Hotjar Reviews: Important Considerations Before You Actually Subscribe

Hotjar reviews

No matter what business you have, your website is its front door towards your market. That’s why all businesses are always trying to optimize their website for the best user experience, user interface, and even content. 

To achieve this worthwhile goal, we all try to find and use the best tools to improve our websites’ quality to get our hands on higher conversion rates and ultimately more sales.

This blog post compares Watch Them Live and Hotjar – two unique product experience insights tools that help make your website shine brighter in the eyes of your website visitors. 

If you are looking for the best but don’t feel like reading the whole article, click here to sign up on Watch Them Live and use it for free.

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Product experience insights tools take the guesswork out of your decisions and make you aware of any hidden problem, bug, or drop-off point before they cost you your precious resources.

In your process to find the best product experience insights tool or website visitor analysis tool, you may wonder how Watch Them Live compares to Hotjar. Two powerful tools that both arm you with Session replays and heatmaps.

How do these tools work?

Basically, after you sign up on any of these tools, they provide you with a shortcode that you have to put in every header of your website. After doing so, you allow their tool to gather data from every visitor’s browser and put it together in easy-to-understand formats.

Now let’s have a quick review of each platform before we compare them based on features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Watch Them Live

WTL’s standout point is their high-quality session replay service along with their pricing (That we will cover later on). Many people love WTL because it stood true to its origin (Session recordings), which is exactly what differentiates them from all others. As you may have guessed, this leads to fantastic product development, better pricing, and even better customer support.


Hotjar started its journey back in 2014 and attracted its first customer a year after. Hotjar’s core product is its screen recording feature too. But they soon started going off their original track and combined the session recording with side features to become an all-in-one suit.

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Comparing WatchThemLive and hotjar

There are a couple of essential factors that you need to consider before making a decision. Throughout this post, we will cover features, pricing, and finally, customer reviews. These are all critical parts to consider to make sure you make the right decision.

Ease of Set-Up

It’s pretty easy to sign up on either one of the two. And yes! You need to install a shortcode on your website to start using each of these platforms. 

This is one of the aspects that WatchThemLive has performed amazingly because WTL integrates with almost all Web platforms, well beyond WordPress. What makes WTL amazing is that each one of these platforms has a step-by-step guide.

It’s easy, fast and you don’t even need to have any knowledge of Coding to install your tracking code.

In fact, Watch them live has given the very best to its customers when it comes to integrations and ease of setup.

Session recordings

As we mentioned earlier, Hotjar changed its focus from the core feature (session recording) to side features. This change of direction caused Hotjar to develop their session replay features slower and become vulnerable to many negative feedbacks and feedbacks.

Despite Hotjar, WTL has some pretty amazing features. 

Your users will have a profile and this enables you to watch and review all their past interactions in one place. (Take a look at the picture below)

WTL has also made cross-board collaborations a lot easier. You can share each one of the recordings with anyone else, even if they are not a WTL user.


If you take a look at both pricing pages, there are plenty of interesting facts you encounter. There is a big gap between prices and a big gap between what is included in each pricing package. 

Both companies have four packages, including a free forever plan. 

Free ForeverPro/PlusAdvanced/BusinessEnterprise/Scale
WhatchThemLive pricing vs Hotjar pricing

Another interesting fact is that if you are looking for a Session replay and heatmap and analytics tool, WTL ‘s pricing looks way better than the Hotjar regarding both pricing and feature limitations. For instance, WTL ‘s free package offers x20 more video recordings on its Pro package than Hotjar does on its plus package.

Hotjar Reviews vs WTL Reviews

If you look at G2 and TrustPilot, there are dozens of reviews for each of the two services. But making it short, Watch Them Live users were a lot more satisfied with their chosen service both on G2 and TrustPilot.

Hotjar, on the other hand, had some serious negative customer reviews. Especially on TrustPilot, many users were complaining about Hotjar making their website super slow or having weak customer service.

Many Hotjar reviews complain about:

  • The limited number of recordings
  • Bad customer service
  • Horrible quality and sometimes failures on mobile recordings
  • Expensive packages 

The low score of 2/5 is horrible for a service that claims to be the best option.

The interesting part is that many of these negative user reviews are for session recordings that are supposed to be their core feature and their most vital part. If you are looking for a tool that perfectly does session recordings, I suggest you try Watch Them Live for free, and I’m sure you will understand how good they are doing compared to anyone else.

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Regarding product experience insights tools, Watch Them Live and Hotjar are two services that many people like to compare.

If you are looking for the best Session recording service, Watch Them Live is literally the best. Not only it provides perfect visitor recordings it also provides you with some unique features like customer segmentation and easy cross-board collaboration (Sharing video recordings) through profiles along with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Based on customer reviews, despite Hotjar, WTL works really better on the mobile session recordings and has a really better pricing plan.

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