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Being a restaurateur comes with a host of rather delicious pros: it’s not only a glamorous and hip career, but it can also be pretty lucrative, bringing in thousands in a relatively small time frame, not to mention having your social life skyrocket to dream realms.

As we’ve started to live in a world dominated by the online presence for a while now, all that seems to stand between you and being a successful restaurant-running entrepreneur is an eye-catching, easy-to-use, and overall fun website where your future patrons can find out about you, and what is special and intriguing about your food-cooking-and-presenting style.

So, the smartest first step is to have a solid plan for a restaurant website, but then that can be complicated AND expensive and makes you wonder if there is a simpler, more affordable option.

Good news: there is, you can pick one out of a wide variety of WordPress restaurant themes or website templates for restaurants to create your own website, fast, easy, and cheap, and also put a lot of “you” into it by the tons of customization options they each offer.

Bad news: there is the hassle of deciding which theme to use out of what seems to be a sea of Word press restaurant themes.

Now, that would stay bad news if we weren’t here to have your back introducing 25 of the best Word press restaurant themes. But to understand why we think they rank among the best website templates for restaurants, a list of website theme features and which one you’ll need has to be explained to you in clear, layman’s terms so that you can pick one that suits you best. So we recommend that you first read how to choose a WordPress restaurant theme, to understand these restaurant theme ideas better.

A Complete List of Best Restaurant Themes for Your WordPress Site

Here are 10 of the most popular WordPress restaurant themes, meaning they have been downloaded and sold the most by both non-professional beginners AND savvy veteran developers, and they are designed with a restaurant audience in mind. Let’s cruise and peruse together, shall we?

 1. Mise en place

Meaning “put in place” in French, the name speaks of the philosophy this WordPress restaurant theme has adopted both for a restaurant and for a WordPress user to build a restaurant website: “you’ll have everything you need before you start cookin’!” Things like :

  • Live demo of every change you make through the WordPress theme customizer, which is rich with hundreds of Google fonts and custom widgets to choose from 
  • Unlimited access to free page builders like Woocommerce through drag and drop feature for additional convenience
  • Multiple menu-adding options: widget, page template, on-navigation 

 2. Grand Resuraurant WordPress

With over 7500 restaurant websites powered by Grand Restaurant WordPress and a 5-star customer satisfaction rating, it is one of the most popular restaurant themes for sale only for 64 bucks. Here’s what has inspired such popularity:

  • Visual editor
  • Free updates and full customer support 
  • One-click demo and over 100  pre-made templates
  • Elementor Drag and drop page builder
  • Three table reservation platforms: open table, email, and a custom widget 
  • Full Restaurant delivery system and mega menu built-in
  • Multilingual translation support 

 3. Delicio

A multipurpose website builder with a one-click demo of added material, and automatic updates and support for a year, Delicio has provided the following features to make WordPress website design and user journey fully trouble-free:

  • Simple set-up 
  • Gutenberg block support 
  • Woo commerce support 
  • Multi-optioned visual editor for customization
  • Integral online ordering system
  • SEO-friendly and mobile responsive

4. Savory

Savory, a restaurant-specific, one-page theme with over 12 homepage templates and a convenient admin panel, is here to make your website design and your customer’s experience easy and fun with its:

  • Built-in menu and open table reservation integration
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • one-click demo of imported material

5. Restaurantz

Showcase all that gives you an edge with a Jetpack-supported menu, Customize to your heart’s content by API customizer, and build additional pages through Site origin’s drag and drop feature in Restaurantz, a free WordPress theme. Here are some more features Restaurantz comes with:

  • Sticky post 
  • Custom background and menu
  • Full-width template
  • Integrated translation plugins

6. TastyC

One of the newer WordPress restaurant themes, tastyC is designed to cater to a variety of food businesses, including restaurants, a variety of bars, cafes, and bakeries. It’s equipped with the full list of website building features like:

  • One-click demo and drag-and-drop interface
  • Multiple Online ordering, reservation, and payments systems
  • Integral page builder and custom widgets for restaurant-specific material 
  • Header, footer, and slider builder widgets

7. Bakes and Cakes 

Specifically designed for restaurants and bakeries and allowing for international customers with its built-in translation tools, Bakes And Cakes is one elegant-looking, visually pleasing WordPress theme available in both free and premium copies, with the premium version offering a bigger number of layouts, widgets, and features. It is also:

  • SEO-friendly and mobile responsive
  • Woocommerce compatible to support online orders
  • Fast loading

8. Carbone

Accommodating to restaurant websites, cafes, bars, and even recipe-sharing bloggers, equipped With a video background on the homepage, and aided by round-the-clock tech support, car bone is one of those restaurant themes in WordPress to please those who aim to impress. It also does not disappoint with these features:

  • Built-in menu design and online ordering system plug-ins 
  • support by the most popular page builder: woo commerce
  • Both core and custom widgets available to create content with ease 
  • Sticky menu, SEO-friendly, speedy loading 
  • Gutenberg blocks to facilitate importing all three media types: image galleries, slideshows, on and offline videos

9. Divi

Justifying the title of the most popular WordPress restaurant theme with its next-level visual editor tools, over 100 templates, thousands of design options to choose from, and multiple user-friendliness features, Divi is designed to give a world of options to professional web designers, non-tech-savvy beginners, and the ultimate customers. Here are some more features it has provided to smooth out their experience:

  • Drag and drop page building interface
  • Mobile-responsiveness
  • Speedy-loading
  • Built-in SEO optimization

10. Astra 

Dubbed one of the most popular restaurant themes with over one million and a half downloads so far, Astra takes only half a second to load, and only 50 kb to do that. With effortless compatibility with Gutenberg blocks, an extensive library of website templates, and multiple built-in header layouts, it offers a large toolbox of colors and typography to customize your site with limitless possibilities. It is also :

  • Woocommerce -compatible 
  • SEO-optimized
  • Integrated Drag and drop page building feature

5 Unique Restaurant Themes For WordPress

Some strive for being enough, being up to par, and checking all the typical expectations off the checklist, but some aspire to excel, stand out, be remembered for being special, and be unique. If you fall under the second group, here are 5 unique WordPress restaurant themes that help you register in the foodies’ conscious AND subconscious minds as one of a kind when they click on your restaurant website. You get to look impressive by your distinctive designs and outstanding features, powered by one of these extraordinary restaurant themes.

1. Ultra

Ultra, A multipurpose WordPress theme with probably the most prolific features, brings way more to both your literal and figurative table than the standard theme features like drag and drop page builder, SEO-friendliness and customization panel with a live preview, as it offers rather impressive features like:

  • one-click-demo set up specific to different businesses like restaurants, fashion, and sports
  • 12 free integrated add-ons like maps, sliders, and woo-commerce
  • Over 60 premade layouts
  • A brand new ‘Section scrolling’ feature, allowing for scroll-through of sections one at a time
  • A sophisticated mega menu builder

 2. OceanWP 

A multi-purpose WordPress theme with over 50 million downloads since its release, OceanWP is probably the only free WordPress theme with premium features like custom page layout and section widgets. With full-time tech support to its patrons all over the world, a One-click demo of imported material, and its SEO-friendliness, OceanWP :

  • Offers 3 mobile menus and 7 customizable header styles
  • Supports more than 220 both Gutenberg and Elementor templates and customization blocks and free woo-commerce integration
  • Is specifically coded to be beginner-friendly
  • Is Fast-loading, easy/fast to set up, and integrated with Google Fonts 

3. Zelle Pro

Although Zelle pro is premium, according to both developers and beginners, it’s worth the pay, as it will give you one of those super sophisticated one-page websites with parallax scrolling and interactive elements. Here is what makes it worth your dime:

  • Real-time change-importing customization system
  • Compatible with a host of free page builders boasting the drag and drop feature
  • Translation-ready and SEO-optimized 
  • One-minute set-up and  one-click updates
  • Fast-loading and Woocommerce supported 
  • Equipped with a super powerful mega menu

4. Hestia Pro

A one-page, multi-purpose, high-performance restaurant theme, Hestia Pro is Elementor and Gutenberg page builder-compatible, Woocommerce supported, and speedily loaded. Here are some more reasons you would want to go with Hestia pro as your free WordPress restaurant theme of choice:

  • Out-of-the-box gallery design
  • A choice between a slider or video header
  • Highly flexible customization features
  • Mega menu
  • SEO-friendly and translation-ready 

5. Attika

With a reservation pop-up and Open Table plug-in, this charmingly presented WordPress restaurant theme can win you loyal customers and give you convenience and options in designing your website on your own. It does that with:

  • One-click demo
  • Extensive custom widgets for images, portfolios, and video coded-in
  • Mobile responsiveness and multiple header choices separately designed for desktop and mobile
  • Mega Menu and a reservation pop-up

Top 5 Fast Food WordPress Themes

Fast food being super popular with all subcultures and subsections of almost all communities, a restaurant entrepreneur would definitely want to flaunt his fast food appeals in the most delicious way. So, WordPress restaurant themes that have the power and means to show off all that is nice and appetizing about fast foods can be real crowd-pleasers. Let’s see how these themes could help you look the part.

1. Rosa 2

With half a decade of experience built through feedback from over 13 thousand customers, Rosa 2 has proven ultra-gratifying with self-sufficient website needers looking for unique restaurant themes by having:

  • One of the most smooth, visually pleasing parallax scrolling features
  • Great UX to create super user-friendly experiences to turn digital passers-by into loyal customers. 
  •  Gutenberg block compatibility, making it ultra-customizable.

2. Downtown 

This multi-purpose, Woocommerce-powered, free WordPress theme comes with an installation video tutorial walking you through what is already pretty simple to do; it’s fully responsive to all smartphones and is compatible with the 10 latest editions of WordPress. Here are some more features to catch your eye:

  • A horizontal mega mobile menu
  • Zoom magnifier with an image slider
  • A drop-down shopping cart and a compare option

3. Moonrise

Originally envisioned as a one-page website, moonrise is integrated by various page builders to add as many pages as you want. In addition to full-time support, translatability to multiple languages, and a unique homepage with widgets for menu, services, and a slideshow, this premium theme offers the following features:

  • Responsiveness to all smartphones
  • Integral Google fonts
  • Easy set-up and customizability with a variety of built-in widgets and blocks to add sliders and menus
  • Custom widgets for portfolios and testimonials 

4. Caverta

Designed to accommodate all types of restaurant businesses, Caverta comes with a live customizer, Elementor drag and drop page builder, and rather eye-pleasing typography. Being among the premium restaurant themes, it offers the following features:

  • Mobile responsive, SEO-friendly, and translation ready
  • 11 homepage layout, which with the extensive customization potential
  • Gutenberg block compatible 
  • 12 menu page layouts 
  • Google fonts integrated 
  • Fully reliable tech support 

5. Neve

The Neve theme builders take pride in providing easy initial set-up, full support along the way, and frequent yet reliable updates on their features. With a global color pallet where you can create a color theme for the entirety of your website, over one hundred starter sites, and a variety of blog layouts in its premium version, Neve is also one of the restaurant themes that is:

  • Fully Gutenberg-compatible, providing a large scope of customization 
  • Fast-loading and light-weighing 
  • integrated with some quite popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and Woocommerce

5 Cool Restaurant Themes For WordPress

Restaurant owners can be categorized into two types, the first camp believes most people will warm up to what is familiar and comfortable, so they prefer to go for designs that are time-tested and classic. The second party is all about the coolness; they hate to conform, want to be quirky and edgy, break the rules, and develop a reputation for being hip, non-conformist, and rule-breakers believe there are plenty of young hipsters to go for them. This section is for the second crowd, as we are about to introduce five themes that have plenty of “unconventionality value” to offer. Let’s see what they have to bring to the “cool table.”

1. Foodie pro 

With almost all the WordPress restaurant themes having an extravagance of headers and footers and sliders and a splash of color all over, a minimalist design with most of its space being white, and only hued by understated light color themes, Foodie Pro is definitely among the top cool- looking themes Word press is offering. You’ll get to stand out in the restaurant-going crowd’s minds by its different aesthetics while enjoying many shared features like: 

  • High customizability with a large array of subtle colors and typography
  •  Custom premade page template 
  • Real-time preview of imports
  • Mobile responsiveness 

2. Food Hunt

Specially designed for restaurants and having already accommodated more than 1000 of them with its modern and color-filled restaurant-presenting images and motifs, Food Hunt can make your restaurant website look particularly quirky with its cool handwritten and sans serif typography and playful category-specific dividers. It only charges you 67 dollars to give you an edge, in addition to providing standard features like:

  • Speed and SEO optimization
  • Custom widgets
  • One-click demo 
  • Compatibility with Woocomerce and the 5 most popular page builders, including Gutenberg ad Elementor
  • Multiple starter site templates

3. Hello pro 

For less than 100 dollars, you’ll get to play with a cool set of colors: background and highlight colors, and get ultra-creative with complementing buttons and divider images in Hello Pro’s unique customizing style. All of that is just added value to:

  • One-click set-up and mobile responsiveness
  • Real-time preview of the sea of tweaks you can make by the customizer
  • Logo designing and customizing plug-ins
  • Block-based widgets to add content easily
  • Multiple starter template pages

4. Remake 

A portfolio-centered WordPress theme, Remake charges reasonably to afford you a unique set of templates that are to stick in your customer’s mind for being minimal but giving a maximum amount of cool factor. The designers have put in great thought, care, and creativity to bring to life a combo of fonts, colors, images, and layouts to register on one’s cool-omoter and invoke smiles of fascination. And that’s not all, it also comes with:

  • A drag and drop editor and live, real-time preview
  • Elementor- compatibility
  • Fast loading and fast-working features
  • Online video tutorials and fully dedicated support staff

5. The Gem 

The Gem is a real gem of a WordPress theme, With over 400 creatively-arranged pre-made templates, over 250 styles of quirkily-designed content elements (Gem blocks) for different business-specific sections like pricing table, quick-finder and testimonials, a variety of pre-made customizable skins, and the full scale of Elementor-backed plug-ins. This premium, multi-purpose theme probably allows for loads of originality and coolness within a pre-coded website theme.  And all that while not being lacking and slacking on a host of core features like:

  • Woocommerce integration and SEO optimization
  • Multi-page AND one-page ready
  • SEO-and-speed-optimized 
  • Mega menu and product-builder
  • Animated headings and full-page scroll

Best WordPress Restaurant Themes: The TL;DR Version

To avoid the big, long, expensive hassle of having a restaurant website developed by professionals, you can pick a restaurant theme out of some of the best WordPress restaurant themes, approved by and attested to by those in the same industry who have used them successfully, the critics, AND  software developers alike.

Including a short but potent list of fast food WordPress themes, unique restaurant themes, and cool restaurant themes, in addition to the most popular, best-selling ones, the list we have carefully put together tells you which you can go with and why, for that matter.

If the why parts strike you as rather too high-techy and lingo-filled, give what features you’ll need to look for in a WordPress restaurant theme article a read again, as we have simplified what they all mean and why you need to make sure they are part for your WordPress restaurant theme ideas.

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