OnlyFans Search: How to Find Someone on OnlyFans in 2024?

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Everyone knows OnlyFans, the social media platform that allows its users to sell their content via subscriptions. Users may want to find someone on OnlyFans, but it’s not as easy as you search for someone on Instagram or TikTok. Don’t worry! Our OnlyFans search guide will help you find creators on this platform effortlessly. 

Are you ready to learn how to find someone on OnlyFans? Let’s go! 

How to Find People on OnlyFans? 

There are different methods to search for OnlyFans users. 

1. Search on Google 

Undoubtedly, the first method to find people on OnlyFans will be through Google search. There is nothing you can’t find on Google. You can get better results if you follow these rules: 

  • Use keywords related to the type of content you are interested in. For example, if you’re looking for fitness content, you might search for “OnlyFans fitness creators”, or if you’re interested in art, you could try “OnlyFans artists”.
  • Search for a specific username. Most content creators use the same username for all their social media accounts. You can search for OnlyFans creators by their Instagram username plus the word ‘OnlyFans.’ 

Although searching for OnlyFans users on Google is the most common method, you should know other OnlyFans search methods because some creators might disclose their OnlyFans account from Google. So, they may not be found in this method.

 Search for OnlyFanc Creators on Google
Search for OnlyFanc Creators on Google

2. OnlyFans Search by Email 

First, you should know that OnlyFans is so strict about its users’ privacy that it won’t reveal the emails that creators use to create an account on this platform. You may now wonder how to search for users on OnlyFans via their email. 

If you want to find out whether a person has an OnlyFans account or not, you can use their email address to create one. So, follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Sign Up for OnlyFans,’
  • Enter the email address you want to search for. 
  • If someone has created an account with that email address, you will see a message that says, ‘The Email is already in use.’ Otherwise, a message may be shown that says, ‘The email address is available.’

Although you can discover if someone has an OnlyFans account via this method, you can’t still find their profile or follow them. 

OnlyFans Search by Email
OnlyFans Search by Email

3. Use the OnlyFans Search Bar

You can see a search bar on the top right corner of the OnlyFans website when you are logged in. The search bar will help you find OnlyFans creators based on their posts. Therefore, you should search for the terms or keywords that you think that person may use. 

You should note that you can’t search through creators’ exclusive content; the search bar only searches through the free content on the platform. 

5. Use Third-Party Apps and Website

You can search OnlyFans creators using different apps. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Search OnlyFans by Location (

You may want to find OnlyFans accounts in a specific city or location. 

Fansmetrics is one of the websites that makes it possible for you to search OnlyFans by location. You only need to enter the name of the city to discover creators in that location. 

Search OnlyFans by Location via Fansmetrics
Search OnlyFans by Location via Fansmetrics

However, that’s not the only way this website can simplify your search. Fansmetric allows you to search creators based on their name, Instagram or TikTok account, too. So, if you want to find your favorite Instagram influencer on OnlyFans, you can search for their username on this website. 

Furthermore, you can find nearby OnlyFans accounts. Through this method, the Fansmetric checks out your IP address to find out which location you are in. Then it will search OnlyFans creators in that location. Since the process may take some time, it’s better to enter the location yourself. 

OnlyFans Search by Name (

Another website you can use to search OnlyFans creators is OnlyFinder. Like other third-party websites, OnlyFinder also allows you to search for creators in different ways, such as searching by location, username, or name. 

Therefore, if you know someone’s name but are not sure about their username, you can just search for the name on OnlyFindersearch. A list of creators with that name will be shown, from which you may be able to find the person you are looking for. 

OnlyFinder Search
OnlyFans Search OnlyFinder

OnlyFans Lookup via Keywords (

Although you can search OnlyFans creators with the keywords they use on the platform, still this method can be more helpful. Just open the and enter the keyword you think the creator uses, such as fitness. You will see other suggestions that can help you find the creators more easily.

Look for onlyfans through OnlySearch
Look for Onlyfans Creators on OnlySearch

6. OnlyFans Search via Image 

If you have a photo of a creator and want to find her account on Onlyfans, you can do a reverse image search on Google. The photo might belong to a person’s profile or banner, so when you upload it to Google Lens or, you can find the sources of that image, which might be the person’s OnlyFans account or any other website that has written something about that person. 

Therefore, this method can also help you find OnlyFans creator’s profile to follow or subscribe to. 

Search OnlyFans Creators by Google Image
Search OnlyFans Creators by Google Image


As you can see there are different methods that can lead you to OnlyFans search. Have more questions? Let’s check out what questions have been asked frequently on this subject. 

#1 How to Search for People on the OnlyFans Platform? 

At the moment, you can’t search for people on the OnlyFans platform via their username or name. The search bar on this website allows you to search for keywords that you think your favorite creator might use on their free content. 

#2 Can People Screenshot OnlyFans?

You can screenshot OnlyFans’ account, but you are not allowed to share the exclusive content with others. Doing so is against the platform’s rules, and your account might be banned or deleted from OnlyFans if you violate its regulations. 

#3 How Does OnlyFans Search Work?

There is a search bar on the OnlyFans website. It allows you to search OnlyFans accounts based on the keywords they may have used in their captions. At the moment, OnlyFans search doesn’t allow you to find creators based on their usernames. 

#4 Can I Find People on OnlyFans with Their Email Address? 

No, emails are private to creators. No one can find OnlyFans creators via their email addresses. However, if you know someone’s email address and want to find out if they have an account on this platform, you can use the email to create an account. In this case, you can only find out if the email has been used to create an OnlyFans account or not, but you can’t find the profile that belongs to that email address.

Bottom Line 

Although OnlyFans is being used by thousands of people, you may find it challenging to find an account on this platform. However, you can still do an OnlyFans search if you know the username or name of the person you are looking for. Otherwise, you should find them via location, keywords they use in their captions, or their name.