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It’s no secret that all business owners need an analytics tool to track their visitors and boost their conversion rate. Plerdy is a behavioral analytics software that has gained some reputation in this regard, but it has its fair share of downsides that might make you reconsider. To figure out if this service will meet your expectations, go ahead and read the Plerdy reviews and find the best alternative for your needs!

Plerdy is one of the CRO (conversion rate optimization) tools for UX, SEO, and CRO analysts, providing users with an SEO checker, heatmaps, session replays, funnel analysis, and event tracking tools. While Plerdy claims to get the job done, it comes with considerable shortcomings that will be discussed in this blog. 

In this article, we’ll provide a customer-centric review of Plerdy. Moreover, we recommend the best Plerdy alternative, WatchThemLive, for developers, agencies, and UX teams. If you’d like to get straight down to business and not miss out on the best alternative, sign up for Free.

Now, let’s start with a Plerdy review and learn more about this web analytics tool!

What Is Plerdy

According to its official website, it’s a ‘web analytics and CRO platform’ that helps you to understand users’ behaviors and interactions with your website. It analyzes this data via behavioral analytics tools like heatmaps, funnel analysis, event tracking, and session replays.

Plerdy reviews: Homepage
Plerdy Homepage

It also offers SEO checkers, Pop-up software, eCommerce analytics, and Net promoter Score (NPS). This website visitor tracking tool, in general, claims to help product managers and digital marketers gain insights into their customer’s journey.

Now, lets’ take a closer look at its features in detail, shall we?!

Plerdy Features: What Does It Offer for Cro & Analytics 

As I mentioned before, it offers different types of services from website heatmaps to SEO checkers and pop-ups. With the ability to do various things in one platform, will the performance in each area hold up?! Let’s introduce and evaluate its features to find the answer. Ready?!


Plerdy shows its heatmaps directly on your live site, while most of the other clickmaps show data on the screenshot. With the help of its heatmaps, you will recognize your visitors’ behavioral patterns, and identify clickable elements on your webpage for conversion optimization. Using this information, you will also learn why the number of your dead clicks are increasing.

ِDisclaimer: While this feature has some advantages compared to others, it also has drawbacks: 

  • The data presented on Plerdy heatmaps isn’t as intuitive as a heatmap displayed on a screenshot,
  • Plerdy fails to record and show clicks on empty spaces.

Now, let’s move on to the next feature!

Session Recordings

Like all other analytics tools that offer session replays, Plerdy also helps you see your website performance through the eye of your visitors. When you want to play back the videos, you can filter the recorded sessions by a set of metrics, including the duration of the video, type of user, and more. 

Disclaimer: This is on a par with major session replay tools out there! According to its clients, the major difference is that it’s impossible to view statistical reports from emails. To clarify, they don’t send the analytics reports by email.

Now, let’s take a quick look at our Plerdy review of conversion tracking features!

Event Tracking

They claim to monitor specific visitor and user actions that are important to you. They’ll also track the number of people who are completing the action. 

Using Plerdy, you can also customize the events and improve how your visitors interact with website elements like images, forms, photos, videos, CTAs, banners, and more. It’s also possible for you to sync data with Google Analytics eventhough it’s complicated for some because it takes several confusing steps to do so.

Disclaimer: Its UX needs to be improved! It has clunky UX elements, and there is a lag time when you want to switch between tabs and tools.

Funnel Analysis

Using its conversion funnel analytics, you can find the stage with unusually high drop-offs. Whenever you see your conversion funnel leaks, you can use this service to improve performance and reduce bounce rates by finding the problem and fixing it. That is, you will have more visitors who will continue to the next customer journey stage.

Disclaimer: There is a steep learning curve! That is, it’s quite difficult to figure out how every feature works! Although they’ve added an explainer tour, it’s a hard task for beginners to use the features properly!

Now, let’s evaluate Plerdy and see its pros and cons.

Plerdy Reviews: Pros & Cons

In this section, we’d like to shed some light on all its pros and cons!

Plerdy Pros

  • It provides you with live heatmaps, which collect data for every page automatically,
  • Its heatmaps aren’t blocked by your webpage pop-up,
  • It has a tooltip to show the number of clicks besides showing the actual clicks on a heatmap.

Plerdy Cons

  • It doesn’t offer various templates for pop-up forms,
  • According to Plerdy reviews, the tool has a difficult integration process,
  • It offers an overwhelming number of features and discovering their functionality is time-consuming,
  • It offers a short data retention period, after which your data will be lost,
  • Plus, there’s a steep learning curve, so it’s not an easy tool to use.

Now you may consider:

How Is Plerdy Pricing

Our Plerdy review would be incomplete without a fair discussion of pricing! This platform categorizes its packages based on their function. There are 6 different types of packages, including an All-in-One, UX and CRO, Pop-Up, SEO, E-commerce, and free plans. Its free plan offers all features, but with serious limitations like a limited number of page views, video sessions, SEO audit pages, heatmaps, and more.

Here are its UX & CRO packages:

Plerdy review: Pricing
Plerdy Pricing

There are also 3 enterprise packages ranging from $147 to $424 per month. 

Plerdy reviews: Enterprise packages
Plerdy Enterprise Packages

Plerdy will give you a 14-day free trial with all of the plans. If you are interested to cut down costs by 20%, you can also pay the price annually. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s discuss the best alternative to Plerdy!

WatchThemLive: The Best Plerdy Alternative

After conducting in-depth research on different analytics tools as Plerdy competitors, we have selected WatchThemLive as the best and most affordable Plerdy alternative in the market. Continue reading to learn more about its robust solutions!

WatchThemLive Features

WatchThemLive is a behavioral analytics and CRO tool that enables you to monitor, track and analyze users’ interactions with crucial elements on your website via session replays, heatmaps, visitor tracking, goal tracking, and more impressive features. If you want to analyze your website performance, decrease the bounce rate, and maximize your conversion rate and revenue, sign up now to get immediate access!

WatchThemLive offers different fabulous features to help you optimize your website performance:

#1 Session Replays

WatchthemLive enables you to measure your visitors’ behavioral patterns across the customer journey. Moreover, you can see your website’s Javascript errors on the console error below each session.

WatchThemLive Session replays
WatchThemLive Session replays

#2 Heatmaps

It lets you monitor and track your website user engagement with webpage elements like links, CTAs, and page headers. Using this information, you will be able to redesign the webpage to improve UX.

WatchThemLive Heatmaps
WatchThemLive Heatmaps

#3 Goal Tracking 

You can easily set up a desired goal such as clicking on a link. Then, WatchThemLive gives you insights into how many users complete your desired actions.

#4 Visual Live Chat 

What sets WatchThemLive apart from other live chat tools is that it offers users recorded sessions as soon as they leave a message on the chat box. This service enables you to answer their questions faster than ever, and you can easily find out what the problem is,and help them out properly.

#5 Video Testimonials 

Video is the best tool to deliver a message to customers. These testimonial videos can convince other users to trust your product and convert into customers. WatchThemLive’s video testimonials make this process easier by displaying a pre-set questionnaire on the users’ screen. All they need to do is press the ‘record’ button and answer the questions.

Sign up now and give it a try!

If you want to know more about this service, read our complete WatchThemLive review!

Plerdy Review: People Also Search For

So far in our analysis of Plerdy reviews, we’ve explained all facts you need to know about Plerdy services. Now, it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Plerdy reviews. Let’s get to it then!

1. What Are Plerdy Benefits?

This platform offers a set of tools for website UX, CRO, and SEO improvement. It has some benefits like:

  • Its heatmaps and session recording tool, which show you how users behave when they visit your website,
  • Its SEO checker is useful when you want to monitor the position of a webpage on the SERP,
  • It allows you to set up a conversion funnel to see users’ paths to conversions and helps you with funnel optimization,
  • And, its pop-up forms and NPS tool claim to generate more leads for your website and inform users about special offers or events.

Yet, you need to weigh these benefits against the major drawbacks to see whether Plerdy is indeed the tool for your business. As you may see in the Plerdy reviews, many of its previous customers were unhappy with the service and have been looking for a decent alternative.

2. Are ‘Empty Clicks’ Recorded in Plerdy?

No, according to their official website, Plerdy won’t track and record empty clicks on their heatmap reports. They believe that these clicks happened accidentally, and analyzing these data draw a false conclusion about user interaction.

Final Verdict on Plerdy Reviews

In this article, we’ve provided complete Plerdy reviews and explained all you must know about this platform. Although this software offers various features for different fields from CRO to SEO, some shortcomings make you look for an alternative that is worth your money and time.
There’s no doubt that WatchThemLive is the best Plerdy alternative on the market that can cover all its limitations. It stands out as the best CRO solution with powerful and excellent potential. Thanks to its impressive features, you can immediately maximize the conversion rate and revenue. Sign up now and see how well it works!


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