Elementor Popup Builder: An Overview [+Top 5 Features]

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Let’s start with an explanation of Elementor; Elementor is a visual WordPress website builder that helps you create new designs for your website in the easiest and fastest way; this plugin enables you to develop and replace beautiful pages dynamic websites with the basic WordPress editor.

The Elementor is a flexible “drag and drop” editor, and you can create a design without any knowledge of CSS or HTML. You can use the Elementor to design individual posts and pages and your entire WordPress theme, including the header and the footer.

You can use the 100% free Elementor plugin at WodPress.org, but if you want to use the plugin to design your entire website, you need to purchase Elementor Pro.

Elementor Free Version: 

The free version gives you access to the “drag and drop” editor and lots of widgets and styles to design some basic landing pages and your content. However, you can purchase the Elementor Pro version for more features and create the entire website.

Elementor Pro:

Web designers and professionals mainly use this plugin to design the entire theme, including the header, footer, blog post templates, popups, 404 pages, etc. You also have access to hundreds of pre-built templates to save time.

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Why Should You Use an Elementor?

Elementor is one of the best drag and drop builders; it is an effective tool for building a website or a specific landing page. Elementor is the ultimate, most straightforward solution for everyone, from beginners to professionals, to quickly design a website without using any codes. 

How to Create a Popup With Elementor?

You can use the Elementor to create designs and build a website; to start, you should create a new post or page and tap on Edit With Elementor to launch the Elementor. 

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Then you can see the Elementor sidebar on the left.

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To start editing, you need to know the fundamental structures of Elementor:

  • Sections: are used to divide the page into horizontal rows.
  • Columns: are used to separate the page into vertical columns.
  • Widgets: are used to add content. You can place content in the columns and then add the columns inside the section.

With a simple drag and drop, you can add a new widget to your template; if you don’t like it, you can remove it by selecting delete after a right-click.

And to change the setting and design of a section, column, or widget, you can select it and see the setting in the sidebar on the left.

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What Are Elementor Popups?

A popup is a popular marketing strategy that can grow email lists, promote special offers, and guide visitors to perform actions on a website. Using Elementor to design popups will give you complete control over your design. 

Popups are call-to-action modal windows designed to focus the users’ attention once they take a step.

How to Create Your First Popup?

To create your first popup, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard> Templates> Popups> Add New
  2. Click ‘Create Template’ and name your template
  3. Choose a template or create your design
  4. Click ‘Publish’ then ‘Save and Close.’
  5. Open a new page in Elementor 
  6. Drag a widget a drop it
  7. Choose Link> Dynamic> Actions> Popup> Open Popup
  8. Go to the live page, click on the button and see the popup
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After creating your popup, you can customize it in Elementor; you can choose to design it from scratch or any premade templates for popups. Then, you can select which page or pages your popup should be displayed on and determine the displacement condition.

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Popup Features

General Features:

  • Create and manage WordPress Popups
  • Grow your email list and boosts email marketing
  • Provide the sticky popups, so it is always on the screen
  • Create social engagement 
  • Motivates sharing by adding a share button

Premium Features:

  • Target popups efficiently to grab users; attention
  • Connect third-party plugins’ or services’ accounts
  • Start lead generation and boost conversion rates
  • Automate leads nurturing process 
  • Check the effectiveness of specific popups
  • Gain trust and show social proof

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Why Elementor Popups?

1. It is Super Easy to Use

 The WordPress popup plugin is suitable and easy to use since no special coding is required. You only choose your preferred type of popup and create it for your website in a couple of minutes.

2. Different Types

WordPress popup is not limited to a few types, and you can find various types of popups for nearly all occasions. WordPress comes in free and paid versions; by purchasing the premium feature, you can reach things like video Popup, Web push notifications, Woocommerce, etc.

3. Serves All Your Needs

Popup Builder is a powerful and easy plugin that provides users with a wide range of features to enable them to make beautiful and efficient work.  

4. Customizable Design

You can create completely customizable popups with the desired design. Almost all popup elements, including the background, borders, and colors, are fully customizable.

5. Integration of Third-Party WordPress Plugin

 It is fully integrated and compatible with most popular plugins such as WooCommerce, MailChimp, WPML, Ninja Forms, WP Google Maps, and other famous plugins.

By using third-party plugins with Popup Builder, you can increase the potential of the Popups and use them more efficiently for lead generation and nurturing.

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Common Problems With WordPress Popup Builders

Poorly Made Popups

Popups should be used carefully to be effective; poorly made popups will become annoying and ruin your brand’s reputation. You must offer the best user experience with proper behavior interaction, targeting, and personalization features.


You should use a WordPress plugin that offers powerful conversion features without slowing down your site because a slow page speed can negatively affect your site’s SEO ranking.


You also need to make sure that the WordPress popup plugin you choose works appropriately with your WordPress hosting environment. Many popup plugins are designed so poor;y that they cannot support advanced features that hosting companies are using these days.

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Popup Builder FAQs

  • Is Elementor popup free?

You can use the free version or purchase the Pro version.

  • How many pop-ups can I create?

No limits for either the free or the Pro version are considered. You can create as many popups as you wish.

  • How many popups can I use on the same page?

You can use one popup to be opened on the page load and as many popups as you want by clicking.

  • How should I redirect users after clicking on the popup image?

In the options section, click on “dismiss on content click” and select “Redirect” in the URL field; type the URL of the page you want your users to be redirected to.

  • Can I show a delayed popup?

The short answer is yes; under the Effects panel, you will see the “Popup opening delay” option,  open it and enter the time (seconds) to determine after what time the popup should be shown.

  • How do pop-up events work?

Popup events are used for temporary and unexpected events; they pop up, and after a few hours or days, they pop down.

  • How can I add sound to the popup opening?

From the “Effects” panel, enable the “Popup open sound” option and choose the sound you want to be played on the popup opening.

  • Why is my pop-up not working?

Ensure that your browser is open to the page your popup is targeted to display; maybe it is set to publish, but it isn’t set to load a popup on a specific page.

  • Can I create a popup and invisible it for some countries?

You can select the “Filter popup for selected countries” in the pro version.

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