10 Best Affiliate Management Software of 2023

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Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Did you know that there are programs designed to manage this type of marketing for you? In this article, we will discuss what affiliate management software is, how it works, and name some of the top programs in the industry.

Many brands and companies seek ways to advertise their products and increase brand visibility. They use different advertising methods, such as collaborating with influencers on the best influencer marketing platforms or hiring influencer marketing agencies to reach their target audience and company goals.

However, these procedures are complex or costly. So, brands can select the straightforward method and use affiliate program management software to run a prosperous business and boost brand awareness.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, it is time to scroll down and find out more about affiliate management software!

What Is Affiliate Management Software?

Before answering what affiliate management software is, let us explain affiliate marketing to make it easier for you to understand the topic.

Affiliate marketing is when businesses or brands connect with influencers, bloggers, website owners, and well-known content creators for a direct advertisement and pay them commissions for each sale, engagement, and traffic.

Therefore, affiliate marketing management software is a platform or tool that manages the affiliate marketing campaigns you start with these social media figures. These programs organize partnerships with every affiliate advertiser and carry out the payments between both parties.

This management assists both sides in focusing on their business without worrying about the transactions, helps the company reach its goals, and has substantial earnings for publishers.

So, make it simple and work with these programs to run an affiliate management software solution for your brand.

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Alright! Now that you’ve got an in-depth explanation of its purpose and function, it is time to bring up some of the best affiliate management software in the market.

1. PartnerStack: An Automated Affiliate Management Software

“Power Up Your Ecosystem” is the first sentence that pops up when you visit the PartnerStack website to show you can elevate your company.

PartnerStack Software Tool
Book A Demo On PartnerStack

Established in 2015, PartnerStack is a software tool designed to manage and affiliate every purpose of your business, especially software as a service (SaaS) companies. This automated affiliate management software features performance tracking, goal setting, automated onboarding, customized referral linking, and more!

Moreover, it allows you to select which partner suits you best, including content creators, website owners, media publications, and agencies.

Also, PartnerStack offers four different programs for partnerships; affiliate, referral, solutions, and technology partnerships.

However, the prices are high compared to the services, and the platform is complex. For pricing, you should contact PartnerStack to inquire about the accurate cost. But, there is a free demo to get familiar with the tool.

2. Post Affiliate Pro

Want to increase your brand’s visibility and have a successful business in the future? Start collaborating with Post Affiliate Pro to find the best advertisers worldwide.

Post Affiliate Pro Marketing Platform
Post Affiliate Pro Program

Founded in 2004, Post Affiliate Pro is a full-service affiliate platform covering the whole process for brands. You can have multiple affiliate campaigns with the following marketing program and achieve top results.

Furthermore, this affiliate program management software offers many incorporation features and promotional options which users can benefit from.

Most online shops and e-commerce websites use Post Affiliate Pro for its in-depth results. This tool can associate with over 150 content management systems like WordPress, Magneto, Drupal, etc. It has an easy user interface and remarkable customer service.

Despite its features, the prices are high, ranging from $129 to $600+ (depending on brand requests)

Although it offers pricey packages, it provides a free trial for users to begin.

3. eLitius: An Open Source Affiliate Management Software

Are you looking for software to design your custom links for affiliate marketing and have a prosperous campaign to boost sales and revenue? eLitius seems to be a good option.

eLitius Open-Source Affiliate Management Software
eLitius Free Affiliate Management Software

Established in 2017, eLitius is a free affiliate management software with an open-source platform for companies to track performances, apply various strategies, and pay affiliates according to results.

This program allows easy installation and management with simple UI, customizability options, and extendability features.

Visit the eLitius website to download the free and open-source affiliate management software and begin affiliate marketing today!

Despite being free, you pay an additional $100 for any custom changes.

4. Repugen: A Reputation Management Software Affiliate Program

Extend your passive income with Repugen, one of the top affiliate software programs in the market, and reach out to your audience.

Repugen: The Best Healthcare Provider and Affiliate Software
Repugen Healthcare Affiliates

Repugen is an affiliate management software solution for healthcare facilitators and medical groups to grow in their niche. It serves a list of features from online reputation management to seamless patient engagement.

You can start your journey as an affiliate and earn a 20% commission with each engagement and purchase.

For brands willing to cooperate with Repugen, you should register on the website and inquire about prices. Apparently, it is an ideal affiliate program for doctors, medical practices, and dental and medical groups.

Furthermore, if you are interested in health influencers, check the mentioned website for more information.

5. ReferralRock

This affiliate marketing platform is among the top, with a comprehensive service from start to end. You can have a guarantee for excellent outcomes by using ReferralRock.

ReferralRock: Among The Top Affiliate Marketing Programs
ReferralRock Homepage

Founded in 2017, ReferralRock offers a wide range of features where you can monitor, manage, and pay affiliates to increase visibility and sales.

In addition, you have other options, including custom referral and ambassador campaigns.

They have a user-friendly platform and supportive customer service available to assist you through the entire process.

However, you should have a sufficient budget for the company as the price begins from $200 to $800 per month, depending on the business entity’s requests.

6. Tune

Are you looking for a marketing solution for your brand? Do you want to reach your audience and boost brand awareness? Start contacting Tune for thriving cooperation!

Tune: Partner The Way You Want To
Tune Partner Marketing Platform

Opened in 2009, Tune (formerly known as HasOffers) is among the best affiliate management software with an easy-to-use platform and user interface. This software tool allows users to keep track of affiliates, performances, and conversion data with accurate results.

Also, it is one of the best cloud-driven software as a service (SaaS) companies with mobile and web marketing management. You can build a structure for your brand using Tune service and solutions.

The cost of collaboration starts from $599/month for the Bootstrap plan (up to 1,000 conversions) and $1,500/month for the Scale plan (up to 5.000 conversions). You can also have a custom contract with the platform through negotiations.

Therefore, you need enough budget and investment to work with Tune.

7. Kartra

With over 340K campaign launches, 6.5B emails sent, and 9M lead generates, Kartra has an excellent track record with outstanding results.

Kartra Affiliate Manegement Software
Kartra Landing Page

Launched in 2018, Kartra is an all-inclusive affiliate management software with tons of features to boost conversion and sales. You can use this full-service tool to attract clients, allure attention, create relationships, and sell your products.

In addition, it has a simple user interface where you can easily optimize and manage your affiliate program.

Kartra pricing starts from $99-$549/month, including three plans (Starter, Silver, and Platinum).

Despite its premium packages, this affiliate marketing program offers a free demo and a two-week trial for $1.

8. Scaleo

This open-source affiliate management software provides different solutions to achieve the marketing goals of a brand or company.

Scaleo: Build Your Affiliate Campaign
Build Sleek Partnerships

Scaleo is a partner marketing software that began its journey in 2018. It is a comprehensive service platform where brands or advertising networks can build businesses.

You can optimize your campaign, analyze metrics, and collect performance data to enhance ROI.

Also, the program features an intuitive interface, precise details, a simple setup process, robust API, and powerful fraud prevention.

However, the plans are expensive, and you need a sufficient investment. It separates into two categories:

  • For Brand or Operator
    • Professional Plan $500/Monthly
    • Scale Plan $1200/Monthly
  • For Advertising Network
    • Professional Plan $500/Monthly
    • Enterprise Plan $750/Monthly
    • Custom Plan $1400/Monthly

Note: you can save up to 20% with annual billing for each membership mentioned above.

Furthermore, this social media management software affiliate offers a 14-day free trial and demo for users to get familiar with the tool.

9. Affise

Among the best marketing solution providers in the market to generate leads and drive sales to your brand, Affise is an integrated affiliate management software with two primary services: Affise Reach and Affise Performance.

Affise Affiliate Management Software Solution
Grow With Affise

With Affise Reach, you can recruit affiliates for your campaign and have your successful program launched.

And you can use Affise Performance to keep track of your performance data and results.

Also, this platform has key features like fraud prevention, data-driven analysis, tracking, and automation. The services are easy to use, with a simple user interface and excellent customer service.

For prices, you have to select your development plans through the website. There are three subscriptions for Affise Performance (Entry, Scale, and Custom) and flexible commission-based pricing for Affise Reach.

  • For Affise Performance
    • Entry Plan $500/Monthly
    • Scale Plan $800/Monthly
    • Custom Plan from $1500/Monthly
  • For Affise Reach
    • Starts from $500-$18,815/Monthly

You can get a yearly discount by selecting an annual billing for both plans.

10. CAKE Affiliate Management Software

Manage, optimize, and grow with a simple process using this marketing tool. It can help every business gain the lead count and awareness they want.

Cake Affiliate Software Tool
Cake Dashboard

Founded in 2010, Cake is a full-service marketing tool and comprehensive digital platform with countless features to enhance brand development. With Cake, you can measure every data-driven result accurately and find improvement solutions.

Also, you have profound security and fraud prevention, actual insights on your campaign performance, customizable services, and 24/7 customer support.

Cake offers a free demo to start your digital marketing career with the software, but for pricing, you need to contact their team.

Benefits of Affiliate Management Software

The software tool has numerous benefits that users can take advantage of and find solutions for their purposes. These advantages are:

  • Tracking and Optimizing,
  • Commission Management,
  • Affiliate Onboarding,
  • Affiliate Link Building and Management,
  • Fraud Identification and Prevention,
  • Live Analytics,
  • Marketing Resources,
  • Results-driven Payments,
  • Economical Marketing,
  • Scalability.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions that might happen to you:

1. How Does Affiliate Management Software Track Performances and Results?

Affiliate management platforms or tools count the clicks and successful purchases made with each specific code or link appointed to each affiliate. Through every sale, the content creator earns a commission rate which is known as precise performance tracking.

2. Can The Affiliate Management Software Automatically Pay Commission?

Most of these programs can manage commissions and make automatic payments. You can set a payment structure for affiliates, and the tool makes the transfers.

3. How Does The Software Prevent Fraud?

Affiliate marketing management software has a unique system with an excellent technique that can detect all types of fraud contraptions and prevent them.

4. What Is Open Source Affiliate Management Software?

This type of software is open source, where you can access the source codes and customize them to your unique requirements.

Moreover, this marketing tool comes with an open-source platform that is free and accessible to everyone.

However, the customer service of some of these software programs is not always available as it is free of charge.

5. Who Are The Affiliates in Affiliate Marketing?

Countless individuals and users can be affiliates and start their affiliate marketing careers such as bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, content creators, website owners, deal sites, email marketers, review and comparison sites, app developers, and influential people.


Therefore, we can acknowledge the benefits and advantages affiliate marketing can have for our business growth and brand visibility.

And the outcomes of using affiliate management software to manage and optimize campaigns to enhance awareness, conversions, and sales in general.

You can build your affiliate program and become a successful advertiser today. Find the top affiliate management platform, collaborate with the best influencers, content creators, website owners, etc, and begin your thriving career.

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