What Does SFS Mean on Snapchat? The Ultimate Guide in 2023

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Ever faced SFS code in snaps, captions, or messages?! But what does SFS mean on Snapchat? If you’re not sure about its meaning, go ahead and read our detailed article about this secret code!

SFS code is usually used on social media platforms like Snapchat (or the new version Snapchat Plus), Instagram, and TikTok to promote a user. Keeping up with the latest acronyms can be difficult in the digital era where slang is constantly changing. worry not! In this guide, we will explain what SFS means on Snapchat, and how it is used.

Get ready to explore SFS meaning in text! Let’s go!

What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat

SFS is the short form ‘shoutout for shoutout’, ‘Snap for Snap’, and ‘Spam for Spam’ on Snapchat. It means that the user wants you to promote their account or content on your snap. These terms share a similar purpose and are typically used by users looking for mutual promotion and engagement boost for themselves.

Using SFS enables people to promote their Snapchat profiles, aiming to attract more followers. Read on to find out how?

If you’re using the “Snap For Snap” approach, your main goal is to encourage users to share your Snapchat story so that it can reach a wide audience.

By using “Shoutout For Shoutout,” users aim to support and promote each other within their Snapchat circles. When you give a shoutout to someone, you’re sharing their username on your Snapchat, hoping to help them gain more friends and followers on the app.

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How to Use SFS on Snapchat

By now, you’ve found the answer to ’ What does SFS mean on Snapchat?’ Here, we’d be happy to help you out by providing 3 methods to use SFS on Snapchat.:

1. Use Hashtags

The easiest way to use SFS is by using a hashtag. Numerous social media platforms offer effective search engines designed to find users using the “#SFS” hashtag. You can include your Snapchat username alongside the hashtag to allow interested users to find you immediately.

Moreover, you can use the hashtag on your story to make it reach more followers. The goal is to have as many users as possible to share and interact with the story. So straightforward, isn’t it?!

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Let’s see other methods!

2. Ask Directly

Another way to use SFS is by directly sending a snap to a user or a group. If you have a specific user in mind, don’t wait for them to notice your Story. You can send them a simple message saying ‘SFS?’ or ‘Can I get SFS?’ and see if they’re interested or not.

3. Tag People on SFS Contents

If you want to catch specific users’ attention, mention their names in your #SFS post or captions. Keep in mind that many people find SFS posts to be irritating clickbait! Keep in mind that only include the hashtag #SFS if your story or post is truly valuable enough to be shared.

4. Caption a Post with #SFS

Share a post with a #SFS caption is an effective way to ask your followers to share your content and promote your profile

Note: Remember that these acronyms come from a back-and-forth conversation. If someone sends you a snap, shoutout, or spam, make sure to do the same and try to reach a wider audience.

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Moreover, you should consider:

What Not to Do When Using SFS

Although the SFS hashtag can be helpful, it has gained a negative image on social media. Some people view it as a lazy way to gain followers without providing anything worthwhile.

Therefore, you may receive negative comments and snaps if you use SFS. To avoid the downsides of using the hashtag #SFS, focus on creating interesting high-quality content that people would want to share. This way, you will use the hashtag responsibly in order to promote and grow your subscribers/followers. 

How to Respond to SFS on Snapchat or Instagram

If you receive an SFS, what should you do?! Well, If you like supporting another influencer or giving a shout-out to a friend, go ahead and share their SFS-labeled posts with your followers. They’ll return the favor by sharing your profile and posts with their own followers.


If you’re not into #SFS posts, no worries! You can simply ignore them.

Even if someone tags you in a post like that, you’re not under any obligation to share it. The choice is completely yours.

FAQs on What Does SFS Mean on Snapchat?

Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding ‘what does SFS mean on Snapchat stories and posts?’. Shall we??!

1. What Is SFS on Instagram?

SFS meaning in Snapchat is the same thing on IG.  When someone captions a post with #SFS, they’re asking their followers to share their content to promote posts and increase traffic and followers. If you help them, they’ll promote you in return.

SFS is usually used with a hashtag on Instagram. If someone wants your attention, they may DM or tag you in an SFS post. The meaning and purpose of SFS are the same on TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

2. Why Do People Engage in SFS?

SFS, which stands for “Snap for Snap” or “Shoutout for Shoutout,” is a popular practice among influencers, content creators, and social media users. It involves encouraging fans to promote their content in exchange for shoutouts. Basically, when someone wants to attract your attention, they might send you a direct message or tag you along with the acronym SFS in the caption.

3. What Do NFS And SFS Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, when someone says NFS, they actually mean ‘No Funny Sh*t’ or ‘No funny stuff’.

It’s a way of saying, “Hey, let’s get serious here.” You would use this term in a conversation if someone is joking around and you want to be taken seriously. It lets the other person know that you’re trying to make an important point. It’s also used when you want to express something that’s absolutely true.

But, SFS can have various interpretations, such as ‘Snap For Snap’, ‘Spam for Spam’, and ‘Shoutout For Shoutout.’ These 3 phrases essentially convey the same idea and are commonly employed by users seeking to exchange promotions for their profiles or content.

To Wrap Things Up

In conclusion, SFS on Snapchat stands for ‘Snap for Snap’ or ‘Shoutout for Shoutout’, and ‘Spam for Spam’. It is a common term used by users to request or offer promotional exchanges. It is a way for users to promote each other’s Snapchat accounts and gain more visibility among their followers.


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