Top 7 Fun Social Media Tricks to Amplify Your Campus Life

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Social media, with its dynamic nature, has become a second home to college students, where they engage in various activities such as sharing updates, connecting with friends, and exploring new interests using clever social media tricks. It’s a space where you can have fun, empathize, complain, get and give support, and of course, procrastinate because that new essay you have to write feels like a curse.

Indeed, various social media platforms offer a wealth of opportunities, including the potential to monetize social media. It’s almost a separate dimension of a college experience that goes alongside your classes. 

Yet, many students don’t use their social media accounts to their full capacity. In this article, we’ll offer you a couple of social media tricks and explain how to use them to add a touch of excitement to your campus life. 

#1 Event Livestreams

Livestreaming is one of the most powerful social media tricks to showcase campus events to a wider audience. These can be fairs, games, parties, exhibitions, performances, and meetings. 

For you, it is a way to extend your reach and grow a following. Yet, live streams have a broader purpose as well. They build a sense of community and make campus celebrations more accessible, allowing more people to enjoy them. 

Of course, attending every event can be challenging, considering the amount of homework a college student has to deal with. Have a reputable essay writing service to help you with homework emergencies. This will give you more time and opportunities to feel the college spirit and share it with others while live streaming. 

#2 Create a Campus Playlist 

Various study playlists are extremely popular among students. Music can actually benefit your cognitive performance while studying, as research proves. So why not create a campus playlist together with your peers?

Find tracks that match the spirit of your campus. You can also agree on themes with peers and create different playlists for different occasions and tastes, like “deep focus,” “weekend vibes,” “dark academia,” “instrumental,” etc.

#3 Initiate a Campus Hashtag

Start a unique hashtag on campus. It’s an excellent method to boost community engagement. It will promote campus activities, storytelling, and sharing. 

In order for it to be successful, a hashtag needs to reflect a clear purpose. It can be incorporated as part of a particular event. Remember to make your hashtag catchy and unique. Challenges and engaging content will help you to spread the word and engage your college community. 

#4 Add “Tag a Friend” Content

Starting conversations is a big and intimidating step, but they don’t have to be with social media tricks. Luckily, it’s easy to create social media buzz with “tag a friend” posts. The ideas are countless. Just think about your campus experiences and be creative, like:

  • Tag a friend who’s always up with you pulling all-nighters;
  • Tag your coffee buddy when you’re cramming for exams non-stop;
  • Tag a tech guru on campus who helps you troubleshoot technical issues;
  • Tag your ultimate karaoke partner.

Communication will light up naturally and help you meet more people and maybe even become friends with like-minded students. 

#5 Hold Live Study Sessions 

A lot of students struggle to focus when doing homework. Collaboration is one of the social media tricks to support each other and be more accountable. If your campus doesn’t have enough spots for face-to-face meetups, you can hold them online. 

Organize live study sessions for students of your entire campus. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have the necessary tools for live streams. You can set a single rhythm by using the Pomodoro technique with synced focus and rest timeframes. 

Not only do such study sessions allow you to beat procrastination and be a more productive student, but they also encourage people to get to know each other and network. 

#6 Mastered a Skill? Share How-To Content

Unless it’s your first month in college, there’s a chance you’ve mastered a variety of skills and can pass on your wisdom. You can create tips or quick tutorials online and share them with peers. 

These can be anything! Do you know how to write a top-notch academic research paper or services that share useful writing resources? Record a video for social media and share it! Yet, educational content isn’t the only option. 

Reveal the hidden corners of your campus, the best study spots, and the most delicious coffee places. Campus life posts will attract a lot of people and drive your engagement. 

#7 Win a Campus Meme War

Meme wars are a common humorous type of online rivalry between students from opposing universities, sports teams, clubs, degree programs, etc. There are countless examples of those on Reddit and other platforms. 

You can be creative and make memes about your campus life and compete with other students. There are no rules to limit you, aside from staying friendly and respectful, of course. 

To Sum Up Social Media Tricks

Social media tricks offer you so much space for being creative with your campus engagement. Express yourself, connect with others, stay informed, or think ahead and build your online presence with a greater personal or professional goal in mind. 

From goofy and entertaining to weighty and educational — the opportunities are endless. We hope these social media tricks will be a good start for you to enhance your campus life. Give them a try, and enjoy your college years!

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