14 Best AI Tools to Optimize Your Business in 2023

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Are you looking to reduce your work hours and dedicate more time to activities that bring you joy? If so, AI Tools (Artificial Intelligence Tools) can help you complete your tasks and save more time.

As more and more businesses and professionals want to work faster and smarter, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming really important. AI tools’ exciting features make work easier and simplify certain tasks. They can help with things like writing content, analyzing feelings, creating images and videos, and collaborating with brands.

In this article, we will look at the top 14 AI tools that can help you be more productive in many different ways.

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14 Best AI Tools for Business

AI is already a common and important part of the business world. It helps many companies stay competitive in today’s changing technology environment. If your company hasn’t started using artificial intelligence yet, here are the 14 best AI tools from writing and video editing to influencer marketing platforms you can pick from.

1. ChatGPT: One of the Free AI Tools

Let me give you a simple summary of the popular phenomenon known as ChatGPT. It’s basically a chatting program that uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model. This program has recently become available to the public for free as a research preview. You can type in questions or instructions, and it will respond with text in various formats like stories, prose, or even computer code.

ChatGPT: One of the Free AI Tools

The main purpose of ChatGPT is to assist users with tasks that involve working with text. It’s like having a conversation with a helpful chatbot. 

ChatGPT Pros

  • ChatGPT is versatile. 
  • You can better manage your time. 
  • You can add plugins to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities. 
  • It’s easy to connect chatbots with other apps and services.

ChatGPT Cons

  • It has some accuracy and clarity problems.
  • Unfortunately, its knowledge of the world and events is before 2021.
  • In some countries, such as Iran, You can’t sign up without VPN.

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2. Ainfluencer: The Best AI Tool for Brand Collaboration

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They have a chat system that helps you communicate with influencers and make the process go smoothly.

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3. Freepik AI Tools: AI Image Generator & Pikaso AI Art Generator

Freepik offers an impressive suite of AI tools designed to help you achieve what you need, from generating stunning AI art images and AI presentations to removing backgrounds and creating written content. Freepik’s AI tools can be invaluable assets in your creative arsenal.

freepik homepage
Link to download the image

Freepik AI Tools Pros

  1. Pikaso AI Art Generator: With Pikaso, you can transform your photos and sketches into unique AI art, and avatars, and reimagine them into captivating works of art
  2. The AI Image Generator allows you to input text prompts generate AI images and customize the style, color, lighting, and framing of your output images.
  3. The AI Writer can help by generating ideas and providing content suggestions if you feel stuck on where to start with your writing project.
  4. Freepik’s AI Background Removal Tool is very easy to use, allowing you to create clean and professional-looking images with minimal effort.
  5. The Slidesgo AI Presentation Maker is great for creating a presentation for work, school, or personal projects.

Freepik AI Tools Cons

  1. While the AI Presentation Maker is user-friendly, some users may need time to get acquainted with the tool’s interface and features.

4. Writesonic: Free AI Writing Tool

The platform has lots of templates and tools that make it easier for users to write. WriteSonic is really helpful for businesses and individuals who want to get better at writing and creating content more quickly.

Writesonic: Free AI Writing Tool

WriteSonic is an option if you want a solid alternative to ChatGPT with a helpful AI copywriting tool. 

WriteSonic Pros

  • Generating reports with live data from the internet.
  • Offering free trials.
  • Coming with a plagiarism checker.
  • Giving recommendations for how to structure sentences, the tone to use, and which words to choose.
  • Offering a user-friendly interface for inputting your ideas.

WriteSonic Cons

  • Tutorials are not available even though most things are easy to understand.
  • It’s unclear which option provided the complete blog post.
  • Certain parts of Writesonic may feel overwhelming because there are many different features to explore. 
  • There may be some limitations in generating very specific or technical content at times.

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5. Midjourney: Online Artwork AI Tool

Are you searching for a logo for your business, artwork for a project, or a picture for a report? One helpful option is to use an online AI tool such as Midjourney.

Midjourney: Online Artwork Ai Tool

This AI image creator allows you to describe the kind of image you need by typing in words. In response, the website provides you with four excellent and detailed images.

Midjourney Pros

  • It offers free trials.
  • It will improve customer satisfaction (it offers personalized responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty).
  • It offers comprehensive analytics (Its analytics dashboard monitors and analyzes customer interactions, providing valuable insights for improvement).
  • It’s a customizable AI Tool (allowing businesses to customize the platform according to their specific needs and requirements).

Midjourney Cons

  • It’s not easy to use. 
  • It’s confusing to sign up on Midjourney.
  • It has limited human interaction.
  • Integrating Midjourney with other tools and systems is so challenging.

6. Repl.it: Code Generator AI Tool

It is a tool that helps developers create and handle web and mobile apps, APIs, and other applications. Repl.it includes a feature that automatically hosts the applications, making it easy for organizations to share live links with clients or internal teams.

Repl.it: Code Generator AI Tool

Repl.it also allows teams to collaborate effectively. They can work on multiple projects, write, test, and fix code, make notes, invite team members, communicate through live chat, and share pieces of code or documents. It offers various useful features like multiple-user access, instant updates, compliance management, customizable templates, code suggestions, and more.

Repl.it Pros

  • This is an online browser tool. No need to install anything.
  • Extensions are simple to ‘install’. 
  • You can ask any coding or related questions.
  • It also supports Linux.

Repl.it Cons

  • It’s hard to use it.
  • It’s not a fast AI Tool.
  • It requires a guidebook to help you debug.

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7. Synthesia: Video Generator AI Tool

It is a special computer program that uses artificial intelligence to make videos with cartoon characters. Synthesia is really quick and easy to use, and you can make videos that look like they were made by professionals. 

All you have to do is type out what you want the character to say, and Synthesia takes care of the rest. It even creates a voice that matches the text and shows the character speaking. It’s like having two amazing tools at one!

Synthesia: Video Generator AI Tool

Synthesia is one of the AI marketing tools that provide high-quality avatar videos for big companies and marketing teams. These videos are used for presentations, help documents, and other purposes to improve communication and get people interested.

Synthesia Pros

  • The videos are of high quality and downloadable.
  • AI features make it easy for non-professionals to create attractive videos. 
  • It offers various features for personalizing basic designs. 
  • It is useful for short promos, teasers, and corporate videos.

Synthesia Cons

  • The Personal plan has a limit on the number of videos you can make.
  • It doesn’t provide API access, which restricts video generation. 
  • However, it can’t match the quality of videos created by professional production teams.

8. Soundraw: Music Generator AI Tool

It is a cool tool that helps creators make music. Using Soundraw, you can create songs that go well with your content in just a few minutes, even if you don’t know much about music composition!

Soundraw: Music Generator AI Tool

Automatic music generator – produces AI music without copyright restrictions. It’s capable of generating music based on your desired music genre, instruments, mood, and length. 

Soundraw Pros

  • This AI music generator is fast, which saves time and effort for composers and producers.
  • It can be trained and tailored to create music in a particular genre or style, simplifying the production of music that fulfills specific needs. 
  • AI music generator has the ability to generate distinct sounds and compositions that traditional music production methods cannot achieve. 

Soundraw Cons

  • However, AI-generated music might lack the emotional depth and subtle qualities that human-created music often has.
  • AI music generators still have limitations regarding sound quality and musical structure, resulting in music that is less intricate compared to compositions by human composers.

9. Fliki: Text-to-Audio Maker AI Tool 

It is an AI Tool that is used to transform written words into excellent audio. Fliki can even gather pictures and videos from various places like blogs, and combine them with audio to make basic voiceover videos. The creators of the famous Rytr AI writing software are the ones who developed Fliki.

Fliki: Text-to-Audio Maker AI Tool

Fliki revolutionizes how TikTok influencers, content creators, marketers, and businesses can make captivating videos from written text and images, enhancing their ability to tell stories effectively.

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Fliki Pros

  • You can try it out for free forever, and you don’t need to provide credit card information.
  • You can host as many podcasts and audiobooks as you want.
  • You can customize how words are pronounced.
  • You can upload your own music or sound effects.

Fliki Cons

  • There is no audio analytics available.
  • You can’t share and collaborate with team members.

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10. SlidesAI: PPT Generator AI Tool

It is a helpful tool that can transform any written content into a visually appealing slideshow. SlidesAI is perfect for busy professionals who want to create impressive slides quickly. With SlidesAI, you’ll get a captivating presentation with bullet points and images. 

SlidesAI: PPT Generator AI Tool

They have a wide range of templates to choose from, making it easy to create slides for various occasions. You can customize the templates to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, if you use Google Slides, SlidesAI seamlessly integrates with it, making the process even simpler.

SlidesAI Pros

  • It makes presentations easier and quicker to create by automating tasks like editing, layout design, and content suggestions.
  • You can customize the appearance and content of your slides to suit your preferences, promoting unique ideas.
  • It enables multiple people to work on a presentation simultaneously, facilitating group projects and remote collaboration.
  • And, it maintains a consistent visual style across all slides, particularly useful when collaborating with others.

SlidesAI Cons

  • It has limited fresh ideas or eye-catching designs, resulting in boring and forgettable illustrations.
  • It may require assistance to comprehend complicated information.
  • It’s a dependent tool that constantly relies on a stable internet connection and is susceptible to technical issues and errors. 

This can be a significant disadvantage, particularly for critical or time-sensitive presentations.

11. Remini: Photo Editing AI Tool

It is an AI-powered app that improves old and blurry photos. Remini uses AI to fix faded and damaged photos, making them clearer and more vivid. It can remove scratches, cracks, and other flaws, letting you relive your memories in a fresh way.

Remini: Photo Editing AI Tool

Remini can sharpen blurry photos, making them clearer. It’s great for pictures taken in dim lighting or with shaky hands. Additionally, it uses AI to enhance the color of your photos, making them livelier and more realistic. It can also fix color issues caused by artificial lighting.

Moreover, The app reduces noise in photos, making them smoother and clearer. It’s particularly useful for pictures taken in low light or with a high ISO setting.

Remini Pros

  • It creates high-quality pictures.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • It is value for money.
  • It provides face correction in editing (making sure that the end result shows the person’s face clearly and accurately).

Remini Cons

  • It takes a long time to load.
  • Despite paying for a subscription, the app is displaying ads once more.
  • And, it has some technical issues (facing mistakes when using the app).

12. Pictory AI: Video Creator AI Tool

It is a special program that uses artificial intelligence to make amazing videos with logos or brands. You just need to give Pictory AI a website address where your writing is published, and it will use its smart computer systems to find the important parts. Then, it can add voices and pictures to make a video that is really great and ready to share with others.

Pictory AI: Video Creator AI Tool

It makes short videos, videos with ready-made clips, background music, and computer-generated voices.

Pictory AI Pros

  • Easy to use for both beginners and experts. 
  • It offers features like video captions and the option to include voiceovers, music, and pictures. 
  • You can try it out for free. 
  • Accessible through the cloud, so you can use it from different computers.

Pictory AI Cons

  • Customizing videos is limited and not very flexible. 
  • The features in the free trial and standard plan might not be sufficient, especially for beginners. 
  • The AI voices may not always sound natural. 
  • It only supports the English language.

13. Wordtune: Writing and Editing AI Tool

This tool assists writers in rephrasing sentences in various ways while considering the original context. Wordtune harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to aid in writing with greater clarity. 

Wordtune: Writing and Editing AI Tool

Imagine it as a writing assistant that works behind you, refining your text to make it sound clearer, more engaging, and more genuine. Wordtune tools are helpful for writing various types of content, including documents, emails, and instant messages.

Wordtune Pros

  • It offers a free plan for you to use.
  • It’s simple and user-friendly. 
  • You can use it on your computer or as an extension in your web browser.

Wordtune Cons

  • Its Mobile app is not accessible.
  • You cannot use it without an internet connection.
  • There is no application for computers.

14. Kickresume: Resume Writing and Editing AI Tool

Kickresume stands out as one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective resume builders on the market. 

Kickresume Homepage
Kickresume Homepage

Kickresume acts as your personal resume writer and uses the powers of artificial intelligence and GPT-4 to automate the resume writing process. In other words, it allows you to quickly generate a compelling draft of your resume, custom-tailored to your job title. It also offers a similar tool for crafting cover letters.

What’s more, once your draft is finalized, Kickresume’s resume checker tool will scan your resume for errors and benchmark it against other successful resumes in its database.

Ultimately, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a persuasive and visually striking resume that will get you invited to job interviews.

Kickresume Pros 

  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Has a free plan for basic resume creation.
  • Offers an AI-powered resume writer and resume checker.
  • 35+ customizable resume templates and matching cover letter templates.

Kickresume Cons

  • Limited AI credits in the free plan. 
  • Advanced templates are not available in the free version.

FAQs on AI Tools

Now, it’s time to take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding the best AI Tools on the market.

1. How Can AI  Business Tools Make More Productivity?

AI helps you work faster by doing repetitive tasks like formatting and data entry. It saves you time, so you can focus on important and creative parts of your job. For example, AI tools can format documents or enter data automatically, following set guidelines. 

This keeps everything consistent and professional. You can also use AI to create tables for WordPress or follow HTML patterns for content templates. Just give it the instructions, and it will generate the table or template you need.

2. Can AI Tools Increase Efficiency?

Definitely! AI can help improve efficiency in different areas of life, like business, decision-making, and research. This is done by:

  • Automating repetitive tasks,
  • Analyzing big sets of data,
  • And, providing predictions.

AI can help businesses operate smoother, make smarter choices, offer personalized experiences, and predict future trends.

To Wrap Things Up

AI tools have changed how we do things and solve problems. They are extremely useful in many industries, making tasks easier and improving decision-making. By using AI, businesses, and individuals can become more efficient and innovative.

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