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One best way to gain insights into any tool is to read relevant reviews about it, and Lucky Orange is no exception. This article will delve into Lucky Orange reviews, ways to leverage this tool, weigh the pros and cons, and pricing. In the end, we will conclude by picking out the best Lucky Orange alternative and sharing the reasons behind our pick.

What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a conversion optimization suite that aids businesses of all types to find out why their viewers are not converting to customers. It is a professional tool used by website owners to see everything that viewers do on their websites, using dynamic heatmaps, session replays, and conversion drop-off identification.

Analyzing users’ behaviors, envisioning the customer journey map, tracking problems and bugs, and focusing on individual user issues contribute to a better UX (User Experience), enhancing your business.

The number of people visiting a site and the keywords, locations, and even user languages are viewed using the real-time analytics dashboard. Also, clicks, scrolls, toggles, and moves a customer makes are recorded through session recordings and dynamic heatmaps. Conversion funnels can help find out where each process’s pain points are located, making it possible to pin down the abandonment points of the processes.

Lucky Orange Features

Their most functional features can be categorized into the following.


Heat Maps (envisages users’ clicks, scrolls, and movement data utilizing colors), Session Replays (records sessions of users on the website), Monitoring (tracks the users’ behaviors), Data Segmentation (divides the collected data on specific criteria)

User Behavior

Click Tracking (checks the parts of the page users click on the most), Eye Tracking (sees which components of the page users hover on the most), Mouse Movement (monitors the movement of the mouse over the page), Frustration Tracking (checks the parts of the webpage users experience the most difficulty)

Visitor Information

User Identification (collects users’ information, such as IP address, location, language, etc.)

Know These Before a Lucky Orange Premium Plan

Like everything else that exists, Lucky Orange has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people have used it for their websites, and everybody has his own opinions about it.

I have read almost every review they have on leading review websites such as TrustPilot, G2, and GetApp, and here is what I have found:

UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience)

First of all, I have found out that some people have run into problems with the complexity of its UX and how navigation through different tabs is slow and even sometimes confuses people over how and where they can do specific stuff.

In addition to that, Lucky Orange reviews had some complaints about its UI and how it looks really outdated.

As you can see in the picture below, the product’s design has nothing compared to other industry competitors such as WatchThemLive.


Does Lucky Orange Upgrade Your Plan Without Your Consent?

There have also been several issues regarding Lucky Orange upgrading your plans without asking for your consent. However, their support has responded that you can turn off this feature at any point; it doesn’t seem right to be on in the first place.

This really kills trust and makes people wonder what else they are willing to do just to make a few bucks.


Lucky Orange pricing plans, sorted ascendingly, consist of a 7-day free trial, Starter, Small Business, Medium, Large, and Enterprise. The most popular plan is the Small Business, which for 60.000 monthly page views, three sites, and four operators costs only $20/mo, while the best value comes from their Large plan, which for 500.00 monthly page views, 16 sites, and 20 operators costs $100/mo.

Compared to some of its alternatives, it is cheaper. In contrast, compared to others with more functionality and value, it is considered expensive, as some even provide you with fully functional free plans (should I mention WatchThemLive again? 😀 Let’s take a look at their pricing table as well)!

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As you can see, WatchThemLive is offering almost equal page views that they have on the starter package for FREE and for UNLIMITED websites!

It even gets better if you go for more advanced packages. In fact, WatchThemLive’s Advanced package is 11$ cheaper than Lucky Orange’s large package and offers much more pageviews than them. 

Lucky Orange Alternatives

Based on lucky orange reviews compared to others and our research throughout the internet, from dozens of Orange Lucky alternatives, WatchThemLive, Hotjar and Mouseflow are some of its biggest rivals that have similar ratings throughout the list. SurveyMonkey (with more than eight thousand positive reviews), followed by Pipedrive and Smartlook, has been said to be some of the other competitors remaining in the market.

Each of these has its pros and cons and unique features that others lack, and their pricing plans undoubtedly differ from one another.

The Best Alternative to Lucky Orange

As we have mentioned throughout the article WatchThemLive is a promising company in the industry, which is my personal choice due to its brilliant functionality, maintainability, and low costs. Let’s dig deeper into each one so that you can see what I see on this platform.

Not only does WTL provide most of the features all these other applications come up with, but it is also being developed every day, and new, unique features are added to it.

This means that the more your business grows, the more the platform will grow and provide new features.

Also, the UI and UX it has is not even comparable with any others I have ever seen! Just go check it out, and it instantly will turn into love at first sight!


Lucky Orange reviews are filled with positive and also negative comments. People are mostly complaining because of its weak UI, and UX, and most importantly, upgrading your plan and renewing it for another month without your consent.

We took this comparison article a little further than customer reviews and gave you a deeper comparison between lucky orange pricing and comparing it with our choice of top alternatives.

Although they do some shady stuff regarding renewing without your consent, Lucky Orange is not that bad. But it’s not worth the amount of money you will pay for it. In fact, there are some fantastic alternatives such as WatchThemLive that are offering much more at less price.

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