How to Get Followers on Pinterest: 13 Best Methods

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Learning how to get followers on Pinterest is crucial, especially if you have put in a lot of effort to create content for Pinterest. Here in this post, we will go over some pro tips on how to get followers on Pinterest.

Why Use Pinterest for Business?

It’s not only a terrific way to engage with existing clients, but it’s also a great way to gain new followers. Here are some statistics worth noting:

  • Pinterest has surpassed 250 million monthly active users.
  • More than 70% of Pinners use Pinterest to discover new companies.
  • 78% find brand content beneficial.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest with these 13 Pro Methods

Having known that it is a wise investment of time and effort on Pinterest, let’s now learn the pro tips to get followers on Pinterest:

#1 Know Your Audience

Hopefully, there are statistics to rely on regarding Pinterest users:

  • 70% of Pinterest users are women, and 30% are men.
  • In the United States, Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged 25 to 54, more than Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter combined.
  • Millennials are the most engaged age group on Pinterest.

#2: Follow Trends

Browse the Popular feed to see what’s already performing well on Pinterest. Take notes, find assimilations, and consider how to get inspired by them. Then, interact with the content by re-Pinning them, following the user, or leaving a thoughtful comment. All of these activities will boost the visibility of your brand on Pinterest.

#3: Join Boards

Request to join the best Pinterest boards relevant to you. In some situations, the board administrator may give instructions on how to join the group in the description. If not, email the board’s owner and ask about your inquiries. Then, start sharing and inspiring while getting inspired too. 

#4: Post Valuable Content

Pinterest favors originality. Pinners use the site to find new ideas, inspiration, and products, so make sure your Pins are as up-to-date as possible. Follow a content calendar like an Instagram content calendar to ensure you’re actively posting during the week or month. 

#5: Use Great Visuals

Because Pinterest is primarily a visual medium, ensure your photographs are appealing. Here are some instructions for the photos that should be shared on Pinterest:

  • Use images that are high-resolution and high-quality.
  • Pinterest recommends using lifestyle photos, which are more appealing than traditional product shots.
  • Overly busy photos should be avoided.
  • Vertically oriented photos are preferred to horizontally oriented photos. The reason is that so many people use Pinterest on their phones.
  • Make sure your photos aren’t too long, or they’ll be cut off. 2:3 is the optimal aspect ratio (600 x 900).
  • Consider using a single Pin to display numerous goods. Pins with several products can appeal to various tastes and pique people’s interests. 

#6: Write Engaging Captions

Your eye-catching photo needs a compelling caption to maintain your audience’s attention. Provide details that will compel users to take a more profound interest in your brand. Try to make your captions enjoyable by, for example, giving a piece of information or writing a motivational sentence to make your audience’s day. 

#7: Add Hashtags

Like every social media platform, Pinterest has an algorithm that can help increase the visibility of your content. Doing things like using hashtags can optimize your content for more visibility. 

To appear in relevant searches, ensure your descriptions are keyword-rich and include relevant hashtags.

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#8: Organize Boards

Pinterest has just implemented Sections to help with board organization. If you have a large board category, you may now divide it into pieces for each room. This will give your brand more legitimacy and make it easy for potential followers to access your content. Again, be detailed and keyword-rich in your Sections.

#9: Add Rich Pins

Another way to get followers on Pinterest is to add Rich Pins. Rich Pins use metadata from your website to provide extra information to your Pin. App, article, product, and recipe Pins are among the four types of Rich Pins you can add to your account. Rich Pins will display real-time price and availability information if your business is e-commerce. 

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#10: Pinterest Social Button

The Pinterest social button makes it simple for your audience to keep up with your company. Install the button on your website, in newsletters, or anywhere else online where you think you’ll get a lot of attention. You may also use the Pinterest P icon to boost your brand’s profile. 

#11: Use Widgets

Widgets are another option to connect your Pinterest account to your website. This can help you get followers on Pinterest because you can embed Pins, highlight your profile, and display a board on your website in addition to the Save and Follow buttons. After seeing these previews from your Pinterest account, website visitors with Pinterest accounts will be more compelled to follow you.

#12: Rely on Pincodes

You may already be using QR codes (use a QR code generator to create one) of your Instagram account on your business card. Pincodes are the same as Instagram QR codes and can be added wherever you like, such as on your business card, brochures, print ads, product packages, shop windows, etc. They’ll be sent to your Pinterest profile, board, or pin after a short scan with their smartphone camera. This is how you can get followers on Pinterest offline.

#13: Organize Contests

Organizing a contest is a great way to get followers on Pinterest. Make a contest with a Pinterest follow as an entrance criterion. Create a hashtag and a shareable image so that users may invite their friends to join. Before you begin, double-check that your entry rules are clear and that you follow Pinterest’s contest guidelines.

How to Get Followers On Pinterest: The TL;DR Version

If you are an innovative social media marketer, you understand that growing a social media account takes time and effort. You should try different strategies to see which one works best for you. Pinterest analytics provides various tools and actionable insights to help you understand how your audience interacts with your content.

Taking a step back and evaluating why something is working or not working is always a smart habit. The above pro tips can help you get followers on Pinterest, given that you have enough practice and patience.

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