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Ever wondered why your website conversion rate has been decreasing?! In these desperate times, you might think an analytics tool like Lucky Orange can turn most of your visitors into customers. But how can you leave years of content and effort into the hands of a service you don’t know?!

One of the best ways to gain insights into any tool is to read relevant reviews, and Lucky Orange is no exception. This article will delve into Lucky Orange reviews, ways to leverage this CRO tool, and weighing the pros and cons alongside the pricing. Ultimately, we will conclude by picking out the best Lucky Orange alternative and sharing the reasons behind our pick.

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Now, let’s get started!

What Is Lucky Orange

It is a behavioral analytics tool that claims to aid businesses of all types discover why their viewers are not converting to customers. It dubs itself as a professional tool used by website owners to see everything that viewers do on their websites, using dynamic website heatmaps, session replays, and conversion drop-off identification.

Lucky Orange Homepage
Lucky Orange Homepage

Analyzing users’ behaviors, envisioning the customer journey map, tracking problems and bugs, and focusing on individual user issues contribute to a better UX (User Experience), enhancing your business.

With the help of the real-time analytics dashboard, you can see the number of people visiting your site, their locations, and even their languages. Also, clicks, scrolls, toggles, and moves a customer makes are recorded through session replay tools and dynamic heatmaps. In addition, conversion funnels can help you find out where each process’s pain points are located, making it possible to pin down the abandonment points of each process.

So, let’s dive into its features, ready?!

Lucky Orange Reviews: Top Analytics Features

Their most functional features can be categorized into the following.

#1 Session Recordings

According to their official website, you can record all visitor interactions with any element on the website. There is also a filtering option to narrow down recordings by segments that matter to you, like high cart value, traffic source, customer ID, and rage clicks. But how helpful is it?! Let’s see!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, you can’t delete or even prevent it from recording redundant and unnecessary sessions. So, your storage capacity will be full. In addition, uploading the videos for your teammate takes a long time, and it isn’t instant. As though these shortcomings were not enough, the video recordings often don’t load well, and you must click on the play button several times! Annoying, isn’t it?

#2 Dynamic Heatmaps

This service studies clicks and scrolls on your website’s forms, menus, popups, etc. With the help of its clickmaps, you can optimize your CTAs locations, adjust form fields, and redesign your website to achieve a high converting landing page. But can we trust Lucky Orange heatmaps?! 

Disclaimer: The important case is that its reports load very slowly and heatmaps take ages to load.  In addition to its awful loading time, Lucky Orange heat maps don’t work well on Firefox. 

This means that using Lucky Orange is frustrating. Besides, there are some pageviews/heatmap limitations with its plans. To clarify, you can’t exclude some web pages from tracking and recording to not waste storage capacity.

#3 Conversion Funnel

Before funnel optimization, you need to know where visitors abandon the journey the most. By analyzing the percentage of users who leave your website before completing the conversion funnel, you will find the pages causing the most abandonment. Then, you must find and fix the problems that lead to it.

 Lucky Orange promises to help you in this regard. Let’s see how successful it is, though!

Disclaimer: It’s very difficult to set up a funnel to analyze.

#4 Form Analytics

Lucky Orange claims to help you uncover the reasons behind form abandonment. According to their website,by identifying the repeated fields(fields completed more than once), it finds issues that visitors struggle with. Moreover, Lucky Orange tracks the time visitors spent on page before filling out the form, and the time they spent to complete the field. With this data, you can find out how to improve field order. 

Disclaimer: One of the downsides of Lucky Orange is that you can’t export data to excel. So, you need to do it manually, which can become a time-consuming task!

Now, You may wonder:

How Is Lucky Orange Pricing

Lucky Orange pricing plans consist of a free plan and a 7-day free trial for each paid plan. It offers 6 subscriptions including Free, Build, Grow, Expand, Scale, and Enterprise. The most popular plan is the Grow plan, which costs $35 for 40,000 monthly page views, 60 day storage for heatmap and recordings, and 365 day storage for other features like events and surveys.

Lucky Orange Pricing And Packages
Lucky Orange Pricing And Packages

Disclaimer: As you can see, the Lucky Orange pricing method is based on pageviews which makes it too expensive. Moreover, you can’t get access to your data for a long period of time unless you pay for it separately. The price of a one-year subscription of data storage is unreasonably high.  That’s unfortunate, isn’t it?!

Honestly, compared to its alternatives with more functionality and value, it is considered expensive. As some Lucky Orange alternatives even provide you with fully functional free plans.

WatchThemLive, a great, cost-effective alternative to Lucky Orange and a free CRO platform, for example, offers a free forever plan with unlimited session replays and data retention for UNLIMITED websites!

It even gets better if you go for more advanced packages. WatchThemLive’s Team Gold package is $67 cheaper than Lucky Orange’s Scale package and offers much more functionalities than them. Sign up now and take full advantage of its impressive features risk-free!

Let’s dive into LuckyOrange pros and cons, shall we?!

Lucky Orange Reviews: Pros & Cons

So far, we’ve explained all you need to know about Lucky Orange top analytics features and its pricing. Now, it’s time to glance at its pros and cons.

Lucky orange Pros

  • It’s a useful tool for eCommerce marketing (since it offers session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, funnel analysis, etc),
  • It sends website analytics data reports to your email regularly,
  • You don’t need an expert or developer to set it up,
  • It has a responsive support team.

Lucky Orange Cons

  • It’s too expensive,
  • There are too many limitations on its plans,
  • There are issues with the UI and UX,
  • Your data isn’t exportable to excel,
  • It has a long loading time,
  • It is hard to set up funnels,
  • And, there is a limited number of pageviews in each plan(even paid plans).

Let’s jump right into Lucky Orange reviews based on its real clients’ experiences. Ready?!

Lucky Orange Reviews: Before You Subscribe 

Like everything else that exists, Lucky Orange has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people have used it for their websites, and everybody has had a different experience.

Here are the reasons why you need an alternative to Lucky Orange:

#1Its UI and UX Is Clunky”

First of all, I have found out that some people have run into problems with the complexity of its UX. That is, its navigation through different tabs is slow and sometimes confuses people over how and where they can take specific actions . 

Plus, there are some complaints about the UI being outdated. Let’s take a look at one of them!

Lucky Orange's Client Feedback
Lucky Orange’s Client Feedback

According to this client, the Lucky Orange website needs to be redesigned. 

#2 “Its Chat Feature Is Unusable”

Lucky Orange claims to deliver world-class customer support by offering an amazing live chat feature. But the real clients complain that it doesn’t work properly. Here’s user feedback about Lucky Orange chat on Trustpilot :

Lucky Orange's Client Experience
Lucky Orange’s Client Experience

As you can see in the above comment, Lucky Orange doesn’t have a mobile app. So, you must sit on a chair in front of the computer to get your messages and chat with your customers. Here’s another similar experience with Lucky Orange live chat:

Lucky Orange's Client Comment
Lucky Orange’s Client Comment

According to these feedbacks, Lucky Orange live chat is basically unusable, because if your screen is off,  it doesn’t send you any notifications. Therefore, you need someone to sit at home all day and monitor the messages every second to answer customers. Annoying, isn’t it?!

Let’s jump right into the other Lucky Orange reviews from real clients!

#3 “Lucky Orange Has Abusive Billing Practices

Its pricing is too high compared to other similar tools, even with more functionalities. The worst thing is its abusive billing plan! Here’s an astonishing comment regarding this issue:

Lucky Orange's User Feedback
Lucky Orange’s User Feedback

There have been several complains regarding Lucky Orange upgrading your plans without asking for your consent. However, their support has responded that you can turn off this feature at any point; but that’s an option that shouldn’t have been on in the first place.

Still not convinced?! Here’s another comment regarding its billing plan:

Lucky Orange's User Comment
Lucky Orange’s User Comment

They charge you so many times even when you’re not using their platform! It’s kind of a scam! According to this client’s comment, not only did they not refund him, but they charged him again! He couldn’t cancel his subscription, and the Lucky Orange support team didn’t respond to him! Let’s look at the following comment:

Lucky Orange's User Experience
Lucky Orange’s User Experience

This really kills trust and makes people wonder what else they are willing to do just to make a few bucks.Who would have thought this analytics tool was so abusive! Can you trust such a scam?! If not, check out a feature-rich alternative to Lucky Orange.

WatchThemLive: The Best Lucky Orange Alternative

WatchThemLive is the best and free conversion rate optimization platform that gives you all you need to improve conversion and increase revenue.

Based on Lucky Orange reviews and our research throughout the internet, from dozens of Lucky Orange alternatives, WatchThemLive  is one of the biggest Lucky Orange competitors with much more functionalities and affordable prices.

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Interested to learn more about WatchThemLive’s noteworthy features?! Here’s the list of analytics features it offers to achieve your goal. Go ahead and read its services and pricing.

WatchThemLive’s Features

As we have mentioned throughout the article, WatchThemLive is a promising company in the industry. It has proved to be the best choice due to its brilliant functionality, maintainability, and low costs. Let’s dig deeper into each one so you can see what I see on this platform.

 WatchThemLive presents several unique and distinguishing features. This means the more your business grows, the more the platform will grow and provide new features.

Also, the UI and UX is not even comparable with any others I have ever seen! Just go check it out!

#1 Analytics Dashboard

With the help of WatchThemLive’s website analytics dashboard, you can simply look at your website analytics data and make decisions with confidence and power. But how?! This service allows you to analyze and act on visitors’ behaviors that you couldn’t see before.

Moreover, it allows you to visualize data so that you can answer the most important questions at a glance. In addition, you can export all data into CSV and PDF.

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#2 Session Replays

WatchThemLive is the best Lucky Orange alternative that offers the ability to record all visitors’ interactions with your website. It records visitors’ sessions and informs you about the details of each visitor’s behaviors. The session replays (recordings) show you all clicks , taps, and movements of your visitors in a video.


Using WatchThemLive’s session replays, you can see your website from the users’ point of view and find the problems and issues that prevent conversion. Therefore, by fixing the bugs before the visitors contact the support team, you can give them seamless UX and improve conversion rate.

#3 Click Heatmaps

In simple words, a clickmap is an important tool in marketing. Because by using them, the digital marketing owners have a correct understanding of how the visitors interact with their website. A heatmap is a data visualization tool that helps website owners analyze the performance of a particular webpage.

WatchThemLive's Heatmap
WatchThemLive’s Heatmap

So, if you don’t know anything about the right place for CTAs, running campaigns, filling out forms, or even your web page design, WatchThemLive’s clickmaps help you in this regard.

#4 Goal Tracking

Ultimately, we all seek to increase conversion. If all processes don’t lead to conversion, it means that we have taken the wrong path or our marketing efforts don’t create value in the end. So, you must track your visitors and find how well your site fulfills your target objectives. These desired objectives (goals) can be as simple as clicking on a button.

Using goal tracking, you can set up your goal and track its progress! Then, you’ll figure out what you need to address and how to improve conversion. You can sign up on WatchThemLive and start tracking your specific goals for FREE!

WatchThemLive’s Secret Weapons

Now, it’s’ time to introduce the fabulous features on WatchThemLive that make it shine and stand out from other Lucky Orange alternatives. Ready?!

Visual Live Chat

As you know, offering excellent customer service is mandatory in all types of businesses. You must have different channels to engage and interact with your customers to impact conversion. The customers don’t want to waste their time on explaining and taking screenshots from the issues they’re facing. They leave a message on the chat bot and want to receive an immediate response.

To solve this need, WatchThemLive’s visual live chat is the best solution. With The help of this service, you can access the recorded session of the user who left a message. So, you can easily watch the whole customer journey and find the problem. Then, you’ll be able to answer their questions properly. Pretty straightforward, right?!

Video Testimonials

Nobody wants to be the first to purchase a product and experience its shortcomings. The customers don’t trust you based on your product promotion. They trust other customers’ experiences. In other words, the experience and feedback of other customers who are praising you, truly matter! That’s where WatchThemLive’s video testimonials help you!

It is the fastest and easiest way to collect and share videos to promote your brand. How does it work? Well, this service will display a pre-set questionnaire on the users’ screen and all they need to do is answer the equations after pressing the record button. Sounds great, right?!

Why are you waiting for it?! Sign up now and vouch your services and products through this feature!

WatchThemLive’s Pricing & Packages

This behavioral analytics tool offers a free forever plan with unlimited data retention and session recordings. Moreover, It provides you with a heatmaps, heatmap snapshot, and goal tracking. By the way, there is no limitation that forces you to upgrade your subscription.

But if you’re willing to use its paid plans, their pricing starts from $24 up to $83 per month. Besides, if you want to pay annually, there are considerable discounts with each plan!

WatchThemLive's Pricing and Packages

Sign up on WatchThemLive today and give it a try!

If you’re curious about its other features and services, you can read our complete WatchThemLive review.

Lucky Orange vs. WatchThemLive: Which One Is Better

As Lucky Orange real clients have pointed out before, This platform has a lot of limitations and downsides that make every user want to replace it. For example, you can’t filter the recordings to save storage. That is, there is no way to record visitors’ sessions from just a specific location.

There is another red flag about its billing plan! Let’s be honest! Lucky Orange has a shady business model! They will charge you again and again without asking for confirmation or permission. One day, you’ll wake up to an email stating they’ve charged you again! 

Therefore, it isn’t worth your money at all. Its price is increasing ascendingly but you don’t get more value. When you upgrade your plan, the number of page views is the only thing that will be changed.

Unlike Lucky Orange, WatchThemLive offers a free forever plan that doesn’t have such downsides! There are no limitations on pageviews, session recordings and data retention even with its free subscription. Moreover, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Who wouldn’t prefer an affordable tool with a transparent billing plan?! So, sign up on WatchThemLive now for FREE and see what makes it different!

FAQs on Lucky Orange Reviews

So far, we have been honest with you and provided an eye-opening review of Lucky Orange to help you make an informed decision. Now, it’s time to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this tool.

1. What Is Lucky Orange App?

This platform provides different tools like session recordings, heatmaps, live chat, and conversion funnel that will allow you to monitor and analyze your visitors’ journey. By using it, you can understand the reason behind your high bounce rate and why they don’t convert into customers.

2. How Do I Cancel My Lucky Orange Subscription?

According to their website, you can click on the drop-down at the top of your Lucky Orange account. Then click on ‘Subscriptions & Payment Methods’, and press the ‘ Cancel’ button to cancel the subscription.

But does it really work?! As other users mentioned before, you may cancel your plan several times, but they will charge you again without sending a warning email and permission.

3. How Does Lucky Orange Work?

This analytics tool promises to give website owners the opportunity to replay their visitors’ sessions. Lucky Orange does this by capturing the original html the visitor was shown, then tracking any user input like mouse movements, scrolls, touch events, and any other changes to that html. By analyzing these data, you can resemble the visitors behaviors and interactions with the website in detail.


Lucky Orange reviews are filled with positive and also negative comments. People are mostly complaining because of its weak UI and UX, and most importantly, upgrading your plan for another month without your consent.

We took this comparison article a little further than customer reviews and gave you a deeper comparison between lucky orange pricing and comparing it with our choice of top alternatives.

Because they do some shady stuff regarding upgrading your subscription without asking your permission and it’s not worth the money you will pay. There are some fantastic alternatives, such as WatchThemLive, that are offering much more at a more reasonable price.

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