Instagram Real Estate Marketing Guide [+4 Best Strategies]

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In this post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Instagram real estate marketing.

With over one billion monthly active users, and four times more user engagement than Facebook, Instagram is a fast-growing platform for real estate marketing services. Leading real estate marketing companies and top realtors use Instagram for marketing their services, building their brands, attracting actual transactions, and increasing their income. 

If you have a real estate marketing plan and a set of real estate marketing ideas, you should not ignore Instagram when such a highly engaged and active audience is within your reach.

According to the latest statistics, ٪83 of homebuyers said they want to see pictures of properties online, and %42 said looking at homes online was their first step toward buying a house. And Instagram lends itself well to the sharing of such visual content. 

Can you think of a better social media platform for real estate marketing with varied visual features and a high engagement rate? Then, why not take advantage of the platform to get your real estate business noticed? If you do not want to lose the opportunity and explore its endless possibilities for powerful real estate marketing, the rest of this article is worth reading.

Here in this guide, we also will provide examples of how top realtors have used Instagram as one of the most effective digital real estate marketing tools to expand their business significantly. Taking this approach will give us worthwhile insights and inspiration on where and how to start our real estate marketing on Instagram. So, let’s enter into the matter. 

Top Realtors on Instagram Real Estate Marketing 

In this section, we will focus on three top realtors who use Instagram very effectively. Following such prosperous and professional realtors on Instagram will inspire followers and provide a lot of knowledge related to real estate. We strongly advise you to follow and learn from the most successful real estate professionals, like those illustrated here, if real estate is your profession and is important to you.

1. Fredrik Eklund – 1.2M followers – @fredrikeklundny

The Swedish realtor has come a long way to become one of the leading real estate agents in New York City. Fredrik knows well that his fans, customers, and competitors spend most of their time on Instagram. He says that Instagram is awesome. According to him, it’s a shiny new object, and everyone is on it. Fredrik shares mostly about his celebrity lifestyle, mixed with a healthy dose of his adorable children, as well as other posts focusing on real estate and architecture in New York City’s Manhattan. Often Fredrik posts a listing on his account. He doesn’t divide his private and professional lives via social media.

His successful realtor marketing on Instagram is partly because people like fun brokers. Fredrik integrates Instagram a lot in selling. Once, he said that a quarter of his business comes from social media. He says: “I choose and think about what to share. If you follow the account, you hire me, and you know what you get. That’s good for sales.”

Every post that is shared is uploaded by Fredrik himself and by his mobile phone. Despite his hectic schedule selling real estate worth a billion dollars yearly, he does not hire anyone to manage his Instagram posts. Why? Because doing so allows him to be genuine with his followers. He teaches us that success is not an overnight process. Getting 100 likes on Instagram once made him extremely happy at first. Today he receives an average of 10,000 likes per Instagram post. Therefore, you don’t need to buy likes or fans. You can build authenticity by being yourself.

Another prominent factor in his digital realtor marketing strategy is using the same username across various social media platforms. Accordingly, you had better think wisely of your username before registering an online business account because you need to use the same name on every platform. 

2. Ryan Serhant- 1 million Followers- @ryanserhant

Ryan Serhant is one of the top realtors who is an expert in fusing real estate with social media. The magnificent and entertaining content and videos about real estate marketing on his Instagram page will keep you captivated. With his life motto being “Expansion. Always, in all ways,” he is part of the leading real estate marketing agency Nest Seekers International. His Instagram posts recently featured house listings and clips from his YouTube Vlog (@RyanSerhant). In the past, he mainly posted personal photos of his vacations, family, and friends. He also mixes the personal with the professional in his posts. In general, real estate agents choose to include their private lives, which makes them seem more accessible to potential clients.

Furthermore, real estate marketing on Instagram is a great gift that allows real estate marketing companies and agents to follow up with potential clients. In this regard, Ryan Serhant says: “I’ve always had an incredible ability to follow up with people. The biggest deal I’m doing right now is with somebody I met at Starbucks in 2009. Today, he’s buying a place for $40 million. Just because I followed up.” He sells almost a home every week through connections he makes through social media. Follow Ryan’s page to learn from his real estate marketing ideas and read his motivational postings on Instagram.

3. Chad Carroll- 154k followers- @chadcarroll

Chad Carroll has been a licensed realtor since 2007 and is vice president of one of the leading real estate marketing companies, Douglas Elliman. He pursues an active real estate marketing plan on Instagram and regularly posts beautiful house listings on his account, with a sprinkle of beautiful nature photos. His Instagram account advertises Miami’s amazing beauty and luxury to attract more real estate investors to this region. He uses his Instagram story highlights to showcase properties that he has sold as well as current listings. Additionally, his real estate marketing on Instagram is unique because he adds his contact information straight into the captions of every listing.

Strategies for Real Estate Marketing on Instagram

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate marketing on Instagram, pay attention to these tips to create amazing real estate Instagram posts.

1. Build a Content Strategy For Instagram Real Estate Marketing

  • Have a strategy for your real estate marketing content that goes into Instagram, photo by photo, story by story. You must attract potential clients with smart, authentic, visually appealing posts. Nurture your followers by responding quickly to their inquiries and engagements. Every post has to be intentional, well-thought, genuine, and engaging. Because each post is a chance to introduce yourself and your business to a broad audience. Every image and caption should help build your brand. Focus on quality rather than quantity. This goes true for stories and IGTV videos. 
  • Find and define your brand message and delete any off-brand photos or videos on your Instagram page.
  • Concentrate on presenting yourself as a competent professional.
  • Schedule relevant content and helpful real estate marketing materials regularly and consistently.
  • In planning for your real estate marketing strategy, do not focus on a dreamy multi-million client. Instead, your daily content should focus on real ordinary possible clients. 
  • Try to understand the pains, problems, fears, and desires of homebuyers who follow you. Then, speak directly to that audience in helpful posts. Doing so shows you know how they are feeling and that you care. You can use Instagram stories & IGTV to talk directly to your audience. These tools offer the trust-building magic of face-to-face engagement.
  • Create a business account and use Instagram insights and analytics to discover the kind of content your followers love. This way, you will know more about your followers, their demographics, and their interests. 

2. Educate Your Followers about Real Estate 

  • Always remember the saying, “Serve before You Sell.” Hence, at least once a week, share some specific real estate topics you know well. You can provide valuable tips for both buyers and sellers or just one. Be sure to record in good lighting and a relatively quiet setting so viewers can see and hear you.
  • In your posts, put some content about local attractions, restaurants & businesses. Educate your followers about people, places, and events in your local area. For instance, if you’re in Toronto, you can post about Toronto vacation rentals and persuade your followers to consider this city for their dream getaway. Also tag, for instance, a local restaurant. If you’re lucky, the restaurant may re-share your post, attracting more eyes to your page.

3. Humanize Your Content For Real Estate Marketing

  • Do not constantly post content that asks your followers to buy, sell or rent with you. If you bombard people with sales language, they will feel like you lack a sense of personal connection, and they will more likely unfollow or mute you. Then, like the top realtors we mentioned earlier, you had better develop a content strategy that allows you to look and sound human. Add posts about your passions, personal photos, selfies, daily life, travel experiences, etc. However, keep them professional and dignified. Avoid content that you wouldn’t ordinarily share with clients or colleagues.
  • Show your followers that you have happy clients, like sharing this great post below. 

Use Proper Hashtags to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

  • With relevant real estate hashtags, your content instantly becomes associated with the real estate community. Moreover, specific or branded hashtags will give you more exposure on the platform. 

4. Optimize Your Profile and Contact Address 

  • Briefly describe what you do, where you live, what you specialize in, and how followers can get in touch with you in your Instagram bio. Add your website or phone number so people can reach out to you easily. 

Instagram Real Estate Marketing: The Conclusion

The above examples illustrate how top realtors leverage Instagram strategically to interact with potential clients, highlight listings, share relevant news, showcase their success stories, reach out to potential clients, and market properties.

It is quite possible for you to do the same thing they did. I hope this post has provided you with a helpful guide to real estate marketing on Instagram. Nevertheless, with creativity, diligence, and a few Instagram hacks, you will gradually learn how to showcase your listings and competency, making the most of the platform and improving your performance in the competitive real estate industry.  

Instagram has proved an extremely effective and essential tool in real estate marketing. Social visibility on Instagram allows you to share your current listings or accomplishments. Additionally, it shows potential clients who you are and how you can help them, which is why they should hire you. This visual platform allows you to connect with your audience and get a direct feedback loop from them. 

While many of those who follow you are not looking to purchase or sell a home today, that will most probably change in the future. Your followers will remember you for your personality and the in-depth real estate marketing knowledge that you provide freely. Be authentic, and focus on building an informed, reputable brand.

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