, joy, and a sense of value in the users that they feel inclined to engage. Gamification affects your CRO in a way that you will be shocked.

Microsite Trends #2: Personalization

Site personalization is another possibility to take advantage of as part of your campaign microsites. You can ask users to self-identify their roles, such as whether they’re a faculty member, a staff member, a parent, or something else. After that, your microsite can provide them with the most appropriate material automatically. Y

Site personalization is another possibility to take advantage of as a part of your microsites. Based on users’ behaviors and their interaction with your website you can label them with a role (for example, based on your persona types). After that, your website can provide them with the most appropriate material automatically. You may also track their site usage and bring up material that is tailored to their preferences, making the process a little more “anonymous” and possibly more frictionless. Website visitor tracking can help you achieve this. Almost every involvement can be customized to personalize content, ensuring that the message your site communicates is as personalized as possible for the users. WatchThemLive provides you with the best website visitor tracking services and you can click here to sign up for FREE.

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Microsite Trends #3: Storytelling

This strategy is an important aspect of explaining your “why” in a way that appeals directly to the viewer. Instead of just describing the journey you have come so far in bullet lists, use photographs and videos, as well as great copywriting, to show off all of your incredible achievements. It will allow them to feel like they can be a part of something amazing, and they will want to participate actively sooner or later. 

If the stories are interesting enough, they will even share them on social media and play as brand ambassadors for your website and campaign.

Dangersoffracking.com is a great example of storytelling using the parallax effect. You can find many more great examples of microsites here.

The following trends are strictly UI-related.

Microsite Trends #4: Gradients

Gradients have been such a popular trend for a long time, ranging from subtle color overlays to attractive backgrounds. The contexts are limitless. Representing the color palette of the brand, making the text overlays readable by gaining minimum contrast, adding depth and texture, adding interactivity when the user hovers an element. and adding visual interests to text are just a few reasons why gradients are a big part of the trends.

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Microsite Trends #5: Frosted Glass Effect

In fierce competition with gradients, the frosted glass effect is now relatively simple to implement on websites thanks to recent developments in web technology. The hazy appearance of components behind the frosted glass overlay serves to provide color to an area while also allowing text or objects to appear over the image while maintaining the aforementioned contrast.

Microsite Trends #6: Bold Typography

Heavy, bold fonts have been on-trend for quite some time, now. With this typography, you can get your message across in way less time. Add neutral colors to these large fonts and you will see how strong your headings will become. If you go along with this trend, conveying your messages will not be a concern anymore.

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Microsite Trends #7: Quirky Branding

Being used by many of the greats, quirky branding has made its way through all the perfect, impeccable structures. Recognized by its hand-drawn illustrations and odd, bizarre images to overlapping components, asymmetry, and chaotic design, quirky branding makes users relate with the imperfections.

Microsite Trends #8: Negative Space

The great L.v. Beethoven once said, “Never break the silence if it is not to improve it,” while the genius, W.A. Mozart said, “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between”. Debussy also said, “Music is the silence between the notes”. But what do they mean?

Harmony! Harmony is flowing inside each and every part of our lives. Every art takes advantage of the concept of harmony. Harmony is the balance between the positive and negative, between voice and silence. For the positive space to be effective, you need to have more than enough of negative space. Those old days of spamming your website with different elements are long gone.

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Microsite Trends #9: Dark Mode

ThThe dark mode of web designs offers several functions. In practical terms, they assist to minimize the pressure on the eye, which is an issue for many, as we spend more and more time on screens. Aesthetically, the dark mode effortlessly produces an ultra-modern appearance for your website while enabling you to emphasize other design aspects by dimming the surrounding elements.

Microsite Trends #10: Vintage

Nostalgia hits differently, doesn’t it? The older we grow, the more we turn to the past as a period when things were simpler and more Nostalgia hits differently, doesn’t it? The older we grow, the more we turn to the past as a period when things were simpler and more pleasant to see. When you touch the nostalgia of your audience, you don’t just create an old-fashioned look for your website, you also combine antique elements with contemporary design. If you want to create an ultra-trendy appearance, try combining typefaces and colors from the past with current images.

Final Words on Popular Microsite Trends

Get in the flow of going along with the trends. Website viewers, like everybody else, enjoy a sense of continuity and consistency. Be creative in your own terms, of course, but do not go way too crazy. Go creative, but be inside the box.

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