What Is Snapchat Planets Order & Meaning? The Exciting Guide in 2023

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If you’re new to Snapchat Plus, you might have noticed the new feature called ‘Snapchat Planets on Friends Solar System’. But you might be wondering what each planet represents and what Snapchat planets’ order is. Let’s find out!

Whether you use Snapchat for business or any personal purposes, we highly recommend subscribing to Snapchat Plus because of its exciting features, like Snapchat Planet! 

If you’re using Snapchat+, the paid version of the app, you can access Friend Solar Systems, where each planet represents a different friendship level. Have you ever wondered when those planets emojis come to your friendships on Snapchat? Go ahead and read our complete guide regarding Snapchat’s best friends list planets and explore all you need to know.

Let’s get started!

What Are Snapchat Planets 

In simple wording, Snapchat Plus planets are like emojis that show how strong is your friendship with someone on the app.

Here’s a simple example: 

When you look at someone’s profile, you might see a badge that says ‘friends’ or ‘best friends.’ If you use Snapchat+ and see ‘best friends,’ you can click it to find out which planet they’re connected to.

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What Does Snapchat Planets Mean

Imagine your Snapchat circle like a tiny solar system. You’re the ‘Sun,’ the center of it all, spreading your social light. And as for your friends, they become ‘Planets’ based on how close they are to you in your Snapchat world.

For example, if someone is your super-close Snapchat pal, they become your ‘Mercury,’ just like how Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in real space.

So, when you spot that ‘best friends’ badge, it means you and that person are in each other’s top eight Snapchat friends. But the real fun part is exploring the solar system. Where their planet is in relation to the sun tells you how close you are. If your friend is the sun and you’re like Earth in their Snapchat world, that means you’re their third closest buddy! 

Amazing, isn’t it?

What Is Snapchat Planets Order

You might be curious about these Snapchat Plus planets order. Well, here it is, from the closest to the farthest:

  1. Mercury,
  2. Venus,
  3. Earth,
  4. Mars,
  5. Jupiter,
  6. Saturn,
  7. Uranus,
  8. Neptune.

Now, you can see which Snapchat best friends planets are closer to you!

Would you like to discover the meaning of each Snapchat planet? Scroll down to find the answer!

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The Meaning of All Snapchat Planets

Now, to give you a better grasp of what these Snapchat Plus planets mean, we’ve broken down their meanings in detail, complete with their special friend emojis. For example, if you’re assigned Neptune, you’re the farthest friend, while Mercury means you’re the closest one.

So, here’s the Snapchat planets order on the Solar System for your cosmic exploration: 🪐

1. Mercury: Closest Ever Friend

Mercury in the Snapchat planet system is like being the best buddy in your friend’s circle. It’s just like how Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in the real solar system.

Here’s what to look for:

Snapchat Planets: Mercury
Snapchat Planets: Mercury

If you see the Mercury planet emoji next to your name on Snapchat, it means you share the most streaks, chat, and snap. Congrats! You’re great at keeping those streaks alive, and it’s like a special badge for being a fantastic communicator and a loyal friend!

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2. Venus: Second Closest Friend

Venus is the second planet in the Snapchat friend system. It means it’s your second-best friend on Snapchat. The Venus planet looks like a light brown (beige) ball with yellow, pink, and blue hearts spinning around it.

Here’s the picture of Venus Snapchat Planet:

Snapchat Planets: Venus
Snapchat Planets: Venus

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3. Earth: Third Closest Friend

The Snapchat Earth planet is the third one in the lineup. It’s like your third-best friend on Snapchat. You can spot it because it looks just like our real Earth, all green and blue. Plus, it’s got some cute red hearts, a moon, and even stars around it. 

Snapchat Planets: Earth
Snapchat Planets: Earth

So, when you see a green and blue planet with red hearts and a moon, you’ve found your Snapchat Earth friend! 

4. Mars: Fourth Closest Friend

If you find yourself labeled as the “Mars” friend on Snapchat, you’re like their fourth most cherished buddy. Now, we know this Snapchat Planets Order might not thrill everyone, but that’s just how Snapchat rolls.

Snapchat Planets: Mars
Snapchat Planets: Mars

Let’s talk about the Earth planet’s cool features: It’s rocking a red color. And, you’ll spot some sweet purple and blue hearts orbiting around it. So, if you’re sporting the Earth planet, you’re in for some colorful Snapchat fun!

5. Jupiter: Fifth Closest Friend

Think of Snapchat’s Jupiter planet as your fifth closest friend in your Snapchat Solar System. If you’re the Sun, they’re like the fifth planet in your friend list out of eight. So, if you want a cool way to remember your Snapchat friendships, Jupiter’s your go-to buddy!

Snapchat Planets: Jupiter
Snapchat Planets: Jupiter

When you see Jupiter on Snapchat, here’s what to expect: It’s an orange planet. Moreover, you’ll see pink, blue, and yellow stars around it. But it doesn’t have any heart!

6. Saturn: Sixth Closest Friend

Just like in our real solar system where Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun, on Snapchat, Saturn represents your sixth closest friend. And it’s pretty easy to spot – it’s like an orange planet with a cool ring around it, adorned with stars. 

Here’s Saturn emoji’s picture:

Snapchat Planets: Saturn
Snapchat Planets: Saturn

7. Uranus: Seventh Closest Friend

Now, let’s talk about Snapchat’s Uranus planet. This cool planet represents your seventh closest friend on Snapchat. When you spot Uranus, it’s like finding a green planet without any hearts around it.

Snapchat Planets: Uranus
Snapchat Planets: Uranus

So, if you see this unique green gem in your Snapchat universe, you’ll know it’s your seventh-best friend in the app! 

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8. Neptune: Eighth Closest Friend

And finally, we have Neptune, the eighth and last planet in our solar system. In the Snapchat Solar System, Neptune represents your eighth friend on your list. 

Snapchat Planets: Neptune
Snapchat Planets: Neptune

But here’s the twist: 

Neptune may be a beautiful blue planet, but it’s a bit of a loner—there’s no love or life to be found here. 

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FAQs on Snapchat Planets

Now, it’s time to take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding Snapchat planets in its solar system. Ready?! Let’s go!

1. How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

To access Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, you’ll first need to get Snapchat Plus. Once you have it, go to a friend’s profile. Check for a badge with a gold outline, which might say ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends.’

Find Your Position on Your Friend's Solar System (1)
Find Your Position in Your Friend’s Solar System (1)

If both of you have ‘Best Friends’ badges, you’re in each other’s top eight friends. But if it says ‘Friends’ for you, it means you’re in their top eight, but they’re not in yours.

Find Your Position on Your Friend's Solar System (2)
Find Your Position in Your Friend’s Solar System (2)

Now, tap on these badges to discover the Friend Solar System. It’s like a map of your friendship, with planets representing different spots on their best friend list. If you’re Mars in their Snapchat world, that means you’re their fourth closest friend.

2. How Can I Discover Which Planet I Am in My Friend’s Solar System?

Here’s how you can determine your position in your friend’s Snapchat solar system: 

  • Go to your friend’s profile on Snapchat. 
  • Look for the Best Friends badge, then tap it to see which planet you are on.

3. What Do the Snapchat Planets Mean?

Snapchat Planets symbolize your best friends within the app’s solar system, exclusively available to Snapchat Plus members. Each planet, like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and so on, signifies the strength of your friendship with someone on Snapchat. The closer the planet is to the Sun, the stronger your friendship is represented.

4. Can I See Snapchat Planets without Snapchat Plus? 

No, you can’t view Snapchat Planets without a Snapchat Plus subscription. You won’t be able to see which planet you are in your friend’s solar system. However, you can ask your Snapchat+ friend to send you a screenshot to find out which planet they are in your system.

5. How Much Does Snapchat Plus Cost?

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 per month, but it’s available at a lower price of Rs 49 per month in India.

6. What Does the Orange Planet Mean on Snapchat?

The orange planet on Snapchat represents Jupiter, which is the fifth closest planet to the Sun. If you see this planet, it means you’re the fifth closest friend in your friend’s Snapchat universe. You can tap on the badge to find out your specific position in your friends’ system, represented by different planets.

7. What’s The Green Planet on Snapchat All About?

The green planet in Snapchat’s friend solar system stands for Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun. This planet is easily recognizable by its green color and the absence of hearts.

To Wrap Things Up

Snapchat Planets on the Best Friends Solar System is a fun feature that keeps users engaged, just like Snap Streaks, Astrology, and Games. Users love showing off their friendship planets on social media. It’s one of the cool perks of Snapchat Plus. If you have Snapchat+, don’t miss out on checking out your friendship planets!


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