Comprehensive Inspectlet Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money+ Best Alternative in 2023

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Are you looking for a web analytics tool for your website?! Have you been considering Inspectlet as a CRO tool for your business?! Before making any serious commitment and purchasing a plan, you need to do thorough research to see whether this tool can live up to its claim! In this blog, you’ll find complete Inspectlet reviews from those who have used the service and shared their invaluable experience.

Inspectlet claims to be a user-friendly CRO (conversion rate optimization) tool for understanding and optimizing website performance and user experience. But how true is this statement?!  Is this service worth your money?! That’s why we are here! Go ahead and read this article to find the answer and get to know the best Inspectlet alternative.

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Now, let’s get started with Inspectlet reviews!

What Is Inspectlet

This is a website visitor tracking tool that allows you to monitor your visitors and track their behavior and interactions with your website. Inspectlet promises to analyze your website visits in real time as well as provide historical data.

Inspectlet Homepage
Inspectlet Homepage

This behavioral analytics tool offers basic features, including session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, A/B testing, feedback surveys, form analysis, and error logging. Inspectlet claims to capture all your users’ sessions and their movement on the website to give you clear insights into their behavior and your website issues.

Now, let’s explain its features to get familiar with its function!

What Are Inspectlet Features

To understand what Inspectlet can and can’t do for you, we need to delve deep into each feature. According to their official website, Inspectlet offers different features including:

Session Recording

Want to record and watch visitors on your website?! This session replay tool lets you capture videos of all your website visitors and see what they do on your site. You can see their mouse movement, click, scroll, and keypress during their journey on your site. There is also a filtering option to narrow down your options. 

Disclaimer: Session recordings appear on your screen with a delay. Plus, some visitor sessions aren’t captured at all!

Dynamic Heatmaps

This website heatmap software enables you to find the areas on your webpage that draw the most(least) visitors’ attention by visualizing their mouse movement. Inspectlet offers eye-tracking heatmaps, clickmaps, and scroll heatmaps. 

Using these types of heatmaps gives you the opportunity to find the elements that your visitors expect to be clickable, the best place for CTAs, or even your website bugs. So, you can make some changes to your website design to reduce the bounce rate and increase your conversion rate.

A/B Testing

Have you been wondering how you can analyze your website performance after making some changes?! Well, that’s where A/B testing comes to play. You can test to see which version of a specific webpage performs better than the other. Now, you can decide on the best design based on your desired goal.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, it is an expensive tool with too many limitations in the number of services that it provides with each plan. Therefore, If you want to conduct A/B testing more than the limited number on your subscription, you have to pay a huge amount of money to upgrade it.

Feedback Surveys

Inspectlet allows you to run on-page surveys on your website to gather feedback from your users. With the help of this service, you’ll understand how the users find your website. This tool gets activated during your customers’ journey to collect valuable data from your visitors.

Disclaimer: In general, its UI is complex. You must be a technical expert to see what you really want because it’s difficult to set up its features.

Form Analysis

In your attempt to design the best registration page, you would surely want to know what makes the users leave your website without fulfilling the sign-up form! Inspectlet form analysis promises to offer conversion-critical information from the performance and efficiency of your site’s forms. 

Using this service, you’ll find where (on the forms) the visitors are hesitating most, which fields are being refilled because of bugs, and which input fields cause form abandonment.

Disclaimer: You can’t customize it easily. That is, Inspectlet doesn’t allow you to develop an analysis as you wish.

Error Logging

This platform monitors, tracks, and warns you of all your website Javascript errors that occurred during users’ journeys on your website. Inspectlet claims to identify errors and bugs as soon as users see them on your site.

According to their website, you will see exactly how the errors happened on the site by watching users’ entire session with the session replay playback option.

Disclaimer: It takes quite a long time to install the app and see the data. So, real-time analysis becomes challenging or even impossible.

How Is Inspectlet Pricing

Although this service offers a free plan and a micro plan, it isn’t affordable. In fact, other similar tools could offer much more features at a reasonably lower price. let’s take a glance at its pricing and packages:

Inspectlet Pricing
Inspectlet Pricing

The Inspectlet’s free plan has many limitations including the number of sessions and data retention period. You can’t download the data. And in the case of the number of sessions, A/B testing, and data retention period, its micro plan(first paid plan) is also limited. 

So to get rid of these limitations, you must upgrade to its larger and more expensive plans. And Inspectlet’s various Enterprise packages come with high costs indeed! Let’s see:

Inspectlet Pricing and Packages
Inspectlet Pricing and Packages

As you can see, all the features are available in Growth, Accelerate, and Enterprise plans. Their pricing ranges from $149/month to $1,799/month. Moreover, its last Enterprise plan doesn’t have a transparent price, which means you should contact their sales team to get the price based on the features you need.

It’s high time we considered Inspectlet’s pros and cons now. Ready?!

Inspectlet Reviews: Pros & Cons

Based on the claims on their official website, Inspectlet offers various features and functions well, But, let’s see the full picture based on its real clients’ feedback and experiences on So, let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Inspectlet Pros

  • It’s easy to use,
  • You can integrate it with different CMS such as WP, Drupal, and Joomla,
  • It offers different filtering options to narrow down sessions (filters like IP, country, region, pages, and more),
  • And, this tool enables you to tag specific session recordings to categorize them.

Inspectlet Cons

  • There are delays in sessions displaying which can make real-time session analysis impossible,
  • Inspectlet pricing is very expensive and inconsistent,
  • You can’t easily customize and configure it as you’d like,
  • It doesn’t have a responsive and attentive customer support team,
  • There are some limitations such as the data retention period,
  • And, it has a complicated UI.

With all these findings, you’re sure to consider switching from this platform, right?! Let’s introduce the best Inspectlet alternative in the market that covers all its downsides with more affordable pricing. Ready for a ride?! Let’s go.

The Best Inspectlet Alternative: WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive is an all-in-one website analytics platform that provides all the insights you need to make informed business decisions and maximize conversions and revenue. If you compare their solutions with competitors, you’ll see they offer all essential features at a more affordable price.

It’s a popular market research tool in eCommerce marketing, conversion rate optimization, and funnel optimization. What makes this platform a better alternative is that it has never failed to satisfy its clients. If you’re interested, you can sign up now and give it a try!

WatchThemLive provides you with:

  • Session replay: they help you stay on top of your visitors’ activities and behaviors on your site. You can also export data in CSV and PDF.
  • Heatmaps: You can use WatchThemLive’s heatmap tool to identify issues and problem areas on your website, fix them quickly, and watch the conversion rate increase. 
  • Goal Tracking: This platform also allows you to track and measure your desired goal and analyze how many users complete it. With this powerful information at hand, you can make some changes to improve conversion and boost overall returns.
  • Video testimonials: To get some reassurance, there’s nothing quite as impactful as video testimonials. These videos make users feel safer and more comfortable before buying a product. WatchThemLive makes the process of recording testimonial videos easier for your happy customers.
  • Visual live chat: What sets WatchThemLive apart from other live chat apps is that goes hand in hand with session recordings. So, when a visitor sends a message on the chatbox, you’ll also get the recording of their session and figure out what the problem is!

To experience this product, register your account on WatchThemLive today and start for free.

Interested to learn more about WatchThemLive’s incredible features?! If so, read our complete WatchThemLive review!


Let’s sum up everything we covered in our Inspectlet reviews. Firstly, we introduced this platform and its analytics features in detail. Then, we mentioned some of its main pros and cons based on its users’ reviews. According to its clients’ experiences, Inspectlet is not a user-friendly and economical tool for website optimization and user experience improvement. 

Alternatively, if you want to see the power of analytics, session recordings, and click heatmaps without the considerable drawbacks and all functions you wish Inspectlet had, sign up on WatchThemLive now for free!


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